SACRAMENTO (AP) — Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has declared a fiscal emergency and is asking lawmakers to meet in a special session to save the state $9.9 billion over the next two years.

KNX 1070’s Jon Baird Reports

Sacramento Bee political columnist Dan Walters tells us he thinks we shouldn’t overstate the scale of the problem

Schwarzenegger on Monday unveiled a plan that relies largely on cuts to health care and social services for the poor.

About $7.4 billion of his proposal would come from cuts, include reducing cash assistance to needy families by 15.7 percent in April, then eliminating the entire welfare-to-work program in July.

He is proposing to eliminate vision coverage and increasing monthly premiums for Healthy Families, a program that provides health coverage for children of low-income families.

The governor also is asking the state to limit prescriptions and cap physician visits to 10 a year for Medi-Cal recipients.

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  1. besomiculo says:

    What does it cost Pelosi to fly in here private jet, on our dime, to and from Washignton every week? Something like $400k? Thats around $20.8 million a year! Talk about a waste, I would start there….. If politicians actually cared about the “people” the represent, they could spread that $20 million a year around to all these people getting government aid rather than continuing to take more from them time after time. Every state as well as the country should be run like a business which none of them are. Why do we continue to elect everybody but businessmen to run our states and country? What do they know about running a business? All you have to do is look at what is going on now as well as the past and it’s easy to find the answer. NOTHING!

    1. Jeff Bolld says:

      Well, gov Schwarrzenegger has a degree in business…that hasn’t solved the problem

      1. Paul Revere says:

        Any nitwit can get a degree in business, as evidenced before you. Last I checked, Arnie didn’t make a name for himself nor a living by operating a business. Pretty sure he was a meathead-turned-hollywood action-star who rode his celebrity right into the highest office in your beautiful-but-doomed state.

      2. Jose says:

        Degree from where?

      3. ironranger says:

        he has and has had a democratically control congress the entire time he has been governor……imagine what kind of financial disaster california would be in if arnold wasn’t there…..never mind the morons in california are putting Brown in office……..there is no cure for stupid!

      4. junkmailgoodness says:

        to Paul Revere, Arnold made his biggest start in the 70’s with real estate in LA while training for body building competitions. The celebrity came form films, but he made a killing on real estate.

      5. Entitlement Terminator says:

        California, thanks to decades of liberalism, has way too many problems to solve in any kind of near term. And, actually, the Governator made his first million in real estate. I’m surprised with him and impressed he has the balls to cut what is needed exactly where it’s needed. He’s trying to save California’s economy, and notice his course of action is exactly opposite of that of our President.

      6. DSR says:

        It’s not that Gov. Schwarzenegger lacks ideas — the state is being held hostage by the greedy state employees unions, radical environmentalists and the illegal alien industry.

      7. vcecogo says:

        It’s because of Democrat controlled state legislature opposing every possible budget cut Arnold proposes. Like Congress, State legislature are responsible for budget appropriation. Know your basic function of your government before you spew out your idiotic opinion.

      8. JoeS says:


      9. chas says:

        Any nitwit can get a business degree…like me.

    2. jon says:

      first off you are and idiot pelosi does not fly on private jets..she used military planes which she no longer does. why dont you advocate the stopage of both wars we are currently in that we cant pay about the tax cut millionaires and billionaires which is going to cost trillions in the long you try to go after pelosi who is trying to help the common you and me..c’mon

      1. aldo says:

        Pelosi trying to help the common man?
        She spent 60k on one flight in drinks alone.

      2. Tom says:

        All that “helping the common man” is what has led California to financial ruin. Go read some Milton Friedman.

      3. art says:

        Until Jan she flies in her own 757 dipwick.
        It costs a ton.
        Occasionally she commandeers air force jets. That’s for the really large entourages
        You pelosi apologist umb nuts.

      4. Joe Six Pack says:

        You are a fool if you think Pelosi cares about you.

      5. Justin says:

        I find it really hard to understand how it costs us money not to increase taxes on millionaires and billionaires. Do you mean that “allowing” one to keep the money that one earns is a privilege? If that is the case, all money belongs to the government and we are just allowed to keep the portion they see fit…. Interesting concept!

      6. Leroy says:

        you are an idiot if you believe Pelosi is helping anyone other than herself.

      7. Bigjrob says:

        cal needs to help cal not the USA help cal. You got yourself in to this you can get yourself out. Tighten you belt and grow some balls and do what needs to be done, stop being a welfare state.

      8. Hunsaker says:

        She is still using military planes and she knows NOT what a “common” man is, leave alone trying to “help’ them……. sick people out here…..

      9. Galt says:

        Ah yes, jon is an econ genius. But just to challenge his seemingly infallible arguments, how about we look into that “cost” that we’d incur by NOT taxing millionaires: When something is not yours, it’s not a cost. Millionaires earned THEIR money! But Pelosi and the “common man” NEED the money… OH! I get it now, if really, really need it then you can just take it! nevermind. jon is still genius because I don’t think any economy that is based on need has ever failed.

      10. Danny says:

        @ jon – what a scary dude you are. pelosi is trying to help the common man – lol.

        Tax cuts for the millionaires and billionaires which is going to cost trillions – there is no tax cut proposed – are you talking about keeping the current tax rates static. If so, you really are beyond help.

      11. AnneP says:

        No, you are the idiot. Both wars (and I beieve your feearless vowed to end them…we’re still waiting) are financed by the federal government, not the state of California. Furthermore, what’s kiing the golden goose in Peter Pan land is the government union wages, beniefits and pensions. Talk about porky pig. Those guys make Pelosi look like a piker. And JonJon, you idiot boy, tax the rich (which they already do in Peter Pan land) and alot of small businesses fold, which hire people for real jobs, not just green jobs which have not surfaced.

      12. chris e says:

        what does any of your comment have to do with tha damn mess liberals in california have put us in!

      13. Matt says:

        just a simple google search.

        So my question to you jon is you don’t want to protect this country. Not sure about you but I think there is a real threat out there.

      14. Paul Revere says:

        If they aren’t private, they must be public. I can tell you for sure that you and I cannot use those jets, so they aren’t public. They are military owned and operated jets which are supposed to be used for official purposes but she (like all arrogant aristocracy) decided that she deserved to be carted around everywhere she wanted to go in them, so long as she could think of any excuse to call it official business. I have 4 friends in that Airlift Wing so I know this to be fact. They love going to wherever it is she wants to go because wherever it is, it will be posh, and like all posh places, the expenses are high, so they get great per diems for everyday spent there. She’s not the only one, she’s simply the most brazen about it.

      15. Dax says:

        Wow you believe in Pelosi? A sign of intelligence is not being easily deceived. And all the billionaires in the world won’t even get close to getting this country out of debt. Stop voting for these dictators who take what we earn. IT DOES NOT WORK!

      16. sedryn says:

        LOL, Jon, please put down the kool-aid and back away slowly.

      17. ROb says:

        you mean “You and I”.

      18. Fred says:

        Hey Jon hope that koolaid tastes good. When the Republic falls apart, you can look at Pelosi as one large part of the problem, thanks to the hideous health care non reform.
        Agree that military should be cut to the bone…and brought home… but hope you like $12.00/gal gas. thats a guaranteed outcome without the military being in the middle east. I hate it too but its a fact.
        A better solution than complaining about millionaires is to mandate term limits by the Constitution. This way big business wont be able to buy Congressmen in order to keep themselves in power. You complain about millionaires but then applaud the very woman who helped give the medical industrial complex a mandated customer base. Real smart.

      19. trini says:

        hey mister liberal, pelosi is a limo liberal and does not care about spending tax payer money, all she cares about is her self and her party, remmember , you have to pass the bill befor you know what’s in it? does that make any sense to you? would you buy anything without cheking it out first? the so called tax cuts for the rice are really tax on on business owners that hire people and create jobs, have you ever been hired by a poor person? 250 thousand is not milionaires or billionaires, its just a way for you guys to demonize the subject wise up listen rush somtime and you will see the light.

      20. kennpaul says:

        Dear Jon: Those tax cuts cost trillions???? Really??? It is our money, not the government’s money. We earned it and the government wants to confiscate it. It is not going to “cost” the government in the long run. Pelosi is a smart politician and a very smart communicator….she sure has you fooled.

      21. steve says:

        there is a fool born every minute and you were one of them

      22. WeMadeAmistake says:

        How can anyone be so ignorant and foolish like you. “PAY AS YOU GO…. NO MORE DEFICIT SPENDING!”, yelled Nancy Pelosi in her address to the U.S. House on January 4, 2007 just one day after Congress was taken over by the Democrats. On that day, the NATIONAL DEBT was $8,670,596,242,973.04.
        ……as of, 10/25/2010 when I typed this, the NATIONAL DEBT is $13,667,983,325,978.31
        ……an increase of $4,997,387,083,005.27………….or almost $5 Trillion!

      23. larry says:

        I have a job, I guess that makes me common. Pelosi can help me………. By staying out of my wallet and life… Doesn’t take an idiot to figure that out!!!!!!!

      24. Jason says:

        Jon we are sick of giving money to welfare recipients who don’t contribute anything to society. They consume, and take but give nothing back. We are sick of it Jon. If you want to “help the working man” start a non-profit and do it yourself. We are done…

      25. Bryan Dahlman says:

        Who are you calling an idiot? Read what you wrote. It’s almost gibberish and the punctuation is a nightmare. Also tax cuts don’t “cost” anything. All you’re doing is not taking the money away in the first place. If I decide not to rob my neighbor I can’t count that as an expense. If you think a politician is actually looking out for you or anyone but themselves you deserve whatever you get.

      26. John-VA says:

        California should be a wealthy state. Why don’t you pay your own bills instead of sucking money out the rest of the nation.

      27. Wilder Napalm says:

        Just so you don’t make a complete fool of yourself in the future. The Iraqi war, since it began, hasn’t cost the American people as much as your Glorious Leader O’Bummer and his court jesters, Pelosi, Reid and Biden’s stimulus package. When O’Bummercare takes effect then you will see as much as 4 trillion more tacked on to the deficit. So you folks in Cali had better get used to being broke, because the grand social experiment is running out of money. Just like it has in France, Greece, Spain and Great Britian.

      28. RHO1953 says:

        She has her jet until the new Congress starts in January. Pelosi isn’t trying to help the common man, she is trying to run his entire life. But none of that has ANYTHING to do with California. You are the idiot who doesn’t know the difference between a state and Federal budget. California is broke because they allow illegals to suck the taxpayer dry and throw welfare money around indiscriminately. The state is a disaster and will go bankrupt soon. It would be a good thing for the rest of the country if it slid into the Pacific. We would be lucky to be rid of the millions of liberal fruitcakes that reside in that massive loony bin.

      29. Conservative Teamster says:

        You are delusional if you think this blithering idiot (Pelosi) cares about the common man. She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and has lived a life of luxury her whole life just like her liberal far left counterparts, Ted Kennedy and John Kerry. If she actually cared about the ‘little people’ she would allow union workers at her winery and restaurants. She is a hypocrite. But she has you fooled, huh?

      30. Jimbo58 says:

        Pelosi is no help to anyone…..As long as California voters keep her in office you deserve what you get!

      31. seangworld says:

        she does NOT fly on military flights. she specifically fought for and got, when she became leader to have her very own private jet.

      32. Dan Drew says:

        John I’m a common man who more than likely pays my taxes so you can eat.

