VAN NUYS (CBS) — A man was mauled Monday night while trying to break up a fight between his two pit bulls.

The dog fight broke out in the 7400 block of Shoshone Avenue, between Sherman Way and Saticoy Street, about 9:30 p.m., according to Los Angeles Police Department Office Bruce Oakley of the West Valley Station.

The man was seriously injured by the dogs, the Los Angeles Times reported.

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Comments (10)
  1. Jim Gates says:

    whats he doing with two pit bulls

  2. Amy Lyn says:

    All pit bulls should be exterminated from earth. And if you own a pit bull your an idiot because even though you THINK it is well trained and you brought it up to love everyone…its just a matter of time until it mauls either you or someone else.

    1. So what!! says:

      Your the idiot!!!!

  3. Jaime Williams says:

    his last name isn’t vick is it?

  4. The pitbull whisperer says:

    Amy Lyn where did you take your courses in ignorance? I’ve had a pitbull for over 10 years and NEVER had any problems, no attacks on other animals, children or any other form of life…I shall stand by and prepare myself for the inevitable mauling that a moron such as yourself has predicted…you really seem to be the expert.

    1. Kyle Schwab Sucks says:

      It’s only a matter of time before this happens to Kyle Schwab…karma for all the terrible deeds he’s done against good, unsuspecting people, in the name of his supposed rescue group, Smashface. He’s a crook and a scam artist who deserves to face justice for his many crimes. Everyone should beware of this scoundrel! (He also bites his pit bulls on their faces…and soon he’ll be bit back!)

      1. Another victim says:

        Wow, I was a victim of Kyle and Smashface, too! It’s really getting around that he’s scammed more than a few people…but I found out too late, unfortunately. I feel bad for the man in the story who was injured by his pit bulls, but this Kyle is injuring a lot of people and many dogs also by his deceitful practices of flipping compromised dogs and stealing people’s money. A liar does not a good dog rescuer make…

  5. Seperate Entity says:

    All Amy Lyn’s out there should be exterminated from Earth. And if you think like Amy than you’re an idiot because even though you THINK, pit bulls are dangerous, it is ignorant people like her that chastise the breed because they’ve been slowly brainwashed by the media. Amy, you’re probably an owner of a Yorkie and like to take your little Fluffy around in your bootlegged LV purse. Everything is fine and dandy until one day your little dog bites someone trying to pet her, as a direct result of your inability to socialize your dog. Then your response is “Ohh my! Fluffy’s never done that before!! Bad Fluffy Bad!” Then you proceed to give your dog a treat and console her when the person she has bitten has passed. Yeah I agree with The pitbull whisperer, Amy Lyn, you really seem to be the expert. Can you come and train my dog??

  6. Amy Lynn Is Right says:

    Amy Lyn, you are right on. Just look at the statistics for dog bits/killings and you’ll see that the PitBull Terrier accounts for over 50% of all other breeds of canine combined! The pitbull will attack children as often as adults and w/out warning. That is the problem with that breed. They have no problem attacking people and often. Of the 264 deaths on record from dogs,104 of them are from pitbulls. Of the 2209 maimings, 1110 are from pitbulls. In both stats, the rest of the numbers are spead among all other breeds, about 120 of them. The pitbull should be eliminated from our developed society, or we should at least be throwing their owners in prison for all put bull attacks until this country wakes up and realizes the putbull is degenerated breed with no bite inhibition. Sorry all you pitbull lovers – you’ll probably regret that thing before it finally dies on its own.

  7. ignorance hater says:

    If the news reported every dog attack, pit bulls wouldn’t be at the top of the list. Removing an entire breed because fools train them to fight is wrong. I’ve known vicious people in my life but I’m not for extinguishing them. If all pit bulls are killers we would have scores of people being killed every day. I see so many pit bulls in peoples yards every day, day in and day out and I don’t see the number of people being attacked going up. The idiots are the ignorant people that only go by what they hear on the news and don’t really know what they are talking about.

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