LOS ANGELES (AP) — Los Angeles police say the city could end the year with its lowest homicide rate in more than 40 years.

The Los Angeles Times says 291 killings were reported as of Sunday — the lowest number since 1967. Homicides are down by a third since 2007, which was the last full year before the economic downturn.

It’s part of a general reduction in violent crime in LA, which has fallen for the eighth straight year.

Los Angeles Sees a Drop in Homicides, KNX 1070’s Claudia Peschiutta Reports

The rest of Los Angeles County also has seen a drastic drop in killings. The Times says there were 323 homicides through mid-December in areas patrolled by the Sheriff’s Department and other police departments. That’s down nearly 40 percent since 2007.

Many killings are gang-related. Sheriff Lee Baca says anti-gang programs may have helped reduce the toll.

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Comments (9)
  1. R. U. Next says:

    Of course, if you add in killing of innocent civilians by the LAPD, 2010 set an all-time record for murders.

    1. Gus Glover says:

      This is a fascinating statistic. Could you supply us with the numbers (and the sources) so that we can verify this number independently?

      It is so refreshing to see scholarly input in these forums which to often devolve into baseless name calling and unsubstantiated rhetoric.

  2. Charlie says:

    This is great news to hear, especially during the holiday season! I love Los Angeles and this makes me proud to be from this area.

  3. Charlie says:

    I just wish there were no killings at all! God Bless everyone and be safe out there this New Year’s Eve!!!

  4. Daniel J. Salinas says:

    Great News! It’s pretty astounding considering that the rest of America thinks this is the home of murder. It’s a great place to live both the city and the county! Haters, just step on back!

  5. JUDGE DREDD says:

    I find this hard to really believe. These statistics they use for studies such as this sometimes are tainted and leave out or don’t take into consideration the real facts. If its true then that’s great. and then why all the hoopla about still from the so called anti=gun people? They cant say it’s because of recent legislation to regulate firearms because there hasn’t been any that has recently passed or taken effect. Others could argue that the increase of firearms ownership, CCW permits being issued and and the right to “open carry” may have some bearing in all this. This and other things could be argued either way. The fact being that criminals might be looking at it from a different perspective such as they don’t know for certain who is or is not able to defend themselves and look for “softer” or more vulnerable. This doesn’t seem to correspond to the increase of gang related violent crime or other categories of violent crime, such as home invasions which are on the rise. So be wary of statistics that local and federal agencies put out because it is not always as they want you to believe, especially the stories the media prints. Too many people are gullible and believe everything they read. CLARIFY and CONFIRM before you pass judgment.

    1. Gus Glover says:

      Again, another fascinating piece of investigative journalism. Could you supply us with the statistics and sources of the “increase in gang related crime and other categories of violent crimes”? Since you seem to have access to an independent source of compiled data separate from “local and federal agencies”, it would be most compelling to compare these data.

      Thanks for your enlightening comments. It is so pleasant to see people doing independent investigations so willing to share their data.

  6. naenae says:

    How come they say the crime is down low when were have’n crime go on and ppl dnt even kno…. 1 of my friends call me and told me tht they had a kill’n by his house…. The police kill’d a man… **it that’s crime to…. Say it all not jus half….

  7. naenae says:

    U say only gang related sure wht bout the police murder tht should of added to the murder list….come on now…

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