LOS ANGELES  (CBS) — The District Attorney’s Office announced Tuesday that they would file criminal charges against actress Lindsay Lohan in connection with allegations she stole a necklace from a jewelry store in Venice.

The 24-year-old actress is to be arraigned Wednesday afternoon at the Airport Branch Courthouse in Los Angeles, according to Deputy District Attorney John Lynch.

Lohan is accused of walking out of Kamofie & Co., a jewelry store, with the designer necklace on January 22.

The store’s owner reported the alleged theft to Los Angeles police, who described the necklace as “one of a kind.”

The celebrity website RadarOnline first reported that investigators had video of Lohan wearing the necklace.

Lohan was seen in a store video wearing the necklace, which later went missing, law enforcement sources told the Los Angeles Times.

Detectives from the Los Angeles Police Department’s Pacific Division got a search warrant on Feb. 1 to search Lohan’s Venice residence for the necklace, but it was handed over to police before the search warrant was served, according to a statement released last week by Los Angeles police.

Police presented the case to prosecutors last Wednesday.

Lohan’s attorney denied the necklace was stolen.

Harvey Levin of the celebrity Web site TMZ believes Lohan could get three years in prison if convicted.

Steve Chron, a Santa Monica defense attorney tells KFWB’s Maggie McKay and Paul Lowe her lawyers face an uphill battle in defending the troubled starlet.

Lohan spent 13 days in jail last summer for violating her probation in a pair of DUI cases from 2007.

She also faces possible criminal charges for an alleged attack on a worker at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, where she underwent a court- ordered drug rehabilitation program from late September until early January.

Meanwhile, Lohan’s mother, Dina, is hopping mad at the TV show “Glee.” On a show that aired Super Bowl Sunday, the show referred to Dina as a big loser and even made a slam against her dog.

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  1. bdj says:

    If she is found guilty, they should lock her up for the maximum allowed by the law. It’s time she sopt getting away without having to pay up.

    1. E says:

      You also can’t spell or write a sentence correctly.

      1. Bix Dugan says:

        She previously had been a suspect involving stolen (very expensive) jewelry in a photo shoot she did. The case was never solved. She also stole a $10,000 fur coat from a Columbia Student at a night club. She never apologized.

    2. Early Ardmore says:

      The law does not pretend to punish everything that is dishonest. That would seriously interfere with business.
      Clarence Darrow


      1. Airborne says:

        So True!

    3. Kelley Lynch says:

      Why? The LA DA is the corruption in Los Angeles. She’s not getting away with anything, moron. None of us can get LAPD or the LA DA to investigate anything for us. Be careful what you wish for. The woman needs to get a real criminal attorney to slam these fools and arrogant maniacs.

      1. scout eliot says:

        r u serious

    4. SolidFPlus says:

      An 0bama voter demanding someone pay up, big surprise. How is she supposed to vote for your hero if she’s a felon behind bars, hmm?

      1. shovlhd says:

        Since when did that stop felons from voting? Look at our last mid term election!

      2. JustSomeGuy says:

        A “Tea Partier” making stupid comments online that are off topic and make absolutely no sense, big surprise.

      3. chucksmith says:

        Gilligan’s island WAS a great show. You’re right!

      4. Hojo says:

        God bless the tea party movement!!!

      5. Dr. Bombay says:

        “The law does not pretend to punish everything that is dishonest. That would seriously interfere with business.”
        Clarence Darrow


      6. urroner says:

        I agree shovlhd, if it hadn’t been for the felons voting, the Republicans would have had Nevada also.

      7. frodothedog says:

        Easy. Obamabots think felons should vote. They’ll open up a polling station in the jailhouse.

    5. Jim says:

      Her mother should have to clean her cell every morning and prepare her meals. Then justice would be served. Oh boo who… boo who, poor mistreated children. Maybe she should get Winona Ryder as her co counsel. IT WAS JUST A REHEARSAL., WOW, how mean LA DA is. Maybe 20somethun rally in the Coliseum to raise legal fund in exchange for exit-cy .It could be the season finale for glee.

      1. JM in San Diego CA says:

        What is that? A stream of unconsciousness?

      2. Catfish Knci says:

        Jim: It’s Boo Hoo

    6. Scott says:

      It’s hard to cure stupid.

    7. JapesMacfarland says:

      “they should lock her up for the maximum allowed by the law”

      So you think we should lock her up in a cage, like an animal, for three years, because she stole a necklace? Would you think the same for your own daughter? I don’t know, but it seems people might be extra hard on her because they’re jealous…or something other than real from real justice.

      1. HankR says:

        Are you truly this foolish? She needs to be locked up because she is a dangerous train wreck strung out on drugs and drink who has stolen multiple times before. There is nothing to be jealous over Japes – the public, the justice system, and Hollywood is sick and tired of her behavior and abuse. What a strange and misguided perception you have.

      2. Carlos says:

        Let’s see now. She stole a necklace worth several thousand dollars (felony)and did not return it until she was caught red handed. I guess we should let the bank robbers do the same thing when they are caught just minutes after the heist before they have a chance to spend the loot. Do Over nation.

      3. Jim says:

        JapesMacfarland Thank you! finally someone else who gets it…It’s all jealousy plain and simple. She is a star and no one can get past that fact. She has had a few minor issues and is trying very hard to work through them. she deserves respect and leeway. This latest issue is just another lowlife looking for his 15 minutes via poor Lindsay’s name! She obviously mistakingly forgot she was wearing the necklace or he truly let her borrow it…She deserves our support people, she surely has earned it!

      4. Christian says:

        I think they should lock her up because there is a law against stealing, the penalty for which is prison. In this case, a long period of lack of attention would be the most rehabilitating possibility. If MY daughter were to be found guilty of grand theft for a shiny bauble, I would appreciate the state’s attempts to set her straight because obviously I had failed at my duty as a parent. It is for love that we punish our children. How’s your family working out, Japes?

      5. Robbzilla says:

        Yes. She broke the law. Do you understand what laws are? She hurt the shop owner by depriving him/her of possible revenue. She’s acting like an animal, and so are you with your ignorant, ridiculous little diatribe.

        People need to be extra hard on her because she isn’t getting it. This isn’t her 1st offense. She needs to go away so that people won’t continue to be harmed by her actions. Maybe she’ll eventually learn that she isn’t above the law.

      6. What? says:

        Minor issues?!

        No Lohan has ISSUES. What type of role model is she to the youth of today? Lohan stole a necklace worth thousands of dollars. Any sentence without jail time would be a mockery to the justice system. She is obviously guilty and there is likely footage of her stealing the necklace.

        Can you imagine a high-end jeweler not placing the maximum amount of video surveillance in their store? My guess is the Lohan lawyers are in negotiations with the store owner for the videotape. If the owner is smart, he will sell the tape at an extremely high price and then refuse to testify in court.

        Which will likely be the outcome of the event unfortunately.

      7. Hal McCombs says:

        You’re right. Locking her up would be inhumane. It will be much easier on our consciences if we just let her go and put off the problem a year or so. Till she kills herself, and possibly one or two others.

        I hope your daughter isn’t in the car she hits head-on.

      8. Scott Martin says:

        No, we should just teach my daughter there are absolutely NO consequences in life…nuff said

      9. Roofster says:

        YEP: time to accept some personal responsibility for her actions

      10. Doug says:

        To JapesMacfarland: Apparently your a big fan Lohan’s. Do you even have a clue about her past arrest record and the fact that she was on thin ice and probation? When your brought up on felony charges while your on probation, that is a serious charge. She should be locked up for 3-5 years. Good behavior will get her out in 1-2 years. Jealousy has nothing to do with it. Anyone else would have not gotten the treatment she’s received over her past record of misbehavior.

      11. KD says:

        It makes me sick when people compare this spoiled brat to an “animal”. Animal by the laws of nature DO NOT deliberately break the law or do bad things. They act by instinct and no animals should be locked in a cage, but this ruined human being should be. She is an adult and totally aware of her actions. She thinks she is above the law and cares about no one but herself.

