Jose Canseco calls Barry Bonds’ perjury trial in federal court “ridiculous.”

Canseco says he hasn’t started following the trial, but plans to keep an eye on the proceedings in San Francisco. Canseco says Bonds isn’t the only former major leaguer who has lied under oath. He wonders if federal investigators will pursue other ballplayers for the same crime.

Canseco says he doesn’t know if Bonds ever used steroids.

The former AL MVP has kept his name in the spotlight since writing his tell-all books. He’s competing on Donald Trump’s television show, “The Celebrity Apprentice.”

He also plans to play again this summer for an independent minor league team. On Saturday, Canseco puts the gloves on for another celebrity boxing bout.

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Comments (3)
  1. idiot says:

    Canseco needs to go jump of the Golden Gate bridge.

  2. Jason h says:

    why is congress wasting its time on a trial about a guy possibly lying for doing a sports enhancement drug when presidents are lying about reasons to go to war? seems like a serious lack of focus on important issues in place of trivial pursuits.

  3. fish wrap says:

    Canseco is right. this trial is a waste of money. Congress lies to us all the time none of them are on trial

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