VENTURA (AP) — A Ventura County jury has awarded more than $49 million in a lawsuit stemming from a freeway accident that killed one man and left a California Highway Patrol officer a quadriplegic.

Jurors on Tuesday awarded $39 million in damages to CHP Officer Anthony Pedeferri and his wife for paralyzing injuries Pedeferri suffered in the December 2007 crash, according to a Los Angeles Times report.

Pedeferri had pulled over motorist Andres Parra on U.S. Highway 101 north of Ventura when a man driving a truck slammed into them, killing Parra.

Jurors awarded Parra’s parents $10.2 million for the loss of their son.

The truck driver pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated and transporting marijuana. He was sentenced in 2008 to 15 years in prison.

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Comments (12)
  1. Josh Butts says:

    Only 15 years?

  2. AJean says:

    Where is the $49 million supposed to come from? Are there any deep pockets?

    1. med says:

      From the sale of the marijuana you silly Goose.

  3. alan hart says:

    Now you see why we have to cap juries awards. It’s not their money so they don’t care.

  4. El Dabe Edmond Sherif says:

    TO Alan Heart…Cap Jury Awards? Maybe its you that doesn’t care. The jurors sat through every day of that trial, heard all the evidence, heard both sides and and agreed on that award. Oh yeah, there was also a judge too. He made legal rulings, and presided over the trial, where both side were represented by able and experienced attorneys.

    Alan, how would you feel about the award if it were your family member that was paralyzed or killed? How would you feel knowing that your paralyzed family member, who was a hard-working member of the community, was now relegated to a wheel-chair and needed round the clock medical care. Officer Pedeferri should get everything he was awarded; he will never be able to earn a salary for his family, or do any other job, will require expensive medical care, not to mention the pain and suffering of him and his family.

    The 49 million should come from the various insurance companies involved. The insurance companies for the negligent drivers and businesses involved. The insurance companies who could have resolved the case early on but denied liability and forced the Plaintiff’s to take their cases to trial.

    Sadly, it will not come from them because they will continue to deny, delay and defend their despicable position via years of frivolous appeals.

    1. frankie says:

      el dabe nobody carries that kind of insurance who is going to pay,maybe since its a cop the taxpayers will be stuck with the tab.and why is the cop worth 4 times what a regular person is worth.he a public servant making a choice on taking that job he should gave up the same rights that the people he is paid to protect have.I wonder why he pulled him over for just may be he had no reason to other than just to extort money from like most police do.just why do police have so many more rights then the people that pay them.and just how many millions will the taxpayers spent on his pension and heath care something that no taxpayer will ever see.just why do the taxpayers pay all theses taxes for something they have no right to.all this police arebetter then everyone has to stop.

      1. punisher says:

        Wow bro really? You are one bitter little girl. Cops, firemen and military do work that most people can’t or won’t do which makes them better than you. Just sit there and hide behind your desk and shut your mouth.

  5. punisher says:

    He can’t even enjoy that money. its a waste

    1. El Dabe Edmond Sherif says:

      A private insurance company with revenue in the billions will pay the judgment, whatever it is, when it is time to pay it. You are correct that no one carries that type of coverage. However, the law states that when an insurance company does not pay the policy limit of its coverage, then it must pay the total judgement. For example, if the insurance policy was $1 million, and they refused to pay it and forced the Plaintiff to trial, if the verdict comes in higher (say 40 million), then they have to pay it. That is well-settled law and insurance companies understand that and pay excess judgments everyday.

      A cops life’s is not worth any more or any less thank anyone else….the evidence was presented by both sides and a jury came to a verdict.

  6. Ed Rooney says:

    Anyone know if the officer’s weenis still works properly?

    1. El Dabe Edmond Sherif says:

      -Edmond El Dabe
      -El Dabe Law Firm.

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