      33. Mike says:

        At this point they aren’t considered tax cuts. It’s not raising the current tax rate on those that made millions……oh and those that have made 250,000 as a family… those big crooks who made more than 200,000. It was their money in the first place so why should they just fork it over to an inefficient government. You have your head stuck so far up your butt if you think Pelosi is there for the ‘working man’. The massive increase in spending, coupled with the massive printing by the feds will be the greatest assault on the ‘working man’ when inflation really starts to speed up. Those greedy rich folks won’t care about the dollar because they can just diversify elsewhere. Extending the tax rate is not the biggest problem, government spending is. Another correction… the military planes are considered private. Last I checked you and I couldn’t jump on Air Force Two, One, or any military plane whenever we pleased. Let’s correct you again… there is no real cost to tax cuts.. it just means the government takes in less. I understand why Pelosi has such an issue with the tax rate….. it doesn’t support her idea of bloated government. Might want to think before you start calling people idiots.. or just look in the mirror first.

      34. Robert Exton says:

        Boy have you been brain washed. Pelosi is all bout taking power, and enslaving the people. For ever dollar the government takes it both wastes 2/3 of it, and actually removes $5.00 worth of activity in the private sector. WHEN HAS THE GOVERNMENT EVER DONE WITH LESS? I n bad times or good times it is always expanding. Socialism what you advocate ALWAYS leads to misery, poverty, and death, it killed 150 million people in the last century. THE PROBLEM IS THAT THE GOVERNMENT SPENDS TOO MUCH, our problems have nothing to do with what someone makes. How do you explain the propaganda that says taxes cuts to the middle class expands the economy, BUT not tax cuts to those making more than $250K? Pelosi, Obama, and the rest the Dems have never worked for a living, not even run a hot dog stand, yet they are all expert on what? The private sector know best about crating private sector jobs, not the government.

      35. James says:

        How does the cost of the wars have anything to do with California’s fiscal mess?

      36. Mike says:

        Hey Jon – ever get job from a poor man?

      37. mpefster50 says:

        If Pelosi wanted to help the common man she should have stayed out of Congress. I would love to see the wars ended but it ain’t going to happen any time soon. So, get over it. Cal. needs a Governor Christie to straighten it out but it may beyond his powers to correct their budget mess—

      38. Icediver says:

        Madam Speaker Pelosi is trying to help herself first of all and then her husbands friends and then those that financially support her in office… she does not give a tinkers damn about the common man.

        And she may use a military jet, but the cost of operation is still computed the same as a private jet… and do not think that the jet is NOT a private aircraft. Most members of Congress can’t get it for their personal use every week-end.

      39. not a stoopid girl says:

        Cowardice and envy are fatal character flaws. Step away from the trough and man up. California is getting just what it deserves, and is a shining example of the utter failure of liberal and progressive thinking.

      40. baiken says:

        Tax cuts for the rich???!!! That is great!!! Moron!!! No one is cutting their taxes, they just won’t go up!!! When is the last time someone on government assistance or in the lower tax bracket create a job??? Never!!! Only half of the country even pays taxes and I am on of those in that half and I don’t even come close to being rich. If you want the do nothings to get more money give more of yours. Are you giving extra in taxes each month out of the kindness of your heart???? No…. Hypocrite!!! We don’t have a tax revenue problem in this country we have a government that wastes our hard earned money on stupid prodjects just to buy more votes to stay in power and idiots like you fall hook, line and sinker!!!

      41. John says:

        The wars have nothing to do with California’s budget. Letting people keep their money doesn’t “cost” anything. You need to learn the difference between federal and state spending, taxes, and budgets. Then you’ll understand why California is in the predicament it’s in and other states aren’t. Also, you spell John wrong.

      42. TMD says:

        Pelosi is not trying to “help” the common man. She is trying to keep him on the dole so she can get his/her vote versus helping the common man get a job and be self sufficient. Wake up!!

      43. Kristy Ownbey says:

        Jon, you’re right. She didn’t fly on private jets, which would have been cheaper. She flew on a military plane. Why would we “stop” both wars? They attacked us, so why don’t we WIN both wars, and then leave. Millionaires and Billionaires aren’t getting Tax CUTS. The republicans are asking that taxes STAY THE SAME. The Dems want to get rid of the Bush Tax cuts to pay for their heavy handed spending. How bout they STOP SPENDING THE MONEY WE EARN LIKE IT BELONGS TO THEM?! Your solution is to tax people who work VERY hard for their money. Conservative solutions are to STOP SPENDING ON PORK!!! Pelosi hasn’t helped the “common man”. She’s tried to stay in power by FEEDING THE PIG

      44. larrybud says:

        There is no tax cut for millionaires. The rates are staying exactly where they are now.

      45. Maxconserve says:

        You need to watch Glenn Beck.
        You are uneducated and make bad decisions-you should stay home on election day.

      46. GozieBoy says:

        Queen Bee Nancy spents TENS of millions on her own costs (many of which accomodated her personal family at our expense). Yes, the bar tabs alone on her outings were of epic proportion, although you don’t see our illustrious MSM reporting on anything like this!

      47. George says:

        jon, you have it all wrong as I supposed to do most of the time. The so called tax cuts for the rich are not tax cuts they’re keeping the tax rates the same for everyone. You need to read other posts besides the Daily Kos and the Huffington Post. Why should we tax people who make more money just because they can afford it? Should we penalize people who work hard? I’m guessing you work for a union so don’t even understand hard work. People have are millionaires worked very hard there whole life to get where they are and people like you want to take what they’ve earned and give it to people who aren’t willing to work are to achieve success. You need to understand that people spend money more efficiently than the government does and giving more to the people doesn’t mean a deficit. The government needs to be much, much smaller. The government needs to operate with the amount of cash they take in each year, not a penny more. That’s how we ordinary Americans live every year. You cannot help a poor person by giving him money.

      48. FormerCalGuy says:

        How does allowing anyone to keep the money they earned cost the Government a dime? All it means is that the Government has less of the peoples money to spend.
        I lived in Cali for 18 years, saw what was happening in ’04 and got the heck out. I miss the weather and beaches but not the crime and liberals.

      49. Derek says:

        She’s a millionaire. like most democrats.

    3. Jim says:

      Pelosi’s travel is paid for out of her own expense account provided by the federal government, not the state. Your comment is completely irrelevant to this article.

      1. VeniVidiVicci says:

        It’s not COMPLETELY irrelevant, as the State relies on the Fed gov for a portion of Medi-Cal funding.

      2. yourpalsteve says:

        I agree with your rebut – except it does show a lack of concern on her part.

      3. Sandy says:

        And just where does the federal government get its money, Jim? Your reply is totally ignorant of reality.

      4. Templar says:

        Federal government means tax payers you idiot

      5. Dax says:

        Wow Jim are you being sarcastic or just really dumb? How does the Fed make their money?

      6. Boetica says:

        It is not irrelevent considering Pelosi considers herself an environmentalist. She had a smaller plane but demanded a bigger one, and why do tax payers have to pay her booze bill? Typical left-wing hypocrite.

    4. Freedom Isn't Free says:

      Excuxe me, but the federal government, my unwilling taxes, pays for Pelosi to enjoy her private jet! That isn’t going to do anything to the California sinkhole.

    5. TheLNB says:

      That’s the Federal and not the State Budget when you refer to Pelosi…. but I agree the Government doesn’t have to warry about being solvent or legitimately meeting a budget.

    6. JT says:

      @besomiculo – That doesn’t even matter because that’s being paid by the FEDERAL government, dimwit. Furthermore, congressional rules limit reimbursement. So no, it’s not even close to $20 million dollars. And that’s federal money – California doesn’t pay FEDERAL employees. Idiot.

      The real problem CA faces is due to prop 13 – we want services but don’t want to pay the taxes to fund it. There’s your bottom line.

      1. ron says:

        anyone that believes that prop 13 is the problem is a full blown liberal that believes that all money belongs to the state. prop 13 saved old people from losing their houses. we have a spending problem not a tax problem. stop paying billions for criminal aliens and the state would be in much better shape, but we cant even talk about the cost of criminal aliens without being called a racist by the liberals. Look at spending now and spending when prop 13 was passed and then get back to us.

      2. Boetica says:

        Who wants services? Illegal aliens and women who like to have babies out of wedlock. California gives services to immigrants that the Federal Government forbids, and please don’t tell me how much they pay in taxes. Illegal immigration = tax fraud, welfare fraud, and identity fraud. How’s that for “American values”?

    7. WeMadeAmistake says:

      Just to illustrate an example of incompetant leadership, Obama in a recent press conference used ‘invest’, ‘invested’, ‘investing’, 18 times to describe deficit spending.

    8. freemen says:

      It’s a shame that those who run this country use their position to make themselves feel good, they have the credit cards with no limits, and they do all these grand things and they never use their own wealth to do anything but that unlimited revenue from taxpayers and the sky is the limit. They are all educated and don’t have an ounce of commonsense in them. I would call that stupidity and irresponsibility . Every public servant should be taking pay cuts or they get replaced, after all there are plenty of folks out of jobs who would do a great job for probably half of what they get. Too many folks are in a rut and nothing is being said. Wake up , if folks are on welfare, get them out cleaning the streets, painting, mowing the grass, helping the old people. There is no free lunch.

    9. Larry From Herad says:

      Arnold should sit down and shut up. He had 8 years……
      Let the next team have their go at it.

    10. changed says:

      That is the best proposal I have seen so far! Along with her fancy lobster and expensive alcohol bills. They all should start RIGHT IN THERE OWN OFFICES!!!
      WTG besomiculo!

    11. Deb says:

      Pelosi won’t have that jet after Jan 4 she’ll be minority leader! Anne new majority leader Boehner is flying commercial

    12. Bob Roberts says:

      You’re right, but as long as people keep voting for people like Pelosi the problems will continue to get worse, not better.

    13. Mike says:

      Why waste the 20 mill a year on terminal welfare? A useless eater will never payback what they used. Make them earn it, conservation corps style, where they actually have to sweat and work to eat. Let those of us who actually work figure out how to make use of the parasites.

      1. southern tom says:

        …that was tried about 30 years ago. The ACLU challenged, claiming it was demeaning to have to work for the handout, and won…

    14. Derek says:

      Amen from Tulsa!

    15. southern tom says:

      …if you ran the government like a business, there wouldn’t be anyone getting government aid.

    16. jennifer says:

      Ok these cut backs are not just because politicians are living off the hog. Come on…the doctor’s visits are being limited to ten per year? That tells you that when it is free they will abuse the system.

      Sorry this is not a class war or politicians war. This is overindulgence from the top to the bottom.

      We need to realize the gravity of our over spending soon because it will run out.

    17. ekaleido says:

      You don’t actually believe they care, do you? It’s all just smoke and mirrors.

    18. racial coward says:


      Make the rich pay. Get a bailout from Washington. I do not want my taxes going up, tax the damm rich. Tax imports but leave me be.

    19. Dan says:

      You must come from Welfare land to believe that the government owes you subsistence. They OWE us nothing. They are not the place to get your paycheck or your health care. People who believe the government should take care of them ARE one of the major problems. Those who voted to keep not only the status quo but to also elect a governor who will do nothing except raise taxes to pay the bill are the problem. Because they believe government is the answer not the problem. Want to fix it. Deny housing, deny welfare, deny sanctuary to any person who cannot prove they are here legally. We spend 10.5 billion dollars “half of the current shortfall” for illegal aliens. It MUST stop. Randomly test welfare recipients for drugs. Remove all environmental laws enacted in the last 10 years. Stop making it so hard to do business than instead of doing business here, Companies leave to find states with low tax bills, low cost of living. You can’t fix it by spending more money or taking more taxes. Neither of those is a solution.

  2. Colin says:

    Problem is that running a state or a country is not like running a business. The goal is not a financial profit but to improve the welfare of the constituents, people, families. One cannot do that with only the bottom line in mind.

    1. Jack White says:

      Looks like California ran out of other peoples money.

