LOS ANGELES (CBS) —The glow-stick industry may be buzzing over the latest public service announcement from Los Angeles County, but some say it amounts to an backhanded endorsement of illicit drug use.

Amid ongoing debate over safety and security measures at rave dance parties held at the Los Angeles Coliseum, county health officials have quietly launched a campaign to offer guidelines for safe use of MDMA, more popularly known as “ecstasy”.

Officials plan to distribute leaflets such as the one pictured below at upcoming events with tips on ways to avoid overdosing on what the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration classifies along with PCP and mescaline as a Schedule I narcotic.

The death of a 15-year-old girl and hundreds of injuries at the 14th annual Electric Daisy Carnival held in the publicly-owned Los Angeles Coliseum in June 2010 sparked a public backlash over the potential safety hazards of hosting upwards of 180,000 young people, but the Coliseum Commission says it intends to move ahead with the event this year.

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  1. Carrie says:

    Had this been listed as Ecstacy Poisoning it would have been perfect!

    1. Will says:

      I am speechless. Drugs are for losers. That’s the message!

      1. horace says:

        maybe you’re just not taking the right drugs

      2. Scott says:

        For the love of God it doesn’t matter whether or not drugs are for “losers”. We’ve been using FORCE to try to prevent people from using drugs and where has that gotten us? Our prisons are bigger, we have more and more laws, we have DEA squads that bust down doors, etc..

        It’s time we start getting REALISTIC and understand that people are going to take drugs! You can either call them losers and wish they be locked up or have FORCE used against them to prevent it, or we can attempt to educate and minimize harm. Harm is not minimized through prohibition of substances!

      3. Scott says:

        Alcoholism is also for “losers” but we still encourage people to drink safely

      4. Tony Miller says:

        I agree Will, but there is a LOT of money in selling them to the not so bright!

      5. Jzin says:

        Yes that message has been proven to work so well!

        We have for sure won the war on drugs that why we have these guidelines to help prevent harm.


      6. Steve says:

        It is understandable to explain the dangers, It is sensible. However if you know people will go to this thing and the use of the drug will be that bad of a problem, it sends the wrong message to put that flyer out there. People who do drugs are not the brightest of the barrel and they may take the flyer as if it is okay to take the drug. Cancel the event!!

      7. Megan says:

        Scotts right. No matter what you can’t stop people. They are preventing people from dying and harming others. They are doing it because it is soooo easy to get ecstasy now and so many people do it!

    2. Scott Martin says:

      Can’t they just cancel the concert? These annual concerts and parties are obviously a tweaker’s dream…it’s probably no Mardi Gras and adds no socially redeeming value (or economic value)

      1. Kevin Cuartas says:

        God only selfish ignorant idiots would say that we should just cancel the event. People aren’t going just to do drugs. Are you saying we should ban every music festival just because people decide to do drugs there? there will be drugs everywhere you go. its just the media making RAVES look worse then them all. Live and let live people… if it doesnt effect ypu then why would you try and ruin it for hundreds of thousands of other people? we are all trying to live our lives. just because we aren’t doing it like you doesnt mean we’re doing it wrong…

  2. Jim Gates says:

    are they nuts promoting this poison the best way to protect yourself is not take it period

    1. SheenMachine says:

      Taking X is the only way to make living with other Californians bearable.

      1. MarkBench says:


    2. Michael Lohr says:

      It isn’t promoting. It is educating people on how not to kill them selves.
      Simply having an Goverment agency tell people not to take a drug won’t stop one person from taking any drug.

      1. Godelovesu says:

        Your right just like telling people how to take a dangerous drugs will stop them from overdosing..

        I guess it comes down to how smart or stupid one is, and people who take it are not only stupid but idiots also…

      2. Sam Ellis says:

        Michael Lohr you are such a convoluted fool. That kind of logic is exactly why the sign went up in the coliseum in the first place.
        So using your logic we should help heroine addicts learn to be better needle users and give them advice on how to “safely” take that drug too.
        What an complete moron you are Michael.

      3. Michael Lohr says:

        Sam Ellis

        “Michael Lohr you are such a convoluted fool. That kind of logic is exactly why the sign went up in the coliseum in the first place.
        So using your logic we should help heroine addicts learn to be better needle users and give them advice on how to “safely” take that drug too.
        What an complete moron you are Michael.”

        Many countries including the US do precisely that. Needle exchange programs have been in place for many decades and they have proven effective in reducing the incidence of HIV, HBV, and HCV infections.
        In a fantasy world people would not abuse alcohol, ecstasy, cigarettes or any other drug. Unfortunetly in the real world this does occur. Sometimes it is simply because people think a little of a drug or alcohol is good, so more must be better.
        If a reliable source, can help even a small precentage from dying, then this simple pamphlet will have done it’s job.
        BTW thanks for your personal attacks. It just highlights that you have no facts to support your postion.

      4. Kevin Richards says:

        @Michael Lohr – you logic IS convoluted and not much fact to the contrary is needed. By your logic, all crime is just “unavoidable” so instead of trying to stop it we must embrace that it happens make sure no one gets hurt in the commitment of a crime. How about pamphlets on how to rape someone, or rob a bank or swindle your neighbor out of their life savings, or “be a better kidnapper”. This is 4th grade logic.

        Of course simply saying “please don’t do this” doesn’t stop those determined to do it anyway, but it might stop the “less inclined”. And the less we have of society thinking of taking drugs they better off we all are – don’t you agree?

      5. Michael Lohr says:


        I do not see where there is even a shred of logic in your argument. When a person commits a crime against another person they cause real harm to the other person.
        When a person takes a drug in manner that causes harm to themselves where the potential outcome is death then thier action causes harm to themselves.
        Now a simple pamphlet isn’t promoting this drug, just as a needle exchange isn’t promoting heroin. But if these actions utimately saves lives of the young and or uneducated then I really do not see the downside.
        For those that claim these action do promote drug use we already know that to be false as the evidence has shown there is no significant upswing in herion usage where there are needle exchange programs.

      6. Maalox says:

        So what you are saying that the users will ignore one message but follow to the other? There will be pockets of people that will listen to either message. And wouldn’t saving a few lives by teling them not to use the drugs would be worth it. Especially if the message is pictures of Ecstasy users in the morgue.

      7. Lore says:

        Michael Lohr is absolutely RIGHT! He’s correct. You people should go read and inform yourself before speaking and criticizing. Go read the statistics about this facts. Is not promoting, it’s just like cigarettes. Every package of cigarrette comes with the warming “May cause Cancer” or something like that, so then it’s up to the own individual. Alcohol is more dangerous than MDMA or Ecstasy, FYI. I suggest you go educate urself in this matter please before speaking.

      8. Micah says:

        @Kevin Richards, I’m sorry to inform you that your glass house has been reduced to shards

      9. shempus says:

        unecessary waste of taxpayer’s $$ as usual in our effed up state. great. who the eff cares if a few more x-losers bite it anyway?

      10. M109R says:

        If a Government agency can’t tell people not to take drugs, what makes you think that a Government agency can “educate” people how to take illegal drugs safely??

      11. Sue Dildine says:


        Who cares if a druggie dies? Hmmm, friends and family who have hoped they would find a way out. I care, not just because I care about human beings, even if they have flaws, but also as a taxpayer. Education about drugs (how they work, how to be safe, HOW TO STOP OR GET HELP) have proven to be more cost effective than incarceration, public hospitals and paupers graves. Some will make it out, some won’t. But to call someone a loser and just wish them dead because you don’t understand their particular struggles or choices? Personally, I don’t see why anyone would feed their children McDonalds. Frequent and long term effects are worse than X. But I would suggest their children (or them) should die. You’re against education? No wonder there are so many stupid people running around.

