LOS ANGELES (CBS) — No, those aren’t kids in the classroom playing video games.

The elementary school kids as mentioned in Sibila Vargas’s report on the CBS 2 News at 11 p.m. Wednesday were actually learning and correcting their vision at the same time.

They are part of the Eyes in Conflict program. It finds kids with reading and tracking problems and works to correct them…kids who have trouble reading because their eyes might not match up exactly get the help they need to read … sometimes even above their grade level.


The Gemstone Foundation is behind this unique program. They are a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping people of all ages achieve visual efficiency through research and service.

Contact any elementary school for enrollment information: (323) 221-3194.

And for more information about the Gemstone Foundation, click here: http://www.gemstonefoundation.org/html/index.htm

Comments (4)
  1. Betsy Schooley says:

    This Gemstone Foundation is the not-for-profit that helps kids in the Bay Area and has some schools in LAUSD. Amazing stuff. I taught school for over 25 years…and never knew about Vision Therapy until after I retired! So many children think they have “READING” problems…but if they would go to a COVD trained Developmental Optometrist they might find that it is Eyes In Conflict. I hope parents who see this video get the program in their children’s school.

  2. william wachal says:

    Outstanding public service
    Thank you,

    1. Denise Loulendo says:

      Congratulations to Gemstone Foundation on this innovative program. Think about kids and families who have been mis-diagnosed with ADHD, slow learners or even some level of autism – when it could be a correctable Vision problem. This will help their self images, self-estem, conidence and learning power!! Great job.
      Denise Loulendo

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