HAWTHORNE (CBS) — Hawthorne police arrested 11 people on suspicion of prostitution, one suspected pimp and 13 men who tried to hire a prostitute or a police decoy.

The 13 alleged “johns” were arrested on March 4 during a sting operation at Hawthorne Boulevard and Imperial Highway, Hawthorne police said.

The larger operation started Feb. 21.

Police are seeking “stay away” orders against the alleged prostitutes, which would make it unlawful for them to return to the areas in which they were arrested, officials said. Courts have granted the orders against four of the women, and the other cases are pending.

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Comments (12)
  1. don says:

    Another waste of tax dollars. A victimless crime between 2 consenting adults. How bout going after the real criminals which are illegal aliens?

    1. jesse says:

      there you go !!!! yeah but hey real criminals will shoot back.

      1. UncleSam says:

        Illegals are the real criminals, not Americans wanting to have fun.

    2. Lars says:

      Yeah Don they should arrest all your siblings and deport ’em all HA HA !

    3. So what!! says:

      Here comes the pedephiles!!!!!

  2. Jack says:

    So much for my Friday night plans…

  3. So what!! says:

    They should LEGALIZE Prostitution so there would be Tons of $$$$$ flowing through this Economy. Imagine if Prostitution is Legal?? They’ld have to pay TAX $$$$$ instead of paying their pimps.

  4. pimp john says:

    Great…now I have to get a real job. That or collect unemployment.

  5. Hawthorne PIMP says:

    Yo’ man if they legalize prostitution then what will pimps like myself do besides dressin’ fly…

  6. POKE-A-HOLE says:

    Most Prostitutes are UGLY but the one KCAL used on the picture above(one in white dress) looks pretty Delicious!!

    Sorta opposite from a club called, “99 Beautiful Girls & 3 UGLY ones”. In the case of Prostitutes, they’re more likely 99% UGLY ones coz you can actually sample the merchandise.

  7. Realist58 says:

    Prostitution a victimless crime 🙂

    Ask any prostitute why they don’t have a legitimate job and they will tell you, they like the fast money, they like the dope benefits that come with the territory and they hate real work. Never liked school, home-work or any other thing that required them to think or work. Open legs / mouth…open purse…drop in money…they love it.

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