REDONDO BEACH (CBS/AP) — Cleaning crews on Sunday finished removing millions of fish found floating dead in a Southern California marina, five days after the slimy, stinking mass of sardines was discovered.

Crews from several coastal cities and more than 700 volunteers removed about 140 tons of dead sardines from King Harbor in Redondo Beach, city officials said in a statement.

The fish were taken to a composting center where they will be turned into fertilizer.

The city said that while the fish were gone, local crews will continue cleaning up the aftermath of the die-off in the harbor for another week.

Biologists from the University of Southern California and the California Department of Fish and Game have said critically low oxygen levels in the water caused the sardines to suffocate.

But the USC scientists said high levels of domoic acid were found in the sardines, which may have distressed them off the Los Angeles coastline and caused them to swim into the Redondo Beach marina.

Fish and game officials also were testing fish for toxins at its animal forensics laboratory. Results were expected this week.

Domoic acid is often found in the stomach of fish that have been feeding on plankton during toxic algae blooms, one of which was spotted off Redondo Beach on Wednesday.

The toxin has been linked to neurological disorders, illnesses and deaths in seabirds, sea lions, sea otters and whales, spurring concerns for the gulls, pelicans and other sea life that have been feasting on the dead fish in King Harbor.

The sardines died late Monday and caked the water’s surface the next morning, stacking up to 2 feet deep in some spots.

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  1. drozone69 says:

    We can thank the constant air teams out daily spraying chemtrails on us for this.Remember all the dead birds in Ohio?The list goes on and on around the world with storys of this proportion,This is done so that only bioengineered food and plant life will be capable of bieng grown in any soil and environment.This is done to controll populaces.IF needed eradicate certain portions of the globe.People are to ignorant to look up and wonder where our blue skys have gone.Why they crisscross and pattern us with white spray?

  2. Ed Rooney says:

    about time- started smelling like a lezbo bar.

    1. Carolyn Alcarez says:

      How would you Know ?

  3. Ed Fournier says:

    The sickest part is that they talk about toxins in one sentence and then talk about it used as fertilizer in the next. There’s something really wrong with this.

  4. Robertmoe says:

    okay fish end up dead earthquake in japan = big ass earthquake in los angeles get prepared people get prepared

  5. swhitS says:

    Monsanto and their GE fish. Big Pharma and their toxic Rx. Chemtrails. Ttake your pic!

  6. Mike S says:

    Is it possible that a fissure in the Earths crust on the ocean floor either poisoned the fish, or increased the temperature where they dwell? We have been experiencing increased volcanic activity lately. Crater collapses in Hawaii, earthquakes, and tsunamis frequently these days.

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