SANTA ANA (AP) — A Jewish hockey player is suing the Anaheim Ducks alleging that his coaches made anti-Semitic remarks and discriminated against him because of his religion.

Attorneys for Jason Bailey, who has since been traded to the Ottawa Senators, filed the lawsuit in Orange County Superior Court on Tuesday.

The suit alleges that coaches for the Bakersfield Condors, then a minor league affiliate of the Ducks, repeatedly made anti-Semitic remarks and denied Bailey ice time because he was Jewish.

Bailey was assigned to play for the Condors under the contract he signed with the Ducks in 2008.

The lawsuit says Bailey complained but management downplayed the allegations of harassment.

Ducks spokesman Alex Gilchrist declined to comment on the suit.

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Comments (12)
  1. Rogie Vavoom says:

    He plays with a clipped stick.

    1. Kiki walker says:

      Better a clipped stick, than a clipped/bigoted mind!

  2. GoBabba Yabba says:

    Crummy Ducks P.R.

    “Ducks spokesman Alex Gilchrist declined to comment on the suit.”

    Gilchrist translates to “Servant of Christ”

  3. Case Ace says:

    I thought hockey players were tough?

  4. mark says:

    There will always be people who blame their own failures on someone else. I’ve played sports my entire life, and players always tease each other about race, color, religion, sexual orientation, physical characteristics, etc. It’s all in masculine fun. It’s what real men do. They don’t whine and complain and sue people. Grow up, Bailey!

    1. Not newsworthy says:

      U r an ignorant racist just like the ducks mangtmt

      1. notlovinLA says:

        mark isn’t a racist just because he thinks Bailey is acting like a baby. In fact, the case is more like all the other cases we see/read about: that too many people are quick to play the race card. Gee, kinda like “Not sewsworthy” did. Surprise, surprise. Grow thicker skin, Bailey and you others like him! Boo hoo!

  5. Mark's Boss says:

    “It’s what real men do.”


    Get back to mopping the shop, son.

    1. Walt says:

      Someone who uses the username Mark’s Boss is most likely anything but a boss. You tell Mark to “get back to mopping”, why? He made a valid point and stated his argument for it. You, on the other hand, yell out like a five year old child. I sure hope you’re not the boss of anyone operating any type of machinery or gun.

  6. WaltWhiner says:

    Sounds strange, but making fun of your teammates this way is common. This especially holds true in the military. There’s no malice intended, the exact opposite in fact. It’s just a way to bond with your teammates, soldiers, whatever the case. The case may be different here, but i’d highly doubt that professional coaches would risk their jobs and livelihood by being racist. I think it was jovial, not malicious.

  7. Ex NHL player says:

    This person has sealed his future in hockey, he may be better off trying badminton .

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