GARDEN GROVE (AP) —  The U.S. Department of Agriculture says a pair of pork products from an Orange County company are being recalled because their labels don’t list wheat among the ingredients for those who are allergic.

The USDA announced the recall Wednesday for more than 2,000 pounds of raw pork paste and ready-to-eat fried pork loaf from L&R Fine Fashions in Garden Grove.

Both of the products contain undeclared wheat discovered by a branch of the USDA during a label review at the company.

The products subject to the recall are 11-ounce packages of Kim Loan Gio Song Pork Paste and 14-ounce chubs of Kim Loan Cha Chien Fried Pork Loaf produced between Jan. 22, 2010 and Dec. 6, 2010.

The products were sold to Southern California retail outlets.

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  1. qpsdolll says:

    I suspect this goes on a lot. Our daughter has celiacs disease. For her, it’s not an allergy to wheat. Wheat damages her body and prolonged exposure to wheat will make her very sick and cause other health risks, even death if not treated.
    Occasionally she eats something that causes nausea. No where on the packaging does it say wheat, but the side effects and results are exactly like when she has wheat.
    Manufacturers are good at being unclear on their labels and we have frequently found items in the store marked “gluten free” that still contain items that can have gluten in them. I wish the USDA would start cracking down on these food companies. By this story it appears that they pay attention to the little guy. What about paying attention to mass producers like P&G, Unilever, Mars etc?

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