LONG BEACH (AP) — Long Beach police say 13 people were arrested following a crackdown on one of the city’s oldest gangs believed responsible for multiple shootings in recent months, including the attempted murder of two police gang detectives last week.

Police Chief Jim McDonnell says a total of 45 homes were searched Wednesday resulting in the arrests of 11 adults and two juveniles and the seizure of guns, ammunition and other evidence. McDonnell says all of the homes searched had direct connections to documented gang members.

Authorities say those arrested face charges including parole violations, weapons possession violations and outstanding warrants.

The investigation focused on the East Side Longos gang, who claim territory in an area of central Long Beach.

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Comments (2)
  1. Justice says:

    If they can take your car if used when buying drugs then why can’t they take the home when used by gangs to house “seizure of guns, ammunition and other evidence” ???

  2. HollywoodSaint says:

    more like east side MORONS !!! gangmembers should rot in hell

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