PATTERSON, Calif. (AP) — Authorities say the body of a child found in a Central California canal belongs to the 4-year-old boy who was kidnapped from his home earlier this month.

Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christianson said Tuesday officials have confirmed the body is that of Juliani Cardenas.

Investigators say Juliani was snatched from his home in Patterson on Jan. 18 by his mother’s ex-boyfriend, Jose Rodriguez.

Rodriguez’s Toyota Corolla was pulled from the bottom of the Delta-Mendota Canal on Friday, with no signs of the boy or suspect inside.

Juliani’s body was spotted by a water department worker Tuesday morning about 30 miles downstream from the car.

Christianson say a homicide warrant has been issued against Rodriguez, but investigators believe the man’s body also will be found in the canal.

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  1. Nameless Person says:

    If they find this POS alive, they should strap him to a tree, pour honey all over him and let the animals pick away at him until there’s only bones left. Why harm a child that has nothing to do with the problem. This POS’s only problem is that probably still alive and now on the run.

  2. derk says:

    You would be surprised at how many things fall thru the cracks in Los Angeles. Not only do the police drop the ball but when things go to court matters get worse.
    Los Angeles Superior court judge David P. Yaffee was caught accepting $50,000 a year in bribes from Los Angeles counsel members to vote against the citizens and public. Richard Fine a lawyer with high morals called the judge on this crime which resulted with back lash from the judge. Imagine that a judge is caught red handed stealing, lying and breaking the law. What happens? The judge again misuses his power and throws the whistleblower in county jail for 18 months to shut him up. Please visit to read the facts and what is going on.

    Aviva Koneigsberg Bobb a presiding Los Angeles Supeior probate judges is robbing and killing our seniors. She does this behind court room doors, a coward and legal thug who now pretends to retire when caught. Again NOTHING is done when caught thus more and more judges and lawyers stoop to stealing, lying, killing and cheating. Visit for the story on Aviva K. Bobb who kills.

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