      12. frodothedog says:

        Yup. That’s right. Allow her to pay 25% of the value in easy monthly installments, and just let her go. That’s probably what will happen anyway. You would get forty years, but that’s okay. After all, this is LILO, right?

      13. LiLotogethersFINALLY says:

        Jealous? That’s an idiotic comment. A NORMAL daughter who doesn’t feel she’s “entitled” to get away with any kind of asinine behavior wouldn’t have to WORRY about GOING to jail in the first place. This spoiled bi_ch needs a good stint in prison to slap her stupid azz back to reality.

    8. JAMES HIATT says:

      Virgins never lie

    9. Bill Worthy says:

      oh sopt it! She needs your prayers not your judgement you pharisee.

      1. Scott Martin says:

        My Worthy…let me quote Jesus…”Go and sin no more” – he didn’t immediately pray for the harlot, nor should we. The first step is to correct what is wrong, and only LL can do that. Knowing it is a mistake after the fact (a la Charlie Sheen) is no excuse and begs for people to make it CLEAR to her.

    10. Dave says:

      It’s Bush’s fault

    11. Clarance says:

      The law does not pretend to punish everything that is dishonest. That would seriously interfere with business.
      Clarence Darrow


  2. Black man 2011 says:

    This girl should have been in jail already. Why do people keep inabling this girl when she clearly has a problem. Lil wayne was caught with illegal guns and guess what, he went to jail. T.I was caught with guns and silencers and guess what, he went to jail.T.I. was caught with drugs in hollywood while on probation and guess what, he went back to jail. But this little had a hit and run with drugs, she was sent to a rehab were she attacked a worker and got kicked out, and now she stole a $2,500 dollar necklace? I mean c’mon you guess she needs a wake up call! Lock her ass up for a year like you do everybody else who does a crime. I understand she is a celebrity but she is also a human being. I think jail is the last and only option for this girl because you tried rehab and that clearly didnt work. SMDH!!!!

    1. Rhonda Omberg says:

      You’re correct – she’s been enabled all of her life and to me she’s not even that talented of an actress. Whatever work she does manage to get she manages to burn every bridge and hack off every person she works with. She’s got so many issues that jail won’t even cure it, but it might put the fear of God into her.

    2. modernjewishlibrarian says:

      Didn’t T,I. and Lil Wayne both have prior felony convictions and openly brag about criminal activity on a national stage. Combine that with the F the police rap lyrics, and you wonder why they went to jail vs the girl from the Disney channel? I do not deny you are right, the system is racially biased and Lohan deserves jail time. But your examples are lacking.

      1. harvey says:

        The person comparing Lohan to Lil Gangster is a rapist.

        She didn’t swipe the jewery. Do you think it’s possible in this day and age to swipe a piece of jewerly from a jewelry store given the level of cameras and antitheft devices. She had a commercial dispute with the jeweler who let her borrow it to get publicity and is now turning this into a police case.

        She is a good girl with a drinking problem but comparing her to those hoodlums is just racist. You hate her because she is white. This is more an dmore common nowadays, a black person carries guns/shoots someone or rapes then. A white girl is over the limit in a car. They both did a little something wrong.

      2. Rico says:

        Harvey, you are just plain ridiculous. Admittedly, only an idiot or professional smash-and-grab heister would ATTEMPT to steal jewelry from a store nowadays. I submit however that Lohan is indeed an idiot, though possibly an idiot whose capacities have been impaired by substance abuse. There is no evidence to support your assertion that Lohan is “a good girl.” In fact, all the known objective evidence she is anything but that.

        You need to face that fact that Lohan is an unrepentant, multiple felon, who has long since run out her second chance privileges.

      3. mahone dunbar says:

        The system is racially biased? The ghetto is racially biased, duh. Crime is a hobbie and welfare a way of life. Sure, Lohan should go under the jail, but it has nothing to do with race, except perhaps in regards to your own bigotry. Rich black people escape justice also. Look at O.J.

    3. Keith says:

      I am a white man and totally in agreement with “black man 2011. I cannot understand while pretty little movie stars seem to believe they are different from the rest of society.

      1. Juan says:

        I’m White Man 2020 and the Brother is right. One year would do Her good.

      2. Blade says:

        It’s called Liberal Hollywood stupid.

    4. jleonard14 says:

      Sorry pal…use a gun, go to jail. It doesn’t matter your color. Period. Except for O.J.

      1. Wolfatthedoor says:

        OJ didn’t shot anyone. All he did was carve up his ex and her boyfriend, and then go free. Rich is rich.

      2. MAKE MY DAY says:

        @jleonard14… Simpson ‘got his’ in the end – where is he now???

      3. TheJuice says:

        OJ was falsely accused – All that blood was from when he cut himself shaving. The only reason he was ever accused was because of the white man’s racism. Besides, the honky cracker bee-och had it comin.

      4. Cleatus says:

        Your MAMA!!

      5. former dem says:

        I’m in DC where Black men escape justice daily. Gun or no gun. No matter what they did to whom. It is, indeed, a way of life.

    5. UteDB says:

      Hey ‘Black man’, typical reverse racism. You fools go to the race card oh too often. Let’s talk about the Congressional Black Caucus w/ Rangel and others getting off with a hand slap. Obama, Holder, and this administration are the biggest racists in this country. Work on improving your black neighborhood and quit making excuses for black felons. A criminal is a criminal no matter what the color fool.

      1. daslammer says:


      2. John says:

        Well said. ‘Black Man 2011’ is a racist piece of garbage.

      3. d says:

        There is no such thing as reverse racism. I really wish people would stop using this ridiculous term. Racism is racism whether it be toward a white, black, asian, whatever. The term ‘racism’ is not just for blacks.

    6. MCR says:

      Hey wannabe Al Sharpton, you’re a moron and a black bigot. Quit playing the race card. You look stupid.

    7. Dave Cooper says:

      Of course your theory would put most of us bruthas behind bars.
      Nice thinking nig.

    8. Burppy says:

      Ah, “Lil Wayne” was caught with a GUN. And an illegally possessed one at that. The person known as “T.I.” was caught with GUNS and SILENCERS. Ms. Lohan has had DUI trouble. Now as troublesome as a DUI is, I think the whole illegal guns and silencers thing trumps it. Also, anyone who calls himself “Lil Wayne” or “T.I.” or “Will.I.Am” or “Eazy-E”. or “Ice-T or Cube” is skating on thin ice to begin with.

      1. Ken says:

        I disagree. Someone who is driving drunk is inherently much more dangerous than someone who has a firearm. If the person with a firearm is violent, that changes matters, but without knowing more, the DUI is worse.

    9. paul says:

      The reason the black rappers went to prison was because they were quilty and they could not sing worth a damn.
      This cute young thing has a nice body and should not be locked up out of sight of the public.
      Besides, she is white and that makes a difference.

      1. laughing_at_paul says:

        Have you not seen the pictures (of Lohan) lately? Or are your standards really that low?

    10. Matt says:

      @Black man 2011 – You should move to the ATL, they won’t lock you up here for any considerable length of time.

    11. John Miuller says:

      its enable,

      1. Michael Mulligan says:

        It’s “It’s”.

    12. rbmanley says:

      With thanks to the Onion, I think Lohan should be tried as a black male from now on.

    13. Seattle Man says:

      Time to lock her up for awhile – 6 months maybe – and no special treatment.
      Also, a hefty fine for all the trouble & cost she’s laid on the public.

    14. Clark Addison says:

      There’s a simple way to solve the crime problem: obey the law; punish those who do not.
      Rush Limbaugh

      See the hypocrisy ? We do.


      1. Rico says:

        Whose “we” Addison? You gotta mouse in your pocket?

    15. Ben Jones says:

      Money talks and Lindsey walks. This dog and pony show will cost the taxpayer’s $$$$$ and she will get 90 days or less.
      This is just more publicity. She won’t do any serious jail or prison time. She is one pampered skank.

