RIVERSIDE (AP) — Hundreds of nurses plan to strike hospitals in Southern California over the Christmas holiday to protest stalled contract talks.

About 1,600 registered nurses say they’ll strike three medical centers for five days beginning next Thursday.

The facilities are West Hills Hospital and Medical Center in the San Fernando Valley; Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center in Thousand Oaks and Riverside Community Hospital.

Riverside Community spokeswoman Cherie Russell tells the Riverside Press-Enterprise that the hospitals will hire nurses from outside services to work during the strike.

The hospitals are owned by a Nashville-based company called HCA Inc. The nurses are represented by a union. Federally mediated talks broke off Saturday.

The nurses say the dispute centers on working conditions.

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Comments (4)
  1. FUTURE RN says:

    Good for you WEST HILLS! You guys stand tall and strong for what you believe in!

  2. daughter of nurse says:

    My mom works as a nurse at RCH and is crossing the picket line. We stand behind her decision of doing what she came into that profession to do, which is take care of patients. Those nurses that are just in it for the money dont do half the stuff they are suppose to do and want more money. Also, if the nurses on strike wanted to mean business, then why aren’t they striking on Christmas and the other half of the day of christmas eve. If they were working like they are suppose to be, they would of been working one of those days anyways. So they should be striking the day they were suppose to work, not spending it with their family. They why they are not striking at those times, so the can spend it with their family. It sound like it was a way for them to get the holiday off. My mom will not be spending time with her family, since she will be working 6 days straight, doing what she believe is right. TAKING CARE OF PATIENTS!!!

    1. Husband of Nurse says:

      First of all, it sounds like you need to get a little education. This strike is more about fighting to take better care of the patients that you are referring to, and not so much for the money. These Hospitals have made billions in profits last year, yet they cut back on CNA’s and Unit Secretaries and expect the RN’s to pick up the slack while they try to take care of 5 patients in need in their fitly bedpans. These dedicated RN’s forgo their breaks to fill in the gaps. Run run run and get worn out. What does that lead to? Mistakes which will hut who? In case you don’t know, I’ll tell you; it hurts the patients that they swore to take care of. Meanwhile, the Hospital makes a bigger profit off of the backs of the hard working Nurses while the patient’s suffer. If your Mom really cares about her patients like you say she does, she would be on the picket line instead fighting for them. It sounds to me that your Mom is Greedy and is only in it for the Money. That’s why she would rather work six days straight than spend time with her family. I don’t want to be a patient of a burnt out Nurse. But it’s okay; tell your Mom that she will benefit from the gains these striking Nurses will obtain for her. She doesn’t have to sacrifice a pay check like they are; she can just reap the rewards.

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