LOS ANGELES (CBS/AP) — Los Angeles police are looking for two men who beat and critically injured a San Francisco Giants fan in the Dodger Stadium parking lot after the opening day game.

Sgt. Sanford Rosenberg said Friday that two men in Dodgers clothing followed three men in Giants gear as they walked to their car after Thursday night’s 2-1 Dodger victory.

Rosenberg says the attackers yelled slurs against the Giants and began kicking and punching the men.

One victim suffered a head injury and was hospitalized in critical but stable condition.

Rosenberg said his injury is not life-threatening.

Investigators have no suspects’ identities and are asking anyone with information on the attack to call police.

“It is extremely unfortunate that this incident took place on what was otherwise a great day at Dodger Stadium for tens of thousands of fans,” Dodgers Public Relations Director Josh Rawitch said. “We’re committed to having the most fan and family friendly environment in baseball and will continue to make that a top priority. We are cooperating fully with authorities during their investigation and we wish this fan a speedy recovery.”

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  1. OMEN67 says:

    Low life dodger fans that show the rest of the country how sad Los Angeles is. Opening day the stands are full of fans the dodgers win and the best they can do is give a giants fan a brain injury?

    Pathetic losers that deserve to be locked up with animals because with all the technology we have we walk with A***H*** CAVEMEN!

    1. yup says:

      nice generalization bro.

      1. Den says:

        It’s an intense rivalry that goes way way back. I remember going on the Amtrak train with other Dodgers fans from Los Angeles to Oakland in the 70’s then riding the bus to Frisco and Candlestick when Los Angeles played the Giants on their home field. We did this for several years. We would meet up with other Dodgers fans and sit tpgether in the same area. There would always be a few low life Giants fans who tossed half eaten hotdogs and other things at us as we watched and supported our team. The rivalry continues it’s just more violent now.

    2. Drewmar says:

      You are no better. Your attacks are just verbal, not physical! You are just a ‘low life’ without being a Dodger fan!

      1. Brian says:

        I have no commitment to the rivalry but verbal and physical assault is so completely different. I bet you heckle the other team, beating them senseless is a different plane sir. It’s nasty and unacceptable.

    3. Trevor says:

      *yawn* Cavemen like yourself who use these things as an excuse to attack an entire area of diverse people.

      Come join us in rational thinking.

  2. ILOVELA says:

    you’re a moron!! As a Los Angeles fan I can honestly say we have the worst fans in the world. Lakers win a championship…some idiot takes his 11 year old son out and throws bricks at a city bus & lights stuff on fire. This just made me like the angels more

    1. Get a clue says:

      Two people were killed last year at Angels Stadium last year in similar incidents, so good luck.

    2. ILOVELA says:

      yes i remember…i’ll still take Angel stadium over Dodger stadium anyday

    3. scojo77 says:

      Worst in baseball by far…and I’ve been to a game in Philadelphia!

    4. Nipsey Washington says:

      I had plenty of Fun During the LAkers Riot and that was cool no body really got hurt

  3. BB YO says:

    @ prw… “Doyers” is what the illegals say…. idiot.

    1. PELONCITO13 says:


      1. ILOVELA says:

        it should read “what DO the illegals have to do with this” and the answer is he is generalizing because while not ALL illegals pronounce Dodgers “Doyers”…most do. Also, there are naturalized citizens & Permanent Residents that cant/wont pronounce “dodgers”.

    2. veerod says:

      @ BB YO a** is ignorant making such a idiotic remark as that…whatever ur race is…u and ppl who think like u need ur a** kicked so u can learn how to SHUT D F*** UP…

      1. veerod says:

        @ I (AM WITH STUPID)LOVE LA…ur a DUMBA** for cosigning with the other idiot…two ignorant as** ppl who think alike…wow…i bet u dont say that infront of anyone u call illegal huh chicken sh**…lol…thats what i though…SHUT D F*** UP too…

  4. RebelMom says:

    Keep up to date before you slam someone – Sandi was referring to the story just a couple of days ago about the new “Doyer Dog” sold at the stadium, geared toward Hispanic fans. Now who’s the dumb***? Say sorry!

    1. Duh! says:

      @RebelMom… I do believe that prw was “slamming” (as you call it) Typical Dodgers Fan and not Sandi. He spells it out clearly at the beginning of his post.