    3. Michael says:

      While that’s true, the fact is, people are still going to use it, illegal or not. It’s like teaching abstinence to young teens. It doesn’t work. So, if we KNOW they’re going to engage in these high-risk activities, why not try to promote safer use? A lot of drug overdoses could be prevented if users were more educated on signs of overdose. For example, in Holland, heroin addicts have the option to go to clinics where they can be injected by certified nurses, with medical grade heroin. And their heroin overdose rate is MUCH lower than America’s. The war on drugs has been proven to NOT WORK.

      1. MarriageMender says:

        Oh boy…STEP AWAY FROM MAINSTREAM MEDIA, lol. Hmm, you know, I bet many of the people on here could actually use a nice calm MDMA session.. You should do some research on it and truly understand it rather than basing your conclusions on hearsay. Whatever that kid overdosed on, I guarantee it wasn’t pure MDMA, but rather some mixture of other stimulants with it…probably meth or even caffeine that did her in. As to the poster, well, people are going to interpret things differently. Some would even say that saying nothing at all is a form of encouragement. As far as MDMA is concerned: people tend to fear that which they don’t understand. MDMA is an excellent therapeutic tool and breaks down really tough emotional barriers allowing one to get to the core of a problem…perfect for couples therapy. If you’re going to use it recreationally, it should never be used as a party drug, but in a calm group setting amongst friends and loved ones. Most complications arise when it is mixed with other stimulants and from symptoms that stem from electrolyte imbalance due to dehydration from sweating caused by dancing coupled with inadequate water intake. Oh, I’m sure I’ll catch all kinds of flack for some of the things I just wrote, but I bet the very ones who will attack most intensely are the same ones that could benefit most from MDMA. I recommend it about twice a year for those especially…might make it so that you can stay off the antidepressants half of you are likely on …So here I am. Flame away. Tell me how I’m going to hell and that I’m a quack therapist. 😉 Seriously though, before you make the judgment, get to know and understand that which you’re judging.

    4. Sanchez says:

      People do not think like you Jim Gates, i agree with you but not all those people taking MDMA.

    5. Jay says:

      It’s telling people to stop being stupid with their drugs.

      Ignorant fools.

      1. MarkBench says:

        That’s right. Play Russian roulette responsibly. Make sure there is only one bullet in the cylinder.

  3. 1person says:

    They are out of their minds!! Someone in the DHS must be a pusher AND have been paid off by the people who promote raves! There is no such thing as a “safety guide” for taking street drugs. What makes them think they are qualified to publish this information?

    1. Eak says:

      Um, because they know what the drug does to a persons body and the effective ways to counteract the dangers posed by it. Which really, with half a brain, an internet connections, and one hand any person could accomplish in five minutes.

      1. SheenMachine says:

        Unfortunately, with an internet connection and my other hand I’m watching porn.

      2. gary says:

        same here, I got 1/2 a brain, one hand, an internet connection, and it’s all about porn baby

      3. Stuff and Nonsense says:

        clearly they don’t know what drugs do to the body Eak, they called Alcohol a Stimulant, that’s actually a Depressant…

      4. perker says:

        Alcohol is both a stimulant and depressant….first half hour stimulates…the rest of the night depresses…..take a shot when you’re tired you will perk up instantly

      5. Daniel says:

        MDMA is the stimulant, it says other substances or other stimulants, alcohol is one of the other substances.

    2. Lore says:

      lol.. no, it’s just prevention. Think about it, they’re gonna engage in it anyways… so why not might as well give them a safer outlook to it. You can’t cover the sun with one finger. Just like sex, teenagers were still doing it regardless, so might as well give them condoms to protect themselves.

  4. Jackie says:

    That’s really nice of county health officials to print up these lovely little hand outs! Of course these geniuses that are abusing drugs are going to take the time to read their little hand outs before getting high! Doesn’t every responsible drug abuser do this? Now that this very useful information is going to be provided to them, of course they’re going to make the right choice and not use Ecstacy! HMMMMM, maybe if people caught under the influence and people caught selling these ILLEGAL drugs were arrested and prosecuted instead of “EDUCATED”, then maybe we wouldn’t need these oh so lovely handouts!

    1. gary says:

      ^^^^^^^^maybe if people caught under the influence and people caught selling these ILLEGAL drugs were arrested and prosecuted ^^^^^^^^^^^^

      oh yeah, THAT always works, just look at the last 30 yrs of results of that policy

    2. Bruce_Almty says:

      We should ‘educate’ drug users and solve unemployment by hiring hundreds, nay thousands of additional teachers. Good thinking Ca.

    3. druggie says:

      probably 95% of MDMA users know how to use it safe Jackie….you’ve obviously never done drugs so shutup about knowing whether drug users wanna be safe or not…of course we do….we dont need no stinking govt handout to know how to take pills and not die though….at least most of us dont

      1. S. T. Oner says:

        @Jackie… Just because people enjoy (or as you say, “abuse”) drugs every now and again doesnt mean we don’t want to be safe. For example, I don’t take E all that often, so a nice little pamphlet is something I might read. The purpose of the handout isn’t necessarily to stop these kids from taking Ecstasy (because we ALL know they CAN’T), but rather to illustrate the symptoms of- and explain how to prevent- an overdose. Is that so wrong of them?

      2. Lore says:

        It doesn’t hurt to have it out there anyways, a few who didn’t know, will know now.

  5. Eak says:

    Are you people serious? People will take ecstasy regardless of some pamphlet discouraging the use of it, but some people who take the drug will see this pamphlet and maybe it will save a life or two. You people need to seriously try living in the real world.

    1. Squanchy says:

      I completely agree with you. Since when has promoting abstinence ever worked for anything?!

      1. Apeon says:

        Dear Squanchy—-Most People Do abstain, both for sex and drugs, you obviously do not have the self-control mechanisms required for negotiating through the dangers of life, and You Are Judging others by yourself—an inadequate approach!

      2. ct says:

        worked great for me, now a happy father of five with a wonderful wife. Most people have no self control. Not the way things used to be when we valued the Bible.

      3. Jahnke says:

        People like you need to be sure and not breed. Please.

      4. Greg says:

        Dear Apeon — Sex, drugs, rock and roll and a law degree. Trust me when I say I think that I am certainly equipped to negotiate the dangers of life. It might not be the life that you would want, but remember, what it is when “You Are Judging others by yourself–an inadequate approach!”

      5. Lore says:

        @Apeon: HAHAH… u gotta be kidding! where on planet do u live? My dear, the real world is not like that. Actually a lot of us do take drugs here n there, have sex, and have great successful careers. just like going out and having some alcohol on the weekend. Nothing new. So it’s good that gov will try to educate those who don’t know about ‘abuse’. I’m very happy about this news today. 🙂 Peace & Love.

  6. John says:

    You could replace extacy with Alcohol but alcohol would be far worse. It’s a legal poison. The only difference between medicine and poison is dosage. Alcohol and legal pharmaceuticals have just as much if not a greater impact on your physiology as extasy. The real danger lies in not knowing what you are buying on the street which could contain far more dangerous contents like meth.

    Besides, do we really want to spend $40k+ a head per year to imprison recreational drug users? We’re already out of space and money, lets save it for truely dangerous criminals instead of experimenting teenagers who will outgrow it.

    1. Mike Restin says:

      So true, John
      Education is what is reducing tobacco use not prohibition.
      Look at Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. that’s…leap.cc

      They have it right.

      1. Bryan says:

        High taxes and the fact that it’s now illegal to smoke almost anywhere but your own house is what’s reducing tobacco use.

    2. James says:

      Alcohol, while it has its drawbacks and certainly can create short term hazards and long-term issues as well, is absolutely safer than ecstasy. I’m not arguing what should and shouldn’t be legal, I’m just saying. You hear people say this about weed, and perhaps it’s arguable there, but when it comes to ecstasy, there is no question it’s much more dangerous than alcohol.

