LOS ANGELES (AP) — A state appeals court has refused to delay a settlement that would protect 45 of the lowest performing schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District from layoffs.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California says the Second District Court of Appeal denied the teachers union’s request Monday.

ACLU attorney Mark Rosenbaum says the decision is a victory for students at the troubled schools, which traditionally have high turnover of teachers. A last-hired, first-fired layoff policy has caused many untenured teachers at those schools to be the first to receive pink slips.

United Teachers Los Angeles says the decision means other schools will feel more impact from the next round of layoffs. Union president A.J. Duffy said the union would consider seeking a stay from the state Supreme Court.

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Comments (13)
  1. Donald says:

    See what stupid illegals are causing. All that money spent of free breakfast and lunches for anchor babies could have saved these jobs. I say kick all anchor babies outta school and let the real Americans get the education they deserve!

    1. bdj says:

      While it is true that there are some porblems caused by illegal aliens in this country, it is bigots and racist like you that really need to be edcuated. Not all problems are caued by illegal aliens. Just look at the mess that the housing market caused as a for instance.

  2. Tony says:

    Donald, get a life! Think before you speak nonsense. Those illegals are the same hard-working individuals who clean and cook for you.

    1. Jeff says:

      They don’t clean and cook for me. I can live without them for sure. What part of illegal do you not understand. They are lawbreakers. Laws we enacted and voted in thanks to people who died for this country to give us that right and now it is not being enforced? Get a clue before you defend these 3rd world peasants. Way to go Don!

      1. bdj says:

        While it is true that there are some problems caused by illegal aliens in this country, it is bigots and racist like you that really need to be educuated.

    2. kpegelow says:

      That is a cop-out. Legal aliens are the hard working individuals who belong here and work for us. The key word here is and remains that they are here “ILLEGALLY” and no argument to the contrary has validity. They are breaking the law. There are policies and procedures in place for entering the country legally and for those who seek asylum for humanitarian reasons. There are equal policies and procedures in place for those who take the laws into their own hands and then argue a sense of entitlement to get away with it. We do not reward criminals in this country for breaking the law simply because they got away with it for years before getting caught. What is being argued here is not a justifiable argument. The question is not whether or not these people broke the law because we already know they did. The issue is whether or not we serve justice by rewarding inappropriate behavior and I think not.

      On the other hand, we have just as many ignorant, ill-educated and self-serving people living in our country as does any other country and they need to remember that their fingers are built on a hinge and their wrists on a ball and socket and the same fingers that are being pointed in the direction of one side can just as quickly swing around and point right back into your own face. Blame goes both ways. They are to blame for breaking the laws of our country and we are to blame for letting them do it.

  3. Tony says:

    White people are the worst lawbreakers!!!!!!

  4. Betty says:

    These people must go. I refuse to let my child attend school with some peasant who gets free handouts for breakfast and lunch and whose parents need a translator and they print out school newsletters in spanish. All wasted taxdollars causing layoffs for hard working americans who went to college and got a degree to teach. All cause illegals get free handouts. They must go now. I don’t want my kid intergrated with their kind!

  5. Wow says:

    @ Betty, Your rant is pure non-sense. Education begins in the home and unfortunately for your children their primary educator is babbling on ignorantly.
    Hopefully in your case the apple falls far-far from the tree.
    Your childrens outcome should be interesting.

  6. kpegelow says:

    If we speak to the issue and not to the person making remarks with with we disagree, we will prevent our own point of view from sounding just as ludicrous as the people with whom we disagree.

    Yes, ILLEGAL immigrants are part of the problem. No, they are not the only cause of the problem. LAUSD has been having financial difficulties for years, much of which was brought on by their own actions, failure to use common sense in managing their finances, and partially through refusing to assist in enforcing the laws of our country by refusing to report children and parents they knew to be illegally residing in our country. I would remind all that when presented with the question of obeying the laws of our land, many of the administrators and teachers flatly refused to report these children as they were required to do and ignored our immigration laws by knowingly allowing these children to enroll in our schools even though they knew these children were not entitled to attend. And this is over and above those children who were born here as anchor babies.

    LAUSD, in allowing these children to enroll, was then forced to hire enough teachers and administrators to handle this influx of illegal attendees and the cycle became a never-ending cycle of increasing expense on the public taxes.

    I do not now, nor have I ever had a quarrel with people who come to this country legally. They have followed the rules and waited their turn and come to this country for the right reasons.

    I do, however, have objection to people who believe they are above the law, are not obligated to the laws and are somehow “entitled” to be rewarded for having succeeded in not getting caught. When caught, they raise the hue and cry of “civil rights” to prevent being sent back home, but they fail to under stand that a right is something with which you are born. Any right that is Civilly granted is granted by a governmental body and can be taken away just as quickly as it is granted. If you are not a citizen of this country, you have no “Civil rights”, because it is not your government.

    I have additional argument to those who say that we cannot survive without their help. Their viewpoint is self-serving and wishful thinking. Nature abhors a vacuum and will provide a remedy for the shortfall. If illegal aliens were all removed from the United States today, others would either step in to take their place or we would learn to do without the job they are performing or we would invent a machine to do the job.

    Not only are illegal aliens taking jobs from legal citizens, they are taking funds from our medical facilities, overtaxing our welfare systems, filling our jails and taxing our emergency and security resources.

    When their well-intentioned friends turn their garages and back yard sheds into illegal housing, they do not bother to get permits, go through no home inspections to insure the safety of their construction, do not pay the property taxes which are needed to cover the costs of running these programs, including the money needed to pay for the teachers and schools necessary to educate their children. They have no vested interest in the neighborhoods and do not seem to realize that they depreciate the property values of others by this action by turning the neighborhoods into ethnic barrios, and when all is said and done, when they get caught or decide they don’t like it any more, they simply move on and suck up to the next available trough.

    Even with all of that, they are not the whole answer to what went wrong. They came to this country to get jobs and find a better way of life. Now none of us have jobs and they have leveled the playing field so that there is no better way of life. So yes, please go home. Take the same fervor you put into your battle to stay here and go home to your country of origin and clean up your own houses and country. We did not create the problems in your country and we cannot solve your problems for you here.

  7. Bradley Q says:

    Actually, let’s look at another element of the issue: the “bad management clones bad management” practice. Some managers who rise from the teacher ranks may have been fine teachers but prove unqualified and incompetent to be managers who make budget decisions. Yet they come to be protected by the powerful administrative union and if they prove unsalvageable are given a place in the downtown “rubber room” where they continue to draw full salaries for years. In my opinion.

  8. Bill Stank says:

    FYI – The LAUSD does require proof of citizenship to receive free health and education services. In fact, on a form they send out, it’s clearly spelled out with underline and bold print.

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