BELL (AP) — Records show the city of Bell paid more than double the assessed value for land in a 2006 redevelopment deal that called for the seller to donate $425,000 to the city.

It’s unclear what happened to that contribution.

The Los Angeles Times reports Thursday that then-City Administrator Robert Rizzo and ex-General Services director Eric Eggena wanted the property as part of a revitalization effort in the city’s business district.

The city paid $1.35 million for the property, which had an appraised value of $612,000. The seller was required to make to make a $425,000 charitable contribution to the city, but there’s no trace of the donation.

Rizzo and seven other ousted officials are facing trial for corruption, mostly for concealing their high salaries. Eggena was not charged.

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Comments (5)
  1. ES says:

    There are more details to this story from the LA Times article.

  2. Scooby Doo says:

    Even if they sentence him to 25 years, he’ll just have to serve 8 years & petition for a parole. Overcrowding & seriously flaws in California’s justice system is to blame for early releases. He should be out in no more than 8 years.

    Unlike other stricter states, here in CA, you just have to serve a fraction of your sentence.

  3. Robert S. says:

    Its hard to understand why our laws don’t protect the tax payer, with harsher laws, and sentencing! The people just don’t stand a chance agaist the crooks in power in this country. This would be a “hanging offense” in a lot of countrys. Rizzo, and the rest are lucky!

    1. Bob Henning says:

      It`s easy for me to understand. The laws are written by Criminal Politicians who prove daily that they couldn`t care less about the People they Fail to Represent. You want real Laws with Real Teeth, Then Quit Electinc Multi Millionairs and then expect them to give a Damn about You. Most of them wouldn`t let You or I Mow Their Lawn.

  4. Robert S. says:

    Thank you people of California, as you are “pacesetters”, and will do what it takes to rid your city of Bell of the “vermon” that tries to overtake your citizrns! Hope the crooks rot in Hell!

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