    2. Dan says:

      Actually, that is not the goal either. It’s nice if it can be accomplished, but upholding the US and CA Constitutions is the goal. I don’t really much like the Governator, but it seems to me he is upholding his oath of office as best as he can. The CA state constitution provides for a balanced budget so he is obligated to do his best to assure that happens. Ideals are great, but facts can sometimes get in the way. See the CA governors oath of office below:

      “I, ___________________________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of California against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of California; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties upon which I am about to enter.
      “And I do further swear (or affirm) that I do not advocate, nor am I a member of any party or organization, political or other- wise, that now advocates the overthrow of the Government of the United States or of the State of California by force or violence or other unlawful means; that within the five years immediately preceding the taking of this oath (or affirmation) I have not been a member of any party or organization, political or other-wise, that advocated the overthrow of the Government of the United States or of the State of California by force or violence or other unlawful means except as follows:

      (If no affiliations, write in the words “No Exceptions”) and that during such time as I hold the office of

      ______________________________________________ I will not advocate nor become (name of office) a member of any party or organization, political or otherwise, that advocates the overthrow of the Government of the United States or of the State of California by force or violence or other unlawful means.”

      And no other oath, declaration, or test, shall be required as a qualification for any public office or employment.

      “Public officer and employee” includes every officer and employee of the State, including the University of California, every county, city, city and county, district, and authority, including any department, division, bureau, board, commission, agency, or instrumentality of any of the foregoing.

    3. brad says:

      His job is to protect the people so they can be free to make whatever they want out of their lives. Not to spread the wealth to lazy people.

      1. Dan Drew says:

        Yes! Simple but to the point.

      2. Boetica says:


    4. nick says:

      One can also not do that if poor management means that resources are not effectively used to achieve the goal of providing for the general welfare.

    5. Brian says:

      Sorry Colin:

      The goverments job is not to IMPROVE the welfare of people. It is to ensure and provide an even playing field in which people have the ability to improve their own welfare.

    6. Robert Exton says:

      Colin you don’t know what your talking about, The Governments job is not to be magnanimous. it is to protect us (Military, Police, Firefighters) and to maintain the infrastructure., The Federal government was never suppose to be this big or powerful. I suggest you read more Madison and less Marx. The reason we are in the mess we are in is that the government concentrates on the things it is not suppose to do, and ignores the things that it is suppose t do. It is nothing more but social engineering and a grab for power that has stopped the State of Ce. from building new highways, power plants, and dams in this State, In the last 10 year over 1/2 trillion dollars worth of business has moved out of this State run by Democrats.

  3. Robin Lawrence says:

    all the governor has to do is audit the people who live off welfare and cross check their nice car’s they put in their family’s names as well as follow them around to see what car they drive and see what business they work at, it is our tax paying money people , demand this please!!!!!

    1. Hunsaker says:

      The Governor is correct when he suggests to END the Welfare To Work program. You talk about WASTE! One and a half MILLION people use and abuse this stupid program. Five-hundred-thousand are unmarried woman (most illegals) and their children. They get EVERYTHING – housing, food, rent, medical and et…. WAKE UP AMERICA…

      1. Wayne says:

        AMEN brother.

    2. Robert Exton says:

      And stop supporting and kick out the illegal aliens.

  4. stelios says:

    So the answer is to spend, spend, and nobody pays? The problem is that we don’t have the money to spend for all the things we want, so what is the *NEXT* step? Print money? Unfortunately not allowed for states.

    1. larrybud says:

      I think you meant to say *fortunately* not allowed for states.

  5. pokey5735 says:

    How about cutting all the services to illegal immigrants?

    1. Walt says:

      Not going to happen. Actually, when Brown takes office, he promised that many of their services are going to INCREASE. It’s all political correctness and perception. It’s all about “feelings”, not reality, or the actual outcome or consequences. Brown wants to be able to say, I supported (at your expense) the illegals because I’m a good guy lib, even if Calif. goes down the drain in the process.

  6. August says:

    And I thought the “BIG ONE” to do California “In” was going to be an EARTHQUAKE….

  7. Kevin Price says:

    draw and quarter everyone on welfare.

  8. Steve says:

    Reading the comments above, i can see why CA is in such bad shape. Government NEVER provides for the welfare of its citizens in an efficient manner. As long as Californians look to the government to build a decent society, they will remain stagnant in a pool of incompetence.

  9. mark says:

    the State of California has close to 300 billion in net assets… check out the CAFR for CA… The local governments have $$$ stashed also… It’s all a shakedown!

  10. Erik says:

    It’s about d*mn time.

  11. JB says:

    Or the state could just legalize drugs, let all nonviolent drug offenders go free, fire half those worthless cops guarding them and come up with a uniform tax code for it, unlike Prop 19.

    1. Ozlanthos says:

      Your comment is a perfect example of how stupidity caused prop 19 to fail! What you forget is that A) Cannabis has been illegal for 80 YEARS!!! B) Different climates will produce different products. You couldn’t and still can’t expect to wave a magic wand and come up with one law that will suit all of the counties of California when it comes to price, quality and possession quantities. The intent behind Prop 19 was to LET THE MARKET DECIDE FOR YOU! Now that whole $50 an ounce tax right off the top was a stupid idea, as were the limitations on how much grow space a person could have, but again, these are things the market would have worked out for you! Right now, an “illegal” POUND of Cannabis yields $200 in El Paso Texas. Mind you that it is Mexican weed, but we are still talking about bud here. None the less, do the math! it breaks down to a cost of about $1.50 an 8th. At 100% tax, it comes to $3.00 an 8th, and after a 100% mark-up, it comes to $6 an 8th! Now you tell me, If you had a choice between going to a liqueur store and paying $6 and 8th, or cleaning out a closet, setting up a grow-area, planting your seeds, and tending your plants for up to 12 weeks, which would you do?

      Unfortunately all we have right now is the grossly inflated street prices, and your MMJ providers distorting what the market should expect to bare. At least with prop 19, you’d have had a stable starting point. Sure, people would most likely have grown their own at first, but it would have taught those attempting to regulate the market that they were as delusional about it as stoners are, and that a legal market regime would need to re-adjust or fail!

      Don’t worry though, at this rate in another 2 years either the Mexicans will have run all the Americans out of California, or you people will give up your ignorance long enough to put similar (if not improved) legislation in place!


  12. Turd Furguson says:

    require urine tests for controlled substances. if it’s hot, you don’t get your welfare check. that would save quite a bit of money. although thefts would go up… gotta score that next high some how

  13. Beau says:

    You California people are idiots. You’ll get what you deserve.

    1. Paul Revere says:

      Don’t lump everyone into the same boat, not all Californians are idiots. There are obviously SOME decent intelligent people there. They are simply overrun by idiots. And too many of them capitulate. The results speak for themselves.

      1. Jeff m says:

        Move out of california, if you think you have a good job it won’t last long

    2. JDoe says:

      “Tiny” problem with your statement , Beau…….WHO do you think will have to


      That’s right, people in Ohio, Iowa, etc. will be paying the pensions for all the

      GREEDY, LAZY Union employees !

  14. Louise says:

    How about this for thinking out of the box?

    Food stamp programs should be replaced with NutriSystem home delivery. This would help alleviate waste, fraud and health issues related to poor dietary choices.

    All recipients of federal/state or local funds should be randomly drug-tested.

    Additionally a website should be set up that lists each household that has been receiving funds for more than 6 months, and keeps a tally of the total funds they’ve received. (Freedom of Information Act)

  15. Bg says:

    He’s doing the right thing for the state. Welfare programs are abused by the people. I believe that we should have safety nets in case something goes wrong, but these people stay on the programs to long. medi-cal is a joke. I can tell you how many times I see drug seekers in the ER and they the staff a medi-cal card.

  16. swhit says:

    Why not start with all illegal funding. These people did not put into the system but take out instead citizens who paid in get cut! duh are we stupid?

  17. lukuj says:

    Too bad California has spent so much time and effort on initiatives , laws, etc. that have nothing going for them except they cost money and/or are politically correct and make the liberals feel good. No sympathy from me for the fiscal problems. You reap what you sow.

  18. Freedom Fighter says:

    1. Drug test all welfare recipients to receive checks
    2. Cut off illegal immigrant education and benefits
    3. Put convicts to work doing the work of garbage sorting and cleaning sewers

    Stop complaining and start trying to come up with solutions. It doesn’t take a intellectual to complain.

    1. Walt says:

      Jerry Brown is going to do the EXACT OPPOSITE of what you just proposed.

  19. Jane says:

    This should have been done years ago by the Governor. California is out of control, yet the public keeps electing the Democrats in the legislature who drive them deeper into the hole. I hope this state does not look to the rest of the country to bail them out.

  20. Jack Kennedy says:

    reduce the govt bureaucrats by 25% and problem solved

    1. yourpalsteve says:

      We’re on the same page ! I said a third as I recall.

    2. Hunsaker says:

      How about 50%, Jack? We DO NOT need any more than that…… It is the stupid system the State uses and abuses that is costing – Welfare To Work for sure is a waste…… Jerry is the one who should be doing the cutting – period!

  21. mike says:

    the objective of state government is not to improve the quality of life for citizens, however many people think that it is. You are responsible for making your own life better. It is unreal that we have to tell people that.

    1. yourpalsteve says:

      Amen Brother Mike ! … well said !

  22. jg says:

    The eyes of the nation are on you guys. We are all very interested to see if your citizenry and state will be able to get it together and do what’s needed not to go bankrupt, or if you’re just going to bicker with each other.

    Right now the smart money is on you guys taxing your productive citizens to the point where they move, doing okay for a year or two while that happens in slow motion, then going even more belly-up once they’re all gone.

  23. Bill says:

    Whether a business or non-profit, at some point the check book has got to be balanced. We can only live on credit so long before the bills gotta be paid. We have been over spending for at least three years running. If you don’t want to cut any programs then send a message to your legislator that you want to pay more taxes. If that is how you feel you might send the same message to DC.

  24. surfcitybob says:

    Yes we need to cut the goodies to the poor so the unions can keep their fat paychecks and perks.

  25. Leroy says:

    To bad for Arnold that he decided to wait until he was almost out of office to grow a pair and try to terminate California’s never ending spendthrift ways. We thought he was the answer when he took over from Gray Davis, but he turned out to be just another version of Democrat-lite. We need politicians who don’t care about being popular, but will give out the strong medicine that is so badly needed. Not just more of the same Arnold-milquetoast stuff.

  26. Disinherited says:

    Colin – While the gov’t shouldn’t ONLY have the bottom line in mind (neither should businesses by the way), they do have to keep it in mind. Unfortunately over the past 50 years few people, other than the great President from California, have even bothered to look at the bottom line, let alone mind it.

  27. yourpalsteve says:

    Why do they always want to cut this B.S. and not just lay-off a third of the State Workers. It’s not like we “need” them or anything.

    1. Hunsaker says:

      One half would make more sense…..

      1. yourpalsteve says:

        Truer words were never spoken Hunsaker !

  28. JoeW says:

    Okay law demands these Govs balance their budgets. They run from the truth till it overtakes them. Cutting the 9 billion should be done by whatever % across the board budget cuts. Not just aiming at certain programs. This is the only way. Oh and gov’t does not exist to “improve the welfare” the pop. Wise the heck up.

  29. Mike says:

    I can’t believe anyone actually likes Nancy Pelosi, article aside of course. These comments are money!

  30. matt says:

    Looks like reality is conflicting with liberalism again.

  31. Honda Man says:

    It’s about time they cut entitlements. Seriously.