      I believe prw’s post is aimed at the use of the wrong word (have instead of half – they might sound kind of the same, but they are spelled differently), lack of capitalization (be instead of Be), and the run on sentence.

      So RebelMom, feeling your dumbness now?

      1. RebelMom says:

        No, actually the post I was replying to has been removed, so you are commenting on something that isn’t even there anymore – He was specifically hammering another poster personally, as a reply to her post about using the word “Doyer” – I was merely correcting him. What business is it of yours anyway? My IQ is over 150 – what’s yours? MYOB

  5. bud says:

    Aplusone your another low life.I bet your one of those punks but catch you alone and you run scared.

  6. Luis says:

    Stop living your lives through other men sports fans. Get off your sofas and do something…make love to your women, read a book, lift a few weights. Do something for f***’s sake!!

    1. Denise Desmond Magart says:

      Luis You “got it”, here we are trying to get kids to quit bullying and then we have grown men being so childish. I hear the man is in a coma now. Pretty sad all because their team lost.

  7. PELONCITO13 says:


  8. cllj says:

    This is why I will never be a Dodgers fan. Who wants to associate themselves with a bunch of trash?

  9. prw says:

    BB YO my comment was meant for the person above that comment – always quick to jump. Get your head out of your A**…blame everything on minorities…take you & your comments to the OC, DUDE!!!! awesome!!!!!

  10. PELONCITO13 says:


  11. LA Doyer Fan says:

    From increases in ticket, parking and concession prices, to the proliferation of commercial signage at Dodger Stadium, the McCourts recognized there was more money to be made off the Dodgers than what predecessor Fox pulled off.

    And with actual fan attendance (as opposed to the announced tickets sold) down significantly this season, now comes their newest money grab.

    They trademarked “Los Doyers.”

  12. Karen says:

    People who attack other people just because they don’t like their team are PATHETIC LOSERS that don’t eve qualify to be WHITE TRASH. Get the F out of our city. Los Angelenos don’t like your kind. GET OUT NOW.

    To the person who rolls this way – YOU CAN GET OUT TOO.

  13. ed says:

    stuid, bet the LA guys were of a good size and the giants fans were small of stature, goes to show how chickes S – T some people are

  14. jimmy jam says:


  15. jimmy jam says:


    1. spmurf says:

      That is the most ignorant thing I have ever heard. Anyone should be able to go to any game regardless of their team affiliation without the threat of violence. Your remarks echo the racist epithets used by pro-segregationists in the 1950s and 1960s. Lets not allow someone to attend a sports event because they root for the away team. Stupid.

  16. Mike says:

    You know someone recorded this beating using video on their cellphone. They’re shopping it around to the new stations and waiting for the high bid. It will appear on TV within a few days. Once a reward is offered, the thugs are toast.

  17. Paul says:

    I enjoy the way dog farts smell.

    1. Laura says:

      You should be ashamed. That is disgusting.

  18. Marissa says:

    Those Giants fans must have been saying or doing something to provoke the attack. There were three of them and only two Dodgers fans. Early reports don’t always tell what really happened. It may have been the other way around and the two Los Angeles fans were only trying to defend themselves against three Giants fans.

    1. Karen says:

      Marissa – what is the basis for your comment? ALL reports say that the Dodgers fans beat on the Giants fans. Do you have information about this incident. If so, share it with the police. If not, stop backing hoodlums.

    2. bdj says:

      Does it really matter who beat up on who. The fact of the the matter is these were adults that lost self control. This is just a game, no one needs to be so sensitive about any local sports team that they take to violence in retaliation for some disparaging remakes that some one make.

    3. Marissa is an idiot says:

      Typical gang/hoodlum mentality. You are such a loser Marissa! Obviously you have very little neurons in that pea sized brain of yours!!

  19. Greg Rodmy says:

    So many cameras: they’ll be caught, arrested, charged, imprisoned, and sued. Fans should feel relatively safe here in LA. We’re a huge city with 10,000,000 where a small fraction will get chomped up a bit. Usually the brigands will be shackled before serious injury results.

  20. Everyday Guy says:

    Latin guys no doubt. Some alcohol, lack of civility, and barrio culture have ruined much of LA. yes, I’m generalizing, but I’m also right.

