LAKE LOS ANGELES (AP) — One person is dead and three others have been injured in a violent Mojave Desert crash.

The California Highway patrol says two vehicles collided at about 7:11 a.m. Tuesday on Palmdale Boulevard in Lake Los Angeles, an unincorporated high desert community about 17 miles east of Palmdale.

Los Angeles County fire Inspector Don Kunitomi says two critically injured people trapped in wreckage were airlifted to a hospital.

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  1. tracy green says:

    Tragic! We will be pryaing for their families.

  2. Fred Mertz says:

    Cool! Any photos of mangled bodies to share? Thin that herd, baby!

    1. mark says:

      If we were only so lucky as for you to have been the one mangled.

    2. Fred D says:

      I agree with Mark regarding the comments made by Fred Mertz and with Tracy’s feelings concerning the loss and praying for the victim’s family. Although, I did not witness or see the actual accident, I was caught in the resulting traffic jam on Palmdale Blvd as it is the major route to where I work. Fortunately I was able to take a side street which allowed me to take an alternate route In the two years that, I have lived in Palmdale and traveled that section of Palmdale Blvd I have witnessed many accidents and although some of them were probably the result of human error I strongly believe that many are a direct result of the poor maintenance and the design of the that section of Palmdale Blvd. (road width, surface conditions, lighting and soft shoulder). How many accidents and loss of lives will it take for our elected officials to do something to correct the problem

  3. Shannon says:

    Does anyone know who it was?

  4. Lily says:

    I live by there. and saw the ambulance and stuff. tragic and horrible stuff
    it was a 49 year old man and two others are unknown

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