  32. Jeff G says:

    You really are silly. Back in the 80s, an already doddering Ronald Reagan told a fairy tale about a phantom welfare queen who drove a Cadillac so that he could rally the racist base in support of a mean-spirited, regressive, punative agenda. Thrity years later, knee-jerk Republicans are still spouting the same nonsense. If you believe that auditing welfare will uncover $9.9 billion in fraud, you might want to see a mental health professional. And please don’t have children.

    1. Walt says:

      ??? WTH? Pull your head out long enough to make an comprehensible comment.

    2. Jeff m says:

      Lol Republicans are MEAN, I love that one the most. Sounds like a spoiled child.

  33. dave c says:

    Godspeed to California – some difficult decisions to make. Entitlement programs are big targets, as is education, pensions, and state worker benefits.

  34. D McCann says:

    Colin, you are correct that government is not business but it must be run in a businesslike way. Unfortunately government at all levels has become ethically corrupt. Our politicians have found that giving in to every demand from public unions, special interest groups and left wing loonies has been a successful formula to get re-elected. Common sense no longer exists.

    Where I live in Monroe county in the People’s Republic of New York we pay the highest property taxes in the nation, yet the public employees including teachers continue to get raises every year. Teachers in the city of Rochester continue to get 3-4% raises while only graduating 39% of High School students. I have not seen a raise 7 years.

    Government continues to pile on laws and regulations a find more subgroups to support. It is time that we simplify our laws and significantly realign public employees wage, benefits and retirement plans with the private enterprise. We also need to send the illegal aliens home and coerce our own citizens to get back to work at jobs some won’t do anymore.

  35. Denny says:

    Colin, the goal of government is to improve the welfare of the constituents, people and families? I think not. The purpose of government is to stay out of the way as much as possible so people can exercise the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States.

    Prior to 1916ish, there was no income tax or social safety net in place. Government was relatively small and unintrusive to the average everyday citizen. It wasn’t until the big government progressives got in power that rape of the citizen’s wallets began.

    Read a history book or for that matter read The Constitution. It has all you need to know.

  36. bobo says:

    All you libs are just plain fools. Unable to govern yourselves out of a paper bag.

    1. bobo says:

      The state is broke. How much of a fiscal crisis will it take before reality finally sinks in.

  37. Doug Raymond says:

    Colin- I have to politely disagree. CA is in this mess precisely because no one had the bottom line in mind. When a politician says, “I have a million to allocate, so one million goes here, one million goes there, and another million goes here.”, she is being lazy and irresponsible and creating inevitable disaster. And I would suggest a better definition of government’s goal is to provide security, services, and infrastructure that allow people to improve their own welfare.

  38. ji says:

    I have no issue with folks hurting receiving benefits. I do have issue when they do NOT VERIFY CITIZENSHIP status of the recipients. Estimated over $14-$20 Billion is spend on Illegals in this state EACH YEAR. Verify and make mandatory citizens status for everyone! Else they can go and spend their own countries money,

  39. The Man says:

    I have a great idea. Lower the taxes, but you have to spend it on a list of products only the government can monitor. If it is done properly, Americans will stimulate the economy… pure genius
    I take donations

  40. DIODE21 says:

    Good job Arnold. Finally figured out that subsidizing healthcare increases prices required for said healthcare; healthcare institutions know the government will pick up the bill, so they raise prices to levels which the free market would never have allowed. All the money is of course taken in taxes, money that would have been used for capital investments/business expansion.

    Less subsidies + less regulation = lower prices, higher employment

  41. ginny25 says:

    Everyone wants to continue to blame the Govenor, but unfortunately it is the Legislature that controls all spending in the state. As long as the Legislature remains a Democratic majority the middle class will be told to keep paying for all of the social services for the illegals, and the multi-generational welfare familes.

  42. Gordon Corey says:

    Eliminate all public unions, test for welfare and voting, stop unemployment benefits earlier. Close the border.

  43. asalcido says:

    Hey bobo, you conseratives just know how to step on the backs of the poor. Alot of single mothers with kids to feed. I think across the board cuts in all programs including cuts in government workers. To start I would cut 20% including a 20% cut in government pay.

  44. John Keyes says:

    Now Arnold realizes California is in trouble ?
    I wonder if the Liberals will go along with the cuts.??? Bet not.

  45. Lare says:

    How about reducing the number of CA public employees and the number of staff working for state legislators? At least 10% less headcount per year, for the next two years!!

  46. asalcido says:

    Hey John, I would if they were across the board including government workers.

  47. The Tea Party says:

    Califonia lawmakers and most of it’s residents are completely foolish. The state is a prime example of how living with Liberals who hand out money for people to spend beyond their means only to get into more debt and become comfortable getting something for nothing. It benifits nobody to hand out ANYTHING by FORCE (which is what government does by taxing and re-distributing wealth in the name of social kindness). I’ve never seen a state’s constituents and especially it’s lawmakers become so entitle-minded as they are! They have actually been fooled into thinking they are entitled to the money they demand from their financially suffocated citizens and especially business owners. It costs more to do business in CA than you make in profits! Who the heck would want to own a business there?! (hmmm I wonder why everyone is closing their doors in California? I’m sitting next to somone at my middle income job right now who used to own a business and couldn’t afford the fees and taxes anymore, so now he works with me).

    This state is simply an example of Libs on a power-trip. Liberals say: “We know what’s best, so give us your money (rich people). We’ll do what you should have done a long time ago!” WRONG you morons! Learn to use you brain logically. Giving tax breaks and incentives to non-profit organizations and big bisnesses for giving to the needy, out of the kindness of their own hearts, will generate far more money for said poor people than a government ever will! Why was it when we have major tax cuts the feds take in more than when the tax rates were higher? Why do you want to force Americans to take care of other Americans (and now non-american illegals)? We can take care of others on our own! That’s what families and friends are for! Liberals/Progressives DO NOT know what’s best, they only know how to be a wet blanket on an economy that is slowly being snuffed out by their own depraved minds. Stop condeming the innocent by classifying all wealthy as greedy criminals and use laws already in place that take care of the true greedy criminals. Embrace the kindess and reward it, don’t penalize it! Stop your whiny bleeding hearts and wake up before you start a civil war! Stay out of our finances and do your job! Keep us safe and enforce our laws! That’s what you’re paid to do! Stop pretending to be something you cannot and should not be!

    1. sedryn says:

      You forget one thing. Liberals (at the top) know exactly what they are doing. It is about power. It is not about Liberal principals. Politics and power before people.

    2. pyramid says:

      I am rooting for gglobal warming. If this sea level rises about 50 feet it would take care of most of California’s ills. ; )

  48. babby says:

    we all have free health-care now so who cares..

    oh that’s right

  49. Bob says:

    How about outsourcing our Ca prisons to China?
    If you have 5 years By By. I am sure they would get everything the need

  50. Joe Shmoe says:

    The State of California badly needs to reform fraudelent and wasteful programs, in order to survive – but the legislature has NO authority to violate legal contracts, e.g. pensions, loans, etc. Contract law is the bedrock of our society. Any government that VIOLATES CONTRACT LAW is ROGUE and ILLEGITIMATE.

  51. fed up says:

    cut all wellfare to any able bodied human and maybe the idiots will stop breeding,

    1. James Romines says:

      Thanks for your ‘astute’ remarks regarding the connection between IQ and population. Someone about 2000 years ago said that “You will always have the poor with you.” Ironically, some would say the real ‘idiots’ are those of us who keep demanding that ‘we’ pay for those who are smart enough to work the system. They know that our bleeding-heart acquaintances won’t force them to work for their money.

  52. August says:

    The poor don’t get that money Arnold is cutting; State Welfare Employees & Poverty Pimps get the money to MAKE SURE THE POOR STAY POOR!

    1. sedryn says:

      The Democrats keep the poor, poor. If they were all making good money and had businesses of their own, they would vote conservative… No need for hand outs anymore.

  53. bob says:

    If we could just find a way to stimulate that fault-line California, it would fall into the ocean, Next, we could dig fault-lines around NY and IL and put them in in the Great Lakes and North Atlantic respectively. Then states that managed their budgets wouldn’t need to keep paying for incompetence.

  54. Dutchman says:

    Great…Start with denial of medical services for all illegals; reduce pay of all civil employees by 10%; Eliminate the State Air Resources Board; Eliminate per diem payments to lawmakers; Eliminate the State Education Board; Reduce lawmaker staff to 5. Eliminate 20% of Caltrans engineers and workers, combined.

  55. John says:

    Healthy Families is a bottomless pit. You don’t have to be very poor to be on it, the premiums are almost nothing, and millions of people are sucking the state dry on this program. It is a HUGE budget-buster. When will Democrats realize that you can’t just give billions of dollars away on welfare programs to so many people. Not only is this fiscally insane, it is morally WRONG to make the state everybody’s daddy. IT DOESN’T WORK, and that result is inescapable.

  56. asalcido says:

    Let the State start outsourcing the highway work and get rid of Caltrans. If the money is there, fine, fix the highways, if not well…….no money, no fixie.

  57. marlene says:

    We need to do ALL OF THE ABOVE to just get out of the hole. Forget about spending what is to be ‘saved’. WEPRE BROKE. WE NEED TO BREAK EVEN, PAY BACK WHAT IS BORROWED BEFORE SPENDING ANOTHER DIME.

  58. Joe Shmoe says:

    What about the $300 Billion/year that is being forcefully seized from California citizens, by the Federal govenrment, in the form of Federal Income Taxes? Hadn’t the Supreme Court ruled this tax unconstitutional?

    If the State legislature passed the Federal Tax Fund Act, the State could then withold these taxes, on behalf of every Californian. If they find these taxes to be illegitimate (they are), instead of forwarding it on to the Federal Treasury, it would be refunded! This is what we really need to revive our economy (boosting tax revenue), while also being able to balance the State budget.

  59. James Romines says:

    In reply to Galt: Actually we do have a very auspicious example of an economy based on ‘need’: The USSR. In fact, economy not based on supply and demand has very little chance of surviving in the long term.

  60. Aaron says:

    Fact: ever state within the USA which has a Democrat majority state legislature is in huge debt. Liberals only have one solution to everything which is to spend more. Never has anyone of them thought out about a way to cut taxes and regulation and their only solution is to spend, spend, and spend more and now look at California and New York and Ilinois etc…………all bankrupt. You can blame Arnold all you want because Arnold acts and thinks like a liberal and he is a liberal and liberal thinking only spends and creates chaos. California has had a Democrat majority for the past 60 years. Thank you America for waking up this November 2nd to throw these bums out of normal thinking states, but California and New York voted to keep the status quo in and this is why California and NY will go bankrupt.

  61. Ron Meiners says:

    Today is St. Nicholas Day ( Maybe good old St. Nick left Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger $9.9 billion in his shoes this morning.

  62. run26mi says:

    Maybe this would actually mean something if Arnold had proposed it 6 years ago!!!! But since he is on his way out the door, and won’t be around to actually impose any cuts, it’s all meaningless!!!! As needed as these cuts are, and as long overdue as these cuts are, Brown isn’t going to go along with them!!! So pack up and shut up Arnold!!! You had a chance to be a leader, but you turned out to be a joke!!!! When you promised to “blow up the little boxes” who knew you meant make them bigger!!!!

  63. Casey says:


  64. Ham says:

    It’s a good start but to fix the problem all support for illegals should be stopped. This includes schooling, financial assistance, medical assistance, housing, and every other hand-out.
    Then start deporting them. Then and only then will you start seeing an end to the problem in CA.

  65. Latiana says:

    Where are the American people when we need them? California NEEDS them. It’s about time we got when we deserve. We do so much for this country and its time the rest of the country paid us for it.. You can bail out Banks and Car companies but you can’t help citizens when in need.
    No wonder everyone is disgusted with this country.

