LOS ANGELES (AP) — Talk show hosts Jimmy Kimmel and George Lopez will be on hand to celebrate this weekend when Kobe Bryant becomes the first athlete to put his hands and feet in concrete outside Hollywood’s famed Grauman’s Chinese Theater.

Organizers told The Associated Press on Tuesday that Kimmel will be the master of ceremonies at Saturday’s ceremony during the NBA’s All-Star weekend in Los Angeles, and Lopez will be the keynote speaker.

Lakers Executive Vice President Jeanie Buss also will speak at the ceremony honoring Bryant, the Lakers’ career scoring leader after 15 years with Los Angeles.

Kimmel films his ABC late-night show across Hollywood Boulevard from the venerable theater. Lopez is a longtime fan who attends most of the Lakers’ home games.

The courtyard outside Grauman’s Chinese Theater contains dozens of concrete panels featuring handprints and footprints from nearly 200 famous actors dating back to the 1920s, from Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks to the young stars of the Harry Potter film series.

Bryant is the first person with no association to the Hollywood film industry to be enshrined at the theater. The five-time NBA champion has won the past two finals MVP awards, and he became the eighth-leading scorer in NBA history last month, passing Hakeem Olajuwon.

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Comments (21)
  1. So Cal says:

    Wow, I think Magic Johnson should have gotten this first before Kobe.

    1. Ed Rooney says:

      My thoughts EXACTLY. I actually just went on to post this very same comment, so thanks!

      1. Saber 1 says:

        Magic Johnson stepped on his johnson when he gave his wife kookie the HIV bug.

  2. Jon says:

    Jerry Buss must have paid Grauman’s a bundle for this. Reminds me of Oscar De La Hoya buying his statue and paying Staples to display it.

    Athletes don’t belong here. That’s why they have the Hall of Fame.

  3. SB says:

    Nothing against Kobe, but I am angry about this.This is all kinds of wrong. What does Kobe have to do with Hollywood. For 80 yrs the hand/footprints have been synonymous with acting and film. Its in front of a MOVIE THEATER! Who makes these stupid decisions when it comes to OUR,Angelinos, iconic and historic locations!? Kobe’s prints have NO business there.

    1. David says:

      What’s next? Wealthy businessmen making donations to Grauman’s and then getting their handprints in cement as well? This is a joke.

  4. HollywoodSaint says:

    I hate sports and this is just 1 more reason 2…..kobe is a type of beef. the meathead and all sports people should have their own walk of fame somewhere in anytown usa but here…Hollywood is about MovieStars…..Get that shiznit outta here pronto!!!

  5. Kathy Turner Martin says:

    Thanks very true Magic Johnson may have been chosen first. But, don’t give up. I am steal a Laker Fan since High School ! ! Thats for FREE CONGRAULATIONS KOBE BRYANT AND a great and terrific owner Dr Jerry Buss. GO For a another Championship. P.S. What is a Laker any how?

    1. Tom says:

      To Kathy Turner Martin –

      Really? You went to high school??? It’s “still”, not “steal” and “congratulations”, not “CONGRAULATIONS”.

      Perhaps you went but never graduated???

      1. Gay Tom says:

        No worries Kathy, this is not a final exam. We all know what you meant. Tomboy just has a stick up his A*%

  6. Gary says:

    Would an actor or actress have a plaque at the NBA Hall of Fame? Never.

    Kobe is a hell of a ballplayer but he doesn’t belong here. He’s just a jock and not even a good role model. Something is fishy here.

  7. David Carasco says:

    Bad idea! Kobe has no association with Hollywood. This opens up a Pandoras box of questions and requests for people from all walks of life being similarly honored. This needs to remain a strictly Hollywood tradition!! Bad bad idea!!!

  8. james says:


    Sonja Henning, a Gold Medal winning Olympic ice skater has her prints there.

  9. james says:

    I mispelled her name..should be Sonja Henie…sorry.

    Anyway, she was immortilized at Grauman’s back in the 1930s!

  10. Dork Buttock says:

    perhaps it is his “weenis” that should be enshrined.

  11. tom s. says:

    Put his prints right next to OJ and MJ on some corner where the homeless urinate daily just to keep it clean you know!

  12. Dragon says:

    Man he just a basketball player and plus he hasn’t even retire yet they should wait till his career is over before he gets this honor. Plus there is no reason for atlhele’s to get this honor unless he did movies as well.

  13. con4dentual says:

    idk something just happened cause I just commented and the screen went blank or this page did and deleted my original comment. Originally I thought The Kobenator or Lord Kobe here we go Silent Assassin—it’s a try of course black Obama is pretty good 2

  14. audio5591 says:

    He should be in handcuffs and leg irons!!!!!!!!!!

  15. slincdan says:

    I am sure you will love coach clearance handbags to take huge discount

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