NEW YORK (AP) – The NFL has fined Brett Favre $50,000 for a “failure to cooperate” with the investigation into allegations he sent inappropriate messages and lewd photos to a former New York Jets game-day hostess.

The league says Commissioner Roger Goodell “could not conclude” that Favre violated the league’s personal conduct policy based on the evidence currently available.

The league’s statement also says Goodell determined Favre was “not candid in several respects during the investigation resulting in a longer review and additional negative public attention for Favre, (Jenn) Sterger and the NFL.” The league’s investigation began in October and the fine was announced Wednesday.

Favre allegedly sent messages and photos to Sterger two years ago when they were both with the Jets. The allegations against the 41-year-old Minnesota Vikings quarterback surfaced on the website Deadspin.

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Comments (5)
  1. Mel Gibson says:

    I could understand if Farve was a teenager doing this, but he’s supposed to be a mature Adult. And he’s married. I guess when Athlete’s are growing up they get Spoiled rotten.

  2. Richard in Castaic says:

    Exercising your 5th amendment rights can be costly…

  3. I'm Not A Fan of the Big West says:

    Well, another story to feed the egotistical college students and their thirst for gossip.

    He is in the wrong and the lady who was involved should have reported this 2 years ago when it happened so we would not have a back log of gossip to feed these college egos. And I would stay off of Deadspin since it’s like a TMZ for sports.

    Get this thing over with and stop feeding the public gossip we do not need to rot our education system.

  4. Viking Fan says:

    What else does the commissioner do besides pass on stories that people care about rather than themselves??

    1. Unknown says:

      Maybe the commish should go sweep floors at a motel.

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