    1. William Hooper says:

      This is satire, I hope. The other forty-nine states owe California? For what? Hollywood? Illegal immigration. Medical marijuana? Check our federal constitution. Nothing in there about one state helping another. California wants to boycott Arizona. Should Arizona now bale out California? It’s simple. We can’t spend more than the incoming revenue. Math is very mean spirited.

  66. Whitney Muse says:

    Essentially, this allows Arnold to do what the legislature could not do earlier during the budget approval “crisis”; this still won’t fix the problem but it’s a start.

  67. asalcido says:

    Dutchman, it’s not easy getting medical services in California like you think. Both my parents are 90 year old natural born citizens. My mother had to start using a wheelchair last October and filed for Medi-Cal to help her out. Well, Medi-Cal has a $1,600 month maximum for the two of them which they both receive $1,500 mo. from Social Security. His pension gave him $150 month which took them over the max and they were denied services. My dad had to cash in the pension and give it to their at-home caretaker for services rendered. In three months they can try again for State services. Those are just the rules and if we knew about the rules ahead of time they wouldn’t have been denied.

  68. minus200 says:

    Just wait till creditors foreclose against state property say like that land from Montrey south for 100 miles or so. Then the developers start building there – the selling will pay some debt and the new takes will help with the budget

  69. Enzo says:

    California, like the federal government, doesn’t have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem. Until you get spending under control, the entire GDP of the USA won’t help you.

    1. alk says:

      you are exactly right….too stupid to STOP SPENDING ..I moved out of CA about 4 years ago and I will never go back!

  70. ByteRider says:

    CA could save nearly 400M/yr if they wouldn’t turn every adoptive parent away from the available adoptive children in their system.

    1. sedryn says:

      Sounds like someone has sore spot. 400M wouldn’t put a dent in the issue. But sure, toss it on the pile of cuts and changes. I’m game.

      1. ByteRider says:


        You could into these problems through nickle and dimes, you get out of them thru nickle and dimes. There’s no “1B” item to be cut anywhere. You’re going to have to start by revamping existing policies.

        POLICIES are what is driving CA broke.

        And no, I never tried to adopt children from CA. I’m a board member of a watch group that is concerned with the welfare of foster children. CA is the worst offender of foster kids in the nation, followed by New York. And guess what the two worse off states are?


  71. indie says:

    The sad thing is, he won’t even get half the cuts needed. Welfare states are very expensive to run, and CA stands as a model of the fail welfare state.

  72. Common Sense says:

    CA = Greece sometime next year. This state has reaped what it sowed.

    1. ByteRider says:

      CS– New York is not far behind CA.

      There were some riots in San Fran a few weeks ago, I’m told SEIU is going to set up a “protest” in LA in the next week or two. Here comes the riots.

      Look what Gerald Celente said in 2004 about what will happen in 2011. I’m blown away how accurate this guy’s financial predictions are… and his social predictions seem to be on que as well.

  73. bob says:

    Hey Jon,

    News for you Buddy. Pelosi will continue to fly at taxpayer’s expense on a jet larger and more luxurious than anything you will ever see the inside of, right through Christmas.

    Even after the first of the year, she will continued to be chauffeured around DC in a gov’t provided SUV, big enough for about a dozen Pelosi sized people–just like several other of her loser buddies. Just a little perk that Congress provides to “minority” leadership members.

    If you had any inkling of what you are paying for, you wouldn’t be a liberal any longer.

  74. Arthur says:

    maybe all you irrational bigoted left wing hypocrites should make the 75% democrat companies like Google, run by democrats, with democrat executives, start paying TAXES for once. Google paid 2% tax last year. Why is it that Obama voters talk about raising taxes on the wealthy, but when it comes to THEM, they are lying, deceiving thugs.

  75. SoLong Cali says:

    LOL Argue all you want, everyone of you, CA is finished – it has been for a long time. Bahahahaha

    1. William Hooper says:

      You’re right, but a lot of innocent people will suffer. Many of us opposed this train wreck of a socialist paradise for years. California is a great state but the two things that killed its viability were the 60’s mentality which it never outgrew and illegal immigration.

  76. Pal says:

    “Like rearranging chairs on the Titanic.”

    That statement applies to the entire state.

  77. Jim says:

    Its about time. CA has been a fiscal train wreck since I moved out in 2005. The cost of living in the state is absurd given the continuously deteriorating quality of life. What took the AWNOLD so long to figure this one out?

    He is probably not cutting enough. Union & state pensions should be next along with deporting all illegals.

  78. Roy says:

    California, please stop exporting the fools who have ruined your state to Washington.

  79. Lance Apolonair says:

    LOL! Ya’ll are gonna luv the new governor you idiots elected! Ready for a wild ride? If it wasn’t so sad, it’d be hilarious!

  80. Tom D. says:

    And his cuts to the public sector wages / benefits and hiring are where?

  81. WeMadeAmistake says:

    California willl go bankrupt in a matter of months and we citizens will refuse to allow the Obama regime to bail out the state which is crammed full of bleeding heart mentally ill leftists who don’t have the capacity to understand that life is not a free lunch.

  82. Marcus says:

    This means nothing to those that pay their own bills.

    Its high time the millions of social leeches make their own way. Finally their votes cannot be bought with anymore entitlements.

    The truly poor and destitute will get what they NEED, and the difference of the meaning of WANT vs NEED will be learned by the users of hardworking peoples taxes.

    10 doctors visits a year..REALLY? .is everybody near death?

  83. Charles Weck says:

    The real problem in California will not be addressed, and that is the Government Unions salaries and retirement costs. Jerry Brown, it is estimated (though it is SECRET) to receive $300,000 in State Retirement pay. If this is not true,. theN Jerry should let us know what he really gets. This is ridiculous that this information is not available

  84. bobo says:

    The lies and myth of liberal progressives is falling apart before our very eyes. From the war on poverty, big govt solutions, pandering to the poor and under educated, to global warming..All lies and empty promises..Calif is the latest example of the lies and myths…Lib progressives are running out of other peoples’s money…And now with a Rep controlled House of Rep, absolutely no no no bailouts..Cali, you’re on your own…You get the govt you vote in to office…You are fast becoming irrelevant to the rest of the country…Enjoy…

  85. Deej says:

    The GOV only has a portion of the budget to play with, the bulk of it is entitlement programs that, by law increase every year (despite the condition of the economy).

  86. Charles Weck says:

    The real problem in California will not be addressed, and that is the Government Unions salaries and retirement costs. Jerry Brown State Retirement pay is a
    Secret (try to find it.). This is ridiculous that this information is not available.

  87. Mikey says:

    The FOOLS in California just elected the same IDIOTS that got their State into the mess they are in now! I say, let them implode and drop off into the sea~

    1. ByteRider says:

      Not 100% true. Your statement is more like..80% true 🙂

      The governator has actually helped to clean up some of CA’s budget woes,but he’s up against a brick wall now because what remains are sacred cow programs that’ll drive the liberal hand out folks nuts if he touches them.

  88. Andy Mac says:

    9.9B? That’s a start! Where are they going to come up with the additional 30+B that the budget is really short? A temporary income tax, sales tax, and car tab tax falls off in 2011 leaving a deficit of 8B that is only from those sources. Additionally, he has 5 or so B in underfunded pensions to deal with. That’s why we left lst month!

    1. Joe Shmoe says:

      Federal Tax Fund Act is a solution. Californians ‘voluntarily’ give away $300Billion in Federal Income Tax, every year.

    2. Heyweood Jablome says:

      A bake sale?

  89. Thomas46 says:

    Think about it…

    How can the state government solve the crisis if the state government is the crisis?

    Can’t wait for Downtown Jerry Brown, yeah… right.

  90. Joe Buds says:

    Amazing. Nobody is allowed to say a word about runaway costs due to Prop 187 being overturned by one reconquista judge in SF. California’s entire deficit is due to Mexican immigrants, legal and illegal.

    1. Dan D says:

      The best thing Californians could do is build a 30 ft wall completely around SF, and then put Moonbeam, Pelosi, and “Ms Senator” and their illegals and union buddies inside, not to be heard from ever again! A good start.

      1. Boetica says:

        GREAT idea!

  91. markw says:

    Has California frozen over? Schwarzenegger finally says something that makes sense, state needs $9.9B In budget cuts

  92. BossMan114 says:

    Repeal Proposition 13 and make the rich along coast who live in multi million dollar houses pay a fair property tax. It’s no wonder California is broke

  93. egoist says:

    It’s like welfare / socialism is some sort of death spiral. It kills you whatever side of that equation you’re on.

    1. ByteRider says:

      Youdathunk being on welfare/socialism what quiet the nar-do-wells, huh? lol!

  94. Ed Ward II says:

    Pelosi is the most revered figure in American politics.

    1. RobbieK says:

      Huh? Revered? She is hated! Put down your pot blunt and join the rest of the country. Unbelievable!

  95. philip says:

    Way to go Schwrzenegger, your way late getting your head out of your backside. How many years have you been governor, and now your going to do something. What an IIdiot.

    1. RobbieK says:

      You real problem in California is your moonbat legislature and illegal alien population. C’mon California, the rest of the country gets it that your Legislature House needs to be stormed and every moonbat thrown out on their arse!

      1. Boetica says:

        AGREED! Sick of the lawless idiots here.

  96. TheTrue2 says:

    Currently the state is facing a shortfall of over $27 billion, and this deficit is estimated to increase to $40 billion by the end of 2010.To put this in perspective, $27 billion is more than ¼ of the state’s general fund. Or rather, the state only has ¾ of the funds necessary to run at full capacity. The governor, like a typical Republican, is taking from the poor and powerless more than he is taking from the rich. The problems in California are the result of a string of administrations mortgaging the future of the state to pay for today. This is the result of a string of administration mortgaging the future to pay for the present. This was done because of the american dillusion of “more and more”. The governor’s trickle down economics philosophy or economic apartheid is not the answer.

  97. bk says:

    the problem lies not in the voters choice of representitve but in the voters themselves, they have consistantly voted to lower or cap taxes and rents, while taxing businesses heavily and at the same time creating an ever expanding array of entitlements (convienently called social services). unsustainable in the long run.

  98. crimson says:

    Hopefully this is the first step in declaring bankruptcy. Because the only way California will be able to shake the unions and the pensions which are draining the lifeblood out of all the taxpayers (what few taxpayers we have left) is to declare bankruptcy and start over. All government contracts void. Legislation void. Stop the welfare services. Get rid of the costly pensions. Downsize the government. It’s going to have to take something that drastic to get us legally out of this mess.

  99. peter bevan says:

    Why does everyone have to be so insulting? Can’t we all just express our opinions politely and respect each others thoughts?

    1. StaticKlingon says:

      Poor peter… some point you will figure out that we are well past politeness and in the middle of a frigging cold war that has the potential to go hot at any moment. People are feeling like their way of life is threatened on both sides of the issues.
      The parasites are overwhelming the host, and the host will do what is necessary to survive.
      When that happens, all the rules of a civil society tend to be ignored and right makes might is instituted. You’ll enjoy martial law. Trust me. 🙂

  100. RobbieK says:

    You people in California are SO behind the times. Why did you vote for a moonbat for Governor who once destroyed your State and a Senator that has never met a spending initiative she didn’t like? While the rest of us were out taking our country back this year, you people sat out there as stupid as ever and became the laughing stock of the United States! Get with it California, because this new Congress is in no way going to bail you out. You aren’t THAT important to the rest of the country. You only think so. Good luck!

  101. pmoore says:

    To cut spending cut the fat off American people. Obesity is running rampant in this country. I love Pelosi. She is the best.

