SOUTH LOS ANGELES (AP) — A 25-year-old mother and nurse was fatally shot in South Los Angeles as she got out of her car, while her three-year-old daughter remained inside the vehicle, a Los Angeles police lieutenant said Sunday.

Woman Fatally Shot In South LA, KNX 1070’s Ed Mertz Reports

The shooting, which occurred at the intersection of 85th Street and Western Avenue, took place at 10:30 p.m. Christmas night, said police LAPD Lt. Peter Casey, watch commander at 77th Street Division.

The woman, who has now been identified as Kashmier Jones,  had stopped her car and was getting out when two men in a dark blue vehicle drove up and fired nine shots at her, striking her in the head, Casey said. The suspects then fled southbound on Western Avenue.

She collapsed outside the car and was pronounced dead at the scene, Casey added.

The little girl, who was still sitting in the back seat, was not physically injured and was turned over to her father at the 77th Street Station.

Casey said the motive for the shooting was not known and the investigation was underway.

Police said Sunday that James appeared to be the innocent victim caught in the crossfire of gang violence.

LA Police On The Hunt For 2 Men Who Gunned Down Young Mother, KNX 1070’s Jon Baird Reports

Her friends told CBS 2’s Rachel Kim that James was “a hard-working and beautiful woman.”

Anyone with information was asked to call LAPD detectives at (213) 485-4175.

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Comments (30)
  1. Really says:

    I bet 5-1 it was gang-related probably related to the father or either an ex-boyfriend

    1. Guest says:

      Please wait until the investigation is complete before making a cold hearted statement. This beautiful young lady has grieving relatives.

  2. guest says:

    Seems like something missing here. Woman shot by assailants (who could have been hired by husband) and without further investigation the child is turned over to father?

    1. Charlie says:

      That’s exactly what I was thinking ,the husband-wife relationship has to be investigated.

    2. Luis says:

      Looks like you’ve solved this mystery! And all from the comfort of your home.

  3. Sanityforus says:

    What ‘animals’ would do this to a ‘woman’ with a child no less. When caught they deserve the ‘fullest’ extent of punishment that can be given to things like these. There is NEVER any justification for anyones killing, child support, money owed ANYTHING. My condolences to the family and to you IDIOTS who say maybe the ‘father’ pleassseeee you have NO details of what is going ON between these people so LEAVE the speculation at the door of the funeral home.

  4. Richard in Castaic says:

    She was stopped at an intersection in the rain, at night, in a rough part of town, she decides to get out of her car and accost the occupants of another car and is shot for her trouble. She’s not a victim, she’s a volunteer…

    1. jasmine says:

      this was my aunt and she went to go visit a friend she wasnt stopped at an intersection she was laeaving and a van pulled up and they shot and she got hit in the head how would you feel if you was walking down the street and you got shot oh wait you chose to walk down the street so you were a volunteer it dosent work that way say what you know

  5. Leslie Stevenson says:

    She was our niece. She was delivering gifts before heading to her Aunt’s for a Christmas celebration. She used to live in that neighborhood. She was not part of any gang. She recently rec’d her nursing degree and passed her boards. She was a good little girl that. I have been a PO for 22 years, innocent people can be killed by random gunshots without being criminally involved.

    1. voiceofreason says:

      I am so sorry for you loss. This is a tragedy that should have never happened. My prayers go out to for family. God Bless you all!

    2. veronica....lvn says:

      I recently met kash as she like to be called at work maybe 2weeks ago..and she was a really nice young lady and I am sorry for your loss ..even though we didn’t know her for that long we will really miss her her she was always ready to learn she would have been a very good nurse….

  6. Faith says:

    This is a terrible tragic…people don’t care about a life, killed that poor young lady and in front of her child. May God have mercy on their souls.

  7. Oak Park Guy says:

    There is no real law in these communities, because the culture hates the police, authority, and the rule of law. This culture continues to massacre itself, always pointing blame on ‘others’ in society. I have no solution other than saying that this will continue as long as ‘political correctness’ prevents a dialog… a dialog which boldly calls a duck a duck, and a bad guy a bad guy.

    Sadly, till this happens, innocent people will continue to die. It’s utterly tragic and ridiculous.

    We don’t have these shenanigans in Agoura Hills or Oak Park… hmmmm wonder why??/ because we support the police and LET THEM DO THEIR JOB. Rule of law really does work.

