LOS ANGELES (AP) — A staffer in Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s office has been arrested on suspicion of attacking police officers at a Los Angeles nightclub.

Blanca Martinez-Navarro on Leave in Wake of Alleged Fight with Police, KNX 1070’s Bill Cooper Reports

Police Lt. Jim Gavin says Blanca Martinez-Navarro, a program manager for the major’s gang reduction and youth development office, was booked Sunday for battery on a peace officer along with her husband Oscar Navarro.

Gavin says police received a call about a domestic disturbance at the downtown club the Conga Room. He says the husband attacked officers when they arrived, and Martinez-Navarro jumped on the back of one of the officers and began hitting him as they took her husband into custody.

She was released after posting $20,000 bail.

Villaraigosa Chief of Staff Jeff Carr tells the Los Angeles Times Martinez-Navarro was put on administrative leave, but had no further comment.

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Comments (37)
  1. Alice Ramirez says:

    Democrat party staffer, no doubt handpicked by the philandering Mayor Villa-reconquista. No surprises here

    1. What are you talking about, I don’t understand your comment

    2. Francisco Esparza says:


  2. Diablito says:

    Alice: You have no idea what you are talking about. It’s the gangsters he hires to run these programs. They claim to be “reformed”. A gangster is always a gangster. They have been arrested over and over in Los Angeles for incidents like this and worse.

    1. seen it myself says:

      Well, he DID promise to “watch their backs” if he got voted in, (handshake, fist-bump) ‘member Antonio? Why get a college edumacation when you can get on the payroll right out of jail and the streets?

  3. Olivia Bitner says:

    A low life on the Mayor’s staff ? What’s the saying ? Birds of a feather flock together.

  4. Really says:

    No wonder these programs never work. Look at the people the mayor hires. Gang mentality staffers running anti-gang programs.

  5. Mariscal says:

    I’m interested in knowing what her job description is, what her duties and responsibilities are and what her qualifications for this position are. I’d also like to know how long she has been in this position and what she is currently paid and whether she is effective at what she is supposed to do there.

  6. pmoore says:

    This city is being poorly run. They will get a lawyer and taxpayers will pay. This mayor has to be voted out.

    1. Kathy90250. says:

      I agree with you…the people of Los Angeles would be wise to get this Mayor out and his cronies.

  7. samuelberg says:

    You can take the girl out of the barrio, but you can’t take the barrio out of the girl.

  8. ginny25 says:

    Mariscal, I’m with you on this one. And will she still have a job on Monday?

  9. steve raecs says:

    ran just like city of bell was .

  10. lon gehr says:

    ran just like city of bell was . time for a audit …

  11. lvmaverick says:

    Well, Well! I am sure that Antonito has gotten is contact with his senior shot caller
    Fabian Nunez to start sending in the support letters from the mexican mafia that sent letters of support for his gang banging son.
    Business as usual in LA,LA,LAND!

  12. So what!! says:

    Had to be cry baby cops!!!!!!!

    1. john says:

      arrests are public record

    2. punisher says:

      Not so much you worthless piece of garbage! They enforce the law and battery against anyone is unlawful. let’s just start letting people get away w anything they want. That should build a honorable society. moron!

      1. So what!! says:

        Hahahaha!!!!!! Dumb ass !!!

  13. Bin Laden says:

    Dos Equis – Stay Thirsty, Blanca and Oscar.

  14. Rick says:

    Poor Officer this is a clear case of workers comp wishing that officer a speedy recovery nothing more painful then a 200 pound Chola jumping on your back Stay Thirsty my friends……

  15. David says:

    She was just showing the public that she is qualified for the job that she was hired to do she is a gang member plain and simple Blood in Blood out there is no simple solution so the Mayor fires her no big deal go back to the Hood were she will be a Hero. she will do some prison time get new TAT’S go back on wellfare like a gangster Cinderella story can’t last forever.

  16. Josh Butts says:

    Fire her a$$ Mayor!!! If you don’t then we’ll vote you out of office!

  17. Buck Wheet says:

    Push for Elimination of these programs in the Budget

  18. blind justice says:

    are these 2 pendejos by nature , or did they get a degree on the subject

    1. Buck Wheet says:

      They were members of MENSO
      not MENSA

  19. Steve says:

    Perhaps the mayor can recruit Fabio Nunez’s son for the vacant position once he is parolled!
    It would be a nice addition to the gang bang staff!

    1. Staffushenziheimer says:

      Agreed! WE are on the same page here.

  20. Staffushenziheimer says:

    A gangster is a gangster, is a gangster. Mayor Photo Op Tony has hired plenty of these goons during his tenure. I don’t blame the people that committed these crimes, I blame the criminal that hired them.

  21. Nicolas Cruz says:

    Another bad bean who should of never given City jobs or funds !!!! Fire all these clingons !!!! We should flush all city heads down the tiolet!!

  22. Dave Smith says:

    T.V .Tony is a PIG. He should be thrown out of office. He’s a discrace to the Latino people of L.A.

  23. Jose says:

    Tonto Viagra-oso . A great mentor
    that our youth look up to
    Free tickets to LA events
    Cheat on spouse with reporters

  24. d. daddy says:

    too bad the news got the story all wrong, nothing happened in the conga room, it all started with an LA Live security person and it blew up from there !

  25. russ says:

    this woman was sent home while tony investigates. I wonder if she will get paid while tony investigates?

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