  102. RobbieK says:

    I think this is funny. The Union teet suckers in California are soon SO done! And the illegals will be beating feet back to Mexico because the economy is soon to collapse. I tell you what, better yet, let’s get ol’ Moonbat in as Governor and watch him also fail with the Moonbat legislature. I give Jerry Brown a year, then he’ll be recalled by the jello brains as usual.

  103. spock says:

    the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few

  104. Henry Thoreau says:

    All of your Communist dreams falling down. Just to let you know, you elected Boxes and Pelosi. You voted for social engineering and the welfare state. No bailout for you. No bonus round. California will be either sink or swim on it’s own.

    You don’t talk your way out of Natural Law. Government isn’t the answer. It never was.

    1. Boetica says:

      ABSOLUTELY! All of us responsible Californians who DON’T want or need someone to wipe our arses are suffering too. Judges overturn every common sense solution that the people put on the ballot. Can I put my puppy on my health insurance as a domestic partner? California says kids don’t need parents, just a mailbox……..

  105. Joe says:

    This won’t happen, the current state Legislators won’t let it, nor will they do anything to permanently fix CA’s debt problem. The Governor can’t do a thing about it either and receives fallout over all of CA problems, mostly because the average Californian has no idea what a State Legislator is, therefore corrupt overspending Legislaotors will never be voted out, and continue what they do in the shadows. Maybe voters will figure it out but i doubt it, things will have to get pretty bad before we do, we’re a ways off yet.

  106. Michael Roberts says:

    California and it’s illegals. Most of your cities will not enforce immigration laws, what do you expect. Maybe the Dream Act will help you when the California Democrats in Congress pass it. We can not afford nor do we have jobs for American Citizens, we can not afford to give free services to American Citizens. Do you really think they would have let this invasion go on during the Great Depression.

  107. Chuck says:

    What? You mean free health care costs money? Don’t Tell Obama!

  108. Sheftall Curtis says:

    California could be solvent in a year if they would cut both spending and taxes and begin to drill baby drill. But it won’t do any of this. The rest of the US is providing welfare to California, and that has got to stop.

  109. chuckc says:

    it’s all the above, there is not one issue I read that wasn’t true.. let’s get together not let the few separate us from what is happening.

  110. Diane says:

    isn’t this lying turd out of office in 2 weeks? how cares what he says or thinks?

  111. Tophie says:

    Californians !!! Get your state government supported lifestyle under control. There is no reason why the rest of us in this country should be tapped to bail out your Liberal dreams gone mad.

  112. Retired attorney says:

    You’ve killed the goose that lays the golden egg. The productive people in this state are leaving in droves. My husband and I have lived here for 38 years, but we can’t wait to get out because our pockets are picked year after year, and ballot initiative after ballot initiative. Good riddance, public employee unions.

  113. meesha4 says:

    LOL! I love the comments from the pro-piglosi, boxer, feinstein, brown lovers. You people in CA can just feed off each other, destroy business, and run out the REVENUE makers. Just KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF THE MONEY THAT TAXPAYERS IN OTHER STATES EARN! Drown in your own swamp! What used to be a beautiful, self-sustaining state has turned into a socialist/liberal bastion where your main concern is a toy in a McDonald’s meal. Idiots.

  114. Chaffer says:

    I voted for Tom McClintock. Right then. Right now.

  115. Rich says:

    You DUMB people voted for money spending Democrats, reap the rewards. Truly the land of FRUITS & NUTS. HA HA HA. The last one leaving Cal-i-forn-knee-a turn out the lights, if you have any power left that is.

  116. Doug says:

    Hey, and now we have J. Brown and B. Boxer, two of the original architects of this disaster rehired to fix things. Dilusional

  117. irtnog says:

    This will turn into a reverse grapes of wrath, except it will be wealthy Caliornians fleeing to the dustbowl.

  118. Mankangelo says:


    All those property owners
    borrowing against unearned equity
    & at tax theft rates; of course
    the real estate bubble in
    is impacting government.
    This is not ENGLAND
    Landlords should not
    receive a free ride.

  119. ShawnS says:

    State and Federal Government due not have a revenue problem. They have spending problems.

  120. sqrpeg says:

    You have to type fast to get a message in before this site refreshes it away>(
    Our family took a trip out west last summer. We laughed at our first rest stop in CA. The place was littered with CA gov “workers” leaning on shovels and generally standing around having a high old time. We thought ‘yea, that’s one reason for budget problems’. No other state was like that. Paradise and generations conditioned to no shame having the faceless gov steal on their behalf, what a shame. Modern slavery, all you have to do is numb your soul.

  121. nimrod says:

    CA is no longer important. The productive are leaving and they are being replaced by illegals with 8th grade education. Any one left is socialist or communist and they are running out of other people’s money. This is a structural issue that will remain unchanged until complete collapse. Any bailout of CA will just make matters worse by keeping a non-functional communist state alive.

  122. Pogue Mahone says:

    About two years ago, the rough size of the annual California deficit equals $11 billion. The annual cost to handle illegal California immigration, including all service provided also equals $11 billion, give or take a few tens of millions. That’s ALL you need to know. Until you figure out what your problem is, that’s ALL you need to know. Keep struggling with the logic and your futures and your political correctness, folks! Your current path is of use to nobody, even the illegals at this rate. Bye, California, you have not one iota of common sense and you deserve everything you insist on bringing on yourselves daily!

  123. Gunny G says:

    Hey Mexifornia,

    DON’T EVEN THINK OF BEGGNG FOR A BAILOUT! YOU elect morons like Nutsy Pelosi so LIVE with it!

  124. Cassandra 251 says:

    Uh oh! That means the illegals will be heading to other states… except Arizona, of course.

  125. Mike says:

    Payback time for the union crazies from California………

  126. sundancecracker says:

    Your state is insolvent, you are receiving $20M/day in federal subsidy just to keep making an unsustainable payroll, and you re-elected Jerry Brown.

    You made your bed filled with bugs. Now go lay in it.

  127. Michael Beall says:

    So SORRY, California! U been working this way for over 12 years. U r so smart and sofisticated…not like our “hick” state. BTW we r doing quite well, thankyew!!


  128. Glubber says:

    Doesn’t matter what the Governator does…he may be a RINO, but the truth is the DEMOCRATS have controlled the state legislature and BURNED it into the ground!! While ‘other’ states gained sanity, California decided to elect Governor ‘MoonBeam’ and RETURN all thoe Democrats that have driven California into the ditch.

    My thinking is, if the DUMB@$$ California voters voted for the Democrats, they DESERVE the impending bankruptcy. And the GOP house will NOT bail them out! I will be LAUGHING so hard!!!

  129. Long Gone Tom says:

    After living in California for more than 35 years, I moved my family out of there 9 years ago during the Grey Davis brown out years. I new then the Big Democratic spenders in Sacramento who were for funding all the programs for all the illegals would be the state’s downfall. They always spent more than they took in with their insatiable appetites like the tax revenue was never ending. You keep voting the same people in who spend all your money, and you wonder why the state is broke. Once you realize that progressive liberal ideologies has been a complete utter failure with fiscal policies of unlimited spending and then try to make up for it by increasing taxes. I laughed when you voted Brown back in was a failure in the 70’s. Californian’s have no one to blame but themselves for voting in corrupt officials in Sacramento. Just look at the City of Bell. My family is doing well and not going broke like many in California. Your infrastructure is imploding before your eyes and you still defend your liberal politicians. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result. You people are obviously insane!

  130. kevinAZ says:

    I’ll believe California is turning it around when I stand on the beach at Santa Barbara and see Oil derricks on the horizon.

  131. Kevin says:

    If governments in the West just stopped special programs for women , then the budget would be balanced. But that could never happen in a modern feminized society like the US….

  132. andyboy says:

    Tell me something… how is it plausible that a State which claims to be the 8th or 9th largest economy in the world, is bankrupt? Either the statistics are bogus or the leaders are the most incompetent fools imaginable. As a Californian myself, I vote for the latter. But then again, whatever we vote, the CA Courts will overturn. They don’t believe in the will of the people. They believe in their own brand of Marxist Omniscience. Soak the business till they leave. Then soak the rich until they too leave. Then ask the Feds to bail us out. Then sell it all to the Chinese and let them support the giant illegal population, the loser druggies, and the useless jobless fat slobs we see everywhere. Lovely, just lovely.

    1. StaticKlingon says:

      Your crystal ball is working. 🙂

    2. StaticKlingon says:

      Your crystal ball is working, but since you haven’t used this advanced insight to make a tactical retreat you may consider yourself a volunteer rather than a victim.
      Thanks for carrying fuel to feed the beast. It’s an amazing and amusing thing to watch.

    3. ByteRider says:

      Wow, Andy, you summed up CA in quite a tidy little paragraph!

      As an AZ resident, though, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you and all the liberal losers in CA for sending your businesses and your rich people to AZ. We had a bad deficit here too [thanks to Napolitano]. However, with the influx of CA businesses, we’ve nearly dug ourselves out of debt. Awesome!

      THANKS CALIFORNIA!!!!! I mean that! Really, I do! LOTS OF LOVE!

      P.S. That last company you sent here, “Sun Solar”, now has a nice office setup in Tempe, AZ and is employing one of my kids. Awesome!

  133. dklein says:

    Cal will get another bail out. Do you really think the Feds will let the 4th largest economy in the world go t$ts up? Not a chance. The rest of the country will be paying for California’s irresponsible democratic experiment again.

  134. Z says:

    Did he eve oncer think about cutting government employees?

    1. ByteRider says:

      The Governator vs SEIU… I don’t see that one turning out well of Arnold.

  135. Joe Dirt says:

    Well here’s a prime example of what illegal immigrants will do to a state. Perhaps Califronia should start sending them back across the border instead of provided them with a free ride. First California, Next your State.

  136. Truth Detective says:

    Would the last person leaving California please flush the toilet?

  137. Dan says:

    He has a degree from the University of Wisconsin, Superior

  138. Tastes Like Chicken says:

    An emergency is something that occurs unexpectedly. Everyone should of seen this coming years ago.

  139. Chris Miller says:

    It is about time! The welfare and social programs are causing the state to go bankrupt. Socialism doesn’t work and money is not free, you have to work for it.

    1. Joe Budds says:

      Not only that, in an information economy like ours, you have to have sufficient skills and intelligence to earn more than a subsistence wage. CA’s problem is that for every college educated, high IQ immigrant it gets, it gets 5 more with a fifth grade education who regard public assistance as a critical part of their benefits package.

  140. JP says:

    While I wish that the government spent less of its tax revenue, I have to disagree with the “it’s my money, leave me alone” camp. The green paper that you use to buy stuff would be worthless if it wasn’t for the government. It would be worthless without the middle class buying stuff and injecting confidence in the monetary system. Greed and private ownership are good, but when the gap between gets too wide, it is becomes unsustainable. Taxes are the price of civilization and since we expect our government to do so much, our civilization is very expensive. So, in conclusion, rich people don’t create wealth, organized society creates wealth.

    1. Robert Exton says:

      JP, where did you get that blather from. What do you think rich people do with there money? Money is like manure, if it sits in one pile it just stinks, you have to spread it around to get things to grow. Yes taxes are a necessary evil, but where do you draw the line. Whatever the government taxes you get less of, what eve it subsidizes you get more of. So your and the Dems. say we need more poor people on welfare, and less rich people crating business, expanding business, or hiring people. Educate yourself read something by Thomas DeLorenzo, like How Capitalism Saved America.

