OXNARD (CBS) — Andrea Reyes says her 14-year-old son was always the picture of health.

But last month, he came down with bronchitis and told his mother he wasn’t feeling well.

A doctor diagnosed Jacob Olivares with bronchitis, prescribed medicine and sent him home.

He only got worse. He even started to hallucinate. Reyes rushed him to the hospital.

According to the Ventura County Star, within minutes, the boy who loved to play basketball went into cardiac arrest.

After being airlifted to Children’s Hospital, Olivares went into cardiac arrest a second time.

Five days later, he was taken off life support.

The bronchial infection led to a staph infection. In turn, the boy had toxic shock.

Reyes has four other children and wants the public’s help in paying for her son’s funeral.

“As a mother,” she says somberly, “I can’t explain how I feel.”

Suzie Suh, reporting for CBS2 and KCAL9, spoke to a heartbroken Reyes.

Suh reports an account has been set up in the name of Virginia Reyes at Chase Bank. To help donate, the account number is 890187321.

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  1. manuel alvarado says:

    How do I help this family

    1. Skycop says:

      Obviously they removed Dreamins negative and rude comments which is probably for the best. I heard the story on CBS and came out here to help. I never knew Jacob but this is when good hearted people help peole that cannot help themselves for whatever reason. I will help with a nice donation since I am in a position to afford it right now. God Bless the family!!! And God help the people like Dereamin.

  2. Really? says:

    This article could have been worded a little better, perhaps “Reyes has four other children and wants the public’s help in paying for her son’s funeral.” could have read “and requests the public’s help”. It may have come across better.

    1. suzie says:

      then don’t help.

  3. Kandee & Art Beas says:

    Our hearts go out to you and your family for the loss of your son Jacob. My wife and I will be making a small donation to help in your time of need.

  4. tony says:

    Your ‘really’ saying this ? Her son is ‘dead’ what more do you want engraved invitations to ‘donate’ ? I will do what I can, you can sit and ‘evaluate’ the syntax and sentence construction.

    1. suzie says:

      I Totally agree with you Tony this man really sounds like an old grinch

  5. J.R. says:

    My heart goes out to the Mother and family. This woman has had enough heartache with the loss of her son. I know she will need plenty of help from everyone who has compassion for their loss and is willing to donate in this time of need. May God bless this family.

  6. Suzanne says:

    I feel so sorry for this family and would like to help. You mention a fund set up at Chase Bank but what is the address to send a check to? I’m sure there are a lot of Chase banks in So. Cal and maybe more than one in Oxnard???????

    1. Graydon says:

      Suzanne, rather than send a check, you can go into ANY Chase branch, armed with the given account number, and make your donation to that account, just as you would with your own bank account.

  7. anon says:

    Jacob, I miss you bestie. You were my homeboy, and I honestly can’t believe your gone. I honestly still feel like your a call away, but now I just have to wait till death brings us together again. I love you dude, RIP.

  8. Susan Briley says:

    Dear Dream Act – Don’t bother to send a check…use a check and get yourself some mental health help!

  9. Yolanda Martinez says:

    Why has this become an issue a young person is dead and a mom has lost a child and has ask for help. This is not about u or u or u God bless this family.

  10. Mr. Condolences says:

    Step forward COEMLA. Help one of your own!


  11. R. Kilroy says:

    Oh my – so sad. I wish her God’s love.

  12. M.Merchant says:

    May Fod /bless this Family with all the help they need.

  13. Compassion says:

    Still dreamin,
    You evidently lack compassion. You are entitled to your own opinion, but why would you post a comment so vicious and so hateful?
    You obviously hate “mexicans” but compassion has no race, creed or color.

    God forbid you were put in a situation where you too might need someone’s help…because I seriously doubt that anyone would come to your rescue! You are a poor excuse for a human being who’s own miserable life is to be pitied.

    Lord have mercy on you.

  14. jacobs aunt says:

    @still dreamin May God Bless you and I pray to God your miserable arse don’t ever have to go through anything like this again God Bless you

  15. Andrea reyes says:

    I want to thank everyone who does have a heart to help me. And those of u with nasty remarks shame on u and the parents who raised u

    1. andrew higashi says:

      hey mrs reyes i know its been awhile since jacobs been gone. im not sure if u remember me but in third grade me and jacob were best friends. i was the kid who took him to magic mountain. the kid whos dads a cop. any way i just want to say that i hope your doing ok and all the kids as well. if i had money id donate every penny to you.

  16. Keeping strong says:

    How daree youuu “still dreamiing ” its peoplee liike youu who need mental help ‘Jacob was my friend . and i dont know what kind of human being would say such a thing ? Your not even a Humen in fact ‘ you heartless & weaak !

  17. Alondra Mercado says:

    this was my friend :/
    ahh jacob i love you and missed you :/
    ill make sure to help your family out.

  18. Linda Lloren says:

    I pray that the mother will stay strong for the sake of her other children. God loves Jacob more than He loves “Still Dreamin”. I feel sorry for you because there is no love or compassion in your heart. To the mother of Jacob, I will help whatever I can afford at the moment. God Bless you and your family.

  19. Tazz Valenzuela says:

    Jacob , I knew you for 6 years.
    What can I say about all of the things
    we did , Well one thing is for sure you
    made my life better and I don’t know
    what I would have done if I never met you.
    I remember your nickname ‘j-balls’ (x
    R.i.p Jacob Olivares !

  20. RosaLindda says:

    Not A Day Goes By Where i Dont Read This Dude. i Miss You So Much. EVERYDAY i Start Off With a Prayer For You Hopinqq Your Okaaie & Your Lookinqq Down On All Of Your Friends And Your Proud Of All Of Us. We All Lovee and Miss You So Much. i Think i Speak For Everyone That kenw You Personaly Tnhat We Would Trade Anythinqq To Have You Back Here With Us. To Watch Your Basket Ball Game Again To See Your Smile Light The Room. You Were An Amaznqq Kidd & Everyday i Read Thiiss & i Think Why ? Why You ? Why Do Bad Thinqqs Happen Too Such Great PeoPle Likke You. Miss You Dude. Always & Forever. <3

  21. andrew higashi says:

    im so sorry ms. olivares. when was in the third grade jacob was my best friend we we like best of friends. we played basketball , went to , magic mountain. i just cant believe ill never see him again

  22. Josh says:

    i was good friends with jacob…i cant believe hes really gone

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