    1. Karen says:

      It IS sad and that is why our government needs to get them out of the COUNTRY and OUR CITY.

      1. Ed says:

        Who is the “them” Karen? We have met the enemy, and it is US, all of us.

      2. Karen says:

        Them is ILLEGAL ALIENS. Speak for yourself because I only consider LAWBREAKERS to be the enemy, not my fellow Americans and LEGAL residents.

      3. jaided says:

        how r u saying u aint racist just look at all ur comments. y dont u just move out your city because it aint getting any better anytime soon. how about that?u thought about it yet? one thing u have to understnad is that we are all immagrants here in the u.s. Thats why we are such a unique country. in everyones family their is someone who was an immigrant, and we are all anchor babies. everyone.

      4. Karen says:

        I am first generation but I don’t beat people up because they like a different sports team than I am.


      5. jaided says:

        first generation so what are u native american. what tribe are u from?

      6. Karen says:

        None of your Fing business. You’re a low life who talks trash.

      7. jaided says:

        none of my business to know what tribe your from we might be able to hook up if were from the same tribe.

      8. jaided says:

        mayb have little ones running around the bases someday.

      9. Karen says:

        You are too crazy for me and YOU’RE LATINO. I only date AMERICANS.

        And Andre, I suggest YOU SUCK ON THAT DOG. YOU know YOU want to. Go ahead, get out of that closet or dugout since we’re talking baseball.

      10. jaided says:

        to crazy for u, i think u need that in u. mayb u will be a little more down to earth and face the reality in ur city about latinos. That coming out of the dugout comment was pretty hilarious. ill give u that much.

      11. Andre says:

        haha poor Karen, maybe jaided is right, maybe you’ve been hanging out at the all you can eat pavilion a little too much!

      12. Latin lover says:

        You only date “AMERICANS”? LOL! AMERICANS are people who populate the
        AMERICAS from Chile to Canada. Have you heard about LATIN AMERICANS???

      13. bdj says:

        Please define what you call illegal aliens. Are they Mexican, Canadian, Chinese, European?

      14. Karen says:

        They are “ILLEGAL” which is the opposite of “LEGAL.” I can not be more clear than that.

      15. Andre says:

        Hey Karen, just suck on a dodger dog and shut the F up!!

      16. bdj says:

        I know the difference between legal and illegal. I just wanted to know if you were prejudice against just one group of people or more.

      17. jaided says:

        first generation calm down. thats some funny stuff clown.

    2. It's D-O-D-G-E-R-S (there's no Y) says:

      @ Everyday Guy – You’re absolutely right. I don’t know if I can add anything to your comments because you nailed it on the head. It was well said enough and I completely agree with you.

      The Hispanic culture and thug life has RUINED the All-American history and dream of the Dodgers. (Yes, it IS DoDGers.) They have taken something wonderful and exciting and have turned it into GARBAGE. The players on the Dodgers should feel ashamed to have them as their “fans”. If I were a Dodger, I’d be disgusted.

  21. Tony Gaj says:

    It’s not a royal rumble, it’s a baseball game. No one should have to fight. Families with kids go to games. No one should have to look over their shoulders cause some idiot neanderthal can’t hold his beer…. I guess that’s what the city gets for letting all these savages come and live here…. You’re a moron dude.

  22. ES says:

    Going to Dodger stadium is like visiting the State Penitentiary. I am willing to bet that the perpetrators were Latino hood rats. And before anyone makes a comment, wait and see for their descriptions. Its sad when you can automatically guess these things.

    1. ILOVELA says:

      as a Latino hood rat…you’re probably right

      1. It's D-O-D-G-E-R-S (there's no Y) says:

        ILOVELA – And you’re proud of that? I’d hang my head in shame if I were you… and thank God I’m not.

  23. Dodger Blue says:

    How sad that the Dodger games are turning into Raider games. Bunch of thugs that think sports is a gang thing. What a shame for the organization and the sport.

