LA MIRADA (CBS) — Bad luck or simply bad observational skills? Two men face burglary charges after trying to steal beer and snacks from a gas station where four Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies were having coffee.

Jacob Wallace, 29, of Costa Mesa, and Robert Martin, 19, were booked on suspicion of burglary in the beer-and-snacks heist, which totaled $18.76.

Surveillance video captured the men running from the store, followed immediately by the four deputies.

Authorities say two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s marked patrol vehicles were parked on the side of the gas station and that all four deputies wore uniforms.

Both Wallace and Martin have been released from custody pending their court hearing.

Comments (11)
  1. geeM says:

    Smart fellows they are.

  2. deen says:

    I guess lot of alcoholics will do anything to get their fix…These guys I believe are youngsters to who have no class….

  3. Richard says:

    $18.76 worth of goodies may not get a lot of time. but the deputies probably got a good laugh, and these two knuckle heads will have to indure the embarrasment for a long time coming from there Homies or buddys and there familys for years too come HEY REMEMBER WHEN??? Classic!!!

  4. Gabriel Hill says:

    The guys are victims of alcohol addiction and should be treated, not arrested. j/k they should have shot them in the back of the parking lot and thrown out with the other garbage.

  5. Just Saying says:

    Must have had the “munchies” after smoking
    that medical marijuana

  6. duh says:

    Those camouflaged patrol cars in the parking lot are ingenious!

  7. WooIsMe says:

    Like luckily they were white or they’d be full o holes

    1. stopplayingtheracecard says:

      What a dumb thing to say, WoolsMe.

      1. Cardiac says:

        Sounds racist, until you recall Man shot by officers, holding water nozzle

      2. iftheshoefits says:

        Unfortunately, WoolsMe is probably right.

  8. FreeWilly says:

    This is most likely very true.