LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The sun is making a comeback.

OK, so it never really went away, but after years of relative quiet on our nearest star, activity has picked up as of late, resulting in a solar flare that marks the strongest since 2006.

Bob Rutledge, lead forecaster with the National Space Weather Prediction Center, tells KFWB’s Michael Shappee these solar outbursts have the potential to wreak havoc with earthly communications.

After the initial blast of radiation accompanying the coronal mass ejection (CME) — the first of its magnitude to occur in the new solar cycle of activity — a huge cloud of charged particles is headed toward Earth and is expected likely to arrive on Feb. 17-18.

Among the many potential disasters that can come from a massive CME: disturbances in the planet’s geomagnetic field that may lead to malfunctioning telecom and GPS satellite equipment.

While forecasters predict no major impact on our telecommunications infrastructure, meteorological officials say the flare has disrupted radio communications in southern China.

Scientists have pointed out that activity on the sun is now ramping up ahead of an expected solar maximum around 2013.

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  1. sean patriot says:


    1. IdsofMarch says:

      Damn Global Warming….!

      1. redleg50 says:

        Just ask Al Gore, he invented the sun

      2. Tony Lowery says:

        It’s just Al Gore’s way saying Mother Natures having HOT flashes….

    2. Stephen Strachan says:

      Actually, it either started on the 16th, or Verizon and Comcast both suck…naturally, of course.

      1. melody baker says:

        global warming has no effect on the sun..:)

      2. Marilyn says:

        I got your humor, IdsofMarch. Cute. 😉

        Take away the sun and see how warm mankind makes the planet. Obviously, the issue is the effect on our electronics. As with the weather, this too runs in cycles.

      3. hammerdown says:

        If one were to look as the hard facts all the Planets in OUR system are experiencing warming. So you are quite correct global warming or more accurately planetary warming certainly impacts the sum not even a little. However the sun certainly does effect planetary warming, especially when combined with the other astral phenomenon occurring in the last decade and the great increase in such in thew last year. It has been publicly reported that we should not be shocked to see two suns as early as this year. Also that we may indeed have as many as three days of sunshine with very little night. Not an opinion a guarantee .

      4. Kenneth Diamond says:

        There is no GLOBAL WARMING either!!!!!!!

      5. typical racist righty says:

        Or does the sun impact global warming?………hmmmmm deep thoughts.

      6. Duh! says:

        Actually, the statement should be, “Al Gore cannot make money off making a global warming hoax of the sun.”

        The whole premise of Al Gore’s Global Warming Hoax was so that his company can make tons of money trading carbon credits. If they were really trying to limit CO2 in the atmosphere, they would be targeting volcanoes because man made CO2 is a drop in the ocean compared to the CO2 put into the air by a single volcano. But Al Gore can’t make money off of regulating CO2 emissions from a volcano.

    3. melody baker says:

      this happens all the time maybe every 6 years i think….. dont worry about it 🙂

      1. nellas says:

        did you really just mistake the comment “damn global warming” for meaning, global warming is causing the sun to flare up?

      2. Albert MacMeda says:

        No, Global warming IS CAUSED BY THE SUN. Did you notice that, during the time of all the warming, we were having solar flares like crazy and, now that we’ve entered a period of global cooling, sunspots and flares have been mostly absent… until now.

      3. Terry Knows Moore says:

        Not for over 100 years….was the last big one.

      4. jonah says:

        No. Really massive coronal mass ejections only happen once in a century. Last time was in 1859, the Carrington event. We’re a bit overdue.

      5. Hal McCombs says:

        No, really massive coronal discharges happen pretty much all the time. It’s just a rare coincidence when it is pointed at the Earth. It goes elsewhere 99.999999999% of the time.

      6. Mosin Nagant says:

        Its actually about a 10 to 11 year cycle, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_cycle , but the concern this time is that scientists project it may be an extremely active one, biggest in 50 to 100 years, perhaps as big as “The Carrington Event, aka the solar storm of 1859 http://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2003/23oct_superstorm/

    4. Montana Mike says:

      I’m not so sure that global warming hasn’t caused this flare. While earth warmed from 1970-2001, the polar caps on Mars shrunk significantly. Those silly right wing extremist “deniers” claimed it was just the sun getting warmer, but maybe Al Gore is right that CO2 on earth has caused Mars to warm at the same time as earth. And if that’s possible, then maybe CO2 has caused this huge solar flare to come hit our planet too. After all, the science is settled that cave people building wood fires melted all of the glaciers ending the ice age 10,000 years ago.

      1. Nostradominator says:

        Montana Mike I seriously hope you are joking, otherwise read a basic science book or take an Astronomy class!

      2. ThinksThenFeels says:

        Nostril, Mike is being ironic like the others above him, and they all did a pretty good job of it. I, on the other hand, am completely serious when I assert the reason for this flare and the solar systemic temperature changes is that too much mercury remains in the Environment (homage to the Earth Mum) instead of being trapped in compact fluorescent bulbs. Thank God* the Americans are leading the charge by banning incandescents and the other horrors they rained down on the modern world!

        *he Earth Mum, of course… homage to Her

      3. Ken says:

        I love your sarcasm. However, you should know that liberals aren’t capable or understanding sarcasm- or metaphors in the case of using the term “target.”

      4. tiny dancer says:

        Montana Mike- You are just perpetuating my opinion of people that live in Montana with your comment about global warming causing the polar ice caps on Mars to melt and causing the solar flares on the sun. Really dude, you are funny…

    5. DHHH says:

      Yes its much closer than you think.Tidal waves earthquakes volcanoes global storms…..

