LOS ANGELES (AP) — Officials at the University of California, Los Angeles, are evaluating what to do about a white student who posted a video on YouTube mocking her fellow Asian classmates and criticizing them for calling family members in the library following the tsunami.

Alexandra Wallace issued an apology through the campus Daily Bruin newspaper for the video called “Asians in the Library,” which first surfaced Friday and drew national attention.

In it, the UCLA student criticized the school for accepting “these hordes of Asian people” who she said have no manners and disrupted her studies by talking loudly on the phone in the library.

“I’ll be in, like, deep into my studying, into my political science theories and arguments and all that stuff, getting it all down, like, typing away furiously, blah, blah, blah, and then all of a sudden, when I’m about to, like, reach an epiphany, overhear from somewhere: ‘Oh ching chong ling long ting tong, ooohh,” she said.

Wallace could not immediately be reached for comment. She apologized in a statement to the campus newspaper, saying she could not explain what possessed her to make the statements.

The UCLA chancellor condemned the video Monday. A spokesman for the university said officials are evaluating whether the student violated the student code of conduct and what sanctions, if any, might be appropriate.

“I am appalled by the thoughtless and hurtful comments of a UCLA student posted on YouTube,” Chancellor Gene D. Block wrote. “Like many of you, I recoil when someone invokes the right of free expression to demean other individuals or groups.”

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Comments (22)
  1. jaydee says:

    @HB: I’ve seen people cheat in college and HS of all different races. Cheating is not exclusive to any one race. What a dumba$$ thing to say!

    Alexandra Wallace, “….she could not say what possessed her to make those statements”. Uh it’s called racism girlie!

  2. Matthew says:

    The things she said and her way of voicing her frustration seems to be the norm these days. Luckily they were only words, and not actions. It’s america I love Muslims and their culture. I think asian chick are all sexy, with there exotic look. my point it’s america You can say what you want. If people expect to be praised on their merits they should also be ready to be scolded for their short coming. I this case i think she was upset from repeated distractions in a place where there should be no distractions. I think voicing your opinion is the first step towards true equality. In this case she shingled out a racial sect. rather than people as a whole, being disrespectful of laws and rules. she should be apologetic to her fellow asian students, but not for being upset with people not following the rules and being self consumed.

  3. Norma says:

    If UCLA punishes this student they will be in violation of the First Amendment. Hopefully the ACLU will get involved. While the student was not prudent in her remarks, she has every right to express her feelings.

  4. SKM says:

    Her comments were insensitive and thoughtless, and the posting of them online was narcissistic. However, I believe what triggered her rant is that she was in the LIBRARY to study. Libraries are supposed to be quiet. If you need to make a phone call, go outside. Society has become so inconsiderate and thoughtless about appropriate behavior. I’ve heard people take full-on phone calls in a movie theater, talking and carrying on like they’re the only one there. It’s completely rude. I think she just got really irritated and wasn’t thinking about her actions.

  5. Ed Rooney says:

    Oh my God SHUT UP about the first amendment! So tired of people hiding behind that? Ya know what honey, that was written a LONG TIME ago, long before the types of communication we have now.
    What needs to over-ride our “right to free speech” is judgment, good sense and consideration, none of which most people even pay attention to.
    And by the way, UCLA SUCKS!

    1. Verruckt says:

      Why you gonna be the one who chooses and selects what people can say or not say now…are people going to get executied over the wrong words they say like in china, IRAN or other places around the world…

      Yes China does execute people when they hear things they do not like to hear…
      Especially the protestors against their communist regime…

      You are are a luck man that the first amendment right applies in the country, for you for her and for everyone else in America savory or unsavory comments… if not the bodies would stack over the ceilings in this country…

      So you quit complaining and open your eyes…

      The First Amendment defines us as a Nation

  6. Lenny says:

    Oh ling long Ching Chong Ting tong ohh!!

    That is funny.

    If this had of been a group of hillbillys and she mocked them “rootin” and a “tootin” on YouTube nothing would be said about it!

    But because they are Asian it’s a big deal. Move on people.