    16. lisa says:

      God love you, you’re soooo right!
      The media is spending way too much time
      featuring this tramp.
      Costing taxpayers millions.

    17. Walter Burns says:

      Agreed, Black Man 2011. She’s off the reservation. We need to stop giving people a break just because they look cute. There is way too much leeway given to women who commit crimes, especially pretty ones.

      1. bigblackdude says:

        Id tap that booty. Put her in jail and then let the girlss tap that booty, good money in them films

  3. PL says:

    Let her be!
    Stop Wasting of taxpayer $
    The jewelry has been returned
    Accept a lesser plea!

    1. Tony Radmen says:

      Amen Brother she is innocent! why do people hate on her?

      1. daslammer says:

        we dont hate on her, she is a fool that thinks she is above the law. Putting fu on her nail and giving the bird to a judge should show what kind of trouble this trash is!

      2. pleasestfu says:

        because she is ugly and annoying

      3. HankR says:

        No Tony. She is guilty. Of stealing a necklace. That she returned only because a search warrant was issued. Are you that much of a law breaker yourself that you find that to be justice? No one hates her – they simply recognize her behavior as criminal.

      4. Cristy Li says:

        She is presumed innocent, that presumption of innocence doesn’t make her not guilty.

      5. BigDaddyDK says:

        Innocent? No, innocence is not committing the crime. Returning it afterward is getting caught.

      6. frodothedog says:

        How does one “hate on” somebody? Just thought I’d ask.
        Actually, I’ve been wrong. The jeweler should just GIVE the little junkie the necklace, apologize for EVER questioning the motives of royalty, pay for it himself, and drop all charges. RIGHT?

    2. Bella says:

      Why! The law is the law. Why should she escape the penalty for her actions.

      1. keith wren says:

        Why… everyone else does…

    3. MAKE MY DAY says:

      Nonsense – How many bites of the apple is she supposed to get – all because she is some 3rd rate Hollywood “wannabee” so-called actress!! Time to take the kid gloves off – and give her a very serious “wake-up call” this time around!! Enough is enough!! Case closed!!

    4. cb says:

      OK sooo PL if you stole the same necklace do you think you would be told oh its okay you returned it…I think not…she needs to be treated the same as any common theif and thrown in the slammer..she has become Loser Lohan

  4. Black man 2011 says:

    You the exact person I was talking about in my first sentence. WHY DO PEOPLE KEEP ENABLING THIS LITTLE GIRL WHEN SHE CLEARLY HAS A PROBLEM!!

    1. OG says:

      Blackman, you are absolutely right. This PL person’s way of thinking is what’s enabling this “actress” to keep getting away with crimes.

      1. LCintheLB says:

        Amen to Black Man 2011 from me too! Just because she is a pretty little white girl, she’s getting the easier road. I hate to mention color AGAIN, but the reality in greater LA is the color does matter, way too often. Race shouldn’t matter, and we hate to admit how much it still DOES matter, but that’s the real world. My black friends do tell me about things they wouldn’t do or places they wouldn’t go because they’re black, but me, a lily-white looking lady can go where I please. It sucks, and we all don’t like it, but there it is.

    2. mahone dunbar says:

      She has a problem? Yeah,she’s a drunken substance abuser and a thief. Do you diminish every criminal by expressing their crimes as “problems?” Hope you never get on a jury.

    3. artcorvelet says:

      Hey bro? Where’s your ‘innocent until proven guilty’ mantra about now?
      If the necklace does not fit, they must acquit….right?

  5. SheNeedsIt says:

    I can solve her problem. She is lacking some good loving, She needs some one to really put it to her. Problem solved..

    1. Bildo says:

      I rate this comment FIVE STARS!!!

    2. Stephen says:

      Great laugth

      1. Stephen says:

        off da! not used to new computer. laugth

      2. Stephen says:

        I mean uff da

    3. NoMoHollweirdos says:

      Have more respect for yourself! She’s a skank! Besides, you’d likely get several STDs!

  6. mags says:

    she gets away with it cause shes white.

    1. Rocco Henderson says:

      No, OJ got away with it because he’s white. She gets away with it because she’s rich.

      1. dano says:


    2. A says:

      she gets away with it because she is filthy rich and has a decent lawyer…being white has nothing to do with it!

    3. what color is a black racist? says:

      OH… Like OJ simpson, huh?

      1. Daisy says:

        She hasn’t murdered anyone. OJ did.

    4. Farang says:

      Yet Obama doesn’t have to show his birth certificate because he’s black, why does he get a pass?

      1. Scott says:

        Fail comment above. No law requires you to show a birth certificate. So what pass are you talking about moron. Go be dumb somewhere else please.

  7. PATTYBARKER says:


    1. Jay1485 says:


      Move to Sweden, and you can have it your way.

    2. daslammer says:

      Your leader maObama will be happy to distribute the wealth. To him and his cronies pockets while we the people get penalized for being productive entrepreneurial spirited people. You can have your Socialism. I will keep my freedom.

      1. Scott says:

        All I have to say to that is Cheney and Haliburton. Another idiot who forgets the past and talks off topic. If you are going to go off topic please don’t be a moron.

      2. NoMoHollyWeirdos says:

        Scott, just replying to your mistake MORON! McCain had to prove his citizenship, since he was born out of the country, at a military base or something.

        MORON, to be a US president you must be a US citizen. Proof of same is needed, not just assuming it’s so…MORON!

        Now, that said…. let’s just stay on topic about the skank ‘L’oser ‘L’ohan, although she’s a perfect example and product of the Left Coast liberals.
        “Oh, she feelllllls like sooooo totalllly sorrrrry! We should like maybe just make her say ‘my bad’ and put her to bed without dinner. But like I don’t know cuz thaaat might damage her ‘inner child’ OMG”.

    3. chris says:


      What an ignorant statement. Obama is trying to do that with everyone’s money but his, and as you can see, he’s bringing the country down. I absolutely HATE this way of thinking that has come about in this country of ours..

  8. Joe says:

    She needs about 8 years in jail

  9. JoAnn Knowles says:

    Your an idiot…That’s just the most ignoramus comment I’ve heard in a long time. I’m sure your an Obama liberal. Uggg, so discouraging that people like you are out there and actually think the way you do. I’m sorry, but it’s people like you who make our Country worse.

    1. Quit barking! says:

      Be quiet JoAnn!
      She’s entitled to her opinion! If you don’t like Obama, go to N. Korea! Or up the dog’s @ss! You should be proud to be in this liberal country, where freedoms abounds and government is here to help you…yes even you JoAnn…cause I guarantee you, you too will be on the governemnt payroll at some point in your
      life..if you aren’t already!

      1. jay1485 says:

        “cause I guarantee you, you too will be on the governemnt payroll at some point in your life..if you aren’t already!”

        Just because you’re on welfare doesn’t mean everyone else is. Though I bet you feel better, telling yourself that, at the first of the month.

      2. Lindsay is a loser says:

        quite the contrary. you must know first hand since you know the paycheck comes on the first! What an idiot!

      3. Zed says:

        The only thing government is here to help you with is you taking your wallet out of your pocket and doing what they tell you to do in the name of whatever excuse is popular that particular day. “Freedom abounds” my @ss. Once upon a time, maybe, but that fairy tale is over.

    2. David Kramer says:

      Yep, the type that think that pedophiles can be rehabilitated.

      1. daslammer says:

        pedophiles should be sho.t in the head immediately after they are convicted!

  10. Rocco Henderson says:

    For every one like her there are several million good people who don’t make the news. She’s news because she’s such an oddity.

    1. daslammer says:

      freak is a better word

  11. ONTIME says:

    When your heading down hill sometime or another you have to hit bottom….good luck.

  12. LibsAreCommies says:

    Leave her alone. With radical LibCommies destroying this country this is the sort of petty distraction that we don’t need.

