LOS ANGELES (AP) — Charges will not be filed against Los Angeles City Councilman Jose Huizar’s fired campaign spokesman after he wrote an e-mail that promised to put a “political bullet” into Huizar’s challenger’s forehead.

KNX 1070’s Kim Marriner Reports

Deputy District Attorney William Hodgman said Friday there was insufficient evidence that Michael Trujillo intended the language to be taken as a threat.

Huizar fired Trujillo after he wrote an e-mail directed against opponent Rudy Martinez. The message was sent to about two dozen Huizar supporters.

The race between Huizar and Martinez has grown increasingly acrimonious with the two former friends trading allegations about ethical flaws, investigations and other things.

Trujillo has said the e-mail was intended to be “tongue in cheek.”

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Comments (2)
  1. Oh Brother says:

    Inappropriate…yes. Offensive…yes. An actual threat…OH PLEASE! I saw Martinez whining about how SCARED he was and how it reopened wounds of what happened to a family member. Cry me a freaking river. It’s obvious it was just a stupid man saying stupid, offensive things. Should Martinez be angry… of course. Just spare us the rediculous drama of how much fear he felt. Wuss. Trying to milk the situation for sympathy.

  2. Gapp Pac says:


    Councilman Jose Huizar has failed all of us as our representative. Huizar is arrogant, self serving, and has been more worried about looking good rather than helping our community.

    a.Huizar has missed over 9000 Item Votes in the LA City Council.
    b.Huizar mis-managed $1,600,000 from the LA CITY CLARTS Fund
    c.Huizar was fined $15,000 in 2008 by LA CITY Ethics Commission
    d.Huizar created a “friend & enemy” list to judge his supporters and punish his opponents
    (Is this how our representative spends their time?)
    e.Huizar’s Office sent out emails stating he would “put a political bullet” through his opponent. (More evidence of Huizar’s method of punishment for opponents)
    Is this the type of politician we want to represent our interests in the 14th District? Say “NO WAY JOSE” to Jose Huizar’s re-election bid and vote for his opponent if you want accountability and honesty.
    Estimado votante,

    El concejal José Huizar ha fracasado todos nosotros como nuestro representante. Huizar es arrogante, egoísta, y ha estado más preocupado por lucir bien en lugar de ayudar a nuestra comunidad.

    a. Huizar se ha perdido más de 9.000 votos del artículo en el Consejo de la Ciudad de Los Angeles.
    b. Huizar mal gestionados 1.600.000 dólares de la Los Angeles CIUDAD CLARTS Fondo
    c. Huizar fue multado con 15.000 dólares en 2008 por Los Angeles CIUDAD Comisión de Ética
    d. Huizar creado un “amigo y enemigo” lista para juzgar a sus partidarios y castigar a sus oponentes(¿Es así como nuestro representante gasta su tiempo?)
    e. Oficina Huizar enviaron correos electrónicos diciendo que “iba a poner una bala política” a través de su oponente. (Más evidencia de Huizar método de castigo para los opositores)
    ¿Es este el tipo de político que queremos para representar nuestros intereses en el Distrito 14?
    Decir “No Way Jose” a la oferta José Huizar de reelección y votar por su oponente si quiere la rendición de cuentas y la honestidad.

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