    1. helen says:

      It is people ignorant like u who cause trouble in the first place . Excuse me but there is alot of civilized families who attend these events that are not thugs…including Raider games! Instead of putting something on that is a negative response, try putting something out there that shows tolerance and respect for the thousands of fans who are civilized! ha

  24. Just a fan says:

    3 years ago we took our 2 grandsons and a couple of my grown kids to SF for the final Dodger-Giants series that season. We had seats in the left-field bleachers, all of us were in full Dodger gear. In between the 2nd or 3rd inning the Giants mascot – think thay call him Yosemite Sam – came up into the bleachers, gave me a look, I nodded and he picked up my youngest grandson, 9 at the time and in Dodger jersey and hat, and help him up by the ankles to the roar of the surrounding Giant’s fan. Then he got a standing ovation from the crowd when he ‘fake-boxed” the mascot. During the balance of the game several Giants’ fans high-5’d him and traded fan-to-fan b.s with him and us.
    Its friggin’ basebal for God’s sake…
    Oh yeah, the Dodger’s won the game.

    1. Karen says:

      At least your grandson WAS NOT BEAT to a pulp requiring him to be hospitalized. I can not believe that you made light of this incident. Your grandson was NOT beat. This poor guy is in the hospital. BIG DIFFERENCE. Stop trivializing the incident.

      1. jaided says:

        U sound racist and if u live in L.A u should be use to seeing lations everywhere. Latinos dominate L.A now whether u like it or not. Just look at the mayor of L.A. whats his name, and what city do u live in, the city of angels which is los angeles. Karen go get laid by a latino.

      2. Karen says:

        How in the world can my comment be RACIST? I said that her grandson was not beat to a pulp. FYI – that does not concern RACE.

        The news just reported that the perpetrators are Latinos. It’s time that ILLEGAL ALIENS are deported. Beating people up at a sports event IS NOT OK.

        F you regarding your low life comment. This is the United States of America, NOT THE BARRIOS OF MEXICO.

      3. Just a fan says:

        Karen – you appear to have taken on the role ‘of blog-cop’ and woe to anyone who says something your simple-minded perspective views as not in accordance with your thoughts. The post was not to trivialize the incident. It was to point out that there’s good AND evil in the world, even when it comes to baseball fans.. So climb down of your holier-that-thou pedestal.

      4. It's D-O-D-G-E-R-S (there's no Y) says:

        Karen, pay no attention to the ignorant commenters. “Jaided” can’t even spell… and where the heck did she get RACE from your comment??? You didn’t say one thing about race! That only goes to show how extremely uneducated he/she is.

        Your comment forces the point: SOMEONE is in the hospital critically injured after enjoying a day at a baseball game. We all should be outraged that thugs would be at our family outings.

        BTW, “just a fan” and “Jaided” are probably the offspring of those low-life thugs. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree….

        P.S. @ Jaided – One day all you illegals WILL be gone… and that will be a GLORIOUS day! 🙂

  25. Rocha Campos says:

    I think 80% of the last names on the back of jerseys are illegal? Live with it or go play tether ball.

  26. Mike says:

    It will happen, because idiots like you go to Dodger Stadium. Who cares if it’s a BIG RIVALRY, nobody should get beat up for liking another team. People like you are the ones who should be beat!

  27. amanda says:

    Go Dodgers!!!

  28. Edna Webb says:

    It does not matter whether or not if this is rlivalrie. This is a sports event and you should be able to route for whomever you wish without fear . That is the name of the game and the fun of the game. If this is the way that people are going to behave, then. Los Angeles should not have any teams at all. they should ban all sports events. Intelligent people do not behave in such a barberic manner.

    1. Vidalia says:

      Intelligent people don’t spell BARBARIC “barberic.” Please report to remedial English immediately, Edna.
      A Latina hood rat and season ticket holder

      1. Shut up! says:

        Listen hood rat, if all you can do is contribute by correcting someone’s grammer/English, then you need to get a life!! Who gives a F that you are a season ticket holder, and the fact that you are a Latina hood rat doesn’t surprise anyone–that’s about all who attend those games anymore!

        An educated Latina!

      2. It's D-O-D-G-E-R-S (there's no Y) says:

        @ Vidalia – Being a Latina hood rat is NOTHING to be proud of. In fact, being a Dodgers fan is nothing to be proud of either. You guys have destroyed the legacy of the Dodgers. You’ve turned their baseball games into a big thug gutter gathering. You can do that at home, in the gutter, where you live.

