WESTWOOD (CBS/AP) — About 25 people from the Los Angeles Libyan community took part in what was planned as a rally demanding international action in Libya, but became a celebration.

The group waved Libyan flags and chanted, “free, free Libya” outside the Federal Building in Westwood Saturday.

“Obviously, we want (Qaddafi) out,” Abdussalam Aburrauein of Irvine told a local television news station. “That’s why people are giving their lives there. But ultimately we want the world to help us get rid of him.”

“I hope this time is different (from the last time the United States attacked Libya),” another rallier said. “I hope it will be targeted carefully, and I hope it will be like surgical to end Qaddafi.”

Some said they had friends in Libya who had joined the rebellion.

“We were thinking when, when is the U.S. going to go in?” said Covina resident Cereen Kephaj. “When is anyone going to go in and do something? Because one minute, one hour of delay is another hour of him killing innocent people.”

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Comments (11)
  1. sarah M says:

    Its a massacre in Libya I am glad the US AND France and England are finally doing something they need to hit targets right this time !!!

  2. Wally Wharton says:

    So….why don’t these innocuously-demonstrating Libyans go home and help throw out Qaddafi THEMSELVES instead of relying on the troops, the fire power and the GENEROSITY of other nations?

    1. Joshu says:

      Correct Wally, Liberty shall endure when it is earned by the blood of it’s people

      1. Saber 1 says:

        The rebels are out gunned, genocide was happening right before our eyes. We could not stand by and watch this terrorist kill the people.

    2. erkin says:

      Because these people have houses, families here, jobs that they do not wanna lose. They perfectly helping them from here by sending money, by protesting like this and letting us government that they are doing right thing by attacking Qaddafi. Don’t you go to Afghanistan to help your friends, will you stay and help if here will be tsunami or earth quick or radiation. I thing you will be the first one who will be gone in east coast with you grandmother.

  3. drozone69 says:

    Wow,would they have a better chance over there,rather than here?Idiots need to get there priorities right and figure out which country to pay allegiance to!!We Americans have our own problems,and not the time for crying foriegners who want there cake to be eaten too!!

  4. globalwarmingwillbecatastrophic says:

    @drozone69 – Idiots need to learn how to spell “their” correctly. More importantly, it’s in the United States’ best interest to seize this opportunity to help the Libyans overthrow Qaddhafi and erect a pro-American ‘democratic’ government in the middle east (along with possibly in Egypt in addition to already-established Iraq). Given that the use of U.S. military resources in this campaign will be extremely minimal (no ground troops, joint bombing with other UN nations, etc.), the cost/reward ratio makes this operation a no-brainer. My only hope is that our bombing is surgical and that civilian casualties are minimized if not completely prevented.

  5. Frank says:

    It is a sad day when people actually support the war monsters of the U.N. Does the Libyan people really believe that OBAMA’S regime is really there to help the Libyan people??? They will be bombing the hell into Libya and it’s people and bombs and and bullets are indiscriminate.

    Get ready for another puppet in Libya, compliments of your N.W.O regime. Oh and Libya say goodbye to your lands natural resources cause that’s what they are really there for. God be with Libya.

  6. drozone69 says:

    Frank sums up the entire situation with brains and insight.Yes even Egypts Mole inspired “revolution” is actually slavery into the N.W.O.Sad but true.All nations and governmernts are fair game for our worlwide Rockefellar banking blitzkrieg.

  7. CINDY says:

    Wow so typical to say GO BACK HOME FOREIGNERS that is so IGNORANT we are Americans we stand for justice, peace and freedom for ALL. the USA is as much their country as yours everyone immigrated from somewhere to form our holistic America

  8. Josh Burnstien says:

    We need to help anyone who strives for freedom. its alright for US to go fight everywhere on the basis of terrorism? but when its to help innocent ppl fighting against a brutal dictator whose massacred i believe 6000 Libyans you say let them fight their own battle these ppl only have rocks only few cities have minimal arms. Surgical strikes! no ground troops, US is just making sure Gaddaffi doesnt kill everybody

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