      Still, legalize it, I say–not because it’s good, but because making it a criminal offense costs lots of money, empowers criminal gangs, wastes the time of cops, and ultimately, does not solve the problem at all. Besides which, federal drug laws are unconstitutional, as evidenced by the fact that when they enacted Prohibition, they did so with a Constitutional amendment. That was before they realized that it’s a lot easier to just get 5 judges out of 9 to say the Constitution authorizes anything they want to do.

      1. Tom Ace says:

        I disagree that alchohol is safer. Per dosage it’s death rate is off the charts compared to E. Alky alters families (dependents, co-dependents) and makes the user confident about their impaired judgement. MDMA has been used for years by trained psychiatrists to achieve years’-worth of therapy in mere hours, yet alky has no such usage.

        Refining the purity and dosage of the street drug would eliminate the incidental stories littering the hyperbolic bad press. Were media, government, and our culture witchunting alky in the same way there’d be riots. I have seen these truths with my own eyes and experienced the full gamet myself, so I present this perspective wholeheartedly and without prejudice. People OD on caffeine and sugar but there are no calls to lock those people up. The ignorance surrounding ecstasy is as bad as what the left says about the true Tea Party patriots. People need to wake up and experience and decide for themselves, and lose the prejudice BS.

        Best regards and God Bless.

  7. LC says:

    Let ’em kill themselves. It’s a free country.

    1. gary says:

      as cold as that sounds, that’s the only course we should take,
      we let cig and alcohol users kill themselves, we should let drug abuser’s have the same right

    2. Ozlanthos says:

      Consider it like this. What do words like “freedom” and “liberty” mean if we lack “choice”? Some choices have consequences, and others do not. Short of those choices that are directed specifically toward the harm or death of someone else, I think it is the sole providence of the individual to decide what choices to make.


      1. Kevin Cuartas says:

        Oz that was very well put. You put my thoughts into beautiful words. Live and let live. Its your body and mind, do with it what makes you happy. As long as you are not harming anyone else in the process it should be 100% okay. If someone decided one day that eating fatning foods is bad for you and should not be allowed then people would understand how it feels for people who just want to be able to occationally use recreational drugs.

    3. Charlie Potts says:

      Except that it’s not. Prison time for ingesting the wrong molecules!

  8. Hank Warren says:

    Useless public health officials, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress, except Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

    1. Christopher Erlinger says:

      “They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.”

      You forgot about everyone’s favorite, The Patriot Act!

  9. Chit town NIck says:

    How about just hiring some DHS employees to sell it safely in the bathrooms..

    Better idea, legalize it and offer it free so Darwin takes over and the next generation will be spared these kind of parents because they’ll all be dead.

  10. An Educated Man says:

    You are all a bunch of naive people. People are going to take ecstasy regardless of whether you, or health officials tell them not to. It’s people like you who think the drug war is a good approach on the topic at hand. And the statement that it is deterring people from altering their minds is just as delirious. That being said, wouldn’t you think that educating those people on the matter would save lives and reduce the risk of injury/overdose? Apparently not, but kudos to the LA HD for finally figuring out the smartest way to approach the MDMA phenomena. Worry about yourself and what you choose to put in your body, that’s all that will matter in the end…

    1. Tom says:

      Good approach. Freedom of will is great.

    2. Jahnke says:

      Shut up, you are a moron and attitudes like your are why we are being taken over by China.

  11. kwg1 says:

    If individual parents did this for alcohol they would be brought up on charges including: contributing to the delinquency of minors, facilitation of a crime, etc. How about the County Commissioners get arrested! That works better than promoting this insanity! but I digress this is after all California!

  12. John says:

    A lot of people are going to be big critics of this..

    But as long as prohibition is failing, and millions of people continue the use of this drug everyday, the least they can do is make sure they are doing it safely.

    The people in cali have the guts to remove their heads from the sand, and tackle what is reality, instead of turning a blind eye and excepting the status quo.

    1. Apeon says:

      The problem with your statement is that the ‘people in cali’ did not have their heads in the sand, there heads were where the sun don’t shine—just look who they elected gov!!!!!!!:))


  13. JustAGuy says:

    Should anyone be suprised? We ARE talking about California!

    Reminds me of last summer when I was at Venice Beach. The Medical Marijuana store on the walkway had a person hawking his new batch of fresh hashish!

    I’m sure all you need to do is go in and tell them you have a a neck pain, and the staff medical “professional” will write you a subscription right on the spot!

    1. RPF says:

      Reminds me of being out on lunch and seeing that Walgreens with a big advertisement claiming that I need to come in, give them money and get protected from the flu.

      Or the commercials on TV trying to get me to buy their pills so I can feel better.

      Or the Tylenol ad I heard on the radio telling me to pop their pills when I have aches and pains.

      Are you really critical of business that advertise their wares? Or are you just a bigot towards those who happen to sell marijuana?

    2. Dirt-N-Mud says:

      Subscription or Prescription?

      Regardless, people who want something will always find ways to get it…being it booze, drugs, guns, vehicles, Health Care laws, etc.

      MDMA kills and educating youngsters to the dangers starts at home…just like the dangers of alcohol, weed and meth…among others.

      I don’t know what the answer is, but, as long as there are raves, there will be ecstasy. Let’s hope they don’t drive and kill a family of five that are traveling early in the morning on a family vacation.

      Just sayin’…

    3. scott says:

      A subscription huh???

  14. Doug says:

    I just can’t get out of L.A. fast enough. Two years to retirement and a return to civilization.

    1. nightwriter says:

      Don’t come up north… it’s just as dismal here….

    2. SheenMachine says:

      Hey Doug, just take some X and hang out man. It’s cool, I’ve got a pamphlet that tells you how to be safe on X. It’ll be fun man. California is like so progressive.

  15. Dan says:

    I desperately hope that the idiots posting here aren’t in any position to inhibit the increasingly well-informed decisions of California policy-makers with their poisonous misinformation.

    1. nightwriter says:

      Wow! You are actually accusing California policy-makers of well-informed decision making! Yep, that’s us… the most well-informed decision makers in the country!!! I know, I know…. sarcasm… I simply couldn’t resist! God… I have got to get a job! ;>0

  16. Freeben says:

    I do not condone using illegal drugs but let’s face it, people will do whatever they want to do. Legal or illegal. It’s good to know that LA Public Health recognizes that in order to minimize the risks, it is best to educate the public on what to do.

    The best advice should have been listed on the top. STAY AWAY – The only way to completely avoid the risks is to avoid the drug, enjoy the music and dancing instead.

  17. The Patriot says:

    I fought in the war on drugs in the U S Coast Guard. I Went into the U S Army Special forces and fought in two wars only to come home to watch my 15 year old daughter die of an overdose. Stay away from drugs. For the Government it is a business, everything from taxes to prosecution, arrest and rehab.

    1. Kevin Cuartas says:

      TO THE PATRIOT : were you the father of sasha rodriguez (the girl that died at that rave in the coliseum) Because SHE didnt die from an overdose like the news and her friends LIED about. She OVERHYDRATED herself with water after SHE made the decision to take those pills. THe only reason we are fighting about ecstasy right now is because of that incident. the news makes things sound so much worse to the IGNORANT people who watch it.

  18. walter12 says:

    The City of Los Angeles is now officially a Third World Country on to itself. It is not part of the United States anymore except for US money. The Marxist city government, Hollywood, the Mexican invasion, drugs, black and Mexican youth gangs, rampant street crime, sky-high taxes, giant welfare roles have all reduced LA, once a great city to a shell of decay and violence. You might as well give the entire city over to Mexico and be done with it.