  29. Jack says:

    I agree that fans in LA are the worst in the country. They only follow the team if they are winning..they are fair weather fans. Dodger stadium is filled with some families but most of crowd is pelon’s who buy into that whole LA-Raiders stupid mythology that to be a fan is to resort to mob violence against other fans. Its the whole reason gangs and gang culture is so strong in LA and it transfers over to the game. Dodger security has to step up and kick these losers out of the park. Just as other posters said look at how LA reacted to winning the NBA championship..it was a complete embarrasment and disgrace to see adult men jumping up and down on police cars and throwing rocks and bottles because their team won a championship. LA and a certain section of its citizen’s are stupid, childish small minded thugs who mess it up for everyone else!!

    1. jaided says:

      philly fans are always voted the worst fans in any sport. get it str8. L.A fans dont throw up on kids. I rather punch a man, then throw up on a child.

  30. Kau Phaart says:

    Go Sports Fans!!!

  31. Jennifer Valdez-Herrera says:

    First of all, there is no “Y” in Dodgers!! And can we just leave the game on the ball field?!! So pathetic! There’s enough sadness in the world!

    1. It's D-O-D-G-E-R-S (there's no Y) says:

      Amen, Jennifer!

  32. Mike says:

    Good old Doger Stadium. Lets see, the suspects were more than likely typical low life baggy pants, tattoo infested bald headed mexicans. Ninety percent of the incidents at Dodger Stadium involve latino suspects. Just YOUTUBE fights at dodger stadium and you will see.

    1. Karen says:

      Mike – the news just reported that the low lifes are Latinos.

    2. Vidalia says:

      Please cite the source for your 90% stat or are you just pulling it out of your ass?

    3. T says:

      Latinos does not mean only Mexicans .. but it’s a shame it was a Latino..

  33. Rick says:

    You cannot control the Adults auctions that go to the games because they are set in their ways. You can sprinkle BIRTH CONTROL powder in the BEER and Doyer Dogs in the cheap seats.
    Hell, just for fun, mix in some MORNING AFTER medicine just for good measure.

  34. Ed says:

    Why should we be surprised that this thuggery takes place at a baseball game? Every day the media report private citizens imposing the “death penalty” on their former lovers, their own children and spouses, etc. We all need to realize that we have to get along, and we will be in a increasingly difficult environment to do so with jobs going overseas and the climate changing. Let’s back off and give everyone else a little slack.
    A sad Dodger fan.

  35. Dodgers fan since 68 says:

    I went to the game yesterday and there was alot of Giants fans wearing Giants gear a lot of trash talking even planes with banners saying the Dodgers Suck and planes saying the Giants suck.
    So you know it is a big rivalry even in the media.
    It’s sad that people need to take it to the level of violence in whats suppose to be a family environment You don’t need kids to see that.
    I’ve been going to Dodgers Staduim since 1968 and I myself have never seen a fight I have seen people in the stands get stuff thrown at them i for wearing the other teams garb.
    Regardless what venue it’s is if you wear the rivals jerseys your looking for trouble .
    Just add beer and a big mouth and trouble will find you regardless of what city your in.

    1. Karen says:

      Get a grip fan since 68. I’m certain BOTH teams’ fans had signs and were talking trash.


      And who cares if YOU never saw a fight. A GIANTS FAN WAS BEAT SO BAD HE IS IN THE HOSPITAL.

      That is just wrong.

  36. Fernando Valenzuela says:

    Ok.. haters: These comments are about Giants vs Dodgers,
    NOT about Latinos vs Low Life White Trash people….

    Let’s these people keep crying about “their” country…….
    This place used to belong to Mexico…. That’s why we are here……
    Leaving…. I don’t think so…. Getting deported???? I can come back at any time any way….. LOL!!

    1. It's D-O-D-G-E-R-S (there's no Y) says:

      Uh, sorry, but NO. This place did not used to belong to Mexico. Mexicans ARE NOT the original owners of the area. You just made yourself look really stupid with your racist comment. Before you go spewing uneducated verbal vomit again, you might want to take a refresher course in American History paying special attention to this area’s Native tribes.

  37. Karen says:


    I’ll send the link to all our state legislators as the reason why you all need to be deported.

    Keep talking this trash. I’d like to send several pages.

