LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A local mom says she was shocked when she discovered lewd images on Facebook of a prominent Beverly Hills psychiatrist depicting him in S&M attire, engaging in male prostitution and promoting illegal drug use.

“Almost everything that I saw on his Facebook was all related to drugs and sex,” says Deborah Singer of Calabasas. “If I had one photo like that of myself on the Internet, they would take my child from me in one second.”

Dr. Joseph Kenan, who has evaluated hundreds of child custody disputes, is at risk of losing his caseload — and possibly his license — after the Medical Board of California has also announced an investigation into the social network postings.

One of the pictures found on the Facebook page of Dr. Joseph Kenan. (CBS)

Kenan, who serves as the president of the American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry, apparently used the aliases “Joe Kegan” and “Joe Keegan”, posted sexually explicit photos — which he has since taken down — of himself baring his buttocks, holding a banner with an apparent allusion to cocaine use, and club ads promoting male prostitution.

Kenan was unavailable for comment on the photos, but Kenan’s attorney, Donald S. Eisenberg, insists the doctor’s personal life had no bearing on his professional performance.

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  1. UNFIT 4 THE JOB says:

    Disgusting considering the fact he is involve in Public Social Service & Child Custody cases. Complaints filed against him included extortion for writing good reports for the parent. Just goes to show people working for our government aren’t what they seemed to be.. Bunch of corrupt crooks!!

    His Stupid defense is that what he does with his personal life has nothing to do with interfering with his job. LoL

    1. Lenny says:

      I agree, anything he gets up to behind closed doors as long as it’s legal is his business but putting up pictures of this nature in the public domain is unprofessional.

    2. Realnews says:

      Not so. Goes to what he considers appropriate. See Custody Evaluators at http://www.Familylawcourts.com. Or The “Therapists” section.

  2. Bob says:

    It is truly Unprofessional to do,due to the fact that his profession deals with children you would think he would keep this life style under wrap’s to save his career.and that is the best defence his attorney could come up with well there’s always prostitution and cocaine sales to keep the money coming in but for godsake keep this pervert away from children especially little boy’s!!!!

  3. Sandra says:

    His defense that his private life has nothing to do with his ability to do his job is a pile of rubbish. Let’s forget for anjoment that the drugs and prostitution are morally reprehensible, they are illegal. In his capacity as an adviser to the courts, this ALONE should disqualify him, as he clearly feels he is above the law himself. Beyond that, this man is responsible for the placement of children in high-conflict custody cases. Can we really trust that a person with such a skewed moral compass will render decisions that are truly in the best interest of the children? He needs to lose his license, his title, and his job. Additionally, all cases where he has been a consultant should be reexamined, if not overturned, based on this new information. I would even go as far as to suggest barring this man from any similarType of work ever again.

  4. Realnews says:

    Oh, it’s not just his job….it’s what he considers “appropriate” so likely, he’s a hypocrite. See http://www.familylawcourts.com/Therapists.html

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