    1. Big Bear says:

      I thought the Lohan distraction train had derailed. Guess it left the station again.

    2. Russ says:

      You make a valid point. She may be an annoying spoiled worthless b*tch but let’s not forget about the bigger threat to this country.

  13. nohokev says:

    All I can figure is Miss Lohan must like being in jail. There is no other reason to keep violating. If you don’t EVER want to go back to jail, you learn quickly how to avoid it. My ex-wife is in the same situation. When she is released this spring, she gets to make the same choice. Her next trip will be her 3rd strike. The choice is entirely hers to make.

    1. Ricky Clayton says:

      Your wife sounds like a really good catch 😦

      1. nohokev says:

        Ex-wife twenty years hence, Mister Clayton. You are welcome to her. It was my good choice to leave her. Her jailhouse proclivities developed after our separation. It would seem you missed the point of my comment. Miss Lohan chose to commit theft. I hope the judge throws the book at her.

  14. Jim Whitehead says:

    Lindsay acts spiritually and emotionally bankrupt, a ruderless person who likely turns to drugs to fill the emptiness. She needs to find a reason to live that isn’t dependent on a bottle or pipe. Lindsay, if you can’t find religion, then find art or composing or a creative relationship or something else, like a baby you care about.

    1. Pat from the North says:

      Oh my…I agree with religion, art or composing. But for God’s sake this woman/child does not need a baby she can care about. Perhaps she should be sentenced to work for one year with a true charity that builds housing or cares for people in third world countries. Let her see how the undeveloped world lives.

    2. Ack! says:


    3. Jim Whitehead says:

      A child worked for Madonna and Angelina Jolie. Maybe it can work for Lindsay. Caring for your child awakens deep protective instincts and gives your life meaning (This is nothing new, its been known from the beginning of time).

      1. Daisy says:

        You must be kidding. Please tell me you’re kidding. Are you actually suggesting that giving birth to an innocent child is appropriate treatment for addictive disorder?!

  15. Lohan is indeed a very troubled girl. A 1 year stay with the county’s bad girls (jail) could actually help Lohan.

  16. Pat from the north says:

    She was either so stoned she didn’t realize she had the necklace on when she left the jewelry store. Or perhaps she wasn’t wearing it just slipped it into a pocket or purse. Either way she violated the terms of her probation and does deserve jail time. No she doesn’t need a break…she has had enough breaks in her short lifetime. Let her deal with the real world for a change.

  17. kentex1146 says:

    If she ends up in the slammer, I’m thinking that her cocaine and meth dealer is going to miss some car payments.

  18. David Kramer says:

    WOW, the poor little Hollyweirdo is caught AGAIN.
    Hmmm, wonder if we live in a society of LAW or a society of men?
    Throw away the key!

  19. LawsAreForTheRestOfUs says:

    Throw the book at her! Oh wait, the laws of our land only apply to us–the peasants.

  20. Eric in CM says:

    Well, it looks like women’s prison movies are going to be the rage!

  21. Ricky Clayton says:

    I like her and she’s a good actress. She was given that neckless and now people think she stole it. Thats wrong. Its some kind of set up by all the haters.

    1. larsonjs says:

      Yeah right. Please put a smiley face or something to let us know that you’re not serious. Lindsay has been given so many chances, and she keeps falling down. I don’t hate her. I pity her. This is the saddest case of self-destructive behavior I’ve seen in a while (since Brittany).

    2. JM in San Diego CA says:

      She doesn’t need you to defend her. Besides, even if she goes to jail, you can still take pictures of her into the bathroom, you little wanker.

    3. HankR says:

      Horrible actress. Stole the necklace. That is what is wrong. No set up. No one hates her. They just recognize her actions as criminal behavior.

  22. daslammer says:

    No OJ got away with it because he is black and lohan is a rich little beatch. He’s in prison where he always belonged and she is going to jail where she will learn that being a little c….t will get you beat to hell. Both deserve all and anything they get.

  23. Milagros says:

    Wow. O.J. got off for mass murder in L.A. Lindsay should surely get 3 months probation and a chauferred ride to her probation officer for her deeply traumatic punishment. I wonder who ,ight cater the event.

    1. Gerry from McCleary says:

      OJ. Funny, that. The truth is he didn’t kill anyone. His adult son killed those two people. He called OJ and OJ showed up on the scene to help him. Look it up.

      1. Kosla says:

        I looked it up, and you are totally correct. I’m surprised I never knew that when it is such common knowledge. Thanks for the heads up, bra!

  24. Charlie Kester says:

    She is an addict. Addiction is a progressive disease that effects the central nervous system- the thing that tells us how to think, feel and act. She needs to be presented with the consequences of her behavior, i.e. jail, and then long term rehab. People much sicker than her have gone on to live productive, happy lives while adding to society after getting sober.

  25. Distillerman says:

    We will see what kind of cahoneys the judge has when she appears before him tomorrow. Put this little spoiled brat in jail where she will learn that her “celebrity” is not all it is cracked up to be.

  26. tominhouston says:

    I have a daughter who is also 25 years old.
    She worked full time and paid her own way through college to a BA.
    She’s a wife,
    She’s a mother.
    She’s an assistant general manager at with a major hotel chain.
    I am one very very blessed father.

      1. Wilbur Post says:

        But does she look like Lindsey Lohan or is she more like Ugly Betty?

      2. tominhouston says:

        more like a brunette Amy Adams with short hair – the point is I’m having to sit by powerlessly watching my little girl destroy her life. At this rate a confused and very immature Lohan will be spending the rest of her life in and out of jail for one thing or another – as a performer she’ll try but will only succeed at embarrassing herself over and over again. Ultimately well hear about Lindsey Lohan in a hotel somewhere. . . the result of pills and alcohol . . . maybe a one or two year prison sentence will wake her up

    1. Daisy says:

      Count your lucky stars that your daughter doesn’t have addictive disorder.

      And please know that the only thing you have to do w/that, is purely an accident of fortunate genetics in that department.

      1. NoMoHollyWeirdos says:

        Wilbur – Have you seen pictures (untouched w/outmake up)? She’s a skank!

        Daisy – WRONG! Good parenting and a healthy family (not condoning bad behavior, ‘just get another role and support me’) environment is likely why tominhouston had a daughter that grew into a mature, balanced young woman.

        It doesn’t ‘take a village’ to raise a child, just a good family that guides and works with their children. Dr. Spock was a flake by the way…

  27. jimbob says:

    Yeah, Black man 2011…if she was a prominent black actress you would be making excuses for her.

    1. Mark says:

      That’s the truth. The NAACP would be giving the red carpet treatment.

  28. Sallyh Hutchinson says:

    She should be sterilized and put to work scrubbing toilets.

    1. Daisy says:

      In other words, your face is as hideous as your corrupted soul.

  29. Kelman says:

    “mags says she gets away with it cause shes white.” You sir are a moron! Where is your prove for such a a$$ like statement. You sir are part of the reason race relations have not and will never change, because you see things only in black and white. Well I have news for you it’s bigger then that. Now stop acting out like a child we are not paying retributions for things done by our ancestors did 230 years ago. And Yes she should go to jail not because she is a spoiled white kid but because she is a idiot.

    1. Russ says:

      I want reparations for what a black guy did to my white father 30 years ago.

  30. Gutter says:

    She’s 24? Joan Rivers looks better.

  31. sailordude says:

    She’s losing her good looks, pretty soon she’s going to be on skid row. Or Prison. BTW where is her partner at? The DJ woman? why isn’t she giving her support and keeping her clean?

  32. Lindsay is a loser says:

    Quit attacking eachother!
    Argue the issues. Lindsay is a kleptomaniac who has a habit of stealing. Just google her history. She is also a sociopath. She needs to go to jail.

  33. Caldoomed says:

    I don’t get the color connection, OJ got away with murder and it was not good enough for him. These attention needing celebrites do get treated differently (i.e. Johnny Depp, Charlie Sheen, Vivica Fox, Amy Winehouse, Chris Brown, Kanye West, Keifer Sutherland, Courtney Love, Mike Tyson, on and on. Too many to list. All this reality TV and instant celebrity? Like Prince said, “Get off the stage”.