    1. jaided says:

      got me peeing in my pants right about now. u just so dumb u dont know what to post anymore. like i said go get laid by a latino. Some latinos like fat chicks, and a fat chick is what ur sounding like.

      1. Karen says:

        F you and your low life comment JAIDED. I hear Depends work great for your peeing in your pants condition. And as an fyi, I only get laid by AMERICANS.

  38. jaided says:

    im still laughing at the first generation comment thats just silly.

    1. Karen says:

      And I’m wondering why you haven’t head to the store to buy those Depends since you keep peeing in your pants.

  39. moral_threat says:

    Just wait until we get an NFL team….

    1. white latino says:


  40. Eff The Dodgers says:

    Dodger fans are morons and this is further proof- you won the freakin game you idiots!
    HEY DODGERS- STOP SELLING BEER- these morons have runined it for everyone- low life pieces of trash.

  41. TT says:

    this just makes me mad ! baseball is all about playful banter …. “big talk ” back n forth…Its the nature of the game – but all in fun and gest….People arent suppose to go to a baseball game and get hurt – its a family place – where children go to see their favorite players – and be taught the game of baseball….family time….. Those individuals that did this really need to ” Grow the Heck Up ” …..And I hope they find them soon.

    1. TT says:

      might I add if you cant drink and contain yourself then DONT DRINK

  42. Alarma says:

    When did the Dodgers “LA” symbol become some kind hardcore tatt? I see all kinds of rough vatos with it nowadays.

  43. IDIOTS says:


    1. TT says:

      @ Idiots The point is if you wanted to -take your child – you shouldnt have to worry about issues like this – you SHOULD be able to take your child – and have it be a family friendly environment, and have a good healthy time with your kids….. Im not saying they wont see people “talking sass” to each other – cause thats part of baseball …But this behaviors is just discusting …..

  44. people are amazing says:


    1. jaided says:

      why dont u buy more expensive seats at dodger stadium. its all that has to be done. taking ur kids to angel games and ur a dodger fan. come on now.

      1. TT says:

        you still have to walk in walk out and occasionally use the rest room like everyone else – just uncalled for …..

    2. Mike says:

      Angel stadium is heaven compared to Dodger stadium. I am sure that they get their share of bad apples there too but in no way is it compared to the low life mexican infected Dodger stadium. Look what the low life mexicans did after our Lakers won back to back titles. I realize that most of them could not afford a Laker game ticket so the hung around outside. I am sorry if I offend mexicans, (I have alot of mexican friends who are decent), but some mexicans act just like savages at the Dodger games. Just go to youtube and type in fights at dodger stadium. all mexicans involved.

  45. Al-Qaeda says:


  46. Ed says:

    I don’t understand why everyone seems so angry at everyone else. Why insult someone unnecessarily? Maybe they made a typo or aren’t so good at spelling. So what? I think they are entitled to say what they please, so long as it is respectful.
    Isn’t this part of why we are all Americans, hyphenated or not?

  47. Al Is Not the CRYPTKEEPER says:

    Please bring NFL football back to L.A., especially if it’s RAIDERBALL. Then all the hoodlums can return to bashing in the skulls of Steeler fans or fans of opposing AFC teams like they used to and civilized people can return to Dodger Stadium as in years gone by. Come on BIG AL, bring the silver & black back.

  48. Stephan says:

    Yeah well let’s just hope the Lakers don’t win the Championship then all the shaved headed Hoodlum LATINO’S will feel they have the right to Burn down the city and loot all the stores not that they have to get up in the morning and have to work and pay Taxes they don’t Tax your welfare check.

  49. Connie says:


    No one provoke an attack to the point of unconsciousness! You’re comment is full of untruths and you sound so uneducated to the point of plain stupidity! I pray to God you’re not a mother of somebody and raising another generation of stupidnessand hatred!

    What if that Giant Fan was your father, brother, or cousin? Grow up you poor, sad, ignorant Dodger fan.

  50. Watching says:

    I am so ashamed of these so called “Dodger fans” who fight at Dodger Stadium…This is one of the reasons why I don’t go anymore..It’s safer watching the game at home…These punks ruin the fun for the rest of us who enjoy watching the game there…It’s a GAME! This happens only at the Dodger Stadium! !! I hope someone witnessed this beating..I pray that the Giant’s fan pulls through…My prayers are with him and his family….God Bless…

  51. watching says:

    Did anyone witness the beating? or get a make or model of vehicle that they came in? I heard that the Giant’s fan who was beaten is now in a coma….