  7. Brian says:

    Like usual, the network news channels take things out of context. Play the whole recording. This girl was right on.

  8. eyearedan says:

    If it was a Muslim saying same thing about a Christian, Nothing would happen, If it was a Black Girl diss’n a Honky No-Thang wood be said, But let a Dumb Blond with her Boobs popping out say something and all hell breaks loose.

  9. Willi says:

    Send her to live with an Asian family over the Summer
    It will open her EYES

    1. Gabriel Hill says:

      She will learn that she’s only seen the tip of the iceberg.

  10. Gabriel Hill says:

    Investigate the threats made against her.

  11. Jamaican josh says:

    EyeareDan you are right on! So she can’t speak an Asian language and she made up words…. oh no! Ever been in an Asian establishment? Who do they employ? Illegals from the south and their own kind! Illegals cuz they’re cheap, and their own kind cuz they’re racist! Where’s affirmative action in their establishments? This is all a bunch of horse pucky!

  12. Verruckt says:

    I think this girl spent too much time in the burbs by the beach…I think portions of her Asian rant are valid, its my opinion to let her say what she wants and some of the behaviors from alot of Asian as she described are true… yet this doesnt apply to every single person who is Asian…Everyone makes the chinese driver jokes, yet at times it is the Asian driver who is a bad driver creeping down the road..

    I can also understand her rant about many Asian student family members visiting on the weekend taking up all of the wash machines in the complex all day and into the evening, cant people go to the public laundry mat for that much stuff…how are you supposed to get a load or two done when thats the only time you have to get it done.

    Lastly, I can agree there are many Asian people out there who truly are or try to act ignorant with the American way of life, lifestyle and our customs, such as being polite, driving, customer service which can turn people off especially if they arent trying to become accustomed to the culture shock…

    I believe, her rants are valid in her mind she has the right to speak them and in some various situations which all of us deal with in life.

    Do I think its very smart to say that on youtube no…

    Are all Asians bad people, now, there are so many great Asian people, I have lived around Asian people many times in the city, I have a lot of close friends who are Asian and do not fit the stereotype… they are cool people…most of them are great people,just as they have to deal with our culture just as we have to theirs.

    I do not have any issues with ethnic people coming to our country to live work raise a family, just if you do…please respect our laws our customs and our land thats all, just the same in reverse if you are an American be respectful to the the people in the foriegn countries you visit, because its the Ugly American in their eyes they see…

    Bottom line, every ethnic group of people in this county have idiots who are jerks all around, every race of people has their own so called N* words for everyother ethnic or political groups in the world, especially in this country The United States where race defines everyone…

    Lets get over it, time to get over it and move on, everyone should go back to basics like GRANDMA used to always say…

    “sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me”

    Dont we have more important things to worry about like Nuclear reactors, high gas prices everyday life and preparing for the BIG ONE the Mega Quake hitting us sometime in our near future….

    Now thats alot more important things to ponder wouldnt you say…

  13. Jessica says:

    I can handle racism, but she talks as Asians don’t know anything and how we’re inconsiderate of things around us. She makes me so furious! I’m in College as well, but just starting! When I first saw the video she acted and talked like a high schooler. When I was in high school, I already knew the fact, things go on the internet stays and will spread like a disease, so she put this on her self, she should get punishment or get kicked out of UCLA for posting such thing. A Sorry isn’t going to help Japan from the Tsunami and that video didn’t help any Asians in the USA. I’m one of them.

  14. Rob says:

    I fully support Alexandria and her cleavage and their Right as Americans to point out annoying people in the library.

    In her school it was asians, in my school it was blacks, other schools it may be latinos or whites. Shut the hell up and let people study.

  15. sayantika says:

    its high time that hard steps should be taken against anyone who is up to racism…
    alexandra grow up to be a human first then may be your political science lessons can help.if your family is dying in some other part of the world,you don’t see where you are,watch your manners or request for permission on papers to talk.
    a sorry is just not good enough for the criticism through that video.
    i hope UCLA takes very harsh decision so that at least if there s a next time people think twice before uploading such a shame.

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