    1. James says:

      Don’t make it a racial thing. There are absolutely white people involved with the gang problem as well. Perhaps a smaller number proportionally, but you can’t just say that means whites aren’t the problem and other races are, because that’s not really how it is, and of course many blacks and hispanics are perfectly law-abiding and good people.

      1. nightwriter says:

        Just had to make it about race, didn’t you! Give James a gold star for political correctness. I am so privileged to have read your typical liberal response. Meanwhile, standing in a corner puking!…. I am so sick and tired of you liberals! But I gues God loves you… oh, that’s right, you don’t believe in God, do you!

    2. nightwriter says:

      Add San Francisco and the Bay Area to your list. No one speaks English in the Bay Area any longer and the libs here are so freaking out of it with their political correctness they don’t even need a drug to enhance their insanity! They just trip 24/7 on their self-righteousness.

    3. Jon says:

      Los Angeles happens to be pretty safe. Lived there for the past 10 years and never once felt afraid for my life or my property.

    4. Greg says:

      It’s expensive to live here, that is true. Lot of that has to do with demand. I bet if we could lower the demand for living here by helping relocate all the people such as yourself who hate California, we could rein in housing costs and probably do a lot to clear up the traffic problems we currently have. So, when would you and your friends like to get together to start planning your move to another state? Are you free tomorrow?

  19. Moan Chamsky says:

    Extasy is safe I know cuz I taken at least 500 pilz.

  20. Moan Chamsky says:

    Exstasy rulz it makes me dance good and have sex with many black and crazy azian girlz.

    1. gary says:

      hmmn, sounds good, I’m 56yrs old and could use a distraction

  21. AL in LA says:

    Why give idiots instructions on “safe” drug use. The fact remains: “stupid is and stupid does”, so I say we just let these fools overdoes as quickly as possible. The world would be a whole lot better off without this particular segment of the population. Also, once they finally exterminate themselves, the drugs dealers will finally be out of business.

    1. S. T. Oner says:

      >>>”The fact remains: “stupid is and stupid does”, so I say we just let these fools overdoes as quickly as possible.”

      “Overdoes”, huh? Nice. Listen AL in LA, why don’t you go ahead and stop whilst you’re ahead.

  22. Tomtomin says:

    Real Ecstasy should be controlled and used for its original purpose…I’m 45 years old and in 1989 I understood the true meaning and usefulness of MDMA.

    1. Apeon says:

      Which is——(at 23 you doubtless understood everything)


  23. Damian Nevarez says:

    God you are not seeing the big picture once our society is in decay you will be taken over or destroyed by invaders. Drug usage on this level and it’s legalization is the beginning of the end for the USA.

    So continue taking drugs and giving up our youth and one day soon you will wake up from a STOOPER and be forced to speak Chinese????

  24. Dr. Bombay says:

    “When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I’ve never tried before.”
    – Mae West


  25. Ken Harkins says:

    To be effective, this kind of warning needs to be put out by some unofficial group. No one who takes illegal drugs trusts anything said by county officials. Besides, the people who pay taxes don’t want to warn these people. They want to punish them. This kind of thing has to be done in secret.

  26. Robert says:

    I know the person who holds the patent on MDMA he says it is the most damaging drug available. Causes massive brain damage. They will all experience dimensia. Wishes he had never invented it!

    1. Christopher Erlinger says:


      But will they remember how to spell?

    2. RPF says:

      Really? You know Merck? The German division huh? That’s incredible. Especially since it was invented in the 40’s.


      I CALL LIAR.

      Typical opponents of drug reform. You have absolutely no credible evidence that suggests MDMA leads to brain damage, so instead you lie to try and make your case.

      You are absolutely pathetic and the absolute most despicable of human beings. I hope you get brain damage.

    3. Karl says:

      You are a liar – MDMA was patented in the early 1900s. (Merck Pharmaceutical 1912)

      The “father” of the modern MDMA movement was Alexander Shulgin — would never say anything of the sort — because it simply is not true.

    4. Dr. WhitE says:

      Merk’s patent on MDMA expired in 1914, I believe..

  27. Jack Meyhoffer says:

    They should teach this in every LAUSD school as well. After all, the only thing that kids need to know is how to take Ecstasy and how to properly put on a condom. Learning how to read, write, and do math is so non-enlightened and so 90’s, right libs???

  28. Keith says:

    Well it is good to see real education instead of more scare tactics …Long overdue !!!

  29. astralweeks says:

    Dear California,
    We want to dearly thank you for your endless supply of laughs, really, you guys are hilarious.

    The Rest of the Nation

    1. Charlie Potts says:

      Stay away, loser.

  30. RPF says:

    Good. This is what they should do. Being naive and believing that people aren’t trying these things is just dumb. Honest and simple communication is the best.

    Besides, I’m not aware of any cases where someone has died PURELY of an MDMA overdoes. I’ve heard of water overdoses and combination over doses, but not simple MDMA overdoses.

    Many physicians have even prescribed it to patients.

    The war on drugs has failed. Its time to end this madness.

  31. Freedom lover says:

    Is this what they call the war on drugs? Teaching kids how to use illegal drugs safely? This country is losing every value we’ve ever had

  32. Mike says:

    Ecstasy should be legalized. It’s much less harmful to society than alcohol. Anyone who disputes this is very likely dealing with hearsay (media brainwashing) and not done personal research or obtained firsthand experience themselves.

  33. Jill says:

    When used in moderation, ecstasy is safe.

  34. Jerzey Boy says:

    Seems the warning labels on cigarettes have been working pretty well too.
    Frik’n California.
    What’a joke.

    1. Cali OG says:

      Jerzey Boy:

      You are the type of ignorant d bag who has never left the tri-state area and thinks they know everything and are better than everyone else. Enjoy shoveling out your car while I go to the beach. And keep starting fights in Belmar while you’re at it. The less of you the better.

      1. Vance Decker says:

        AWESOME! You are 100% correct! Typical ‘beaten down’ brainwashed and spoon fed everything they know their entire lives East Coast trash. This guy probably goes to teabagger ‘protests’ on street corners.

      2. Jerzey Boy says:

        First off, you do not know me, so to call someone ignorant without knowing them, is, by definition, is ignorant.
        Second, you have no idea where I live, repeat the above.
        Third, “Frick’n California, is, perhaps not well said, but on the mark. CA is a state that run by fools is dragging down the whole USA. Who will bail out this dam state, huh? Your buzzed out clowns walking the street?
        So feel warm and watch your state sink in the muck of your own making.
        BTW, where I live I do not have any snow, my state budget found a surplus now being put back in the working capitol and is as from from CA as possible.
        BTW,W, I was being sarcastic on the “warning” reply, but, perhaps it’s missed on someone that appears to be so ignorant.

  35. Brandon says:

    I’m glad most of you feel like God! I’m even more happy to hear most wanting Government to play God, or letting Government dictate what is best for us. To be honest, I’m pretty sure I would like to be the person to dictate what goes in my body and for what reason its going in. I bet most on here are hypocrits and drink at night. Who knows, just leave me and my body to myself.

  36. Steve says:

    Drugs that are legal vs. illegal have absolutely nothing to do with whether or not they’re safe for the public. It has to do with corporations making billions of dollars off of “prescription” drugs they already have monopolized. These corporations aren’t very big fans of competition, and are very influential in deciding which political candidates get into office and create the laws.

    Why would the ruling elite of the world want people using ecstasy or marijuana when it would cut away from the vicodin prescription they used to take?

    1. Jon says:

      That argument presumes the “ruling elite” themselves could not rapidly mobilize to meet the demand for legal ecstasy and marijuana — I’m certain a large corporation could (1) start production quickly or (2) buy someone who is already in the business of producing. If anything a large corporation would have a leg up on street dealers in that their product would theoretically be higher quality and safer.

