ORANGE (CBS) – A patient care technician was arrested tonight on suspicion of sexually assaulting a patient he was assigned to monitor.

Investigators interviewed Francisco Ayala Jr., 27 who works at St. Joseph Hospital of Orange this afternoon. After questioning, he was arrested and booked into Orange County Jail on suspicion of rape, sodomy and oral copulation.

According to police, the Anaheim resident works in the hospital’s emergency room and was assigned to monitor the victim when she was admitted March 8. Ayala allegedly attacked the woman during his shift that night and continuing into March 9th.

The victim reported the alleged attack to hospital officials after she left the hospital and they notified police.

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Comments (15)
  1. Ed Rooney says:

    Deport him.

    1. med says:

      Just another daily event in Mexafornia.

  2. moron police says:

    No, it is not safe to say. It is ignorant and racist to say.

    Safe to say you’re a moron and a bigot? Yes.

  3. Kiki walker says:

    Why does a Latin surname bring out the “illegal” epithet out of you bigoted morons. Look at what your supposed Anglo “gods” boehner, walker et al….. are doing to this once great country!

    Oh by the way people with Latin surnames were here WAY BEFORE you ignorant, moronic whiteys came to STEAL California, Texas, new mexico Arizona. We were here before you! So if anyone is illegal it is you the ignorant Anglo Saxon who got here and robbed us of OUR COUNTRY! What this piece of feces did is WRONG! His ethnicity is a MOOT POINT. If you want the UBER RACE GO TO GERMANY AND WORSHIP HITLER.

    1. Laughing in el monte says:

      Don’t worry, Kiki. This commenter frequently compensates for his loneliness by posting outlandish statements to garner attention. Consider him part of the scenery, and in no way influential to anyone. As long as he keeps his comments on message boards, he won’t have enough breath to vote, form a significant coalition, or lose his virginity. 🙂

    2. AJ Morgan says:

      Well said Kiki!!!

    3. AJ Morgan says:

      Well said Kiki!!

  4. Ramalamma says:

    Another illegal, immigrant farm worker. Gotta be…cuz you can read all that by his name, dontcha know? It’s that super, magical ink that only the racists can see at work again! Dang..I am so jealous…I want to be part of that special, magical ink reading club….

  5. Really.. says:

    Apparently, if your surname isn’t Smith or Johnson, you have no chance of being thought of as American, because it’s IMPOSSIBLE to think you were born here. Nevermind the fact that EVERYONE in this country, save for Native Americans are immigrants. Living on land acquired by illegal means, no less. It still amazes me that the only people in this country that have a birthright to it are still living in sequestered parcels of land, most times below poverty level.. Maybe someone should have handed you a blanket infected with smallpox. Moron.

    1. Paula Hodge says:

      well said.

    2. Laughing in el monte says:

      Have you been to Morongo casino lately?

  6. Gold says:

    Why don’t you blame the employer
    Who cut cost by hiring unqualified people who will work for lower wages in order to maximize profit $

    1. Saber 1 says:

      Blame the ILLEGAL ALIENS for driving down the hourly wage as to no one with anything of value in their lives would work for. ILLEGALS ALIENS live several to a house, no taxes and can afford to work for next to nothing. That is who you blame.

  7. Marco says:

    What’s the full story here?

  8. Jhon says:

    , how do you feel about the Peter Pan sequel that is omnicg out, or is out? I haven’t heard much about it except it is omnicg. Any thoughts?

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