SANTA ANA (CBS)  — The man who was shot in a fight in Santa Ana over which Mexican state is best died Wednesday when he was removed from life-support machines.

Esteban Navarrete, who was 35, was declared brain dead Tuesday night and was being kept alive on machines at Western Medical Center in Santa Ana, Santa Ana police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna said.

The machines were removed at the request of his family.

Navarrete was shot in the head about 10 p.m. Sunday in the parking lot of Mariscos La Ola at 1714 E. McFadden Ave., he said.

Navarrette, his wife, and two relatives were in restaurant Sunday evening when an argument broke out between two groups over which state in Mexico was better, Bertagna said.

Navarrete, his wife and relatives decided to leave, and he was attacked and shot in the parking lot.

Three men and a woman who fled in a gray sport utility vehicle returned just as Navarrete, his wife and two relatives were getting into their car to leave, Bertagna said.

“The suspects returned in their SUV, and one of them gets out and for unknown reasons fires rounds at the victim,” Bertagna said.

“We’re going public with the (restaurant surveillance) video in the hopes of identifying all four of the suspects,” Bertagna said. “We’re kind of at a crossroads here, but it’s good video and we’re hoping it gets us over the hump.”

Navarrete was an employee at St. Joseph Hospital in Orange for more than 15 years, Bertagna said, adding that he was a “good family man.”

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Comments (24)
  1. Staffushenziheimer says:

    A travesty for sure. Still not surprising to here. Most male Mexicans are savages.

    1. la82 says:

      You mean like the WHITE guy who massacred those people in Arizona? Or the WHITE mother who recently murdered her two children for being too disobedient? Or the WHITE Arizona woman just convicted of murdering a father and 9 year old daughter?

      I guess in your world the word savage and violent doesn’t apply to your race. Idiot!

      1. big boss says:

        you couldn’t have said it better…..

      2. Nameless Person says:

        Well said la82.

      3. Lorena Torres says:

        Hah! In your face weird-using nickname person!!!

  2. Hole in the Brain says:

    Will they bury him in his Favorite Mexican State?

    1. Andres LIzarraga says:

      what state were they fighting over??? Cause everybody knows that the state of SINALOA is #1

  3. arizona slim says:

    they are in america and killing over a toilet in mexico.

  4. Pre-Meditated Murder says:

    His family set this up to collect on his Life Insurance Policy. His Life insurance policy is worth a lot of $$$$$..


    At least now GOD can tell him which is the Best Mexican State.

  6. Keep America White says:

    Once again….hispanics. Our borders need to be secured and anyone trying to cross illegally needs to be shot dead on sight. Most of the prison and jail population are hispanics. And why do we continue to cater to this race and provide them with so much?


    YOU White Trash are the MOST ignorant race on Earth. Take your White Trash elsewhere.

    1. Trisha says:

      If you hate white people so much then why don’t you leave!


        As American Citizens, we have as much rights as you do. Again, take your White Trash elsewhere.

      2. Cilandro says:

        You should leave Pilgrim!! We were here first than your white trash people!!

  8. Scott Stevenson says:

    Wow, Keep America White. America is a melting pot. You can’t deny non-caucasians just because they aren’t white!

  9. BEST STATE IN THE USA??? says:

    is anyone here gonna argue which is the Best State in America?

  10. Keep America White says:

    I am all for people coming to this great country no matter what race they are. But when the vast majority of a certain race creates most of the problems? If hispanics are granted citizenship as an American and they commit crimes, they should be stripped of their citizenship and deported forever. And then many hispanics make no effort to learn English even after living in America for 20-30 years. Why should they? As long as America caters to them and gives in to them whenever they protest over the smallest thing they don’t like. I guess we have that worthless two-inch turd Antonio Villaraigosa to thank for alot of that.


    That means Kobe Bryant’s wife, Micheal Jordan’s Juanita, Mel Gibson’s wife, Kevin Costner’s wife, etc.., don’t exist and therefore their marriages is null.

    Can White Men live without stubby senoritas??

  12. big boss says:

    It’s a shame someone lost their life over something so small and everybody here making some rude remarks.I hope none of you above never loose a love one…it’s so sad what this world is coming to,,,,,no morals!!!!!

  13. White Junkies says:

    White people commit the MOST NOTORIOUS crimes in American History. Jeffrey Dalmer, Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, David Koresh, Jim Jones,
    Marshall Applewhite,· Bonnie Nettles, Luc Jouret, Michael Tabachnik, etc…

  14. Too sad says:

    For all of you dispicable people who are making such vicious comments, God forbid you never have this happen to you or your loved ones!

    Karma is a b**ch!

  15. mbd says:

    he wasn’t arguing idiots! he was shot for NO reason!

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