    6. Anna says:

      I am an artist who has had visions of this occurring for the last 5 years but these visions are turning in to reality is rather scary to say the lest. I am afraid that this is only the beginning of flares interrupting our communication status. Imagine the world with out an electrical source to do transactions of money, or oral communication across the land or even the world. we might have to put the wars on hold for a long while and we will have to deal with respecting and appreciating the earth in which we reside from with in the Universe. We might just have to come together and unite and actually communicate once again face to face with out any devise electronically. I must admit this would drastically change the way I live my life tremendously. How do you think it would affect yours?

      The clock of life is wound but once
      And No Man have not to turn back the
      Hands of the hands late or early Hour!
      For is the time to Live,Love and toil with this will!
      For you will never know when the becomes still !

      poem by: Omar Khayyám

      (died 1123), Persian poet, mathematician, and astronomer. His rubáiyát (quatrains), found in The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám (translation published 1859), are meditations on the mysteries of existence and celebrations of worldly pleasures.

  2. sean patriot says:


    1. Albert MacMeda says:

      Is this the only way you can measure yourself? Being first (and second) on some comment thread on the internet? Nothing more significant to tell us about?

  3. Otto says:

    Where is that lady from spain who says she owns the sun? Time for her to face the music.

    1. Locke says:

      Brazil, actually. Otherwise I completely agree. I think somebody might be feeling a little /responsible/?

  4. TurdMcGuillicuddy says:

    Damn you sean! 3rd!

  5. wil says:

    So if we cover ourselves with sun screen we will be okay, right?

    1. skeptic17 says:

      And tinfoil….

    2. bear says:

      And spread some on the satellites and cell phone towers.

    3. Rob says:

      Cover your electronic equipment with sun screen LOL

      1. Rob says:

        It’s fun to poke fun at this solar flair but if we have one like the one that happened in 1859 it won’t be a laughing matter.

      2. Scott Batten says:

        I suggest a Faraday cage, but then I understand solar physics.

      3. Rob says:

        I don’t think Scott Batten knew i was being facetious about the sun screen. but I don’t think this event will call for a Faraday cage is necessary for this event

      4. Flair Insprector says:

        Solar Flair is related to Ric Flair plus the flair or bling on your deny uniform

        more fliar

        Flair INSpector

      5. Duh! says:

        Whose house gets the popcorn?

        (it’s not funny if I have to explain it to the real geniuses)

  6. Gurd McTillicuddy says:

    Actually, you were 4th.

    1. Durfler says:

      Better yet…

      Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide yo wi-fi cause they zappin’ everybody out here!

      1. Robert Frost says:


      2. Lazy hot tub says:

        Take yo kids to a sitter and bring yo wife to my basement. I gots me a hot tub and I’ll treat her real good. Does she like big men.

      3. Jen Jen from the QC says:

        Lazy hot tub- love it! Lmao 😉

  7. deputydawg says:

    Bush was president in 2006, so this is a carryover from the last administration. Its Bush’s fault.

    1. NotFondOfLibs says:

      Typical stupid liberal. when you don’t have anything intelligent to say, just say “it’s Bush’s fault.”

      1. sarcasmisyourfriend says:

        You do realize he was being sarcastic, right?

      2. locke says:

        You, My angry little friend, have been cursed with the impeccable power of being oblivious to sarcasm, which is a very crude way of speaking but effective nevertheless.

      3. Jack Kelner says:

        it’s difficult to tell when a liberal is being sarcastic, since any determination of their intelligence is dubious at best 🙁

      4. DidyouJustSayThat says:

        NotFondOfLibs……………….As a fellow conservative all I can say……don’t type anything ever again!

        To think…..this guy actually votes!

    2. IDAHO WOMAN says:

      I am sure it is a vast right wing conspiracy put on by Fox news and Rush Limbo to keep us from getting accurate infor from the real news media. Or maybe it is the Israelies trying to spy on their neighbors. better than spy sharks.

      1. ThinksThenFeels says:

        Those were trained ATTACK Sharks, Woman! Much more dangerous than the lesser Spy Shark. Just ask the mayor.

    3. Terry Knows Moore says:

      Will you idoits ever get an education?

      1. grudd says:

        They are referring to certain Muslim and Arab countries accusing Isreal of using trained “spy sharks”. lmfknao

    4. Sparki says:

      Do you realize how stupid you sound. Typical of someone who doesn’t understand polictics or how to speak period. Grow up…

      1. I love LA. says:

        Its sound like the folks in LA have some issues – we in Texas have fences and predator drones. And lots of guns.
        Man I miss spell check
        Isreal – really – get of my blog – losers – go jump back in the I5 traffic.

        Bubba J

  8. Underwhelmed says:

    I think it is Bush’s fault…

    1. Leroy Valentine says:

      Mr. Presidente, raise your arms into the air and thwart this evil solar flare! Then get back to the teleprompter.

    2. Albert MacMeda says:

      To those still suffering from Bush Derangement Syndrome, everything is and always will be Bush’s fault.

      Others have lives and have moved on.

  9. Off Duty says:

    So….that’s how I ended up in Shaboygen!

    1. keith says:

      ha ha ha. Good one!

    2. Mikey says:

      Sheboygan, if you mean the city in Wisconsin.

      1. Sargon says:

        Bratwurst capitol of the Galaxy!

  10. James H. says:

    What kind of events will be blamed on the SUN now ? Oh well…..

    1. Ron Reale says:

      Everything but the temperature of the earth!
      Ron Reale

      1. Albert MacMeda says:

        Well fortunately only a dwindling, uninformed or willingly deluded minority hasn’t realized that the primary determinant of the temperature of the Earth is the sun…

      2. Scott Batten says:

        And sadly, those are the idiots in power :0

    2. Locke says:

      The next uprising….. Possessed by the Sun to do so?

    3. soopergooman says:

      actually since the last mass ejection (lol) last summer, the half life of carbon 13 has changed, so either the elements are being affected or time is speeding up.

      1. kolys says:

        Carbon-13 is a stable isotope. It doesn’t HAVE a half-life.

