Lawyers opt to settle name dispute out of court

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The International House of Pancakes has dropped a lawsuit that accused a Kansas City church of trademark infringement and says it will settle the flapjack flap out of court.

The Glendale-based chain dismissed its lawsuit against the International House of Prayer last week in Los Angeles federal court. In documents, IHOP lawyers say they’re in negotiations to settle the case out of court.

IHOP sued in September over church use of the initials on its website and in signs and events at its Missouri headquarters. IHOP argued that might confuse consumers and could link the pancake chain with the church.

Calls for comment to both IHOPs by The Associated Press weren’t immediately returned Thursday.

IHOP spokesman Patrick Lenow declined to discuss the case with the Los Angeles Times.

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  1. PaulJunior says:

    Seems as though Mr. Lenow is quite over-paid and under qualified!!! He has a bit too much time on his hands. IHOP would be better served if he would come up with a clever and effective ad campaign to replace the grossly worn out “all you can eat pancakes” promotion. Wonder how much they pay for that ingenious idea every couple of months??? In addition, it is suspected that the source of the “flap” was the fact that most of the IHOP franchises are owned by “anti-Christian” Muslims.

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