STUDIO CITY (CBS) — There’s plenty of competition around town when it comes to finding a good burger, but GQ magazine has named the ‘Umami Burger’ the best of all.

For more information on how you can sink your teeth into the best beef in town, visit Umami Burger. Also, be sure to check out CBS Los Angeles’ directory for the “Best Of” LA.

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  1. Christine Huang says:

    I didn’t think Umami was all that good (though the cheesy tots are delish). Go to Michael’s in Santa Monica instead. It’s an $18 burger, but worth it! It’s huge and comes with applewood smoked bacon, arugula, gruyere, and bleu cheese!! YUM!!!!

  2. James says:

    They should have two categories: 1. Best burger for $11.00 or higher; 2. Best burger for a reasonable price that normal folks can afford.

    1. stymie says:

      As stated Price categories matter
      All around I choose 1) Babys Badass Burgers, 2) GrillemAll

  3. Dolph Lages says:

    Been there, do that. Best is a double or triple at in n out!!!!!!!!

  4. COURTNEY says:


  5. Tom Bender says:

    If you want a real burger, go to Loui’s Lunch in New Haven.
    While there, go to Sally’s or Pepe’s Pizza on Wooster Street. Best Pizza in the states.

  6. T-Bone says:

    Still can’t beat In-Out or Tommy’s.

  7. ginny25 says:

    If I want a burger I also want a joint to go to. Today we seem to be inundated with a whole lot of fufu places calling themselves burger places.

  8. Robert says:

    I agree, Anything over 4 dollar is not a burger it’s a “Burgérre”

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