NEW YORK (AP)  — Having already done the Civil War and World War II, Ken Burns is working on a documentary about the Vietnam War.

PBS said the 10- to 12-hour film by Burns and longtime partner Lynn Novick will be broadcast in 2016.

Burns said his film will tell the human stories of Americans and Vietnamese affected by the war, along with those of Americans who protested against it. He said that four decades after the war’s end, most people have opinions about it but few truly know its history.

PBS is rebroadcasting Burns’ “The Civil War” next week to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the beginning of that conflict.

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  1. Onclewillie says:

    I have more than heard enough from those who protested against the Vietnam war. They had their 15 minutes. I want to hear from those who served, on both sides, and the people in Vietnam affected by the war. Please, no platitudes and no hidden agenda. The truth from the start of military advisers up to when the Republic of Vietnam laid down and rolled over for the People’s Republic of Vietnam long after the Americans had removed all their combat troops.

    1. tyler says:

      Not me. I want to hear more about the truth of Vietnam including that which our press and politicians lied about. Its uncomfortable but the only way we can (hopefully) learn to stop making the same mistakes.

  2. Thomas Bleming says:

    I fought in Vietnam and am not at all proud that I did, after I found out that the war was started by outright lies.
    The so-called “Gulf of Tonkin”
    incident, never happened and it was, thirty years later exposed as such.
    I went back to Vietnam last May to see a couple of the places that I fought at (Dak To and Ben Het) and wrote a nice report, along with photos.
    If anyone would like to have me send them it, you can contact me and I will send you this report as well as a photo display, showing some of what I was able to see.
    I had quite a nice time back in Vietnam compared to what I had to deal with, back in 1969-70.

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