      2. Internet office monitor says:

        I’ll give you a mass ejection – known as a pearl necklace.
        Do you guys over at the office not think I can see you are not working and looking up big polysyllable words on google.
        Get back to work, your boss!

  11. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”
    – Albert Einstein


  12. SunnyDay says:

    It’s gotta be Bush’s fault

    1. Albert MacMeda says:

      Now I’ve heard it all… Bush was so dumb and inept, just a sock puppet, controlled by some sinister, unseen force to claims that Bush now causes solar flares, among the most energetic thing to happen in our solar system.

      You know, this is a good example of what my brother used to call liberal schizophrenia – where one moment they say one thing and the next they say exactly the opposite and they don’t even notice that their own statements are contradictory.

      1. Scott Batten says:

        It’s sarcasm. Unwind, relax, and know that Obama has this one covered. He will use a money shield to protect us. lol

  13. Heltau says:

    can not wait for it to arrive in all its glory. May it make us ponder what it will be like to be back in the 1970’s without cell phones and such. I wonder if it will effect? cars and plains and trains and motorcycles? That would be a BIG bingo to the enviro BBFN wouldn’t now.

    1. CannedGoods&ShotgunShells says:

      Ain’t gonna effect my car, truck, and motorcycle none, they’re all pre-70’s with none of them elemectronic doo-dads to git fried. Now if I can just finish building my hand-cranked vacuum tube laptop and my wireless rotary phone afore them electro-magnanimous-pulses hit, I’ll be all set…

      1. Scott Batten says:

        It does, however, have a battery, which, if it is strong enough, will kill it, should you leave it hooked up.

  14. Al Gore says:

    It’s manmade climate change causing this.

    1. jerry klein says:

      If we pay you tons of cash with your global carbon tax scheme, will that save us- Al – Baby?

    2. Albert MacMeda says:

      Just like it’s caused warming on other planets in the Solar System, right Al?

  15. Sheldonrs says:

    I for one welcome our new Solar overseers and submit willingly to their dominion.

    1. matthewmcghee says:

      Nicely done Sheldonrs, nicely done.

  16. Jimmy Carter says:

    It’s America’s fault let me be the first to apologize to the rest of the world for this disaster.

    1. Danbo says:

      Obama is way ahead of you on this, Jimster! The line forms behind him.

      1. madmax says:

        why has’nt the One who said in germany “the seas shall recede” fixed this darn deal?

  17. Bruce V says:

    By marshmallow stock now!

    1. Erin says:

      I holled at this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BAHAHAHAHAHa

    2. Scott Batten says:

      A TOAST to you my fried for the witticism.

  18. Yoop says:

    It has to be Bush’s Fault everything else is.
    And I’m Sure Gore will add it to the list reason’s for Global Warming.
    And it will no doubt cause a rise in Gas prices, Food Prices, The stock market will drop and unemployment will go up.
    I only hope we get a BIG Aurora Show those nights. It has been a while since we had a good show.

    1. Robert says:

      Yoop you forgot to mention that Toyotas will inexplicably rear-end people.

    2. Glock45man says:

      Everything you listed happens when Barry Sorento, aka Obama, talks. The fool needs to keep his mouth shut.

      1. kolys says:

        Sorrento is an Italian city and a brand of cheese. I think you were trying for “Soetoro”.

  19. God of Sol System& Planet Earth says:


  20. logi_cal says:

    The question is:
    Will the Mars 500 crew be simulating a CME event Feb 17-18, or Feb 19-20?

  21. sonny says:

    largest solar flare since 2006 – what
    further proof do you need ___ GLOBAL WARMING !!!!!!!!

    1. Danbo says:

      Foolish Earthling……global warming is real…..except it comes from the Sun, not anything remotely man-made as the alarmists would have you believe.

      1. Greatness Lost Is Legend says:

        Capella system: Main stars,each with 80X our sun’s output are spiraling towards each other. Stars are nearly the same age as our star, but burning their hydrogen fuel much faster. They will collide between two million and half a million years from now according to several sources.

        Polar region of one of stars may be aimed at our system. When they nova a huge X ray burst will bathe Earth. Could be a very bad day. Talk about global warming. Nothing left but life in the ocean abyss. Of course this is all George Bush’s fault. Part of things going on at Area 51.

  22. Opaque Blinders says:

    Ahhhh…leave the BBQ take the hot dogs…….

    1. EeeGee says:

      will the mayo go bad?

      1. algornot says:

        Mayo is for Treehuggers, trees will burn, they will die, no need for mayo…

      2. windy says:

        It’s not the Mayo, haven’t you heard? It;s the onions in the mix.

  23. Davew2 says:

    “scientists have pointed out the sun is now ramping up ahead of an expected solar maximum around 2013.”

    Of course it will be attributed to man made global warming with carbon tax imposed.

    1. tremayfreon caudwell says:

      and that perhaps the definitive example of “taxation sans representation.” the world is scheduled to end in 2012, or haven’t you heard?.

      1. Bob says:

        cool . . . .

  24. Chet says:

    It’s Cheney, operating the sunspot / sloar flare generating from the basement at the ranch in Crawford.

  25. Pete says:

    Uh-oh: here comes global warming. Better duck!

    1. tremayfreon caudwell says:

      “better duck.” in other words: better “u” than “i”.

  26. jerry says:

    cant wait to work voice & cw with a 1/4 watt and work the world

    1. kevin says:

      Love it! nobody else even knew we had a solar cycle before!!

