SAN FRANCISCO (AP) —  A California Highway Patrol spokesman says investigators have recommended a psychological evaluation for a high school student who survived a 220-foot leap from the Golden Gate Bridge, although they do not believe the jump was a suicide attempt.

CHP Officer Chris Rardin says the 17-year-old boy who jumped during a class field trip Thursday should be charged with trespassing for climbing on the bridge.

He told The Press Democrat of Santa Rosa he was not at liberty to say where the boy was hospitalized or in what condition.

Surfer Chris Paicos told KGO-TV he witnessed the jump. He said the boy told him as he swam by in the water that the jump was a stunt.

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Comments (7)
  1. So what!! says:

    ICE should check homeboy’s immigration status.

  2. Ed Rooney says:

    He’s not an illegal. illegals won’t commit suicides. They get free ride in America so why should they commit suicide?

  3. Ms. Education says:

    Oh my god! Can you imagine his teacher? He/She must’ve had a heart attack. Way to be an inconsiderate jerk off, kid.

  4. Julie Asperger says:

    What a idiot. He should have died thta would have been darwinism to a t. Idiot. Oh and the poor teacher. They probably need counseling. I never thought someone was so stupid to jump off a bridge because they were dared. Idiot.

  5. susan W. says:

    Yeah, that’s right just hand him over to the hands of Big Pharma and drug the kid so he will be more of a wacko or better yet give him a few doses of the zombie ECT machine then he won’t even remember how to walk let alone know what he has done. Don’t people get it yet – Psychiatry has never cured anyone all they know how to do is torture.

  6. fish wrap says:

    So much for good upbringing. What a tool his parents must be proud

  7. tim says:

    Everyone is doing it. So if everyone jumps off a bridge would you jump too?…. Yes!