HARBOR CITY (AP) — Los Angeles police say a 60-year-old man killed his wife and adult daughter at their home, then leapt to his death from the top of a nearby building.

Police said in a statement that a relative called police Sunday to say 60-year-old Bach Xuan Nguyen had given them a letter saying he had killed his wife and daughter and intended to commit suicide.

The relative drove to the house, saw one of the victims, and called police.

City firefighters declared Nguyen’s wife, Bich Loan Truong, 56; and his daughter, Lisa Truong Nguyen, 27, dead at the scene.

“She was really nice,” the family’s longtime neighbor Rosia Tucker said of Truong. “The daughter was in college. She was here for two weeks vacation.”

Tucker said the family had lived in the home for about 10 years.

She said Nguyen, a pharmaceutical salesman, had been in and out of the hospital with cancer, and the family had been unsuccessfully trying to sell the home.

At about 11:30 a.m. a report came in that a man had killed himself by jumping from the roof of the 11-story Harbor Tower retirement home in San Pedro.

Police later determined that the man was Nguyen.

The Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office would conduct an autopsy to determine the women’s cause of death, police said, but early indications were that they died from blunt force trauma.

Detectives were still looking for a motive in the killings and the investigation was continuing, police said.

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Comments (15)
  1. Jackie Winters says:

    This a very sad story when a Man kills his wife and child then himself. God is the answer to the problems. Sin causes us to do thing we would not do if thinking as God has intended us to think. Jesus died for us so we don’t have to be led by the way of sin. Sin will convince the person it is the only way when the real truth is God is the way, the truth and the life of all.
    God loves all of us equally and is willing to forgive all sins as it is written in the Holy Bible.

    1. Chris says:

      Jackie! Society is the answer! stop pointing fingers at others or at something you think is higher, other than yourself! and take responsibility for your own actions….geeeez.

    2. Mel Gibson says:

      Jackie, God doesn’t want us to be extremists like you

    3. La Verne White says:

      That was so beautiful put together, and the truth.

    4. Yvonne says:


  2. jujubee1 says:

    Worthless piece of garbafe.

  3. Richard in Castaic says:

    The Paramedics backed off when confronted by a gun? These are constantly telling us what heroes they are, backing down like that doesn’t sound very heroic.

    1. punisher says:

      Yes moron. Paramedics are unarmed and not trained to handle those situations. If they were they’d be called cops. You fail at life

    2. CW in L.A. says:

      You are obviously an idiot. I hope the next time you need that paramedics they do not help you. They are heros with out without your opinion of them. Police, paramedics, fireman ect. they are true heroes, that put their lives on the line every day to help people they do not even know. The best thing for you to do is crawl back in the hole you crawled out of.

  4. Bush War & Bush Housing Bust says:

    Blame George W. Bush for this WAR, Economy, Housing Bust, etc.. GB created this Deep Depression..

  5. cez says:

    richard your such an idiot, u dont like the police or the fire department… I think u might be a lil jealous of them… they are heroes maybe a job you wanted but you couldnt get it so i guess the only thing you could do now is talk bad about the fire and police department… you are such a moron..

  6. Phylisa says:

    I was a friend of Lisa’s. She was not in college. She lived there and helped take care of her father after she graduated.

  7. Fire Slayer says:

    Hey Richard? Were you one of those guys that tried to be a firefighter but didn’t make the cut? Sure sounds like it, lol!

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