LOS ANGELES (CBS) —  The conviction of a former Marine and camp counselor for sex crimes involving two teenage girls was upheld Thursday by a state appeals court.

Ross Jay Curtis claimed that a Norwalk Superior Court judge erred in admitting the testimony of two female subordinates from Camp Pendleton Marine Base about uncharged sex offenses, but a three-justice panel from California’s 2nd District Court of Appeal disagreed.

“The common theme of defendant’s sexual misconduct was his use of position of authority to engage in sexually inappropriate activity,” Presiding Justice Norman L. Epstein wrote on behalf of the panel.

Curtis was convicted in October 2009 of two counts each of lewd acts upon a child and oral copulation of a person under 16 and one count each of sexual penetration by a foreign object and sending harmful matter, and sentenced to 12 years and eight months in state prison.

Curtis met his victims at a camp where he was a counselor.

The charges involved girls who were 13 and 15 at the time of the crimes. Curtis — who was court-martialed and discharged in 2006 following complaints that he engaged in inappropriate sexual behavior with two female subordinates — met the two girls while he continued to volunteer as an instructor at a Junior Reserve Officers’ Training (ROTC) program after his discharge, according to the appellate court panel’s 13-page ruling.

Curtis met the 13-year-old girl in March 2006 at a three-day boot camp and engaged the girl in an online affair, then had sex with the girl in May 2006 after driving her from a career day at her middle school, according to the ruling.

He met the 15-year-old girl in March 2007 while the 10th-grader was attending a three-day ROTC boot camp at Joshua Tree and had sex with her in his tent, the justices noted in their ruling.

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  1. Crazy Irish says:

    Semper Hair Pie!

  2. larry says:

    Probably was a justin.tv watcher

    1. Dan says:

      what is that supposed to mean? Just curious because a lot of people post that

  3. Gunny says:

    They should have hung him!

    1. History says:

      I think God will do a much better job. I will leave it in Gods hands.

      -the x-wife

  4. ILLEGALS says:

    Dude wasted his life for some Fresh juice.

  5. alan hart says:

    I hope he repents for the error of his ways. I know there is an opening as a Catholic priest if he is interested.

    1. mister s says:

      What does an opening for a catholic priest have to do with anything? Its clear in the article he likes GIRLS…….. hes not qualified for priesthood.

  6. JAB says:

    He has chosen a career already! It’s a ROTC counselor-obviously they don’t do background checks, either. He likes little girls in military uniforms.

    Maybe better to hand him over to the girls’ father’s.

  7. History says:

    What he did to those girls is horable, he dose not diserve to get out of prision. But thats not all he did, I thought I would be over it all by now, but I find myself still shaking as I read that he tried to appeal his case. I has a horable nightmare about him the other day and now I know why. I have to protect my kids and I, and I will not allow him to harm my family any more!


  8. marine says:

    I was not wrong!!!! I’m glad he will stay in prison where he belongs!
    -female marine-

  9. noname says:

    what sad is the crimes he didnt pay for. But he’s still under Gods judgment. I pray for his salvation.

  10. gal says:

    I think he should have gotten more time then what he is.

    1. Raul says:

      jkh March 14, 2011 Um, take it from an old lady who lived togruhh the free-wheeling 60′s and 70′s without catching an STD or being raped. You don’t let a man pick you up at your home, you don’t let him drop you off at your home, and you don’t invite him into your home until you’ve had more than a couple of meetings. Bad pennies do turn up again.

  11. not oblivious,nor condoning says:

    even tho I know God will forgive him,I do forgive him also,I do not condone any of what he did ,please understand that.I know that he will more than pay for it!! I also know that, in Prison he won’t be welcomed,most that commit this type of crime aren’t.I regret that he hurt all those he did n smiled @ times in court, n I’am glad of all who speak out n not keep silent,His Mom even blamed the girls,said they persued him cuz he was so gd.looking,that it wasn’t his falut,Ummm beg to differ,His kid’s will be made aware of him ,they’re Mom is doing a good job to raise them aware of everything around them,despite some of the threat’s he made to her.What I do regret is what he did to her was kept silent,even in the Marines. I now see them differently also but thank God for those that do the uniform proud. I pray for his Salvation also.Not only did he hurt her but her Dad walked out on her not wanting to see her thru it all nor help or listen when she told him ,that he was stalking her.So Im not in aggrement w/Curtis or his crime but know the God I service

  12. correction; says:

    Oh and by the way he did not get 12yrs, 8mos. he got 10yrs, 8mos.,they gave him some 2yrs.timed served crdt. saying he would do do ? 7-8yrs. 2/3 or 3/4 time,

  13. Quenie says:

    Once I click on it, a pop up wnidow appears and I get a 'Webpage cannot be found' ..Not sure what exactly I did wrong?

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