    2. Jim says:

      Just worked CU2KG QRP 5 watts SSB From L.I NY (FN30) on 20 meters at 0130utc …20 meters is staying open later and later…WooHoo! Bring on Cycle 24!!!!! 🙂

    3. More's Code says:

      Dah Dah Dit Dah Dah Dah Dah Dah Dah Dah

  27. Pretentious Conservative says:

    I didn’t really consume the content of the article. I descended onto this website by way of fedora-wearing closet-queen Matt Drudge. (He thinks he’s a 1930s press-member.) Now I will conflate whatever vague knowledge I have of said article with irrelevant topics, specifically my obsessive disdain for liberals, and make an unsavory diminishing remark about the President, or Al Gore, or Hollyweird, or “da lame-stream media,” or something. I am a typical Drudge-head. I am obsessed with politics. For the love of God (who I whole-heartedly believe in because I don’t want to be tormented by demons for eternity—He is loving and merciful), someone put an end to my dismal existence.

    1. Robert says:

      Believe me, i would if I could.

    2. Spot On says:

      What’s your address? Let the dispatching begin

  28. tom says:

    We need to release more carbon dioxide in the air to block these death rays.

    1. algornot says:

      I installed dual four barrels on my hot rod, does that count???

  29. moviecrew says:

    Why is it no one(media) has said anything about Airplane travel and the radiation that comes with the CME…Hmmm…oh I forgot, some 308 older planes decided to take an unscheduled maintenence today and tomorrow and canceled their flights….guess someone later will try to sue some airline for flying them during the comming CME …and lets not forget the utility companies that are taking unscheduled maint blackouts through the 18th…Im sure all is well..its not like you can’t look this stuff up…

    1. Scott Batten says:

      I am just thankful that it didn’t happen a week and a half ago when the majority of the country was so cold that Texas bought power from Mexico, until Mexico got so cold they had to take it back. At least if it fails now I will be mostly warm.

  30. jerry says:


  31. moviecrew says:

    OH, and it was a X-2…pointed at earth and the Sun is still pumping out M class flares. Check out Spaceweather.com by NASA and Today’s Space Weather and Space Weather Now by NOAA

  32. Jeff says:

    It is only a matter of time until Al Gore claims this solar flare and its effects as “more evidence” of “man made” global warming.

    We should send Al Gore to the Sun to collect samples of solar flares.

    1. Lemmy Caution says:

      Mr. Gore INVENTED solar flares.

      1. kolys says:

        Actually, he was on the team that made the initial design recommendation, in his previous incarnation as the angel Algoriel.

        So quit dissin’. 😛

    2. Anarchos says:

      That’s hilarious! Make sure he takes the current Administration with him on his “solar flare” sample collection mission! LOL

  33. Prediction Pain says:

    Really? And CBS is breaking this. Maybe martial law and the shut down of the internet is on the door step…

    1. Elliott says:

      exactly what they are thinking and might as well cancel 2012 election

  34. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    Hmmm…just about at a “solar MAXIMUM” after 3 solid years of record COLD EVERYWHERE. Well if that’s not conclusive proof that we’re all gonna fry I don’t know what is…

  35. Jack says:

    IF forecasters predict no impact, why is this considered such a major situation ? AND does this sound like the most vague prediction that totally lacks definition that we’ve ever heard ? Perhaps only surpassed by global warming………….

  36. mike says:

    Oh my God, we’re all gonna die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Elliott says:

    BS,whole story is BS.

  38. Punchy from the Sun says:

    “…sun is now ramping up ahead of an expected solar maximum around 2013.” Are we talking ahead of 2013, like around Dec. 21, 2012? How maximum will it get?

    Damn Mayans and their long count calendar!

  39. Paul says:

    The climate change religion will use the warmer and more severe weather coming after the solar maximus. Couple more CME’s might just convince the people that the sun’s effects makes man’s effects seem petty.

    1. Scott Batten says:

      God has a way of reminding fools who is really in charge.

  40. deedah says:

    could a solar flare possibly cause an emp-like event close enough to earth’s surface (v nuke explosion)?

    1. angelofmercy says:

      It could. Look up the Carrington event of 1859 , Super Flare.

      1. Jack Kelner says:

        it messed up telegraph lines and caused telegraph operators to sustain shocks from induced current. nasty stuff.

  41. Bob says:

    who has some tin foil I can borrow?!!

  42. Rodd Wayne says:

    You may want to check out the “Carrington event” of 1859.
    Get ready to become a hunter gatherer. Get out of the citys for sure.

  43. Lynn says:

    Two observations: 1. thin people will get crispier and 2. the BIG one in 2013? I’ve often wondered why the government (Obama’s) is spending like there’s no tomorrow and why high ranking members of his cabinet have not paid their taxes (!?)

  44. stumpCHUNKMAN says:

    This is all because of global warming.

  45. Otto Brewer says:

    The giant cloud of cow farts finally made it to the surface of the sun and ignited. Now we shall pay for those Big Macks!

  46. ZIM!!!! says:

    WAAAIT! will this interfere with my plan for world conquest?!?!?!?!

    1. Spot On says:

      Naw, just pick up the pace, but don’t bother to pack a suitcase

    2. NobodyImportant says:

      Has Obama left anything standing that you’d WANT to rule over?

  47. Anarchos says:

    The besotted Libwank scientists will of course find some way to connect the sun’s activity with the mythical AGW! Any global warming which occurs is a completely natural, cyclic event which man has nothing to do with! The sun’s cycles are the major actor on Earth’s global temperature minimums and maximums! Any so called carbon tax is merely an Envirowanker scam which has nothing to do with the environment and more to do with Libwanks politicians lining their pockets just like Madoff! Obomba is also just garnering funds for Leftist political projects and other unnecessary wasteful spending!

    1. madmax says:

      i struck a match and exhaled co2, it went out. global warming solved

  48. Joe Sixpack says:

    Should I unplug my computer?

    1. Ken says:

      Not necessary to do that however it is advised that you reformat your hard drive
      without first saving any of your data!

  49. X Ray says:

    The Sun has a flat tire and has simply put out a solar flare for safety reasons….come on people!

  50. Gregory Thomas Bogosian says:

    Its all the Federal Reserves fault. I don’t know exactly how they did this, but I know that they are behind it.

