SEEN ON TV (CBS) — This snow season, seven skiiers and snowboarders have already died as the result of falling into a tree well.

One lucky snowboarder survived certain death when a similar fate happened to him…and his accident was all caught on tape. On his helmet cam, no less.

What exactly is a tree well?

It’s a hole covered by tree branches just near the base of a tree. If someone falls into one, so does the surrounding snow and the skiier or snowboarding can be buried in seconds. What makes them so dangerous…they are impossible to detect.

These deaths are referred to as a NARSID — Non-Avalanche Related Snow Immersion Death…and unfortunately California is one of the leaders in this area.

For more information about surviving, and more importantly avoiding, this type of fall, click on the following link.

  1. GARY HEINS says:

    My name is GARY HEINS, and I address the dangers of tree wells in my book The PROHIBITION of SnowBoarding–snowboarders are more vulnerable than skiers when it comes to getting stuck. Also, in my book One Good Turn Deserves Another–Heinsian DOWNHILL SKIING, I describe how a skier can have a plan to click the skis off with a ski pole and get upright real quick. Going into a tree well upside-down, laughing and out of breath, is not uncommon–but you need to have a plan for it, and my plan has worked for me several times.

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