      1. JP says:

        Is there anything substantively incorrect about my post? I’m not an ideologue. My comment was in response to the those above implying that the government is useless and that it should leave people alone with their money. No, government regulation is vital in a vibrant, modern economy. Corps have a fiduciary duty to shareholders–not to workers, consumers, or the general public. That is the government’s job. When 1% control 25% of the wealth, isn’t that bad? Your manure analogy supports this. And everyone being equal is also bad. The super wealthy have tons of money, but they aren’t investing it here. I don’t support ineffective entitlements. Cut everything across the board (Medicare, military, politicians’ salaries) and raise the taxes on the super-rich. Where is the line? The highest tax bracket is 36% now, and was 91% under Eisenhower; I think we can handle raising it a little.

      2. StaticKlingon says:

        This is truth. Go ahead and enjoy your opinion,but know that the facts are beyond your ability to control. The bill has come due, and those who have been willing to foot the bill for it all are tightening their belts and closing their wallets. The husk of an economy that is left will be filled with the echoes of the anguished cries of the discontented parasites who no longer have a pipeline to the blood supply. Let the games begin. Forewarned is forearmed, both figuratively and literally.

      1. fionabologna says:

        EPIC fail!

    2. Cowboy says:

      But the government isn’t spending tax revenue.

      If it was spending tax revenue, we wouldn’t have the debt we have.

      It is now spending about $1.5 trillion per year MORE than its tax revenue and all fees…

      I use the word ‘about’, because we don’t even have a budget to know …

    3. StaticKlingon says:

      That’s foolish talk. Government created the wealth gap when they started encouraging poverty in the 60’s. Paying people to reproduce when they can’t even afford to support themselves is just plain stupid. Ever wonder why some groups’ out of wedlock births outnumber those born to couples? It’s because women can marry the government instead of men. Still reaping the bitter fruit of the Great Society after all these years. What was that definition of insanity again???????

    4. StaticKlingon says:

      The medium of exchange is a matter of convenience. If I have food, and you have hunger, the obvious question for me to ask is: “what do you have that I need?”
      If it’s a wheel barrow full of dollar bills, don’t expect to get fed. Having a printing press doesn’t mean squat if there is no confidence in what comes out of it. People are inclined to trade value for value and don’t need the government to do it. There are around 150 local currencies in use around the country that are operating independently of the federal monetary system due to the fact that the buying power of the dollar has eroded entirely due to the central government’s policies. The government has made the currency worth less and less, not the people who use it, so your idea that money would be worthless without the government is exactly backwards.

    5. ByteRider says:

      JP… you been smoking that Medical Marijuana there in CA?

      The government doesn’t put value to money, the people do. Boy oh boy are you in dire need of an Econ 102 [Macro] class. The government, btw, merely tries to manipulate people so as to manipulate money. That’s how it works.

      Supply & Demand — Money works the same way. Too much of a supply of money (like what Robert said, if it’s sitting in a pile it stinks) makes money lose its demand. Thank Mr. Obama and his friends for monetizing [printing] billions recently. He has essentially turned the US dollar into worthless monopoly money. Matter of fact, I wouldn’t doubt if the game of Monopoly comes with “real” money! Remember that buzz word going around the news organizations, “QE”? Look it up.

      The Rich — JP, when you get a good paying, great benefits job from a POOR person, please clue the rest of us in. thanks.

  141. Chris Miller says:

    It’s about time, the social programs and welfare are causing the state to go bankrupt. Socialism doesn’t work and money isn’t free, you have to work for it. Wake up California!

    1. Boetica says:

      You’re so right. California is evidence that socialism DOESN’T WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  142. Perseus317 says:

    The most important thing that has to be done is to make sure that the federal government gives California NO MORE MONEY to bail them out of their situation. As long as there is a source of money, the Democrats in the state will continue to tax and spend. They will gladly shift the burden of their debt to the taxpayers of the entire country. Hopefully, the Republicans in the next House of Representatives will say, “No more bailouts for spendthrift states.”

  143. Bob in SF says:

    Gov’t employees and their huge packages have bled the tax payers dry. State sales tax is right aroudn 10% now, the state take another big bite in April along with the federal gov’t. Wake up people. The dumb gov’t employees around you working 4 hour days are taking your azzes for a ride, plus after they retire they take you for even more with their insane retirement packages. F That! Take the state back from these blood sucking leeches.

  144. JP says:

    Doesn’t California also provide the most tax revenue for the federal government? It is the 7th biggest economy in the world. I don’t know how Sarah Palin can build bridges to nowhere in Alaska without the federal government helping out.

    1. Cowboy says:

      What does the federal government making a stupid decision in Alaska have to do with Californians making their own stupid decisions over and over again?

  145. Boetica says:

    Enforce the immigration laws and get the elderly relatives of legal immigrants off of welfare! If you promise to support your parents when you sponsor them, it should be for a lifetime. If you can’t support your family in this country, go back where you came from!

  146. Franklin Lopez says:

    As a recipient of Medi-Cal with HIV, I want to thank the governor for playing Russian rulet with my life. I am HIV+ and rely on these services just to get the meds that keep me alive. Without it, well… I fear the worst is yet to come. People WILL rise up and protest this. Just wait.

    1. StaticKlingon says:

      It’s very likely the only one who played Russian roulette with your life was YOU when you pulled down your pants. Some consequences are worse than others. Bummer! Unless you were raped or the victim of an unintentional exposure in the performance of your job as a public servant, it’s hard to understand why taxpayers should be on the hook for any of it, much less be blamed for gambling with your life.

  147. Boetica says:

    Hey, and how about all of the wealthy who are stashing their assets and getting on MediCal, because “It’s not welfare, it’s an entitlement”. Not everyone on Healthy Families is poor, and high earning immigrants need to get their relatives off of welfare and support them like they promised. DAMN!

  148. Robin says:

    Margaret Thatcher got it right when she said, “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money [to spend].”

    Well, California has run out of other people’s money.

    I really feel for those Californian’s who have worked hard, played by the rules, paid their own way. You are the victims of big-spending, progressives and an insane LEGAL immigration policy (enacted by the aforementioned liberal progressives).

    The water-carriers are out numbered by water-drinkers and liberals, as evidenced by the last election.

    Now, unfortunately, California is to the United States as Greece is to the European Union.

    California’s budget is in worse shape than Greece’s—–

  149. You Daddy says:

    Schwazeneggar has a Bachelors degree from the University of Wisconsin and he was a millionaire before he was a movie star from a mail order body building supplements biz he owned.

  150. Ozlanthos says:

    HAHAHAHA!!!! Assuming that the poll results for Prop 19 were true, YOU PEOPLE DESERVE WHAT YOU ARE GETTING!!! HAHAHAHA!!! You had a chance to turn your state economy around, end 70% of the drug war associated costs to your state and instead, you chose your ineffectual, artificial, and hypocritical “puritan” values over logic, truth, and REALITY!!! Enjoy the fruits of your self-deception California! Enjoy them!!!


  151. Cowboy says:

    No federal bailouts for California. They want to make their socialist/liberal decisions… let them live with the consequences of their decisions.

  152. Ran Hansen says:

    Why don’t they cut pay & benefits to California government employees? That is a bloated elephant in the state’s budget. Government employees are on the golden stairway.

    1. ByteRider says:

      I got an idea— how about laying off half the social workers? Maybe get rid of the excessive dog catchers? Maybe fire a few of those “barbque pit” stalkers running around making sure you’re not using charcoal? God, the list is endess!

  153. tank says:

    Has somebody been in a drunken stooper for the last 24 months, caues CA has been in a state of fiscal emergency for about that time period.

  154. waldo says:

    Until people understand that government is the problem and that both parties are guilty of giving as much of other peoples money away in the hopes of getting relected and continuing their power, we are never going to get back to prosperity

  155. JOHN says:

    Actually jon you are the idiot. She flies on government purchased small jets. If she and her cohorts flew military cargo the government would nt need to buy these jets. The other guy is right you are wrong.

  156. john says:

    democrats are for the little people. I know for a fact that is not true. I been around both democrat and republicans all my working career. Republicans are out to lift up the little guy and democrats are out to make everyone poor. Depended on the liberals.

    1. StaticKlingon says:

      Share the wealth or share the misery is what it amounts to. Learning this the hard way does no one any good. People who are stupid generally don’t realize it, so we should institute minimum competency levels for voting.

  157. JOHN says:

    I ve spent my entire life admiring California. Land of innovation. My iphone my imac. My organic food phase in life.Came from california. It influenced the way I eat today. What happened along the way. How did you lose you edge and become a welfare state. Why are companies running to the exits. Fix the budget problem and get back to the great state you once were. I look forward to it.

  158. Robert says:

    What will be interesting to see if (I can not believe Californians elected Brown) returns to office and then promptly visits Obama with his hand out for bailout funding. If Obama bails out this out of control state it would prompt a massive revolt among the populace of this country. What a nightmare!!!

  159. marty says:

    Swartzspender! What a joke. What a disapointment! What a liberal!

    1. ByteRider says:

      If you voted for him because he said he was a conservative, you had no further to go than his wedding ring to know the truth. Duh.

  160. StaticKlingon says:

    Start here: A republic will last until the citizens learn they can vote themselves benefits from the public treasury.

    End here: States like California have gone past the tipping point. There is no turning back when the majority vote to fatten themselves. Only total collapse will bring relief.

  161. Dave says:

    Yea, blame Arnold for the idiotic liberal social policies in California. Years and years of the welfare state coming to an end. Socialism fails all the time because the rich eventually run out of money. Read Atlas Shrugged, you will see the mentality of the socialist mindset. What’s next, California has to be bailed out? It is too big to fail? Where have we heard all that before?

  162. Red Ruffansore says:

    Haa haa, death to Californica. You moronic Obots deserve more pain so fight these cuts with every fiber of your being. As a matter of fact you should increase spending and borrowing, open your borders and give out free heroin and pot to all residents whether they want it or not. I want you to fail large so that your state becomes the poster child for liberalism and it’s inherent failures.

  163. Chris says:

    I wonder how much it costs to feed, house, educate, and provide welfare to the illigal immigrants who pay no taxes to start with.

    It’s time for Californians to accept that socialism and a welfare-state mentality is non-sustainable.

    1. ByteRider says:

      Arizona claimed to have spent nearly $1B on illegals in fiscal year 2009. This is one of the driving factors for creating the SB 1070 bill that CA is now “boycotting” us over.

      Boycotting. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA That’s a funny one… You boycott us on one hand, then send all your businesses and rich people to us on the other hand. Its that what they mean by “A Californian Boycott”?!?! BUAHAHAHAHAH

  164. Hank Warren says:

    No $ for people but plenty of $ for endless Wars for Israel, it all started nearly a decade ago under a false flag attack.
    9/11 and Israel, here:

    1. ByteRider says:

      Pssssstttt… Hank… a little secret. —>I<—- blew up the twin towers. Keep it under your hat, okay? Our little secret.

  165. kenneth grimshaw says:

    You guys should chill and read a good book!
    Try: The Greatest White Shark story ever told! For all ages
    “My Friend Michale” a true story about the Real Jaws.

  166. tramky says:

    As usual the proposal attacks the distribution of taxpayer dollars to the people. What seems to be NOT included in this proposal is the dismantling of California’s environmental oversight apparatus, something that has created a tremendous drag on the economic development of California. It is responsible for the higher costs of nearly everything in California, from houses to cars to gasoline to home remodeling.

  167. nikkogibler says:

    We should have passed Prop 19…. Money would already be on its way! Now… People will keep using marijuana and the state won’t even benefit from it…

    Boy oh boy….

    1. ByteRider says:

      No one would go to work with all that marijuana, moron. Employers can still drug test AND fire you for drug use. Marijuana stays in the system for at least 3-7 days.

      So that just leaves the nar-do-wells who, by and large, have no money ‘cept for what they can beg for or steal. You still think youda made bank on Prop 19?