  51. J.V. says:

    Does Al Gore know about this?

  52. Span man says:

    Global warming. Climate Change. Call it what you want. Humans are causing the Solar Flareups because the Sun is mad at us for using earths oil which it naturally produces and we built the internal combustion engine and cows engage in flatulence. The sun is mad at us. The world is ending and it is all mans fault.

    1. madmax says:

      “we shall overcuuuuuuuuuuuumme”

  53. Tom says:

    Big Radiation lobiest are behind this. Why is Keith Oberman off the air?

  54. Virginia says:

    This is what happens when the Sun God Mubarek is forced from his thrown.

  55. Wang Dong says:

    The flare is coming from a fake sun, made in China.

  56. Janet Napolitano says:

    We need to stick our hands in everybody’s pants and feel up hot chicks’ breasts to make sure they aren’t hiding solar flares.

  57. Joe Lieberman says:

    The President needs the power to shut down the sun in a national emergency to protect the American people from solar flares.

  58. Jason says:

    Hmmmm U.S. pressures Israel to abandon Gaza and West Bank…hurricane Katrina hits and causes refuges from New Orleans…

    the United Nations & U.S. criticizes Israel…Giant solar flare heads toward earth…you’d think our government would start taking the hint.


    1. madmax says:

      is’nt osama, i mean obaama god? probably the anti

    2. Goldman Sucks says:

      Told ya we’re doing God’s work. He asked us to short the sun.

  59. Kim Jung IL says:

    All part of the pran, Mr. Brix.

  60. Robert says:

    That’s where fiber optics are our friend: No EM to pick up on a conductive wire. Though a big enough event could get into the AC power distro system and make things more than just a bit broken.

  61. John C says:

    Should cause more solar… I mean GLOBAL warming.

  62. Boutros says:

    These solar flares on the sun are man’s fault. Our cows are having too much flatulence. We all breath too much and drive too much. Our excess CO2 is escaping our atmosphere and floating in a bubble the 93 million miles to the sun where the CO2 reacts with the hydrogen to create the solar flares.

  63. Erin says:

    Thank to all of you with a sense of humor! You made my day, and with all the negative news, a little lighthearted bantering was a pleasure to read. I burst out laughing, particularly at the references to tinfoil and sunscreen. Gotta love it!

  64. toonsis says:

    Damm that George Bush

  65. Jason Flare says:

    watch the movie “Knowing” for more information about this.

  66. GavInTucson says:

    Quick, someone put Obama’s teleprompter in the lead room. It must be protected, lest our Dear Leader will be unable to speak.

    On second thought…

    1. Unmitigated-Truth says:

      did you see the story about a Congressman proposing:

      “Among them were a proposal from Rep. Steve Womack, R-Ark., to eliminate funding for the president’s Teleprompter and one from Rep. Randy Neugebauer, R-Texas, to strip funding for the alteration, repair or improvement of the executive residence of the White House and instead divert that amount to deficit reduction”

      So finally we have a politician with some great ideas.


      1. GavInTucson says:

        Yes, I saw that yesterday in a different article (regarding the prompter). Absolutely hilarious.

  67. Poncho says:

    What a perfect time to hit US with an EMP blast. No one would ever know for sure !

  68. Lee says:

    Please everyone. Join the new organization PFITLOCO2, People for increasing the level of CO2! More CO2 will mean warmer weather which means less use of fossil fuels for heating, warmer weather and more healthful gases for plants. This will mean more food for all! and less pollution!

  69. Unmitigated-Truth says:

    I knew it! Now we have Man-Made Solar flares to worry about.

    When will we humans realize that we have to restrict (read: TAX) ALL internet use because it causes Solar Flares.

    Oh, I better cut out this sarcasm, because the Libs won’t understand it anyway, and they might get some good ideas.

    So – NEVER MIND!


  70. Lynn says:

    You are a “plant”. I did not believe comments posted here would ascend to this level.

  71. MuBARACK OBAMA says:

    This is CHANGE you can believe in! And we can HOPE that our satellites survive.

  72. Durfler says:

    Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide yo wi-fi ‘cuz they zappin’ everybody up here!

  73. OK-CHASER says:

    Kinda reminds me of this upcoming movie.

    1. Tim Ralston says:

      This looks great when is it coming out I want to send my data base to it.
      all 30,000 of them.

  74. Jeremiah says:

    The muslim deceiver in the white house is dissing Israel and look what happens…

  75. Al Gore says:

    I am selling solar flare credits

  76. broccoliobama says:

    So what. Obama will have killed all of us by then.

  77. CW says:

    The largest CME will hit us on Dec 21, 2012, causing the poles to shift ending life as we know it on Earth. But we can stop it. Listen to Al gore. Stop global warming. Oops! I mean “climate change”.

  78. MrChin says:

    I have a solution. But it will cost quintrillions. Raise everyone’s taxes through the UN and Al Gore to combat global warming. We can make spaceships to go to the Sun and spit water on it so the Sun can be cooler and we can enjoy less climate change, I mean a global cooling, well if you omit the last couple of years for being too cold, but we will cool the Earth in the meantime till summer comes, I mean the warming comes.

  79. Dave says:

    I Fart in your general direction.

  80. Buck Keely says:

    This could be the end of life as we know it….maybe back to the stone age…
    All to often a sad story told in America, trust no one with your children, and ask every child quesitons all the time…




    Heirloom Seeds ‘How God plants His garden’

  81. Dreamtime says:

    In the study of Astronomy and meteorology, these solar flares are attributed to a regular 11 year solar cycle.
    However every few decades we reach a peak in the amount of solar flares within a cycle.
    Our current cycle is called “Solar Cycle 24” it is a peak cycle.
    During the last one we were in the ’50’s little technology to worry about.
    Now most systems are electronic or computer driven including your cars, refridgerators, Phones, PC’s, HDTV, our power grids, airplanes etc..
    During a peak cycle you get many solar flares which in turn causes geomagnetic storms and electromagnectic flux that knock out power and communication grids. It also burns out mother boards etc, from power surges.
    So this is serious news, all has been pretty much quiet since we started this cycle, scientists are worried because they know it will be bad they are just waiting for it to start.
    Of course again this is bad reporting, making the story seem like tabloid fodder.
    Thanks CBS/CNBC for undermining an emergency situation.
    Got Generator?