    1. myssdmeanour says:

      Who is blaming others in society or anyone for that matter beside you? Why must you stereotype? A person was just killed in front of their child and all you can comment on is whose fault it was. It is so typical of some people who have closed minds to open their mouths and make such ignorant comments as you did. You obviously are insensitive to other human beings and are very ignorant if you define this incident as a result of a culture that continues to massacre itself. There are a lot of Ignorant people in the world and you appear to be at the top of the list. The people that you speak of, lack culture. If the people you speak of were cultured and were raised by people who cared about them and/or if they were raised by both a mother and a father or a strong guardian male/female relative non-relative to guide them and give them structure. They would be productive individuals who not only would respect the law but would be sensitive to others and other people’s lives in general.
      You think a death falls under the category of shenanigans. You are utterly tragic and ridiculous. My son was killed this February to gang violence. Thank the Lord that they two suspects were caught and the community of individuals such as the ones that you refer to as “a culture that hates the police”, but are residents in Highland, San Bernardino County tipped the police as to the alleged suspects in my son’s death. Because of the law and the right of the defendant’s to wave a speedy trial I’m have to wait a year before a jury trial actually begins to hear the case. I have no anger or hate toward the accused because God will take care of it all. My son is in a much better place than here, that I know. You are one of the few that should keep your comments to yourself.

    2. Sandy Auriene Sullivan says:

      How do you get gang violence from “political correctness”? Poverty, lack of gainful employment, wage suppression, inability to go on to university all play a part. Employment especially as a lot of these young men – black/white/Latino find themselves selling drugs to put clothing on their younger siblings.
      I am not even from that area but am not BLIND to what lures young men into gangs. It sure isnt political correctness.

  8. darrell says:

    i truly hope these peoples get caught & soon. this should come back to haunt them with the help of the lord.

  9. True American says:

    These wild animals should be caught, tried and exterminated immediately. Animals of this nature only have one single purpose in life and that is to destroy and plunder. They have no respect for the law or for good people. They do not deserve to live among us. Until the laws change, how many more innocent and good people will need to die?

  10. imominous says:

    Leslie and Jasmine, I am very sorry for your loss. That little baby is gonna need all your love and attention as a family. Be strong for her, and ignore the ignorant jack-holes posting here.

  11. Robert William says:

    I am sorry for this family`s lost. When is all this killing going to stop. Now this poor child has no Mother. Call me or Visit me at

    Again Sorry for your lost


  12. De'asja w says:

    She looks so familiar did she go to centennail high skool . And my prayers are with u guys in ur time of sorrow be strong for the baby R.I.P Kashmier

  13. Mike says:

    There is no real law in “these” communities, because the culture hates the police, authority, and the rule of law? We don’t have these shenanigans in Agoura Hills or Oak Park? I can see that you paint with a pretty broad brush. Believe it or not, all who live in that community think or behave the same just like I won’t assume that everyone who lives near your community is an ignorant racist fool.

  14. Speechless says:

    @Robert William, seriously??? You are soliciting the victims family right now to use your services??? What people will do for a buck, no shame.

    1. Robert William says:

      My services to the family would be free. It’s not about money it’s helping out in there time of need. Learn to keep comments like that to yourself when you don’t know what your talking about.

  15. utimatebandgirl says:

    Really some of you peoples comments really make me sick. you really should keep your nasty comments to your self. a innocent woman was murdered in front of her toddler. no way does anyone ask to be murdered. i pray for the family and hope the killers captured. condolences to this womans family a terrible christmas tragedy.

    1. Joaquin says:

      Feeling sick? Lie down and take some aspirin.

  16. RENEE says:

    I really thiink you people should not judge someone you don’t even know. she was a wonderful mother to my grandbaby and a real friiend to me. so please leave your comments to yourself and not air them cause it hurt theones who love her and KNOW HER…….

  17. Big Sis LL says:

    Kashmier was my lil sister and i loved her and im gonna miss her. She was doing so good for herself as a nurse and she was a good person sum of you that leave comments really dont know what the hell your talking about your so far off! Kash was an innocent bystander she was not the only one out there that nite on 85th st. she was droping sumthings off when sum fools started shooting she didnt even live in the city of los angeles. She will get justice! R.i.p Kashmier you will truly be missed we love u!

  18. shellz says:

    wow i cant believe some of the comments people are leaving on here. How ignorant and closeminded. its a shame there is still people out there like this. This was a TRAGEDY! a very sad one. My prayer and condolences goes out to kashmiers daughter and her family!. The only people we should be blaming is the monsters who did it. So stop with the blaming society, the police, community, politics etc. (smh)

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