  52. Latin lover says:

    Brutal & coward assault.

  53. John says:

    Why isnt this being treated as a hate crime. This is not something Giants or Dodgers fans would do. It sounds very much like a racially motivated crime. The media is playing it as a crime amongst baseball fans.

  54. Nate Lawson says:

    This is not targeted to all Hispanics. But I am sick of the political correct people who claim that all groups of people can be bad. However, some are a lot worse than others. I’m talking about the cholo, shaved head dudes, that weigh 220, & are 5’3″ with a bad attitude. They can’t fight one on one, so they have a car full of these punks to come to their aid. Typically they beat their wives, and girl friends, and sometimes even hook up with their 12 year old cousin for some forbidden fruit. They think they are macho and tough, but its only due to their sheer numbers. What kind of vermin punk a– gangster goes to a Dodger game and beats up tourists from the Bay Area because they were Giants gear.? Piece of — Hispanic cowards, that’s who.

  55. Nate Williams says:

    This is not targeted to all Hispanics. But I am sick of the political correct people who claim that all groups of people can be bad. However, some are a lot worse than others. I’m talking about the cholo, shaved head dudes, that weigh 220, & are 5’3″ with a bad attitude. They can’t fight one on one, so they have a car full of these punks to come to their aid. Typically they beat their wives, and girl friends, and sometimes even hook up with their 12 year old cousin for some forbidden fruit. They think they are macho and tough, but its only due to their sheer numbers. What kind of vermin punk a– gangster goes to a Dodger game and beats up tourists from the Bay Area because they were Giants gear.? Piece of — Hispanic cowards, that’s who.

  56. Think blue says:

    I am a Dodger fan and have been my whole life, that will never change. What’s sad is that i much rather go to the Giants stadium instead of the Dodger stadium and enjoy a game. I agree the fans at the Dodgers games have become horrible, this includes all races and ages. The organization needs to step up and fix this. Of course it’s hard to control 400000 fans, but no cameras in the parking, maybe he could not fit that in this years budget with his divorce payout.

  57. Robbie12345 says:

    In SF I’ve gone to games and had LA fans in my face and think they are idiots, but would never attack them. This same thing happened in LA a couple of years ago and is the LA gang mentality. The one time I went to a Dodger game in LA, I was entertained by a Giant win and a gang fight in the center field bleachers. LA, what a great place to raise a family!

  58. robbie12345 says:

    The LA Raider fans have no where to go so now they are Dodger fans. What a fan base!

  59. robbie12345 says:

    Don’t allow alcohol in Dodger Stadium and the fights will drop. After of couple of years waterdown the beer and see how they do.

  60. Nipsey Washington says:

    Giant’s Fans don’t know how to fight, I guess?
    Who goes the the “Gang Member hang out” known as Dodger stadium to do anything BUT get in to fights? In the last four times I went to a Dodger game I saw all kinds of fights how is this a shock ?

    Everyone knows its like going to a Radiers game. DUH?

    Im sorry I just dont understand all this Hoopla This kind of beating happens everyday where I live by my house here in Watts.

  61. tohot rox da box says:

    Marissa sounds like a simple idiot..I am from newyork.. Big oakland raider fan.. As far as dodgers and fans.. This can happen anywhere at anytime.. If ny I am sure a dodger fan would of been beaten, only thing is our cops would have them in 10 minutes compared to the lapd who could not pin oj to a simple murder.. Or la creating biggie and tupac nonsense… when you got mexicans running streets and latinos sorry this is the results … classy on san fran people for no payback methods…but id love to personally go to a dodger game with a giants jersey next time in la that says la dodger fans suck and stand with a baseball bat and see how tough wanna be thugs are …once fans come obsessed its time to find a hobby these ball players pay no ones rent unless you bet on them …. so people stop caring for players who don’t care about you!

  62. marilyn says:


  63. CaL fan says:

    thats F***K up.. Giants fans will never do that to a dodger fan in SF. I hope they change those guys.. The LA Dodgers should get new uniforms in Giants color to wear this season..

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