LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Criminal charges have been filed against a Los Angeles School Police officer who allegedly lied about being shot by a burglary suspect near El Camino Real High School in Woodland Hills.

The incident prompted a neighborhood and school lockdown and police dragnet on Jan. 19. Jeff Stenroos, 30, told authorities he was shot in his bullet-proof vest. He later confessed to accidentally shooting himself.

“The actions of Officer Stenroos put into motion a series of events that wasted valuable Department resources, negatively impacted thousands of school children and their families, and disrupted the lives of a countless number of people who were inconvenienced by the perimeter set up to catch a suspect who never existed. Officer Stenroos deserves no leniency and the charges he now faces are more than appropriate after what he put this city through,” said LAPD Chief Charlie Beck.

Stenroos is scheduled to be arraigned March 23 in Van Nuys Superior Court on one felony count each of filing a false report, perjury by declaration, preparing false documentary evidence and insurance fraud, and one misdemeanor count of false report of an emergency.

Stenroos is free on $20,000 bail. If convicted, he could face up to five years in prison.

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Comments (31)
  1. krg says:

    I hope he goes away for a long long time. What he put this city through is absolutely ridiculous.

  2. rescued sammie says:

    Why are you showing an LAPD badge for an LAUSD incident? Two seperate and different agencies. LAPD in conducting the investigation You might as well you show an FBI badge and watch what happens.

    Can’t you be accurate when reporting?

    1. funny man says:

      Who cares about what badge is shown! I bet you are not even a police officer, your comment makes you seem like a police groupie.

    2. robert says:

      Lapd had an officer involved shooting and the media used a LASPD badge. media can never get it right

      1. Ou812 says:

        Who cares? They’re all cops. LAPD or LAUSD or LASD, does it really matter?

  3. Long Legs are Sexy says:

    Someone said Stenroos had several Affairs at the school. Unfortunately, one of the teacher’s boyfriend shot him & he was covering up for the shooting coz he didn’t want his wife to get wacko over it. So as it turns out, the Adulter & Adulterer kept the Affairs secret & Stenroos took the rap for it & paid a hefty price by losing his job, being prosecuted, & restitution to the resources spent searching.

    1. Michael Wenger Sr. says:

      REALLY? Do you REALLY THINK THAT? LAUSDPD and LAPD Internal Affairs, LASD and LADA shooting teams ALL investigated this from the inside out and you HONESTLY think that with ALL the Media scrutiny there is THAT MASSIVE of a cover up? WoW.

      1. Long Legs are Sexy says:

        Someone said, do you not understand what i wrote?

        Anyways, does it matter? it’s a discussion forum & people are entitle to their opinions. If YOU don’t like what others have to say, then just ignore, shut up, & move on.

      2. MONICA says:


    2. robert says:

      sounds like you know more than LAPD. You should give it up to them.

      1. robert says:

        This comment for Long Legs r Sexy

    3. Michael Wenger Sr. says:

      Ignore it, shut up and move on? Wow you are a bastion of benevolence. I think YOU should NOT post things if the ignorance of your statement is questioned and you are so thin skinned you get all butt hurt over it.

  4. swhitS says:

    He should be made to pay the money wasted back with interest then pay for his jail time. Sick of these crims getting by on taxpayer dollars. Hard labor never hurt anyone.

  5. Ou812 says:

    Long legs u r an idiot

    1. Long Legs are Sexy says:


      Only Losers come on a discussion forum to insult other posters. Internet TOUGH GUYS. You’re the idiot.

  6. robert says:

    It’s a sad day when incidents like this occur. There are alot of rumors going around as to why he did this. It is the Officers in blue and tan & green that have to edndure the same questions over and over again. It doesn’t matter what department they work for. It is embarrassing to the badge when these types of incidents happen. Let me remind those folks who will use this to complain about any officer or department. 99.99% of the men and women out there protecting and trying to make the streets safe for YOU, do it with pride and honor. They do it everyday when the majority of the community won’t. These men and women do it for your freedom. Don’t judge them because of this one person.

  7. Jusygyi says:

    Just as an fyi, i have a fam member that is laspd, but they are interchangeable, as they also rotate lapd shifts and vice versa.

    1. robert says:

      Wrong. They are 2 different departments and do not rotate shifts. They work together because their jurisdictions cross.

      1. just fyi says:

        Im not wrong, I never said they are the same, but I did say they are interchangeable for shifts, they can cover eachother, and DO regularly cover shifts for eachother.

      2. robert says:

        WRONG AGAIN. In all my years with LASPD not once have I covered a shift for LAPD or assigned anyone to cover a shift for LAPD. Nor have they. They do not have the extra resources and neither does the LASPD.

      3. fyi says:

        its voluntary, you can drive downtown, pick up a patrol car and patrol extra shifts hard headed dumbo

      4. JohnGravy says:

        You mentioned you’re a LASPD cop too, how long you’ve been on the force? How much do you make?

    2. Fong says:

      Hi Robert, I have been on patrol at Birmingham for 3 years now, and we are offered to pick up shifts if we wish. It is not mandatory, but we are allowed the option to cover weekend/holiday shifts as we desire. Jusygyi is not incorrect, it may be different at your locale.

  8. JohnGravy says:

    Long Legs is a dumb fool.
    She is one step above a gorilla when it comes to intelligence.

    1. Long Legs are Sexy says:

      John Gravy

      Smart move, create a new Screen Name & insult other posters on the internet. Good Job internet TOUGH GUY!

      I can create other user names too if i really want to win the war of words. Moron.

  9. Long Legs are Sexy says:

    LMFAO @ Mental Midgets trying to act tough hiding behind a computer screen calling people names & insulting other people’s opinion. And yes, create more screen names on here so we both can play this game! LoL


    Yes, i’m a Certified INTERNET TOUGH GUY. Yall not allow to voice your opinions, it is not a Freedom of Speech. You listen to what i say & what i tell you to do. No one is allow to talk in this discussion forum. Speaking is prohibited. You must be silent.

    Well, yall got anymore screen names to create? Come at me now or forever hold your piece, i mean peace.. LMFAO!!

  11. Slinger says:

    Just curious, why isn’t the LAPD officers who shot and killed the autistic man and then lied about the account also all over the news?

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