LOS ANGELES (CBS) — As the children tear into their Christmas gifts, tune into KCAL 9 Christmas morning for an L.A. tradition — the Yule Log broadcast, accompanied by Christmas music from 94.7 The Wave.

The yule log will be broadcast from 6 to 10 a.m. Christmas morning.

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  1. Anesha Coleman says:

    Hello, my name is Anesha Coleman. My grandmother has a co worker that has really been struggling financially and can not provide a Christmas for her children. She is a single parent and times has been unable to even pay her rent. We are not able to assist her due to our own financial issues, however I wanted to see if you knew of a charitable organization or if your station could assist her. Please feel free and contact me via cell phone or e-mail at (909)363-6781 or aneshac35@yahoo.com.

    Thank you for all that you do and have a blessed holiday,
    Anesha Coleman

  2. Jacqueline Le Falle, PhD says:

    THANK YOU for the Yule Log broadcast this Christmas morning. My daughter and I were pleasantly and gratefully surprised to hear “God’s” message at the end of the broadcast. A gentle, hopeful, and loving way to conclude the broadcast. Best wishes to us all in the brave, New Year….

  3. Stan Ersland says:

    I started two stories this morning about your yule log but it keeps kicking me out. I guess I will write my stories for channel 5 now. Thank you for the programming. I really enjoyed it.

  4. sara says:

    will this program be repeated? I sure would love to record this.

  5. Morris Mena says:

    where can I heat God’s message at the end again

  6. Kathe says:

    Hi —
    Reeeealy enjoyed the Yule Log broadcast on Christmas morning. The fire is just right, the embers are glowing, it’s beautiful. Is this available on DVD?