LOS ANGELES (AP) — Authorities say a partially clothed man died in the custody of Los Angeles police after he was shot with bean bags and a Taser while fighting with officers.

Police said in a statement Friday that 36-year-old Christopher Davis died after seven officers used “less lethal” force in an attempt to safely arrest him on Monday.

Police had received a call earlier that a man was removing clothing on a street in South Los Angeles. The statement says Davis would not respond to commands, refused to submit to arrest and challenged officers to a fight.

Police say he remained combative as he was subdued and put in handcuffs. He was taken to a hospital and declared dead an hour later.

The coroner has yet to determine a cause of death.

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Comments (23)
  1. Moochi says:

    Cops are horrible! So brutal and mean, especially LA ones!

    1. Marshall Law says:

      There are a lot of wild animals in LA. They are the animal tamers.

      1. Lalo says:

        You’re right! Even in the Godfather they say that they’re “animali”

    2. Astonished says:

      Your kidding me right?! If the cops do nothing and he causes harm, then people like you cry that the cops aren’t doing their job. If they attempt to do their job and restrain an obviously combative, possibly mental; drunk; high, or any combination of the three, they’re brutal!

      You can’t have it both ways. If you don’t like how they respond to calls like this, then respond yourself and handle it. My guess is you wouldn’t last a minute!

  2. lala63 says:

    Moochi, Really? “Cops are horrible”? Then make sure when someone is kicking your door to butt rape you, (or whatever a criminal might decide try to do to you) that you don’t call the cops if you think they are so “horrible”. The guy sounds like he may have been high on drugs if he was taking off his clothes in the street, ignoring the officer commands, and still combative while in cuffs. Maybe he gave himself a lethal dose of drugs and THAT is what actully killed the dude. Just remember: YOU should not EVER call the cops for any help. I know PLENTY of great LA Cops. So suck it!

  3. cez says:

    Good work by the police officers…

  4. swhitS says:

    Another LA cop scandal that will get shoved under the table.

    A guy is dead because he removed his clothes? Gee, and murderers, rapists and pedophiles get off scott free. Let’s see them justify this one.

    1. Moochi says:

      I agree, I am so sick of the corruption and greed and self rightesnous of these cops, it makes me sick…and ps i LIVE in LA, im not just making random LA commentary.

    2. smart ass says:

      Who is scott?

  5. c says:

    moochi moochi moochi, are you serious?

  6. Moochi says:

    Are you guys seriously defending this? Do you know how much it takes to KILL someone with the tools they had? This is brutality, plain and simple. Los Angeles cops are ridiculous and completely out of control. If you guys are seriously doubting me I’m sure I could post dozens of police brutality articles in the matter of minutes. I’m also curious what race this guy was….

    1. James says:

      Judging from his name and the fact that he was in South Los Angeles, I think he was Swedish, Dutch, or maybe from Liechtenstein.

      1. Saber 1 says:

        Yes, he was brother.

  7. the wolf says:

    This is about the 5th man to die in police custody. When, the police uses the taser gun, they are executing you. Most folks really don’t survive the taser attack. So, when a cop says to you I am going tase you, He really means I am going to kill you.LAPD is a sissy force. It took 7 cops to take down a black man. Instaed of going through all the drama, they should of just shot the guy. Shoot first, than answer questions later. LAPD STYLE. I don’t use the services of these killers.

    1. Saber 1 says:

      Don’t fight with the police. In fqct, lets try this. Be a law abiding citizen and you won’t have to worry. I’m glad law enforcement is thinning out the herd. The more they eliminate, the more tax payer money they save on sense less trials.

      1. Cherise Batteredbypd Rogers says:

        @SABER1 WRONG…The more unreasonable murders they commit, the more $$ u will be spending!! DUH! FAMILIES SUE TOO!!! GET A CLUE!

  8. Wee wee says:

    Can’t win
    If cops used lethal force , gun,
    We would hear the same complaint

  9. Doc Wilson says:

    Sounds like man was on PCP or Crank
    Overheating he started removing his clothing



  11. Morrison says:

    All the sheep out there who judge the police and call them every name in the book… That is until the you sheep need a cop then you cry and cry for them to help you! Makes me sick!!

    1. batteredbypd says:

      And all u ass kissers who judge those who are murdered/killed unnecessarily by the police let’s see how you react when you get a taste of the brutality at the hands of cops for no reason! U make me sick praising all cops as if they are saints! PLEASE!

  12. Jamie Miller says:

    Sure is a police state. Something cowards readily accept, meaning Americans.

  13. jim says:

    what if the guy had a pre-existing medical condition and thats why he died? like on Law & Order SVU…Stabler was going to burn for a kid that died while he was cuffing him but it was later found that he died from pre-existing conditions…sometimes life imitates art…