      No, I don’t think it has anything to do with the “ruling elite.”

  37. Dara says:

    E e e e e ecstasy!!!! WIN!

  38. MikeOOooS says:

    X….one of the most insidious drugs out there. Our society is steadily going down the drain.

  39. pjd says:

    First,, LA should not be in the busness of promoting drug gatherings at all. People who OK’d this farce, underwritten by taxpayers, should be fired immediately.
    Second, anyone stupid enough to ingest chemicals for pleasure should be given all they want but the have to take them all at once, tag their own toes and get into a body bag. We are tired of their nonsense. People around them do not deserve to be constantly bothered by these selfish, inconsiderate creatures.

    1. Jon says:

      You mean chemicals like ethanol? How about what’s in a cigarette? OH wait, those are just liberal lies!!!

  40. Jack says:

    The people criticizing this are probably the same people that don’t want their children to be taught about safe sex and would rather them come home knocked up.
    People are going to continue doing X at raves whether they read this or not. It’s good information for people that haven’t taken the drug before and may not know what to watch out for.

    1. smarterthanyou says:

      Moron. I’m betting you do your share of drugs.

  41. pat says:

    too much of everything is just enough

  42. Mark says:

    So, anyone still wondering why California is leading the nation in social degradation?
    We’re taking the tubes folks and the left coast will be the first to go.

  43. Jesus_Loves_You! says:

    Be sure to take with plenty of LSD!

  44. doodle-mcvee says:

    didn’t these same einsteins do the same thing with pot back in the ’60s,

    and they think it is going to work this time??

  45. some kid says:

    hi, im an 18 yr old, but i know enough to ask this; are any of yall experts in this field? If so, respond with verification b/c anyone can lie on the internet. Also, to those who feel so strongly either way on this subject; why arent you doing something about it instead of calling eachother idiots on the internet?

  46. attila_the_huney says:

    Maybe California is just culling the heard. I mean, who votes for the people that run this state? Natural selection does not involve the election of villalagrossa. He’s probably getting a cut of the junk that’s run up from his country, mexico.

  47. MaggieLyn says:

    This is a good example of why most of the rest of the nation doesn’t take California serious! The attitude is they are pretty much all air heads and drugged out freaks that know nothing about budgets. Looking at the pic of what is being distributed I noticed “don’t mix with alcohol or other stimulants…” You expect us to believe that these users are not drinking while getting high on ecstasy? These guidelines are a waste of money.

    1. vance decker says:

      You’re capitalist Mecca Texas is almost bankrupt. How do you explain that?

      Furthermore, you are exactly why most people who are educated and live in cities don’t take uneducated middle american housewives seriously.

      1. heatherfeather says:

        “You’re” education really shows, Vance. And what is “almost bankrupt”? How much money do I have to have to get out of “almost” bankruptcy. California is beyond bankrupt.

        When the cities are burning, you will be the first one on your knees welcoming the soldiers who you now make smarmy comments about in your cubicles. Now go take some more drugs.

  48. vance decker says:

    BLA BLA BLA! Most of you people are such total idiots.

    Millions of people take ecstacy recreationally. Yet you dummies focus on 1 or 2 nut jobs, who had psychiatric or other medical problems beforehand to start screaming and yelling hysterically about something you know nothing about.

  49. RollBott says:

    People have done “drugs” since the beginning of time so it’s nice to see Cali stepping up and being smart about it. Sad thing is if this was about Viagra or some other government sanctioned drug it wouldn’t be a big deal but just an ad on TV with the rest of the dope they push.

  50. jack says:

    What a freakin’ joke this state is. They are on the verge of sinking into the ocean. I guess the only way to make people who live there feel better is to get them high so they are too wasted to complain to Guv Moonbeam.

  51. Cogito says:

    California is the greatest bunch of psycho freaks the world has ever known. I feel sorry for the few sane people living there.

  52. Perseus317 says:

    One more example of this state’s preoccupation with self-indulgence. These people want to legalize all drugs. They just haven’t publicized that yet. Next, they’ll be wanting taxpayers to pay for all of their drugs, claiming that the drugs are a right, to ensure happiness.

    1. Big Bear says:

      We already pay for phony disabilities so stoners can get “medical” marijuana, so why not?

      The days of rage are coming. The smug gangstas and drug pushers won’t look so tuff when they are digging their own mass graves in the desert. And no one will miss them, either.

  53. Cogiito says:

    Probably one of those newly discovered, fabricated rights we hear so much about.

  54. mike says:

    It’s a human right to take ecstacy. Anyone who tries to take drugs away is a racist. Ecstacy is no more harmful than coffee and these flier prove it. The government is admitting what we already know, ecstacy is good for you when taken properly.

  55. Rosscoeee says:

    Mike you are correct. I have taken it 1,000 times and I do not regret it one bit. I have actually had a fantastic fun filled life with no regrets. Maybeee if some of the people that are bashing people for experimenting with drugs would get off their couches and attempt to alter their perception and experience life they could open their minds a bit. The fact is the government has no business telling me what I can put into my own body in the first place. I actually applaud this because at least they are starting to realize this fact and are doing what they should of been doing since they realized the drug war is an utter failure. Educate people on proper usage and go use our tax dollars for something useful instead of swat riots.

  56. Noladoc says:

    Anyone else see the grammatical error in the image? This campaign need a proofreader. Alcohol and caffeine DEHYDRATE! They do not “dehydrates.”

  57. Big Bear says:

    Typical response from do-nothing liberals. If you see deviant behavior, well, I guess we should welcome it because we aren’t strong enough to stand up to it.

    Five years of Martial Law will undo 50 years of failed “progressive” policies. Let the soldiers take over since the lawyers are Epic Fail. I would jump at the chance to go Medieval on some drug dealer. They are the lowest of the low, and glamorizing them just doesn’t work.

    1. Michael Lohr says:

      Tell me, How are your kind any different from the Taliban or the the leaders that run Iran?

  58. JAAC says:

    People are taking ecstasy causing permanent damage to themselves and sometimes overdosing and dying. With the information in this pamphlet the damage and deaths will decrease.

    When the police or DEA find marijuana laced with PCPs or other dangerous contaminants they immediately notify the public.

    When lead or other contaminants are found in children’s toys the public is notified immediately.

    NOT providing life saving information would be criminal.

    As with most Public Health issues the most righteous amongst us somehow find it right and within their interest to limit life saving information. Why? Well their is no rational explanation unless you believe some knowledge to be evil and the soul to be more important than actual physical life.

    Yes, the tree of knowledge is to be feared. If knowledge is leaked out those who wish to remain in power might just lose their grip to a more informed public. Yeah, it made God angry. And now the angry amongst us want to play god.

  59. sun ra says:

    If it were your first time taking E and you had no clue what to expect or if you started panicking, I think you’d really appreciate this. Even if you just saw this one day, sober, it would be good information to absorb in case you randomly found yourself tripping balls on x.
    Good for the powers that spread the knowledge.

  60. Rick says:

    Those against XTC have never taken it. Period. Those spouting God and the Bible in your posts – stick that children’s fairy-tale book up your butt – like your once beloved Ted Haggard.

    Quit worrying about what other people do with their freedoms and choices. As great, Aunt Ann Landers often said: Mine you own business.

    You fascist conservative do-gooders are total buzz-kills. No wonder you live such sad, miserable lives. Go to Church, vote for your favorite Teabagger, keep your kids home-schooled – and leave the rest of us normal society alone to expand our minds.

    Peace Out.

