LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education may authorize layoffs for 5,000 employees, including more than 4,000 teachers.

KNX 1070’s Jon Baird Reports

Layoff notices wouldn’t necessarily mean the employees will lose their jobs this year, but the district is legally required to notify workers if their positions are in jeopardy.

“We must plan for the worst because it just might happen,” Deputy Superintendent John Deasy wrote in a memo to the board and Superintendent Ramon Cortines. “In planning for the worst-case scenario, we will be noticing many employees that their jobs may not be available next year. The total number of employees that will receive notices is a function of our worst-case scenario planning and other changes affecting our budget, such as declining enrollment and the ending of federal stimulus funding.”

According to the district, most of the affected employees would receive notices no later than March 15. A separate notice would have to be sent by June 30 to notify employees if they would actually lose their jobs.

The board will consider authorizing warning letters to 3,109 permanent elementary teachers and 975 secondary/single-subject teachers, along with 456 permanent support-services personnel, including counselors, social workers and nurses. Three district staff attorneys would also receive notices.

“Cuts this deep will severely limit our ability to meet students’ most basic needs,” according to A.J. Duffy, president of United Teachers Los Angeles, the union representing LAUSD teachers. “Our students are cheated every time LAUSD increases class sizes, every time LAUSD takes music or art classes away, every time a librarian or nurse is eliminated or a counselor’s caseload is raised.”

The district is looking to close a $408 million budget deficit.

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Comments (15)
  1. Jboy says:

    Why not start with administration and higher-ups and lay off teachers as the last resort instead of the first?

    THATS why the system is broken, too many managers covering their own butts at the expense of students.

  2. bobm says:

    Who are they trying to kid with a picture of white American children with a blonde teacher. 87% of the kids in LAUSD are anchor babies with teachers that speak in only in Spanish.

  3. Sandi A says:

    All I can do is throw my arms up in the air with disgust. Ibobm is absolutely right.

  4. headjazz says:

    If you are a parent and care about your children you would never have them attend LAUSD. You would be better off home schooling them, assuming of course, you have the ability. LAUSD is nothing more than institutionalized child care for anchor babies.

    1. samantha kane says:

      headjazz, i agree w u 100% and that’s just what i did. homeschooling my son this year and he is learning more than in a class of 45!

  5. cesar805 says:

    bobm ( i assume short for boboso) “that speak in only in Spanish” learn how to write! you and our other hillbilly friends

  6. That photo at the top is a joke. Our schools are filled with illegal aliens who have bankrupted the district AND the state.

  7. lou. says:

    As a parent and as a LAUSD employee for 21 years, i have seen to many people being hired just because LAUSD has a lot of money. Did they forget to cover their *******.

  8. sculpty says:

    Time to start making cuts in education. There are lots of other industries that have laid off workers and some of those ppl are still out of jobs a year or two later…

  9. ES says:

    White teacher and only white students. RIGHT!!!!! Not in this state!

  10. EE says:

    Why is it so important to discuss RACE in a picture of a teacher with her students? That is irrelevant! The issue at hand is the mismanagement of money and manipulation of the student population to receive more funding.

  11. Naziir says:

    LAUSD has too many teachers that are not “highly qualified” to teach. They need to let them go first. Teachers have been teaching years on emergency credentials; they need to get their professional credentials in order before coming into our chilldrens classrooms. No wonder the test scores look the way they do. Also, let’s see the Superintendent take a pay cut first, before anymore layoffs.

  12. Soce March Sixteenth says:

    facebook: “Soce March Sixteenth”
    SOCE – Save Our Childrens’ Education – March 16th

    Pink-slipped educators are not going to work on March 16th, the day after the state mandated pink slip day. This act shows both support of student learning and brings awareness to and denouncement of school districts purposeful annual manipulative act to make illegally or nearly illegally cuts and changes.