    1. Rob says:

      just to start with in the event of significant solar flair I would take my home off the power grid by throwing the circuit breaker to my house before the solar storm hits. May need to disconnect the neutral line as well assuming the main breaker doesn’t cut that as well. and probably more needs to be done as well. This solar flair is not sinificant.

  82. Jimbo says:

    We are doomed. The sky is falling. Katie get your gun.

  83. Nicademus says:

    I hate when this happens!!!

  84. Emmie says:

    It’s BUSH’S fault, right?

  85. Barbie Frank says:

    Does this mean we should pull the plug on our evil mother-in-law’s life support machine? I mean . . . for her safety, of course. Do I need to fill out an Emergency Solar Flare Extra-Crispy Prevention Request with Homeland Security first?

    What? The UN recommends just filling her drip bag with sun screen? Ohhhhhh. Well, THAT’S easy! Well . . . if you’re sure. (Who says our taxes are wasted on the UN? Aren’t you ashamed?)

  86. NobodyImportant says:

    Just watch Obama, and do whatever HE does. Narcissists always save themselves, first.

  87. tRUTHbTOLd says:

    Great comments above! I laughed, I giggled, I got a real happy smile.

    I’m not the only one out here who is sarcastic, tired of hypocrisy, astounded by the double-speak of the left (Bush plotted the 9/11 destruction, but forgot to plant WMD’s in Iraq … and no one knows how he is getting oil from there to his Crawford fields but it’s probably in the “tunnel to nowhere” built by Haliburton … oh, and he is an idiot.) At this rate, I don’t know if our leftist friends have enough of a clue to borrow a clue. *sigh*

    Look for earthquakes, tsunami’s and/or volcano’s. Those are typical earthly reactions to these kinds of sun activities. Who cares about the stupid phones? Just means we have to talk face to face … AGH!!!!

  88. Who, Me? says:

    I’ve read these comments over five times (with the aid of that many Martinis) and these fu@kers get sunnier, every tingle sime!

    1. Ed McMahon says:

      That is correct Carnac the magnificent!

  89. Hooter says:

    Well I suppose the Democrats will want a tax on this also

  90. PictureThis says:

    Look at the second photo, below (“Grammys Red Carpet”)

    THIS is what happens when a solar flare hits a grain of rice!
    Gee, wonder if this will work on M&Ms Peanuts!

  91. Paul says:

    Cool it 🙂

    Solar Cycle happens approx every 11 years. Peak is late this cycle but is expected around 2013.

    Problem is we now have so much more sensitive / delicate elctronics of every kind compared to 11 years ago.

  92. Mike Harper says:

    Obviously the solar flare was caused by Global Warming This is our fault for driving mini vans..

    1. john says:

      calling Algore!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Buzzsaw51 says:

    Solar storms and Smart Meters

    Seems the old meters would be a safer bet if this is true.

  94. BurntScones says:

    “Don’t Flare On Us!” (Tea Party)

  95. John Edwards says:

    Blame this one on GM. They drive too many SUV’s on the Sun and not enough hybrids. Maybe the National Enquirer should go to the Sun to investigate and get off my back.

  96. Robert Benson says:

    To hell with the GPS!! Someone save Snooki!!!

  97. Charles Fontenot says:

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease people! Solar cycle 24 has been nearly dormant until this week and will likely be the weakest of the 11 year sunspot cycles in decades. We amateur radio operators have been on our knees praying for the sun to wake up so we can enjoy worldwide radio communications during the times of high solar flux emitted from sunspot activity. If you know any “ham” radio operators, ask them why the big grin on their faces this week. For the past 4 years we have been in a sunspot minimum and thought that we were not going to have a sunspot maximum until the sun woke up this week. Go sun!!

    1. D-Coder Ring says:

      Well, Rats! I thought I put that big grin on his face. (Natasha)

  98. Garnet says:

    It is the coming of the 12th Immam….ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
    Jesus come quickly!

  99. NeverNo says:

    We should wait until the 28th to pay our bills . . . in case this thing is bigger than we thought. You may as well finish off that box of chocolate truffles you got for Valentine’s Day, too.

    This is no time to delay pleasure.

  100. John says:

    Release Algore so he could put a stop to the solar flare…

    1. yiddishlion says:

      No need to worry Al Gore invented solar flares.

      1. Testicus says:

        regarding “yiddishlion” ‘s comment: ha! i’m going to steal your line for my next conversation, it’s hilarious =D

  101. KaZowie says:

    This is the funniest thread I’ve read in a long time. lol I’m sure they’ll wake Al Gore from his stupor to sell his global warming schtik once more.

  102. yiddishlion says:

    We can only hope it will cause the spontaneous death of liberals world-wide….

  103. The SUN says:

    I’m sending you this flare as a statement regarding GLOBAL WARMING

    1. The MOON says:

      We’ll get you for this evil Sun!

  104. dryden01 says:

    Only the implementation of global socialism and a new global tax on the wealthy nations will save us from solar flares. They also need to take away America’s 2nd amendment rights if yoiu ever want to see your communications networks safe again!

  105. Phil says:

    Just a normal cycle. Has nothing to do with doomsday.

    1. FineTuner says:

      Well . . . I wish you’d told me this, BEFORE I gave away my house and property and moved to this aluminum icicle teepee to wait for the “Cosmic Flare Master’s” signal.

      Are you sure?