  61. longjohnsilver says:

    To those who don’t like this idea: How are they supposed to deal with 180,000 people? Remember Woodstock? Hate to break it to you but unless you want all of our kids strip-searched, I suggest you become a little more pragmatic about the reality of the situation. PEOPLE USE DRUGS…GET USED TO IT. I personally use Med. Cannabis (legally, for a “true” medical disorder, so don’t even start!) and I’ve heard all the lies and distortions of facts pertaining to “drugs” and feel they are doing a great service to the citizens of our City by posting the info. It really can’t be stopped. If they were all on Booze?? MAJOR VIOLENCE! DUH! At least their looking out for the kids health without resorting to Gestapo tactics.

  62. Dave says:

    Lets teach kids how to drive drunk responsibly, cause they are going to do it anyways… I don’t know whats worst, these spoiled kids that are so far gone that they feel the need to drug themselves, or that there are actually persons trying to defend this moronic logic. We are so doomed.

  63. Marty says:

    At least they’ll die well informed……

  64. Sean in Illinois says:

    Dumb California liberals… The sign should read, “Buy, sell or use Ecstasy and GET ARRESTED!!!” California has got to be the most backward place on Earth.

  65. Roze says:

    Guys, this is the same thing as teaching “safe sex”. Kids are going to do it anyway and it’s up to the parents to teach them otherwise. Now the governments feel that they have a responsibility to “protect” everyone because no one is responsible anymore. Whether you agree with this or not, I don’t think this falls under “endorsement” of an illegal substance.

  66. cyeager says:

    The Cartels own this news system.
    Made in the Netherlands and sold by news media advertisements.

  67. Xron says:

    LOL, well what can I say, s-l-o-w-l-y officials in L.A. are starting to get some common sense back, and to all those anti-drug mafia types, go do a little research on “prohibition” ans you will see had badly that idea went, so fact is human beings will find a way to medicate themselves be it legally or illegally, so you might as well educate people on the risks involved with said activity, certainly kids should not use drugs, but in case they do they should at least know what the risks are.

  68. Allen says:

    I used to go to these parties when I was in High School. These Rave Parties are full of people under the age of 21 even under 18 years of age. I do not know why the police/government do not step in and stop these parties from what I understand the city of New Orleans stopped the Rave Parties years ago. There would be so many people strung out on any drug you can think about even smoking dope in the middle of the dance floor/stadium seats, we use to go to the parties at (State Palace Theater) This is really sad in this day in age these parties are still happening. Then to give them directions to use ecstasy very sad.

  69. Anthony says:

    DEA says MDMA is dangerous. The FDA approved it as safe for human consumption in 2001*. It was taken millions of times every year with absolutely no issues. I wonder who we should be listening to – the scientists at the FDA — or the zealots at DEA?

    (* – Under this FDA approval, It’s currently being given to soldiers to treat PTSD, in fact, with zero problems.)

  70. PJ McFlur says:

    Im all for it. People are going to get high. Its just that simple. This insane drug war has done nothing but criminalize human behavior that harms nobody but themselves, strips us of more liberty under the guise of protecting us and created a black market that kills more people a year than the drug overdoses.

    We should outlaw gas, paint and glue too!!! Seriously! This isnt about helping people. Its about control. All you pro-drug war folks are off your rocker. In the 30 or so years its been going on… Has it helped?

  71. Chad says:

    This article is funny because it says ” U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration classifies along with PCP and mescaline as a Schedule I narcotic.”

    Yet fails to mention that marijuana is also a schedule I narcotic even though the substance is dispensed at over 1000 state sanctioned dispensaries.

    Funny they compare it to PCP and mescaline (peyote) but not the benign, misunderstood cannabis which is also classified by the FDA as schedule I.

    This is a good program though I think education on substances of abuse is important, especially when its from a trusted source.

    More information would be helpful such as more info on side affects and drug interactions with MDMA including interactions with previous medical conditions, other drugs, and even possible food interactions.

    This policy is about increasing safety, hopefully it helps.

  72. L.E. Liesner says:

    Looks like the Health Department has surrendered to the drug dealers. I would think that the Health Department would be more interested in getting the drugs off the street then in the so called safe use of them. Where have we went wrong?

  73. Steven M. says:

    Is this what we really want or need?

    Quasi-permission for people to be wandering/driving in traffic, stoned out of their gourd?

    Because that is a great reason to avoid this town.

    Can we rename Los Angles: St. Stupid?

  74. Tom Bender says:

    This is no more than what a lot of people in LA have suspected for a long time. The city of LA and the County are involved with Drug Trafficking.
    Time for DEA to step in and pull a blanket search warrant on all County and City officials.
    Lets not forget about the corrupt judges and attorney’s that are involved.
    Yet we ask the men and women in Blue to take a bullet for these A-HOLES !

  75. NICE NICE TACO says:

    LA County is condoning use of an illegal substance. I didn’t see anywhere in the pamphlet encouraging NOT using it because it is an illegal substance. Wow, talk about setting the taxpayers up for lawsuits. I wonder how much of the taxpayer money will be squandered on this pamphlet foolishness? CA, there will be NO BAILOUTS from the rest of us.

  76. Gonzo says:

    Living in California is like living in a bowl of granola, what aren’t fruits and nuts are flakes…

  77. Gonzo says:

    And our government spent millions of dollars to investigate, arrest, and prosecute Tommy Chong for having a business that sold clean glass bongs..Wrong, wrong, wrong.. and that he had to serve 9 months in Federal Prison is an even more insane outcome. He was prosecuted because he “promoted” and “promoted” drug use. How is this not the same thing??They are promoting “safe” use of an illegal drug. I think the Feds should go after these people, and L.A. County for promotion of an illegal drug.

  78. amplitude jones says:

    Dang..If I were president, there would be seven or eight delta teams who exclusively find and slay people who make or sell that EVIL drug. In country, there would be 50 teams of DEA agents, to find and slay dealers and importers and manufacturers of the EVIL DRUG>. We are mass producing ZOMBIES. It has to stop- we are ALLOWING our enemies to erase the nation.

    1. Scott says:

      Or we could just keep drugs illegal so Mexico can stay unstable, decapitated bodies can continue to pile up, we can spend billions more dollars and achieve nothing.

      Or we can go the genocide route.. hmmmm

      I’ll drink to that. Where’s my cigar?

    2. Scott says:

      If you want to talk about “mass producing zombies” then take a look at how we prescribe prozac and other drugs to school children so that they’ll stop behaving like kids.

  79. RichWa says:

    We should just bust and through in jail anyone at the next Electric Daisy Carnaval that does an illegal drug such as Ecstasy or Marijuana. We should be making sure that they’re all doing nice legal drugs like alcohol and cigarettes.

  80. LiveWithoutIt says:

    I say, let the drug users overdose. Good riddance! It’s called, survival of the fittest.

    1. Scott says:

      Exactly. Personal decisions people! Same way we should let fatties die of a heart attack if they have a lousy diet.. survival of the fittest! (pun intended)

  81. tankfixer says:

    If this isn’t a sign that California has lost their mind I don’t know what is…

  82. Scott says:

    What kind of a society do we live in where we use violent force and incarceration to prevent someone from ingesting a substance into their own personal body?

    Doing drugs may be immoral, being a drug addict may be even more immoral, but how does that compare to using VIOLENT FORCE against sometime to prevent them from making their own personal decision to ingest a substance?

    Should we use violent force to (try to) prevent people from unhealthy eating? More people die every year from poor diets than they do from ingesting illicit substances!

    1. Mike says:

      What would Jesus do?

  83. JohnB says:

    Just read the list – it is truly hilarious!
    -> DON’T MIX – X users are not combining alcohol? Ho ho, that is rich!
    -> RECOGNIZE OVERDOSES – Based on that list (confusion, blurred vision, vomiting, etc) everyone on X needs to seek medical help!
    -> STAY AWAY – So don’t use X at all… Then why the rest of the warnings? Why not hand out flyers that have this one warning?
    -> KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR FRIENDS – Are they not reading the same warnings?