    1. twinspineve says:

      johnny depp learned his lesson seeing his friend die. he straightened out.

  34. cyberdog says:

    After reading all these posts I can only assume that spelling, grammer and english are foreign studies in LA.

    1. Ack! says:

      Your right!

      1. Todd says:

        That would be “you’re” right. are you 5?

    2. SonofaB says:

      You mean “grammar”, idiot!

    3. Doug says:

      Do you realize that “English” should be capitalized?

  35. Todd says:

    They should lock her in a room with a group of drunk, naked homeless men armed with flyswatters and tweezers.

    1. NoMoHollyWeidros says:

      Now that might be one of those ‘reality shows’ I’d actually watch!

  36. Mireya Ayala says:

    She’s just 24 years old?!? She looks sooooo OLD! The drugs have not been good to her.

  37. Tony says:

    The anti Lohan stuff is all about hating white people. It starts with Obama and unfortunately works its way down to nitwits like the racist, white haters on this board.

    1. larsonjs says:

      Wow! Where did that come from. I’m a white middle aged suburban guy who voted for McCain and I think she should be thrown in jail. She is a terrible example of a human being and tragically, because of her celebrity status, she influences young girls. She deserves everything she gets.

    2. Russ - Indiana says:

      Geez, I’m white and I can’t STAND the spoiled little rich girl. Who never had to work for a thing in her life and thinks she’s entitled to a free piece of jewelry rather than have to be bothered to pay for it.

  38. Not LL says:

    When she is cleaned up, LL is very hot. Hot people (especially women) play a special role in society, therefore she should not have to go to jail. Instead, she should be forced to listen to 8 hrs of Obama sermons.

  39. perseus317 says:

    People have got to start looking at the judges who are continually excusing this woman’s behavior. If the average person had done what this person has done, she would have been locked up LONG AGO. Lindsay is so used to being pampered that she simply expects that she can do whatever she wants, and get away with it. She is like an overindulged 5-year-old, who throws a temper tantrum whenever she doesn’t get her way. If she is guilty of a crime, she needs to be punished, just like every other average person is punished. If the judge gives her special treatment, then he/she shouldn’t be a judge.

  40. Mark says:

    Having run retail stores in the past, in my opinion it was the shop owners responsibility to make sure she removed the necklace before leaving the store. Leave the girl alone.

    1. Ack! says:

      Jeez, another idiot…

    2. Russ - Indiana says:

      Yes, if the store owner does not make the rich girl be honest, then it is not her fault if she steals. Duh.

    3. JM in San Diego CA says:

      Mark, do you always blame the victim? If your Mom got mugged, would you say she should have stayed home?

  41. Hmm says:

    Something doesn’t add up. She’ll get charged with grand theft of an item that was left at a police station? How does that work?

    1. daslammer says:

      if you steal something and return it , you still stole it, and she only returned it after she was found to have stolen it. Come on use some common sense will ya.

  42. watash says:

    Hook her up with some black tar ! and she will solve her own problem.

    1. NoMoHollyWeirdos says:

      😉 Natural Selection……….

  43. Allie F. says:

    Enough. This woman, and yes she is an adult female is a total disaster. Time for consequences. If it were you or me that pulled all of this, we would be long gone, locked up without a key. Time to pay the Piper, Ms. Lindsay.

  44. big rob says:

    She may have been so high she didn’t realize she walked out of the store with the necklace. She deserves jail time, no question. However, I’d fire the jewelery store employee who let her walk out with the necklace on!

  45. larsonjs says:

    Cautionary tale for moms. Please don’t push your kids into showbiz. Brittany, Lindsay, Miley. . .this list goes on. The nature of the business is such that it throws life out of perspective.

    By the way, how about stories about celebrities who are getting it right? Marriages that are working, actors and actresses with a sense of perspective and wisdom – I’d love to read about that. I know there are some, but the gossip pages aren’t attracted to them.

    The message seems to be, “it’s cool to be a drug crazed, drunken, spoiled, self-important jerk.”

    1. NoMoHollyWeirdos says:

      Actually, why would ANYONE care to read about ANY Hollywood, actor, entertainer BS? I’m sooo tired of hearing about them AND from them and their views, political beliefs, etc.,

      They are NOT ROYALTY, they are just entertainers (sort of in many cases).

      They just should STFU and do what they are paid for, entertain. Quit telling us, ‘the little people’ what to do and how to live.
      That goes double for you (D)Oprah!

  46. Linda Smith says:

    To all news media: Please stop printing anything having to do with Lindsay Lohan. She is not a celebrity. She is a sad, sad woman who is an addict. I hope she can find the wherewithal to turn her life around. But she is no longer of any interest to anyone but her immediate family.

  47. Onyx says:

    Movie Star of some sort, Right??? Kiss a little butt, slip a few bucks to the correct pocket, do the deed with one or two “In Position” people…off free again!!!! …but let the average ‘street person digress in such a manner, I’ll be sending support checks through my taxes to keep them in a 8X12 Gray Bar Hotel.

  48. larsonjs says:

    Sorry Richard, I don’t think you can make this a race thing. This is a typical celebrity train-wreck. When Kanye acted like an idiot, he got blasted just as hard.

  49. Craven Morehead says:

    This chick has Dana Plato written all over her.

  50. Donna Beers says:

    Check out Lindsay having a meltdown! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJf8HzEaxGg

  51. Riley says:

    She doesn’t need to go to jail, she need to go to am institution for the mentally challenged. A 3 year stint with the likes of Hinckley would help her. As an actress she is done, who would ever hire her? Maybe if she got help, she could rehab her career but not without plenty of long term help. She might could come back someday,. if she could actually act. The photo’s of she was so proud of posing like Maryl n Monroe were a glimpse into the depths of her problems. They were a totally embarrassing and yet she released them and was proud of them. She is ill, not a criminal, get her professional long term help! Without privileges She needs to meet Nurse Ratchet!.

  52. Neo says:

    Who cares?

    Go turn on your tv and sit and stare at it while you eat your processed corn-based meals infront of it and you’ll slip deeper into your LA LA LAND and forget all about this trivial little matter that is of no real importance to you whatsoever.

  53. Debo Laville says:

    debo says……………..LOCK ER UP !!
    The only way to get a crack ho off of crack is to lock her ass up 6-12 mos.
    She’ll get clean & maybe, just maybe, save her life.
    She is out of control………….but I still want to see her survive.
    Viva La Lohan !!

  54. bruce tominello says:

    Put her in a cell with lots of drugs and alcohol and let nature take its course. Godd riddance to bad rubbish.

    1. Lee says:

      Hey there let’s not be hasty! Turn her over to me and let’s get some really useful labor out of her!

  55. leslie says:

    She needs to be locked up and hopefully get better and probably get away from that leech of a mother.

  56. watash says:

    Black tar the ho and her problems will be solved

  57. MadCharles says:

    She needs about 8 years in lock up..

  58. Lee says:

    This idiot can get away with anything! She is NEVER held to account! I call her an idiot because you would think she would be going for the really BIG targets like Fort Knox or the U.S. Treasury since she never gets anything but a slap on the wrist!

  59. Augustine says:

    Why is she called a “troubled star”? She’s a criminal.

  60. Will I amNot says:

    It ain’t the money, it ain’t the skin color, it’s the tits.

  61. MiHi says:

    She’ll get away with it scott-free.

    She ALWAYS gets away with it scott-free.

  62. Michael says:

    is it possible that every single one of these comments has some sort of spelling error in it? Each of the first 4 or 5 I read has at least one spelling and/or grammatical error, or whole words left out of a sentence….

    Hard to believe that people are so ignorant and post it for the world to see…

    1. Wiley Coyote says:


      Your first keystroke was an error. The word “single” is redundant and unnecessary. Don’t substitute three dots for a period… unless another clause follows. Your last sentence is missing a beginning verb.

