SANTA MONICA (AP) — Santa Monica police say a driver has been killed in a crash during an apparent street race.

Authorities say 23-year-old Anupam Sanyal of Santa Monica was killed at about 3 a.m. Saturday when his car sideswiped another vehicle, veered off the road and struck a palm tree.

City News Service says the other car kept going but it was later found abandoned and authorities tracked down the registered owner.

Police Sgt. Mario Toti says the suspected driver was questioned but not immediately arrested.

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Comments (14)
  1. Den says:

    Pure stupidity indeed. Those streetracers are a public nuisance but fortunately it turned out alright since no innocent bystander was hurt or killed.

    1. wendy says:

      Hey Den, how did it turn out alright??? Its true it wasnt a innocent bystander that got killed or hurt, but the driver….a 23 year old kid, Racing is wrong, and it does kill lives, it usually kills the ones who are driving, The innocent bystanders are the ones killed, by gang members shooting there guns, and innocent bystanders get hit instead, how often do you hear of a driving doing this…its usually the driver that gets killed

    2. Monica says:

      Honestly, Den, he was only 23. Imagine what his family feels when they hear someone calling their deceased son/brother a “public nuisance” that was disposed of. If you wouldn’t say it to their faces at his funeral, don’t say it here.

    3. Alo Sanyal says:

      You need to have a heart, the driver who died is my nephew. u don’t even know what had really happened in those few minutes, do u really?? you didn’t even know him, he was not a streetracer. And it turned out alright?? u know what’s worse than grieving, it’s seeing comments like these from people who dont really have a clue what they are talking about, but pretending to make some very important contribution in this world! if you are indeed so concerned about the society, why don’t you go out, do some volunteering, and teach yourself some manners while you are at it, instead of just punching keys??

      1. Girija Natarajan says:

        I am Anupam Sanyal’s cousin.
        Please refrain from making comments that are unsubstantiated and you have no conclusive evidence for. This is not something ANY family deserves. Do you have ANY evidence that he was racing? DO have any idea who he is as a person? Are you sure he wasn’t being chased or he wasn’t trying to save someone?
        PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT casually on someone’s loss. A “public nuisance” is one who comments loosely without knowing the details about an incident and bases his unsolicited opinion on a news article.

  2. Breezy says:

    I personally feel very sorry for his family, I too lost a friend due to street car racing, its a sad sad day for all involved…I pray there family will get through this

  3. marwaha family says:

    We all are heartbroken.

  4. Rick Giordani says:

    Last friday in Carson there were over 40 street racers going up and down Walnut Ave. I called 911 to report the incident and the 911 operator told me this was not an emergency call. So I told her I guess someone has to die first to respond and she hung up on me So I called again and reported the incident again and got the CHP to respond but since these racers have police scanners they fled the area soon after the call was made! Something need to be done about this I have a Mustang I race but I go to the track in Pomona not the streets of LA to show off! So much can go wrong as with this guy who left his brains on the streets

  5. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t know anupam very well, but the few times I interacted with him he seemed to be a great guy! I am so sad and shocked to hear this, he had such a bright future, and had so much to give to others. The Sanyal family will be in me and my family’s prayers.

  6. vinit taneja says:

    Hey Atish. This is indeed a terrible tragedy. Learnt about this from Max. Totally shocked and bereaved. The entire 16th batch of iimc is with you in this moment of grief.

  7. Majis says:

    Our sincere condolences to you. We still refuse to believe it.

  8. Chacha says:

    What a travesty Raja and I spoke last evening and recalled Atti. This is shattering, loosing a 23 year old. I share our heartfelt grief in this tragic moment. Chacha

  9. Sanjiv Vaidya says:

    Dear Atish,

    I saw the mails just now as I am out of Calcutta and have only an occasional access to the Net.

    I am totally stunned and sad beyond words.

    Rajani and I can just say that we cannot even imagine what you all must be going through. We can only pray to Him to give you all the strength to bear this intense grief and the irretrievable loss..

    I remember all of you coming over to our IIMC house and we spending some very fine moments together. We have photographs of all of you and we remember Anupam vividly.

    We are there with you in these moments of grief.

  10. From one parent to another says:

    I knew Anupam for many years, as he and my son were friends, and were in some of the shows together at school. Their group of friends at the time also spent many evenings visiting in my home. Anupam was one of the most polite, thoughtful, and considerate people I know. He was a pleasure to know, and he was always welcome in my home. His mischievous, beautiful eyes, and his smile that warmed everyone’s heart will be missed for a very long time.
    I am heartbroken and saddened beyond words.
    My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. There is nothing more unfair than the loss of a child. I am so sorry.

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