LOS ANGELES (AP) — Los Angeles detectives are trying to determine a motive for the slaying of a vocational school instructor who was allegedly shot by a student during a class for security guards.

Police Lt. Paul Vernon said Thursday that 22-year-old Law Thien Huynh of Gardena argued with the instructor immediately before leaving the classroom and returning with a firearm. Vernon says the student shot the teacher at near point-blank range Wednesday afternoon.

Students at Coast Career Institute said that after 44-year-old instructor Roberto Herrera was shot, the gunman put the weapon down, told classmates to call 911 and walked outside to smoke a cigarette.

Classmate Jermaine Walter said that Huynh often asked questions in class about shooting and killing people.

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Comments (11)
  1. Adolph says:

    Why did he have to shoot Panc. I like CHIPS.

  2. Karen says:

    Why in the world did we let this person in the country in the first place? I just LOVE the fact that we welcome thugs and hoodlums to kill people. This happens EVERY DAY. CLOSE THE BORDERS UNTIL WE STABILIZE.

    1. richie kotzen says:

      probably the same reason they let YOUR family in this country…

      1. stuart says:

        that is right

    2. stuart says:

      just because his name sounds Vietnamese, doesn’t mean he isn’t a citizen here.anyone could be mentally illed depsite of his/ her orgin and race.
      please be sympathetic for the victim , killer and both families and love ones.
      This is really sad

  3. Rikki Rockett says:

    How’s ol’ Deanna doing, Richie?

    1. richie kotzen says:

      i tell you man, i was only 19 at the time… she came up to me.. i regretted it already… and i paid the price .. i got fired

  4. vincent says:

    wow, iam in shocked, i knew this guy Robert, he worked with us at frito lay in city of torrance, ca, so sad! rest in peace Robert

  5. Jay says:

    Thanks For All Of Your Comments. You All Are Speaking The Truth Concerning This Situation. I Am A Student At C.C.I. & I’m Due To Complete My Training As A Security Officer With Another Great Instructor Around Mid April. I Knew Robert. In Fact My First Class At C.C.I. In May Of Last Year Was In Robert’s Class. He’s Actually The First Instructor Ever Who Taught Me How To Use The Side-Arm Baton & Corrected Or Chastised Me When I Picked Up & Held The Baton The Wrong Way. Chastising Is What Any Good Instructor Will Do Of Course, Otherwise You Don’t Learn. We Had Such A Great & Fun Time In Class That Day Though, But I learned A Lot From Him As Well & Was Touched By His Sense Of Humor & Ginuine Passion For Teaching. Since That Day Robert & Myself Joked Around & Had Conversations With Each Other In The Hallways Or Seeing Each Other In The Bathroom. He Always Had A Pleasent Attitude & Smile On His Face. Our School Will Never Be The Same Again & May Robert R.I.P. For Eternity. Thanks Again For Your Comments, Your Love & Support. If You Have A Facebook Account, Please Feel Free To Contact Me. My Email Is JS84foreverandup@yahoo.com….

    1. Gaby says:

      Do you have any funeral information?

      1. Jay Smith says:

        At This Point Gaby, I Don’t. A Memorial Service Was Held Yesterday Afternoon In The School’s Parking Lot. However As Far As Funeral Arrangements Are Concerned, I’ll Find Out More Info At School & Will Know More By The End Of The Week…. Take Care..

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