    And the overall advice at the top – HOW TO AVOID POTENTIAL HARMS. So by doing X, you are only potentially harming yourself.

    LA County health officials: you MUST be on X yourselves for publishing this truly hilarious flyer. Try thinking sober next time.

    1. Scott says:

      Try being realistic and try to minimize harm instead of imposing your morality on people and imposing the use of violent force against someone for choosing to use a substance that you don’t consider socially acceptable (unlike alcohol.. those Bud Light commercials during the Super Bowl were hilarious! Let’s all go to the bar and get plastered because alcohol is awesome!!!

  84. gabe says:

    its understandable how people feel about raves and how kids are doing all kinds of drugs. but i ask this what about all the concerts in the US (rock, rap, country, etc.) i can guarantee that at least 40-60% of everyone there is doing some kind of illegal drug. but yet there is one of those events everyday and no one says anything.im only 23 and i do go to raves yea i have to admit it has changed a little. at least the people that go changed. about 4 years ago u can walk into a rave and feel like everyone is your friend everyone is willing to give u a hand up. now a days it seems like you have to look out for your self. raving was better back then. but no matter what there will always be illegal drugs and you cant stop it i mean people in prison do drugs PRISON a place were your surrounded by cops 24/7. it all comes down to people. people just need to learn how to be responsible and know what there doing before they do it that’s all.

  85. cands says:

    If you say nothing, no one hears… Did anyone actually read the article, where it discussed that a 15 yr old girl DIED…. Kids do not read instructions.. they ask their friends ‘how to’ …. they prolly wont even read the signs… but RESPONSIBLY if that sign saves ONE KID!!! I hope it is mine!!!! I have 3 teenagers, that know I do not condone drug-use, but they are teenagers! if they never hear ‘side effects’ will they care? Hell no, cos they won’t even know them… All they will hear is the ‘word of mouth’ info they get from other ‘users’, or ‘wannabe-users’ who ‘heard…. ‘ Prevention is better than cure.. and I am sure, the family of the 15 yr old girl that died, wishes that sign was up, so their daughter could have seen it, or.. a friend .. to recommend that… You can’t control your child’s actions… but you can influence them…

  86. lensmanct says:

    Will that huge earthquake and tsunami, wiping out all of California, never come?

    1. Michael Lohr says:

      How come this seems to be a common theme among some of you haters.
      I fail to understand why those that place themselves in a morally superior postion tend to be the first people that advocate violence, death and destruction upon others.
      I would be willing to bet they are the same people that beleive in freedom and the Constitution, yet are the first in line to deprive others they disagree with the right to live as they see fit.

      1. Damien says:

        @Michael Lohr: I back your comments here. You make sense. I am impressed by the amount of patience you have for the moral-high road people, who just can’t see the shades of gray we have in the real world. Everything is legal or illegal, right or wrong. Nothing is complicated that way (must be so nice). While you are attempting to have a conversation, they merely engage in name calling and regurgitation of soundbites from the mainstream media.

        The war on drugs already didn’t work, America. You can keep deploying soldiers and crying about the decay of society, but California is changing tactics, looking for a better way. Thanks for understanding.

      2. Dutra says:

        Do you fail to understand why we all drive on the right-hand side of the road?
        Do you fail to understand why you can’t burn your trash on windy days?
        Do you fail to understand why you must pay for your groceries?

        Dude, your freedom is not unlimited; it has constraints and conditions attached. Your drug addled brain can’t seem to make that baby step towards a rational thought.

      3. Michael Lohr says:

        “Your drug addled brain can’t seem to make that baby step towards a rational thought.”

        Except for one thing I do not do drugs. I have never abused drugs or alcohol.
        That said you seem to be advocating violence and destruction upon those you disagree with. How is that living in a free society? How would that society be any different from a radically oppresive society like Irans , One that imprisions, beats and tortures drug users, adulterers, Gays, progressives and anyone else that disagrees with their way of thinking

      4. Dutra says:

        Michael Lohr, you just don’t remember taking those drugs. And your conclusions are that of a fogged mind.

        Violence? Destruction? No.

        Soloing with the consequences of your behavior – Yes!

        No taxpayer safety net for those that represent themselves as liberated drug users. There isn’t a single, good argument that can be advanced as to why the taxpayer should subsidize an individual’s destructive behavior.

        I think I’ll take a sleeping pill and go to bed.

  87. Mom of 4 says:

    Typical leftist liberal Los Angeles response. Never mind about what is wrong or right, good or evil, legal or illegal. Never mind about personal responsibility. Never mind what it does to other people. Never mind what it does to your own body. If you want to do what is wrong and illegal, we’ll just show you how to do it right so it will cause the smallest amount of damage. Good God, what has happened to our society? What’s next? Teaching pedophiles how to have safer sex with children? God help us!

    1. Michael Lohr says:

      Your argument doesnt hold water.
      If you ingest too many drugs you harm yourself. Unlike alcohol you won’t have a chance to harm others.
      You can’t bring Pedophilia into the eqaution. This is a crime that hurts someone else.
      Why are you opposed to something that will cause less loss of life and less harm to others?

      1. nashdude says:

        @Michael Lohr

        The point “Mom of 4” was making was that rather than reinforce the idea that certain drugs are illegal for a reason—namely, that they CAN KILL YOU DEAD—LA has taken an approach that UNDERMINES the current laws against illicit drug use.

        It’s quite like putting water stations in the desert, or allowing someone to sue McDonald’s for having their coffee “too hot”, or allowing a burglar to sue a homeowner for any injuries he incurs while committing his theft —it seeks to remove the element of personal responsibility.

        For many illegal activities—such as illicit drug use—there is an element of dire consequence, and when you try to take away that dire consequence, you take away the DETERRENT. You make it MORE attractive an activity by giving the would-be lawbreaker a safer way to break that law.

        Trust me. I feel sympathy for the family of that 15 year old—but not so much that I would support PSA’s that undermine the laws on the books, or teach that drug abuse is ANYTHING but a game of Russian Roulette.

      2. Michael Lohr says:

        Nash dude.

        OK lets look at this another way. X is unique that there rally is only a small chance to get hurt by this drug, unlike alcohol, where people die every day whether it be from Liver Disease or DUIs. There are laws on the books to prevent tthe small percentage from hurting themsevles.
        So, what would we need the laws for if we essentially eliminated people getting hurt because they were properly educated?
        For the record I do not advocate this for all drugs. For example it is proven there are proven severe short and long term for Meth use.

      3. nashdude says:

        [So, what would we need the laws for if we essentially eliminated people getting hurt because they were properly educated?]

        Because no matter HOW educated the people are, you will never eliminate the Stupid Decision factor—the inevitable tendency for even the smartest folks to make the dumbest choices at the worst possible times.

        Personally, I am against any law that invades the sovereignty of the individual—whether it’s drugs or sexual relations or what have you. I can understand any law forged to protect against an invasion of someone’s rights, but I am absolutely OPPOSED to any law that steps in and tells Person A what he can or cannot do to himself, or what he cannot do with a CONSENTING Person B.

        But that’s not what hacks me off about this whole thing. However right or wrong the law is, IT IS the law. As such, the only constitutionally sound way to deal with the law is to vote on it, or to elect officials that will amend or abolish it. This way—and ONLY this way—will the voices of the entire constituency be heard.

        But instead of dealing with illicit drug laws the right way, LA County has with this PSA made themselves ACCOMPLICES to those who would break the law. Instead of reinforcing the fact that it is AGAINST the law to do Ecstasy (again, whether the law is right or wrong is irrelevant), the county has issued an instructional on how to do it safely, catering to the “They’re gonna do it anyway” crowd at the expense of their own credibility as legal and binding authorities.