  168. DBaker says:

    The govenment does own all the money. It is only on loan to you.

  169. Yeh Ling-Ling says:

    Being myself an immigrant who used to prepare immigration applications, I realize that some immigrants are great assets to the U.S. However, if Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger had heeded the advice given in my article entitled “Advice on Immigration to the Immigrant Governor-Elect,”, published in the San Francisco Chronicle on 11/16/2003, California would not have been in such a severe fiscal mess. In 2002 alone, according to Census data, legal immigrant-headed households in California received welfare costing $6 billion! Instead of cutting programs that encourage welfare recipients to work, politicians in Sacramento should bill naturalized citizens for welfare give to their relatives they had brought to the U.S. and advocate some sort of immigration moratorium so that we can first put native-born citizens and legal immigrants already here to work.

    Unless political leaders of both parties also take the steps I suggested in my article which appeared on entitled “What Do Voters Really Want,”,
    voters’ anger will only grow.

    Yeh Ling-Ling
    Alliance for a Sustainable USA

    1. David says:

      Yeh Ling-Ling,

      Thank you for sharing your articles. I strongly agree with your views on these issues.

      I look forward to a day in the future when I could make similar public statements as a white California native and not be immediately branded a racist or xenophobe.

      In our current political climate, that future day may never come.

  170. Billybob says:

    At some point we need to ask ourselves if we still need the 3 ring circus of government that we currently have? We have a city government, county government, state government and of course the feds. Each with their own fiefdoms of gov workers with benefits out the wazoo. Talk about redundancy.Maybe if we cut one or two layers out we can afford the rest.Either that or we will have one government when China finally owns us all.

  171. Jorge Sanchez says:

    Term Limits!

  172. edwardo says:

    Wait until Jerry Brown gets in, he will raise spending, cut taxes, and hire more people, and give amnesty to anyone! and then ask Obama for money to bail his sorry axx out, but with the Republicans in there, that will not happen, not if they want to stay in office! Calif. is not too big to fail! If we do not kill off this cancer call liberal progressive Marxism this country will fail.

  173. Beckie Bowen says:

    Deport the Illegals and save money!

  174. Cuts fantastic read what’s standing in the way
    The good ol boy network launching sometime soon. Shows will include Defrauding government the easy way, Manipulation of Zimbabwe fruit vendors, Space exploration a lesson in skimming, Fishing for dauphin, Coal burning false swap credit paperwork for beginners, Dark pools hosted by area 51 staff, Lets do it again mortgage fraud 2010 and beyond, War for profit, Global racketeering 101, Hiding this post,

  175. Ron says:

    Mabe its about time that thee “POOR” contribute a little by getting off their ass and turn off Oprah.

  176. Beefonrocks says:

    Speaking as a Texan, we sure do appreciate all ya’ll out there in California imploding and sending all the investment dollars and jobs here.

    Speaking as an American, I am proud to see comments from so many intelligent people who see the follies of the liberal loons, Jon, fortunately is a minority, maybe a lone voice, on this post. I sure do hope you Californians can get your politics and economy straightened out….Good Luck, you need it!

    1. ByteRider says:

      I’m with Beefonrocks on this one!

      Thank you, CA, for sending all your businesses to AZ. Wow. We thought we were going to have a tough time in this recession but since CA imploded in a liberal soup of goo, we’ve had numerous businesses move to town directly from CA [and just 2 months ago, from San Jose specifically].

      Thank you, CA! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I thank you and my son, who is now working at a previously-based LA company [Sun Solar] thanks you too.

    2. C L GOLDEN says:


      1. StaticKlingon says:

        Cutting off hot water coming in might save money, but you need to stop the hot air coming out to save the state.

    3. Robin says:

      Jon may be a lone voice here—but don’t forget—-Californians elected Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer in the mid-term elections!!!!

  177. Alice says:

    Way to go Arnie! Just make sure you get that high speed train to nowhere in process as fast as you can!

  178. Stephen says:

    It is always the same, whether it is Ireland or not, kick the weakest and the poorest and let the sick slugs who don’t do anything in their stinkin govt sinecures continuing the gravy train.

  179. Jack Kinch(1uncle) says:

    Cal. demo congress like in DC spends the money. Most Repub. presidents have had to deal w/ same all or part of term. Cal. just re-elected career demo politicians who helped create this mess. How will more of the same solce the problems ?

  180. fantum says:

    Relax California, Moonbeam will come to the rescue 🙂

    THEN: Californians elected and supported liberal politicians who squandered their tax dollars for years. The politicians entitled unions, welfare recipients, government drones, illegal aliens, those still mooching off mom and dad, and other worthless freeloaders, giving them taxpayer dollars. They said it could all be paid for by taxing the rich, taxing big business, taxing their children’s future, credit, and other fiscal nonsense. Californians were happy, they were getting a free lunch.

    NOW: Business is moving out, the rich are moving out, California has maxed out their credit, more freeloaders are moving in, taxes are going up, inflation is going up and the State is issuing IOUs. So what do the California politicians do? Boycott Arizona! What a bunch of incompetent morons.

  181. Rod Mann says:

    I shed no tears for Californai – they made their own mess, let them live with it.

  182. PILATOS says:

    THE PROBLEM OF CALIFORNIA IS THE SAME PROBLEM OF THE USA AND IS CALLED: THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY!!! Until they are voted out and replaced with fiscally conservative people, there is no solution for either!

  183. pat says:

    need to get lex luthor on the red phone. california problem solved.

  184. John Wolf says:

    California needs to go through bankruptcy court. That is the only solution. Bailing out California any more is just wasted money. This could bring down the entire country.

    No thanks, let them rot.

  185. Ben says:

    Responsible Americans will soon be called on to bail out our irresponsible liberal states who cannot get the concept that fiscal responsibility MUST come before taking care of those who cannot (or will not) take care of themselves.

    It is like the flight attendant says before lift off, “In the case of an emergency, please put an oxygen mask on yourself before helping those next to you.”

    If Americans can’t start thinking with their heads before their bleeding hearts, we are doomed as a country.

  186. Marysia says:

    I thought the great Republican Ahhhhnie was going to fix all of California’s woes. And then he was going to somehow move to the presidency (foreign-born be damned!) and fix the country’s woes. Ooopsie!

    1. Bocaboy says:

      The fat lady hasn’t sung yet!! Alas, if the foreign born Obama was electable then why wouldn’t Ahhnnie?

  187. Dont_Tread_On_ME says:

    If the Federal Government bails out a State, does the State lose it’s sovereignty? meaning that the Fed can then tell the State how to run it’s afairs, much like the GM bail-out?

  188. Mary Powers says:

    For what its’ worth: “Challenging both his body and mind, he earned a college degree from the University of Wisconsin and became a U.S. citizen in 1983”

  189. Bocaboy says:

    COuldn’t agree more! Whitman was the best chance those uber-liberal Californians had and look how they wasted it! Another crook!!LOL!! DOn’t expect a thing to change!!

  190. Fred says:

    I live in Oakland, CA and this state NEEDS to go bankrupt and start over. Than maybe we can get out of these ridiculous Union contracts that have us (the taxpayer) pay for THEIR pensions. We don’t even get a say in it. The politicians agree and thats it. The Federal Gov’t also should NOT come to CA’s aid! Only than will real reform happen and the Liberals be kicked out!

  191. Robin says:

    It’s going to hit the fan when the responsible states are called upon to bail out California, Illinois, New York and other irresponsible states.

    Not sure the rest of the nation will take a California bail out lying down.

    Perhaps California should be put into bankruptcy though the courts. This procedure should be initiated immediately—it’s not a question of IF California goes bankrupt, but WHEN California goes bankrupt.

  192. Keith Ross says:

    The problem with Socialism is that it always runs out of someone elses money.

    1. Flyoverstateresident says:

      Excellent comment. If it’s original, congratulations, if not, please name the author so we can read more of their work.

  193. pete says:

    Why is Calfornia worried, once that there green ecconomy kicks into gear they will be booming………….not

  194. josh says:

    Not many know but California is practically drowning in OIL, there is so much of the stuff it actually seeps up and they are constantly cleaning the beaches, you’ll never hear it in the corrupt media. If they put up a couple of rigs that state could be in the black oevrnight….at $90 a barrel, but NOOOOOOO, thank you EnviroNazis, what a bunch of stupid people.

  195. CATHERINE says:

    OFFLMFAO – HEY CALIFORNIA, bring in some more illegal alien invaders………….you pay them unemployment and free medical – you might as well send that third world nation gold rimmed invitations to come and steal the taxes from your working citizens…………….AMERICA IS NOT GOING TO BAIL YOU OUT AGAIN, WE ARE BROKE.

  196. Flyoverstateresident says:

    try this… politicians dont get paid until the budget is balanced and.. they get paid last. Maybe they will address the issue if they have some skin in the game. As for the residents of California, it’s just a matter of demographics, nationally as well I would say. When enough of the voting population have the ability to continue to vote for programs and benefits that cost THEM nothing, chaos will reign. Thats where California is now, too few taxpayers supporting a buttload of people that continue to vote themselves additional benefits with no responsibility.

  197. Robin says:

    To he11 with California, and all libs for that matter.

  198. Larry says:

    It’s about time CA sucked in their fiscal belt. Billions would be saved by eliminating benefits for illegal aliens. No more free healthcare, no public education, no in-state tuition at colleges, no grants, etc. Imagine how California would thrive with all those illegals relocated to Mexico. How wonderful that would be.

  199. gleecme says:

    Maybe he could start by ending funding for illegals.

  200. right wing extremist says:

    I hope the plan fails. Only by declaring bankruptcy can a receiver be appointed who can abrogate all the ridiculous contracts with the state employee’s unions. Whose fault is this – look to Jerry Brown who gave state workers the right to unionize. and now you idiots have put him back in office. The population of California has to be the collectively dumbest group of people on the planet!

  201. American says:

    Anyone who believes that Pelosi is for the “common man” is politically naive. She and her husband have pocketed millions since she’s been in congress. Along with Feinstein and Boxer, they’ve all profitted handsomely from their inside information, government contracts for their spouses, illegal aliens working for Boxer’s restaurant and hotel, etc.
    In California, the state needs to go into default. The State cannot go bankrupt, but byd defaulting the State can cancel all entitlements to the government unions including health insurance and retirement benefits. These have been “sweetheart” contracts under the liberal democrats watch ever since Jerry Brown gave government employees the right for join unions and to go on strike. We call is “bribes” in the non political areana. So who has been paying for all of this State corruption? You the California taxpayers. Who is stupid? The California voters who continuously believe these liberal democrats and some liberal republicans who talk a good game, but fail to be honest. We, the California voter, have failed to hold the politicians accountable for their actions.
    Hundreds of companies have fled the State for greener pastures in other states, south of the border, and overseas. Y
    ou watch Brown attempt to pass increasing California taxes in most areas, from gas tax, income tax, sales tax, user tax on state property, etc.
    Meanwhile, these crooked politicians will continue to fill their pockets at your expense.

  202. Terry Knows Moore says:

    This sob…..wants American tax payers to bail this filthy state out…….this is pure bull. California needs to tighten their oun belts…kick out the Mexican freeloaders..get rid of the unions…and elect politicians who know what the heck they are doing.

  203. annie says:

    He’s totally lost his mind! I VOW NEVER to PAY to see this maniac’s movies again!

  204. marie says:

    He’s totally lost his mind! I VOW NEVER to PAY to see this maniac’s movies again!

  205. connetta says:

    I find it easy to imagine walking in someone elses shoes, I would not want to be
    him ..hard times bring hardships.My husband already did his 99 weeks.