  106. silentcalrox says:

    global warming no doubt. . . . .. where’s ALGORE when we most need him?

  107. Robert Anderson says:

    This is George Bush’s fault!!!!

  108. randy says:

    HEY ! ! ! WHAt,s amata you, Its bush,s fault.

  109. Testicus says:

    AWESOME! the Sun is amazing, i hope it puts mankind in his place with all this anthropogenic global warming bullsh!t. the two things those pseudo-scientist don’t mention is solar and volcanic influences on our Earth.

  110. Teresa Davis says:

    i think that something big is coming, and we are not going to like it.

  111. not that stupid says:

    It can’t max in 2013…afterall Hollywood says the earth will end in 2012.

  112. Joshua ibikunle says:

    God is at work.

  113. Mister Lloyd says:

    KInda boring when folks can’t keep on the topic and start grinding the same ol’ axes. It definitely proves something when you can’t help but change the original subject to a mean-spirited bucket of clichés but it doesn’t prove what you think it proves.

  114. Mac Attack says:

    Anybody got any 50,000 spf sunscreen?

  115. ConservativeCanuck says:

    I’m not sure how . . . But this is Bush’s fault. Not sure how he did it, but I know he did it ! lol

  116. MajorTom says:

    The Senate and congress should tax it and tell the sun it will be subject to emissions testing due to its age.

    1. just_ordinary says:

      The EPA just told the Sun that it cannot emit any gases or radiation that causes global warming. Since the Sun is not respondin to communications the EPA recommends a tax on all Americans and only Americans for the Sun’s part of global warming. A judge in California has ruled the EPA is always correct and shoud never be questioned and American’s are to pay for the Sun’s influence on the Earth.

  117. Ernie says:

    This entire comment thread was very entertaining…it started off on the right track…thanks to the first few posters!!!!! What’s really rich is that none of the alarmists get it! BTW, I think ALGORE has his colleagues at Penn State & East Anglia working on a new theory that solar flares are man-made. In summary, the new theorum – Man is on Earth creating CO2, and there are solar flares, so in conclusion, man made CO2 on Earth causes solar flares. Done….give me a billion dollars and I will solve it.

  118. Yannis says:

    I believe that there is also another reason to worry. In Greece there is a pioneer scientist (and priest!) who is leading a research in university of Xanthi which is doing earthquake predictions based on elecromagnetic radiation at the space near earth. Father George Anagnostopoulos has evidence that each time such a storm happens when it suddendly calms down a big earthquake will follow. I keep an eye now to see if he will be proved correct..

  119. James says:

    Why don’t ya’lll just go there and fix it?

  120. James says:

    You can go at night.
    Hurry, it’s gettin dark.

  121. the thing under your bed says:


  122. mike says:

    I just put tin foil over my roof and windows. Will it work? My wife was looking at me a little crazy like.

  123. Frank says:

    Hey libs, please tell me how man is causing this.

  124. Bob says:

    Everyone knows its the Americans fault , the universe hates wankers

  125. Hank Warren says:

    Fake global warming, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress, except Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  126. william durgan says:

    The only thing bigger than the sun is mankind’s ego and collective self importance. One day the sun will fart and all our worries will reduced to radioactive cinders.

    until then, let us eat drink and be merry.

  127. reynolds company president says:

    due to a run on Reynolds wrap, prices will be tripled starting today and extending to the end of the solar flare.

    easy hat making designs can be found on our web site.

  128. confused says:

    I blame Obama (damned Vogons!)

  129. Eric says:

    Hammerdown… uneducated wackos like you make me giggle…and educate yourself on betelgeuse…. iidiot

    1. Bob the Great says:

      Just don’t say the name 3 times!

  130. Canis Dirus says:

    The sun is taxing the earth

  131. Moe says:

    tiny dancer– I find it amazing idiots like you ever even figured out how to breath… the world would be such a better place without stupid people like you around lol, my god.

  132. Thom H says:

    I wish everyone would stop hating on Global warming, stop being tools for big oil , and realize Glen Beck is the Nazi proagantist we need to fear

  133. MizLiz says:

    The earth is gonna chew us up and spit us out…and there ain’t nothing “al gore ” the *great* can do to stop it…We are like fleas on a dog, we’re gonna get shook off eventually!

  134. Dan says:

    It’s Bush’s fault

  135. brophinator says:

    It’s George W. Bush’s fault… like everything else. Good thing the Messiah is in the White House to protect us.

    1. just_ordinary says:

      The solar flare was caused by the hateful rhettoric of Sarah Palin.

  136. oh grover says:

    we need to send a NASA space mission to the sun…but of course, we’d have to go at night

  137. captaincameron says:

    I have to apologize to you all. My wife owns an SUV and sometimes uses hair spray out of an aerosol can, so the solar flares are clearly her fault.

  138. TakeABreath says:

    OMG!!! What will happen to Face Book?? What about Castle Age???? We might have to just go outside? Talk to each other?? It’s the end of the world!! Duh I grew up in a time when nothing existed except electric and the telephone. I miss it so much, Playing together, riding our bikes, the public swimming pool. Hanging out with our friends, talking to our family at dinnertime and most of all dreaming of what could be. What a loss to our youth today. Peopl;e would rather be online talking, posting and living in a virtual to get away from reality. Let if happen because it could be the best thing for everyone to get out of this trance and experience life, love, friendship and nature. Bring it on, because I miss it so much.

  139. Overhear by fly in Oval Office says:

    …”Mr. President, someone has allowed a solar flare to be directed at Earth; we have GOT to take action! This calls for a few Trillion Dollars or some other large number!”
    ‘Bama: “You’re right, call the reserve and tell them to print up another 5 Trillion or so…wait, this is bigger than that…what comes after a Trillion?”
    “A Brazilian Sir”
    “Yes, tell them to print a Brazilian Dollars!”
    “No Sir, I mean there’s a Teenage Brazilian ‘Diplomat’ waiting to see you”
    “Oh, send her in, this can wait a while”

  140. Otis X says:

    Maybe it’ll evaporate cell phones and make folks drive with their eyes on the road.