        [For the record I do not advocate this for all drugs. For example it is proven there are proven severe short and long term for Meth use.]

        For the record, I don’t advocate ANY government involvement in personal decisions for ANY reason, unless they affect an unwilling party in some fashion. Regardless of the prolonged effects of meth use, it’s not my say, your say, or the government’s say whether or not someone has the right to exercise their own brand of stupidity. The ONLY time we have a right to get involved is to limit the effects of that stupidity on innocent bystanders.

        Until they reach that point of affecting bystanders, they are constitutionally guaranteed the right to live—and potentially die—by their decisions, and the government has no authority to strip that right from them. And no, “for their own good” isn’t a constitutionally valid reason 🙂

    2. Mike says:

      Never mind the bollocks…What would Jesus do?

  88. Grant says:

    “drugs are for losers, that should be the message”

    —- Hey, the world needs ditch diggers too.

  89. Duude says:

    Any agency that encourages the “safe’ way to consume ecstasy has only encouraged more people to use it because it can be safely used. How idiotic is this?

    1. Michael Lohr says:

      This is just plain crazy l.. So by this logic when MADD and other agencies try to promote responsible drinking they are actually increasing the number of drinkers

  90. the 410 says:

    Welcome to the real world. Some people do drugs out here. If you don’t and never have, please stop acting like you’re somehow better than those of us who do and lead happier lives than you.

    1. Dutra says:

      I don’t and I am better for it.

      Those that do drugs contribute to an ugly underworld of crime. You hurt not only yourselves, but countless other innocent people. Drugs suck and drug users suck.

      Yes, I am better than you.

      1. Mike says:

        no…you’re confusing the effect of “drugs” as psycho active substances with the effects of drug prohibition…and I bet you have little or no first hand experience with drugs, that’s why you’re such and expert.

  91. Dutra says:

    It all makes sense if you understand that most of our city’s leaders are druggies.

    1. Mike says:

      Some of the comments here make sense because lots of people who reply with righteous moral outrage are prudes and “smuggies”

  92. Martin Willis says:

    Erowid.org ftw 😀
    so sad they have to spend actual taxpayer money to tell people how to use drugs when nonprofit organizations do a much more complete and powerful explanation

  93. Mio says:

    What Los Angeles is doing is called harm reduction. they have been doing it in europe for years now. maybe its time for a change over here since our current policies and stances on drugs dont really seem to work. if you dont believe me check google scholar, there has been a substantial amount of research done on this topic.

    1. Martin Willis says:

      Indeed ,giving clean needles to heroine users, giving them pure forms of the drug, watching them while they use to make sure they don’t OD and just showing them how to properly use the damn things is a wonderful idea.

  94. Mike says:

    Illegal drugs have the strongest effect on people who’ve never taken them. The reason X is sometimes dangerous is because it’s often not pure or something different entirely. Why is that? Because of the pointless war on drugs the proper ingredients are hard to get, but demand is still high so it still gets made or made and mixed with other stuff.
    Pure MDMA isn’t at all the killer that the propaganda tells you it is. The drug problem is mostly a result of drug laws, not the actual substance itself.
    Yes, I’ve taken X before and I can honestly say my life is better for it. It was definitely a positive rather than negative experience. It’s not something I’d want to do too often, but it’s certainly not the demon killer drug it’s made out to be. That’s just lies and propaganda. I don’t deny that It could be abused, but sugar and KFC can be abused too, and a lot more people a stricken with diabetes and heart disease than die from X.
    What’s likely to do more damage, a bender with a little X or the DEA kicking in your door?

    1. Lisa Colorado says:

      My life is better in some ways because I could see altered perceptions. But I think drug use made me more vulnerable to problems with brain chemistry that’s been hard to deal with.

  95. Chris says:

    Ecstasy is a form of methamphetamine. That is all we need is to legalize something like that. I tire of the arguments over the war on drugs. The excuse is that we should legalize the drugs because the police can’t stop their use. While you are at it, legalize burglary, robbery, and rape. The same argument apply to those too. Legalizing drugs is a bad idea. Just as there are victims of the other crimes, there are victims of drug abusers. Legalizing the drugs will just increase the problems.


  96. Mike says:

    I don’t mean to kill your buzz Chris, but ingesting a substance by itself is a victimless crime. If you commit a crime while under the influence then it’s your own fault, but getting high is a private thing that only you experience.
    The crime associated with “drugs” is really cause by the laws not the drugs. Just ask yourself as you’re feeling righteous… “What would Jesus do?”

  97. Steve Steverson says:

    These kids just need to stop doing MDMA and do L.S.D. like an adult.

  98. Lisa Colorado says:

    When I took it I had someone coaching me on safety. I was going to do it anyway, so I’m glad someone taught me. I only did it once because I wanted to try it but had an instinct to lessen the amount of times I let myself be so helpless. I think people ought to be schooled if they want to get high. They also need to be told that children are more important than getting high, and that love requires us to be there for one another, and drugs do not help with that.

  99. DigitalBob says:

    Thanks, Governor Moonbeam

  100. Bill S. says:

    Ecstasy is a dangerous drug and I don’t condone the use of it by anyone. However, the fact is that people are going to do it regardless of the amount of campaigning any organization does against it. So I think that this is a good move by LA County to at least try to help the users do it safely that are going to just ignore the people that try to dissuade them from doing it in the first place. Maybe this can help save someone from an overdose and if it does, then it is well worth it.

  101. Floored says:


  102. Dana says:

    People take drugs, drugs are dangerous, we should outlaw all drugs. People eat cake, cake makes people fat, we should outlaw all cake. Or all forks, that will keep them from eating fat too. What ever happened to personal responsibility? Are we too stupid to make our own choices? What are we sheep?

    1. Dutra says:

      Yes, you are too stupid. Drugs make you do stupid things. Drugs cause dependencies. Tax payers and innocents pay the price.

      I’ll make a deal with you druggies. You overdose, crash, get sick, suffer brain damage, and you are on your own. No hospitalization, therapy, counseling, incarceration, NOTHING! Sit in a corner and enjoy the outcome. You did it to yourself. And you are so smart.

  103. Dutra says:

    Hey druggies! Do the Darwinian thing; just don’t hang around long and punish the tax payers.

  104. Dr. Don says:

    Hydration does not prevent hyperthermia from MDMA

  105. Seth says:

    I’ve read through this and read all of the posts. People are going to use drugs one way or the other, they all have their own reasons, that’s just that fact of the matter. Just like people drink, you can get addicted. Is it judicially wrong? Yes, but California is wasting money on people in their early teens and twenty’s for experimenting with something that makes you fell good. Most of the people that go to raves know how to take the drug safely but they are people that, don’t. Obviously the war on drugs has been a complete failure, because the state has to post flyers like this to take a drug safely. This is one of the best things they could do, this will prevent deaths in the future, and honestly that is the goal of this flyer. You can be critical all you want saying “It’s a drug and it can hurt you.” Well, thanks we all learned that in high school, people need to know if you are going to use the drug how to at least do it safely. I don’t condone drug use but it is going to happen one way or the other no matter how much people complain and try to tell me Jesus wouldn’t do drugs, people are going to do it. Why not give people have the information so that they don”t die?

  106. Harutun says:

    Haha I remember back in 09. I will try and quote best from my memory what was written in small print on the back of EDC’s brochure/ad. “Electric Daisy Carnival is a love filled and drug free environment”. Now if and when I buy tickets Im gonna get a PSA video telling me to “safely” take ecstacy at the event. How is this going to make the scene look better? Its not at all…

  107. Peter Sousa says:

    Thanks for themessage! I am Saving this now.@CRLF