HESPERIA (AP) —  People who spent hours searching for a Hesperia girl reported missing by her family say they were outraged to learn the 13-year-old’s family gave authorities misleading information as she hid to avoid an alleged arranged marriage in Pakistan.

The girl’s mother reported her daughter missing from her Hesperia home on Feb. 22, and told investigators she worried her daughter had run off with a sexual predator.

Her statement prompted a national kidnapping probe, but investigators said they later found out the girl was safely hiding in a hotel with the help of a relative who didn’t want her to go to Pakistan.

A neighbor said Thursday that he felt “betrayed” by the girl’s family, who San Bernardino County sheriff’s investigators say gave misleading information.

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Comments (8)
  1. Joe says:

    that crazy lady is a pimp!

  2. Sex trade overseas for $$$$ says:

    Her mother should be investigated for sex trade overseas for $$$$$$$. Also, they should file charges on the family for filing a false police report.

  3. Joesixoneoh James says:

    Is she Caucasian ? How did that happen to a white girl? She doesn’t look like a Pakistani to me.

  4. Masked Marvel says:

    So the mother lies to use the police to find her daughter, without telling them the trutth that her 13 year-old daughter was gonna be sold to some old creep in Pakistan. Punish the mom on both counts.

    I think end times are coming…. and I’m an atheist.

  5. Keith Brown says:

    Who arranged the marriage? That should be against the law . . . smacks of slavery to me

  6. Abuse says:

    I would have hid out, too! What monsters of parents to try and sell their daughter!

  7. jarose says:

    what do u maean it doesnt happen to white girls??????

  8. KellySoCal says:

    Cops and media! Don’t you just love them!!!! They can turn even the holiest person into a monster!!!
    For goodness sake what misleading information are they talking about???? Your daughter vanishes – what would you think??? Everything in the world!!!
    “Ok, she was on Facebook a lot. That is it! She must of ran away with whoever she was interacting on Facebook!” Ten out of ten mothers would think the same way! Why all of the sudden this woman “giving false information”???
    The girl didn’t want to go on vacation. She didn’t want to part with her friends, Facebook pal or leaving school! There can be tons of reasons why a teenager doesn’t want to do what his/her parent wants.
    Anybody who ever dealt with teenage girls knows that many of them say what ever to have it their way! And what about this questionable uncle of hers? He kept her at the motel!!!??? Was there an adult with her at all times or he was leaving this child unattended putting her at great risk! Why in the world he didn’t take her to his house which would be much safer? How long he was going to “hide” her from authorities and parents??? He didn’t say a word to her parents which is absolutely cruel and very suspicious!!!
    There is more to this story! Let the accused speak for once!!!

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