LOS ANGELES (AP) — Members of a Canadian folk-rock band have been cited for canoeing down the Los Angeles River before an approaching storm.

Police Lt. Brian Wendling says six people in two canoes were cited for trespassing Friday after they left the concrete-lined channel in Studio City.

He says the Manitoba band took to the water in nearby Van Nuys with their instruments and a camcorder, apparently to make a music video.

Wendling says they left the 3-foot-deep river after one rickety canoe began leaking, and firefighters and police helped them out.

They were cited for trespassing and could be charged for the emergency response.

A website for a Manitoba band called Twin says the group planned a journey down the river.

The river can become a death trap when it swells with runoff.

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  1. Greggory Moore says:

    This report is a little light on facts, such as the claim that the band was doing this only to self-promote. Read here if you want the story: http://www.lbpost.com/life/greggory/11086. I’ll be doing a follow-up on their experience, and I can be contacted via LBPost if you want further info.

    1. Malka says:

      People die on this river as I am sure you know, and you also know that there would be media coverage to cover your desperate and mediocre band.
      I understand that you need attention, we are all stuggling.
      You costed Angelinos thousands of dolllars in rescue efforts that we cannot afford.
      I hope you received the attention you desired.
      We will listen to you less now, like the idiots that parked horizontally on the 101 freeway and blocked men and women trying to get to work to feed their families so they could get some attention.

      1. David Fort says:

        Hello I am Dave who was interviewed. First of all we did not bring our canoes from Winnipeg. We bought them here in Los Angeles. Secondly you can not trespass on International waterways and thirdly we did not just do this to promote our band.
        One other note is I told this reporter I would only do the interview if I was fairly represented, this did not happen in any shape or form. It’s fine I expect nothing from the Corporate media.

        David M. Fort

  2. info@magicpebblemedia.com says:

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  3. aL says:


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