  141. Steve says:

    I’ll bet George W Bush had something to do with it……

  142. hubert says:


  143. liska says:

    well last night it was bloody hot in my north london flat and for ages i put it down to the coronal mass ejection and then it came to me that casper my cat had been farting for hours after eating kippers but i do hope the sun is making a come back,yes.

  144. Regardless of our environmental poisonings fact is that long before we existed and started blaming anyone and anything, our universe including earth goes through cooling heating expansion contraction and probably a bunch of things we do not even know about. And will continue to do so. Humans persist with the idea that we are the centre of said universe even while we snicker that the earth was once flat and earth was centre and and and. Our importance in the scheme of things really over rated. We are IN the scheme of things. We are NOT the scheme of things. Yes the big flare will mess with electronics it always does..build a bridge..we will get over it.

  145. liska says:

    bridgesburning is totally wrong the world is flat and i know as i have a spirit level.

  146. Addison says:

    I guess I will just have to cake on the sunscreen on that day.

    my blog: http://thelifelessonslearned.wordpress.com/

  147. MariahMiranda says:

    ThinksThenFeels, did you really just say Homage to the Earth Mum? Wooooow….Perhaps, young hippie, you should go back to school for a bit of education before opening your mouth and forcing us all to read your idiocy.

  148. Thygadgets says:

    It has definitely got me worried!!

  149. peddiebill says:

    Al Gore has just announced that if you had listened to him you could have used your carbon credits to buy an umbrella.

  150. ConFlareGrations says:

    I’ve wrapped my Russian Elk Hound in four layers of Heavy-Duty Tin Foil, but I can’t make him stop wagging his tail and causing a hole in his armor. Now, he has severe “Flare-Tail Syndrome” . . . does Obamacare cover this problem?

    Also, we were going to spend big $$$, cremating my second cousin by an illegal mail-order marriage. Does this “Flare Event” mean that we can just leave him up on the tin roof for a day or so? Please advise.

  151. Al'sChakraRelief says:

    The really ticked-off EPA has issued a snippy Warrant against the Sun, stating that IF It continues to let its flares run rampant in other planetary neighborhoods, that the Flare Protection Agency will be paying it a visit to remove “at risk” flares and store them in Al Gore’s tin foil-lined basement, until he needs them to incinerate “Global Warming Doubters.”

    Additionally, a new 45% Tin Foil Tax to cover costs for lining his basement will be levied against all Republicans for making fun of him.

  152. liska007 says:

    giant solar flares will cure ham and cancer so people please dont worry.

  153. Dean says:

    My oh my, it is so interesting to see how everything is in harmony with Bible prophecy. WOW, what a time to be living….so close to the Lord taking over!

  154. liska007 says:

    i just had a flick through the bible and deano you are uncorrecto jesus fed five thousand on welfare not solar flare.

  155. Bob the Great says:

    If we would only raise taxes and lower our standard of living, then we can put an end to the annoying coronal mass ejections.

  156. mardy says:

    call al he’ll explane

  157. Tip Her Gore says:

    Al couldn’t find his a$$ with both hands and a compass.

  158. Jersey Swamps says:

    Bush/Cheney and the damn lib commies’ fault.

  159. Ginger Brooks says:


    Human beings have less than a 2% impact on “Global Warming”.

    Society just wants to come up with something reassuring that hints we can change the climate and ensure human life goes on “forever”, because people are incredibly naïve.

    It’s a tad out of our hands, not to mention arrogant of us to assume we have so much control over things.

    But that’s what people want to assume they have, control, not uncertainty.

    The meteorological aspect of it is, well, if you know even the SLIGHTEST bit about meteorology and the history of it…
    Earth’s climate frequently changes, even dramatically, earth has frozen over at least 4-5 times in its existence.

    But, I’m sure people could make up some reason for that, making us the cause, even before our existence.
    Because we can’t accept that much of what happens involving earth is just out of our hands.

    1. Patricia Trish Spruill says:

      I hope everyone that thinks this is a joke and that its funny will remember what you wrote when you running from fireballs with all your earthly stuff and you family is getting burned to a crisp see if you will be laughing and making jokes then

      1. Bill says:

        Great. Now the polluting idiots(GOP) are even messing up our Sun.
        Now go back to germany and leve us in peace

  160. Dave says:

    Well, if it’s the end… oh well, I skid to a halt at the pearly gates and ask if I can go again!

  161. Dave says:

    As far as “global warming and human impact… Um… don’t quite know how to tell you all this but, it seems as if the globe has done this before and it’s been warming now for quite some time. Don’t panic! It will cool off again too and I suspect (I might be a little bit off here) that we will survive (mankind that is) another ice age just like the last one. So, first we skinny dip in the heat (my personal fav) them we snuggle in the cold…darn it! the sexy woman in the bikini wants to snuggle now…gee…

  162. John says:

    The US is full of want-to-be commedians. Homer Simpson is no longer a fictitious character. He is most every Man in this country. Keep on rocking in the FREE World!

  163. Rice says:

    Some writers are close,but check out a National Geographic Dated June 2004 THE End OF CHEAP OIL ask me if I care? What really caught my interest is the amount of oil that has already been pulled out of the earth! Now after you read the amount of barrel’s of oil now take a test to see how smart,multiply the number of barrel’s by about 800 that 800 is about the weight each barrel of oil the tell me if we have a name for a number the big or high?But because all that weight is missing from thedepth of the earth the next time the earth has a tidal wave and it shakes the earth of it’s axis again it might be the last time!

  164. Mekel says:

    This is a test…… only a test…….. on the count of three everyone on the planet fart at once…….

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