      You’re right. The arrogance… oops, I mean ‘ignorance’ is painful. Why did you post this for the world to see?

      Typos? Really? Let ’em go.

  63. bill says:

    I’d still lick her to death!

  64. Jabbo says:

    If she was plain old citizen, Jane Doe, they would have locked her up in 2007 and she would still be cooling it in jail.

  65. Liza says:

    If Lindsay technically was ‘borrowing’ the necklace, then surely the store owner and Lindsay would have made arrangements under the borrowing terms, right? And when was she planning on bringing it back. As if.

  66. Prepared says:

    Why are people even concerned about celebrity nonsense like this?

    One should be far more concerned with the mega-financial disaster coming down the pike — as early as the end of June: http://wealthcycles.org

  67. I812 says:

    oh for christ sake cant a girl just have some fun!!

    1. Lindsay loserhan says:

      Yea..have her come to your house and steal anything of value…she’s having fun anyway! Right?!

  68. Marcel says:

    Happy White History Month. Once a year we take time to honor the contributions of White Americans to the welfare and good of the United States. Please join me in saying “huzzah!” to our fellow White citizens.

  69. wymck says:

    Drinky, druggie, pervy, thiefy… I’m so disappointed by this girl.

  70. Michael Fraley says:


  71. Michael Fraley says:

    Give the poor girl a puppy and a hug–she’s just misunderstood. 😦

  72. Hank Warren says:

    Lindsay Lohan, Jersey Shore, all distractions. As the Mainstream Media creates illusions, the US gov’t (and their corp. friends),start more illegal wars, ban books like “America Deceived II” and bail out banks.
    Last link (before Google Books bans it also]:

  73. Barack Obozo says:

    The article says: “but it was turned into a police station before any search was made.”

    The necklace was turned into a police station? How’d they do that?

    1. Russ - Indiana says:

      Alakazam, aroo!

  74. Roy says:

    I wish the GIRL could see herself…! ! !
    Look into the mirror and see that she LOOKS like a Drugged out Addict…! ! !

  75. SerfOfObama says:

    Wonder what the world will look like when she gets out of the slammer sometime in the 27th century. This is fantastic news for all roadside trees in LA county but an economic catastrophe for all the Mercedes and cocaine dealers.

  76. Dave Templeton says:

    She’ll be dead from her own choices by the end of the year.

  77. Mr Lucky says:

    I know this person’s name, because I see it in the hollywood-type news all the time.

    But what does she do?

    In other words, if she dropped dead tonight what good or necessary things would not come to pass?

  78. Donna Beers says:

    Lindsay parties her last night of freedom! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJf8HzEaxGg

  79. LDC says:

    Put her in a cell with OJ.

  80. The_warrior says:

    OK. Which train will crash and burn first; the Li-Lo Express or the Chaz Sheen train to Oblivion? Stay tuned boys and girls. It shouldn’t be long now. My money’s on Sheen being found belly up in a gutter in Compton.

  81. tbonestk says:

    No sympathy here. Lock up the tramp, throw away the keys.

    Enough of these pampered princesses gliding through life in glass slippers.

  82. Spinnaker says:

    Anyone check the amount of money Ms Lohan has spent with this store. This is another BS case.

  83. Russ - Indiana says:

    Never mind Lindsay Lohan! I want to see that trick done again – to quote the article, turning the necklace into a police station. Yow that must be hard to do.

  84. OPERATOR147 says:


  85. Flannigan says:

    Was it at least a nice piece of jewelry?

  86. dispolitico says:

    HELLO judgmental commenters…..SHE NEEDS the Holy Spirit after becoming a born again Christian by accepting the good news gospel message that Jesus died for her sins in the cross. Jesus came to destroy the works of the Devil which includes generational curses where demons dransfer down family lines influencing evil. Most of the commenters are legalistic judgmental pharisees and will be judged worse than what they are doing.

    1. JM in San Diego CA says:

      Dispolitico, you have just been added to the list of reasons why I’m an atheist. Please go away, now, and take your “generational curse” story with you.

  87. Jeez, ya start doing drugs, playing for the other team, and suddenly, your world goes to hell. Get your act together, Miss. You have been far more fortunate than you have been unfortunate. Start appreciating life more and stop feeling sorry for yourself.

  88. Jane says:

    BWAHAHAHAHA! Send her scrawny a$$ to prison.

  89. Denise says:

    This young woman should have been in jail a long time ago. Everybody has enabled her and has taught her nothing, she seems to think she is above it all. She is a spoiled brat that needs more than a slap on the hand.

  90. Rich Pope says:

    We can blame it on those who keep letting her out of rehab too soon. But no one would listen. All of these people who were trying to help her by getting her out of jail have now caused her demise. Way to go.

  91. JohnK says:

    The girl needs a hospital not jail.

  92. Van Couver says:

    She’s 24; put her away for 46 years.

  93. Jasonn says:

    What an incredible waste of the taxpayer’s money. File a probation violation and be done with it. Stupidity marches on.

  94. Bryan Abbott says:

    Which of us would appear as flawless as we pretend to be if we were followed by cameras everywhere we went and pursued by media piranhas as she is? She has problems yes, are they bigger than most of ours? Probably not.

  95. danh says:


  96. Richard says:

    It’s time this spoiled brat do some hard time. She thinks she’s above the law, above the fray, so to speak. 3 to 5 in the big house may bring her down to earth, maybe.

  97. T Nails says:

    She digs the attention. That’s the only explanation for being a repeat numbskull.

  98. Michael Gene says:

    Three years for stealing $2,500 sounds fair, it costs somewhere in the neighborhood of $20,000 a year to imprison someone so her theft of $2,500 costs the California taxpayers $60,000.

  99. SP San Diego says:

    Why does the media keep referring to her as an “actress”. She is a thief and drug addict.

  100. Penny says:

    I think it’s time to start locking up white people (guilty or not) and let black people go free even if they guilty.

  101. Penny says:

    Hey hey hey everyone …I think it’s time to start locking up white people (guilty or not) and let black people go free even if they guilty.

  102. Jail-Bird says:

    If L.L. was a poor black junkie from the projects she would have been sent to prison for YEARS a long time ago.

  103. Me3 says:

    Nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey, Goodbye….

  104. Bogie says:

    The LAPD protects celebreties…..the women NEEDS to do time….there is no justice if she doesn’t do time…I meen time like you or I would get..not segregated from the general population

  105. Amos Bosco says:

    6 December 2002 – Winona Ryder sentenced to 480 hours of community service, three years’ probation, $3700 in fines, and $6355 in restitution for her arrest on shoplifting charges. Not to mention the spanking If convicted, will Lindsay pull the same duty? But wait, what about male Hollywood? Penn. Downey. Sheen. Not much punishment. And what about Herman. That’s right, Pee Wee Herman. Even he got off with just a little whacking.

  106. Chicken Keeper says:

    Throw her in jail and weld the bars to her cage shut.

  107. Olrik says:

    Maybe she’s pulling a Bai Ling to whip up some free PR interest?

  108. davetulsa says:

    I’d date her! She honestly could become the Queen of B prison movies and upon graduation she could be the next Nancy Grace.

  109. Woodee Allan says:

    She hasn’t been hot since “The Parent Trap” anyway…

  110. Steve R says:

    Folks. She’s a person like us. She shouldn’t get off easy because she’s famous She shouldn’t be lynched because she’s famous. Justice ought to be blind.

    1. JM in San Diego CA says:

      Yes Justice is blind. But if Li-Lo doesn’t go to jail, Justice is stupid, too.

  111. Fregateeame says:

    Rather than prison time, just get her an over-nite date with either Charlie Sheen or, Silvio Berlusconi!!

  112. watash says:

    I wonder if a bukkake treatment would help ?

  113. Morpheus says:

    Why do people care at all about this?

