BEVERLY HILLS (CBS) — Every year, handwritten letters addressed to Santa Claus, sharing dreams and wishes, still arrive at the Post Office during the holidays.

KNX 1070’s Pete Demetriou Reports

Beverly Young, who coordinates Operation Santa in Los Angeles, came across Mya Worthey’s letter, asking Santa for help and describing her daughter’s handicap.

Shimaya Miles was born without an ear and hearing on one side.

Young took a chance and asked her staff to reach out to the medical

Miles will soon have surgery that will reconstruct her ear and may provide hearing.

As an answer to a letter written by Shimaya’s mother to Santa, Doctors Leif Rogers and Sheryl Lewin are donating medical procedures.

When the surgery is over, Miles should look like any other child. Sometimes miracles happen when Santa’s Middle initials are USPS.

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Comments (5)
  1. R. Jackson says:

    Please follow up on this story. I would like to know the outcome of the surgery, and see the finished result.

  2. Christopher Snyder says:

    hOPE thanks to SanTa ClAus

  3. Vidal Buenrostro says:

    that person that steped up at the post office is the greatest brother in the world,i am proud to call him my bro i love him.vinnie you are awesome.

  4. Diane Jurek says:

    What a heart warming story. Thanks to all the secret Santa’s out there that opened their hearts to help this little girl. And a special Thanks to Vince for making this all happen. You are a special person. Gob Bless You.

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