EASTVALE (CBS) — The tape of five youths brawling at an Eastvale taco restaurant is going viral — and with good reason.

Fights like this are like something out of a Hollywood movie.

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The videos (the fight is seen from three angles), appearing on Youtube, start innocently enough. A couple of kids standing around the restaurant…one on his cell phone.

Near the door, the guy on the cell phone greets someone coming in with “What’s up?” The way he says it and the person’s reaction, clearly indicates the two are not buddies. Punches start flying, their friends start getting into it.

One kid, holding a cat (or a small puppy), even drops the animal and starts flailing at another youth. You can’t make this up!

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Horrified patrons of Tacos Del Rio run out, tables overturn, workers scream for the men to leave while calling for police…and while the fight only lasted about 45 seconds, there was more punching and kicking than during some MMA events.

The videoes have gotten more than 92,000 hits and counting.

Greg Mills, reporting for CBS2 News at 6 p.m., says the fight happened around 2 p.m. on January 5th.

The owner tells Mills that he has no idea how the store’s security tape got released and was initially worried the tape’s emergence would hurt business. But that hasn’t happened.

None of the fighters have come forward to ask that charges be filed.

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Here is a link to the video.