  114. cdboss says:

    Id still tap that booty. put her in jail and let them tap it.

  115. astralweeks says:

    Blackman 2011 is a troll, a white guy playing black to stir it up. Childish.

  116. leos says:

    Sending a young girl to jail because of a stupid piece of jewelry? Seriously? the right-wing bible thumpers need to let lindsay live her life as she wishes.

  117. Progressive Ed says:

    This just doesn’t pass the smell test.

  118. pati. says:

    Jeez, is it just me or is she beginning to bear a remarkable resemblance to
    Sahron Stone’s character in “Casino”?

  119. watash says:

    Would a bukkake treatment may help her?

  120. watash says:

    Would a bukkake treatment help her?

  121. J Dean says:

    She deserves to be locked away for life just for being so stupid not to know that to get away with anything in Hollywood you need to either join the Church of Scientology or be a male actor in a top comedy tv show.
    How stupid can you be?
    The church of Scientology hides gay lifestyles and arranged marriages and a top comedy show buys you new teeth to hide your coke and meth rotten teeth.
    God Bless America.

  122. Steve says:

    Oops, never mind.

  123. cbinflux says:

    Why waste the time and money for a trial?! A big name atty and a star-struck judge will give her a get out of jail free card.

  124. Cleatus says:

    I want to know how many of you black dudes out there in the hood know you your father is and is he paying child support to help out your MAMA!

  125. karl says:

    So sad such a beautiful girl seems so derermined to self destruct

  126. BilliyBob says:

    Another outta control former child star. They get the idea they are too important to obey any rules. A year in jail might actually straighten her out.

  127. Pouncekitty says:

    If this little terd disappeared tomorrow, would ANYONE care???

  128. stacie says:

    silly Obama voter… hahaha!

  129. Free Bee says:

    MEANWHILE, RED China has been given not just our economy and technology, the Paname Canal, bases on BOTH our coasts————

    NOW, go to your mirror, make eye contact and say

    “THIS IS TREASON” three times slowly…

  130. RobbieK says:

    Time to close the book on Lindsay Lohan. Bye, bye.

    1. Jonny Sac says:

      Not as long as the inbred idol worshipers pay to see her. Morals are sadly a thing of the past

  131. Buck N Farack says:

    Who cares!
    How about getting some naked pictures to show, that, at least, will be news.

  132. jimonthdbeach says:

    I think a few months in jail would allow her to get clean and get her life in order.

  133. Cruz says:

    She should have signed the contract with Tom before Katie did. The Church would have hidden all of this.

  134. Dee says:

    Where were moss lohan’s parents in her growing up years? I think people have been coddling this young woman her whole and she has never had to take re-sponsbilities for bad choices. She is on the road to self destruction with the help to many people, what are these people hoping to by letting her off the hook time after time? It is high time she faces the consquences of her bad choices. Lindsey is one of many that has had to much to soon,!

  135. Franco says:

    I’ll be shocked if she actually goes to prison. I mean, God forbid they actually punish the almighty hollwood elite.

  136. jakethesnake says:

    She better start doing tongue exercises now….

  137. Prepared says:

    Again… why are people even concerned about celebrity nonsense like this?

    One should be far more concerned with the mega-financial disaster coming down the pike — as early as the end of June: http://wealthcycles.org

    When the U.S. dollar becomes WORTHLESS will people still care about such trivial nonsense? Probably!

  138. jkw says:

    would someone just PLEASE prosecute this skank?

  139. BabaBooey says:

    Look give the sweet girl a break! The solution is for Lindsay to become an Adult Film star and paid escort. She will then have enough money to buy the necklace, buy her
    choice of drugs, service the Judge ruling on her case and get on with her life.

  140. Pouncekitty says:

    Lindsay Lohan is a waste of time, space and air. Please let her go. She’s only on earth to make money for tabloid “journalists” and assorted celebrity stalkers. She’s barely worth the effort of this post, but I just had to tell you all what a WASTE OF TIME this bag is.

  141. HonestAbe says:

    A modest request to those leaving comments suggesting that Lindsay’s actions be ignored and all criminal charges dropped: Please post your home addresses, the dates and time you will not be at your residence, and the location of any valuables in your home. Thank you.

  142. Wilbur Post says:

    Lindsey is a product of a delusional mother and a gravy train father. No wonder she is so messed up. At least she’ll have plenty of girlfriends in prison. Maybe she’ll finally get over Samantha.

  143. james r. says:

    How about?, just a hard spanking! from some really hot looking older broad, then perhaps she will behave.

  144. Jim says:

    This all so stupid, The only reason she is being prosecuted (persecuted) is because she is so hot. The jealousy is so obvious, she has had some problems and is trying to get herself together. It will never happen because of all the pettiness and hate she has had to endure. She has returned the jewelery that she assuredly forgot she had on when she left the shop…Get over it people, like it or not she is a star and has earned/deserves more respect and legal leeway than the average Joe…Stop the hate, give her the respect she deserves and help her with the support she needs! Good luck Lindsay, I am in your corner!

  145. Ivan in Phoenix says:

    I predict she’ll pull a Dana Plato and die of an overdose in an old motorhome after she runs through the remainder of her money.

  146. ellie says:

    Lindsey- get the heck out of the US- hire s shrink and a 24 hour a day “minder”. Resolve to get yourself straightened out.

  147. jerryintampa says:

    What sort of person cares about this pathetic person and news about her?

  148. Jujubar says:

    Martha Stewart did time…look at all the “intelligent” women lapping up her tv slop…ignorance is bliss I suppose…sigh…
    on top of that, a media that supports and props up these types for a prime time audience/magazine tell all for (America?) heck…Lohan will be just fine…she will make her money off a book deal, then go on a wounded dove appearance on “The View” or whatever brilliant women’s-targeted audience show and make extra clams…samolies…lettuce…duckets…greenbacks…bread…that’s Hollywood, suckas…ain’t you guys figured this gig out yet?….tsk, tsk…

  149. sickoffools says:

    Some how the example is set that celebritiies (whom I never understood why anyone would celebrate them) and the rich never do time in jail or better yet prison. Only a few with an iron clad case do serve; but this annoying fool has skated her way around the system because her job is to take orders in a film.?
    This haggard ‘Mut’ years ahead of her age needs real time with real women so she can really become ‘Gay for the stay’ She’s a no talent hack and enough with her. Move in a new non talent for the tabloids to celebrate.

  150. beaker55 says:

    Can we just get over Lindsay Lohan, PLEASE????? There’s a real world out there people.

  151. ali oops says:

    Death penalty. It’s the only answer.

  152. Rick says:

    Just one question. Aren’t practically all of the jewelry used on the various ‘red carpets’ borrowed?

    Just wondering………

  153. twitch says:

    being 2 close 2 valentines reminds me of the toyota thingy lol venice jewlery sails fool regalia

  154. BillyG says:

    “Who’s Lindsay Lohan?”… That’s what will be said of her in five years. She’s nothing but a big breasted, tight bootied thief.

  155. twitch says:

    she could have accidendly snorted it on a bad hiccup anythings possible hienas feed their egos you know slow lol heavy jet loooooool… tee hee

  156. rmiers1 says:

    Let’s see, No one caught her stealing anything. It went missing while no one was watching a super star? It was identified in a picture around her neck. A couple of slimes say it will be difficult to defend her. Her mother and her mother’s dog are not nice. She has a substance abuse problem. The value of the necklace is because “it is a one of a kind”. I am assuming the necklace has no precious stones or valuable ingredients. It is a maybe a designer wooden african hand made affair sold in beach shops all over any waterfront anywhere.
    If they threaten years in jail, she will be likely to fork over large cash or their minions will use this to gin up millions of “breathtaking details for large TMZ or like material.
    Why does Mr Sheen seem to terrify, rampage, and do serious mayhem? Could it be the million a week and his high oriced handlers and network investors???
    She needs a good honest lawyer and a ordinary jury. The scarlet letter should be pointed out

  157. sick of it says:

    You college students need some help-gossip is evil. Find something else to talk about. There is help possible for gossips.

