LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Six of Bell’s current and former city officials were ordered to stand trial Wednesday on charges of misappropriating public funds.

Mayor Oscar Hernandez, City Council members Teresa Jacobo and George Mirabal and former council members Luis Artiga, George Cole and Victor Bellow face criminal charges of giving themselves massive salaries that siphoned $5.5 million in taxpayer money from city coffers.

Judge Henry J. Hall ruled there was sufficient evidence to order the six to stand trial after a seven-day preliminary hearing. Judge Hall also ordered all the defendants to stay away from Bell City Hall and ruled that they are no longer allowed to function or be paid as council members.

A preliminary hearing for former City Administrator Robert Rizzo and his assistant, Angela Spaccia, begins Tuesday.

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  1. davidozone@att,net says:

    Why isn’t the pig bieng taken down also?He was an key link in the chain.Is he turning states evidence to stay out of the can?I bet he is squeeling to save his own hide.The only way to make these people learn is jailtime and or massive confiscation of all items bought with the stolen money.They do this to drug dealers so to not do it here is discriminatory.Other than that if alls that happens is they lose offices then it will be financially worth it for anyone in their right mind.This has and will go on in our if not all goverments, no matter what level or title of city or country.For some odd reason Bell is bieng used as an example so the public will think the goverment does care and is on top of things.


    I hope they invested the STOLEN $$$ wisely. So after they serve their “slap on the wrist” Jail sentence, they can retire comfortably with the STOLEN $5.5 Millions.

    They’re ALL in the LATE 50’s, so only a couple years until they get their PENSIONS & STOLEN CASH & WHATEVER Goodies California has to offer for City Employees.

  3. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    “The last official act of any government is to loot the treasury.” ~ George Washington


  4. Joe says:

    Send them all to the Farmer John slaughter house in city of vernon.

  5. Norm Silver says:

    The inmates at the state joint are selling futres on fat boys posterior. Why isn’t old fat boy mentioned here? Rizzo needs to get busted too!

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