  158. tonyL says:

    She has completely lost her way after being on drugs. This will end badly and in tragic if some one cannot help her. This is sad situation. Committing these kind of crime of stealing means she is asking for help. Her loved ones need to take control of the situation before it’s too late.

  159. Random says:

    She’s a wackjob, I mean she dated this dude for God’s sake! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCE_yxKvUnE

  160. NoMoreMrNiceGuy says:

    Dumb and Dumber.

  161. criley401 says:

    This young lady needs to be locked up for her own good. A year or 2 in jail with counseling, drug rehab, and the inability to get drugs would help her a great deal. This girl will be dead in a short period of time if she keeps boozing and drugging at current levels. For some people Jail can be a lifesaver.

  162. InTheBubble says:

    California’s three-strike law says she gets LIFE if convicted, or do celebrities have immunity?

  163. mike says:

    I expect that her next headline will read ” Star dies of accidental overdose”.

  164. blaine says:

    she’ll be doing porn once she gets out; I can’t wait. Well, actually, I can.

  165. blaine says:

    And, yes, pretty women DO get away with far too much; women expect to be held to a lower standard – at work, in relationships, paying the bills – and it’s time men stopped indulging them: it’s hurt us and it’s hurt our sons. Lindsay Lohan needs to be made an example of – and there are a few million more who do, too.

  166. planetrider says:

    To be too lenient is to send a message to all her young fans and impressionable people in general, that it is OK to steal. You can steal anything you want, and when you get caught, you simply have to blame your upbringing, or state of mind, and then everything is OK. This is a very dangerous message to send to society. Theft is wrong. Theft cannot be tolerated. Anyone who has lost a bicycle, or purse, or wallet, or necklace to a thief knows the degree of this crime. Some things cannot be replaced. And Lindsay only returned it because she was caught.

  167. Lee says:

    She needs to be released into my custody. She can learn how real life is apart from the Hollywood fantasy land. She can clean house, mow the yard, wash dishes, and do some real work out here in the country. She’s not a bad girl, she just needs some guidance and some tough love.

  168. Keith Greene says:

    Only a 3rd grade uneducated idiot would care about what happens to her. GET A LIFE!!!

  169. Joe Smith says:

    I hope this girl gets the help she needs. She obviously needs some help and has some addiction issues that I feel are a result of underlying mental issues and I would rather see her in an institution or rehab center than a prison where she will learn to be even more destructive to herself.

  170. NoMoHollyWeirdos says:

    Why does this drug addled repeat offender even get any press?
    Aren’t Her 15 minutes (which I can’t grasp how she got in the first place) up?

    She Can’t Understand Normal Thinking. It’s time she get real jail time, general population – IF she somehow gets convicted in the land of LA.

    Actually, why would ANYONE care to read about ANY Hollywood, actor, entertainer BS? I’m sooo tired of hearing about them AND from them and their views, political beliefs, etc.,

    They are NOT ROYALTY, they are just entertainers (sort of in many cases).

    They just should STFU and do what they are paid for, entertain. Quit telling us, ‘the little people’ what to do and how to live.
    That goes double for you (D)Oprah!

  171. Gnarly says:

    Lock her up and throw away the key. What a waste of human genes. And Hollywood pays tons of money to this talentless “celebrity” for what? To keep her like a monkey in the zoo? For entertainment? And the idiot people who actually pay their hard earned money to go see her movies, wha’ dat? Insane. She will buy her way out of prison, since she is a self-centered, honored and cherished “celebrity”… it will go on and on until she kills herself. Society is better off without her and her ilk.

  172. Mike Merryman says:

    I think she wants to get caught b/c she knows she is out of control.

  173. Bruce Williams says:

    Your Honor, can we please dismiss the charges against Ms. Lohan and save the state the millions of dollars it is going to take to prosecute her. Seriously, unemployment is @ 12% in parts of the state, the Middle East is about to explode, but no lets be consumed with this trial for the next six months. It’s not like we have more important things to focus on.

  174. mike says:

    This is a young woman who the law and the system has played games with. There is little doubt at we are watched this young lady going down the tubes fast and hard. Even the court has just turned its head and lets her keep failing. Those around her have used her for all it worth, let’s face it her family is nuts, I am sure that is not helping matters any. Seems now many people want a pound of flesh from her, and I would agree she is responsible, but without getting help what good will it do to put her behind bars. The fact that so many people enjoy the watching this train wreck is a bit strange. I just hope she gets hooked up with the right help to try and turn her life around.

  175. joseph says:

    Turn out the lights the party’s over…….

    But seriously, she is one messed up human being and needs to finally be held accountable for her actions. She has become a danger to herself and society with her nonsense. May the courts do the proper thing for her sake and ours. God speed.

  176. Be Prepared says:

    As a nation, we need to stop being so addicted to “gossip porn” like this, and instead, focus on protecting our families from the financial collapse (coming as soon as June) that’s being brought about by the banking “elite.”

    95% of Americans are very likely going to lose all their wealth because we are so stupidly focused on nonsense like this. Instead, they could make millions during this time.

    What a waste! This is how the media keeps us distracted from the things that truly matter. Wake up!

    Hear what the wealthy are saying about what’s coming: http://wealthcycles.org

  177. Be Prepared says:

    Let’s face it…

    As a nation, we’re addicted to “gossip porn” like this.

    Instead, we need to focus on protecting our families from the utter financial collapse and destruction of the dollar (think Weimar) that’s coming as soon as June of this year.

    The vast majority of Americans are very likely going to lose all their wealth and savings because they are so stupidly focused on nonsense like this. Instead, they could make millions during this time.

    “News” stories like these are how the media keeps us distracted from the things that truly matter to our nation. Please, wake up!

    Hear what the wealthy are saying what’s coming in the next 6-36 months: http://wealthcycles.org

  178. Scroid says:


  179. frodothedog says:

    Of course, she’ll never go to jail. I would get forty years for that. That little drug-addled Hollywood twit might be asked to pay for the necklace, and then they will give it to her.

  180. Blade says:

    Boy, I sure miss those fun days of Paris HIlton’s exploits – did she finally grow up or grow a brain?

  181. frodothedog says:

    This dialogue is actually quite funny. Some folks want to throw Lilo to the crocodiles. Some want to be her sugar daddy. And then there are those like me, who wonder what the hell we’re doing fussing over this trivial horsesqueeze when we’re supposed to be working.

  182. Charles Kirtley says:

    I can’t believe there are people defending this drug/alcohol addicted thief in these comments.

  183. kadja1 says:

    Here is my problem with this…IF it was worth $2500.00, then she’s dumb for wearing it out of the store. She could have gotten a knock off at Wal Mart for a hell of a lot less–and if she did the route of the 5 finger discount, she would most likely have gotten a slap on the wrist again and a criminal tresspass order against her barring her from the store. NOW since it was turned in to police before the warrant was served, why IS she in jail? THAT part I have a problem with.

    1. JM in San Diego CA says:

      Kadja1: I think I know the answer to your last question. The jewelry store filed a serious, valid report alleging a a crime. Everything after that –police and courts — is based on evidence that she stole the necklace. It included employee reports that she was the last person in the store to have had the necklace AND .a video of her wearing the thing at an appearance.

      With that kind of evidence, she’s had to appear to answer the charge. So far, she’s not actually IN jail, by the way. She’s out on bond until her next court appearance.

      I think Lindsay’s a real doll who has wrecked her life by rejecting the standards that the rest of us take for granted.

  184. kadja1 says:

    She won’t get 3 strikes sentencing because most of what she had was misdemeanor if I’m not mistaken, and some of it was when she was under 18.

  185. Jose says:

    Throw her in the slammer, send Machete to save her!

  186. Linda says:

    Go get her!!!!
    She is no better then the rest of us.

  187. Linda says:

    She is no better then the rest of us.
    Go get her and and make her pay for her actions.

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